Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Orca Makes it All About Her- Again

Facts? Who needs Facts! Nineteen people my ass. Tate Murdered in Los Feliz my other ass.

WHY is Orca doing all this publicity shit recently?


FrankM said...

I forced myself to listen to this, but Col is right - it is arrant nonsense. To jump from the 'fact' that 19 people arrested at Barker were not incarcerated to the premise that every one of these people must know the whereabouts of these missing runaways and hitchhikers (who incidentally have been reported nowhere as missing) - and by inference the why and wherefore of every time anyone who ever visited Barker coughed, sneezed or spluttered - is such poor thinking that a reasonably bright eight-year-old could spot the problem in reasoning.

Poor misguided Debra reminds me of the poor quality in much of what passes for our educational system. Then I remember why I gave up teaching.


starship said...

It is interesting...all this media hype...which is why I think it would be very difficult for the authorities to have just said that they weren't going to explore Barker further. And these journalists that are like 17 years old, wtf! tate murdered in Los Feliz...PLEASE, as annoying as Debra is, the so called journalists of the media are responsible for getting their facts straight. I think we must not take anything for granted that is put on TV or in the newspapers. We must look with jaundiced eye.

Could it be that Debra is given such a pass with the media because all they know is that Doris is considered such a saint, and a pioneer for victim's rights? And that she carries the legacy of Doris, etc, etc....

A.C. Fisher Aldag said...

Went to the "Tate Family Legacy" website for the link to the Inyo County Sheriff Department press release. Am now drinking gallons of herbal tea to wash the taste out of my mouth.

Noticed something rather grisly: Whose murdered body is being worn by the actress / model pretending to be Sharon in that still photograph on the Tate website?

Not scoring any points amongst environmentalists there, Debra.

augusteigth1969 said...


Cuntygrabber is the superhero busting Debra bashers wherever she finds them.

A.C. Fisher Aldag said...

Well then, here is another one for her:

10 May 2008

To Whom it May Concern:

Due to the news media propaganda lately about so-called gravesites at the Barker Ranch -- that has to be the most frivolous thing that can take place.

All this is, is a witch hunt by Debra Tate, who just can't let Charles Manson stay out of the news media spotlight. I've known Manson since 1992 here at Corcoran State Prison, California, and he's never spoken or mentioned nothing (sic) about gravesites at the Ranch.

Debra Tate is only wasting taxpayers' money. But let's say something was found? You can't tie Manson to anything. It's frivolous. Debra Tate, I can only say to you, "get over it, quit crying over spilled milk".

Kenny Calihan
4A-4R-62 PHU
P.O. Box 3476
Corcoran, CA 93212-3476

Jean Harlow said...

I agree with Pritash but to be fair to Debra ... she never said the murders were in Los Feliz the reporter did...

I wonder who are the 19 members of the family that Debra thinks are potential suspects?

FrankM said...

Dunno where the figure 19 comes from, but Sanders lists the following as arrested at or near Barker and Myers ranches:

Oct 10

??, Rocky
Atkins, Susan
Baldwin, Linda
Cottage, Madeline Joan
Good, Sandy + baby Ivan
Grogan, Clem
Krenwinkel, Patricia
Lane, Robert Ivan
Lutesinger, Kathryn
Moorehouse, Ruth Ann
Pitman, Nancy
Schram, Stephanie
Schwarm, Mary Ann
Share, Catherine
Van Houten, Leslie

Oct 12

Andrews, Sherry
Bailey, Lawrence Edward
Bartell, Susan Phyllis
Brown, Kenneth Richard
Catherine Gillies
Davies, Bruce
Hamic, David Lee
Haught, John Philip
Lake, Dianne Elizabeth
Thomson, Vern Edward
Tracy, Beth

These are not the names they gave on arrest, but it seems easier to list them this way.

Maybe someone else has better info?


Anonymous said...

19 is as good a number as any, Frank. The real shocker is that she puts out the notion that any find of human remains from 1969 implies a wholesale roundup of all of the Soupspoons and Country Sues.

First you have to ID the body. How? As you guys have pointed out, 1969 was a bumper year for missing persons. Then you have to accurately date it's internment to within a few months at the most. Is that even possible? And that is it for your physical evidence. Then you have to pin the deed on specific individuals. Your only chance there is to get a family member to talk, and after 40 years that probably wouldn't be enough to bring a case to court.

starship said...

AC, what do you mean about the model posing as Sharon? I want to understand the point you are making.

starship said...

Hey everybody...go to find a death right now. There is an internet show tonight with manson historian Scott Michaels (who?. I'll try to listen in.

Heaven said...


Scott Michaels is the guy who owns the findadeath site and does the Dearly Departed tours in Hollywood..

His last DVD called Dearly Departed was excellent..


starship said...

Oh, Thanks Heaven, I love that guy!

Heaven said...

Yeah he's awesome.. I love his sense of humor!

Hope you're doing well these days...


A.C. Fisher Aldag said...

Pristash asked: "AC, what do you mean about the model posing as Sharon? I want to understand the point you are making."

On the Tate Family Legacy website, on the page with the latest news / information, there is a sill photograph, presumably from the "Inside Edition" tabloid T.V. program, wherein the live manniquen is wearing Sharon's clothes. She's modeling a golden brown fur coat.

It took 50 dumb animals to die for it and one dumb animal to wear it. Where is my paintball gun when I need it?

starship said...

Thanks, Heaven. I'm doing fine, and hope you and all our other buds here are as well.

AC, thanks for the clarification...I get it. Question: Is that not really Sharon wearing the fur coat?

starship said...

Cool show with Scott on the web last night. We were able to chat and ask questions too...he mentioned Bret's site and the Col's. I'm kinda new to the whole chat thing, so I was assigned the name honeymush, whatever and whyfor I have no idea.