Friday, December 26, 2008

Denial !

Bobby gets the worse denial I have ever heard. A denial of hope.

I hope he sues these guys against the wall.


Friday, December 19, 2008


Hmmm Tom O'Neill is in the damn credits babbling about more bodies- he is now the new Debra huh..... Dostie can't accept that he had an EPIC FAIL- he found nothing at Barker and now he is roaming Spahn- is Gresham next, lol... Gypsy is on on second and she lies about being 17- she was 25 I think....Hoyt says they pretended to be "mountain folk"- what the fuck is that? Dostie is an expert on Helter Skelter - because he read it twice!...OMG O'Neill after ten years of research actually claims there are 24 murders they cannot pin on the Family- what a croc! There goes hopes for that book...Hughes wasn't murdered, sorry Kay...narrator lists 2 real victims, one likely victim and one non victim and then says there are many more- but no there aren't....more Dostie comedy...babbling about missing men- nonsense....sweaty O'Neill thinks the imaginay victims were snitches...Fat Hoyt says "Crossed Them" when she WAS "them"....Debra says "Hey Me!"....more Dostie frolics....Dostie gets excited to dig- in the footsteps of Larry Melton!...He fails then cries about limitatons....Sheriff speaks reason....Dostie goes to another Ranch....I wonder if he church know Paul is digging up their land- he has no jurisdiction here- just wants attention....I actually nod off during this crap....Dostie starts to look like Nelson to me...They fail again but cry about it again....Narrator claims there are more questions but there aren't....

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Debra the Whale Flips Again

If you believe the evil Mark Turner whose site seldom gets updated anymore (and most of which is now inferior to the Bret site) Debra JUST found out that Bobby was having a parole hearing in a few days. Of course, Bret's site reported this weeks ago. It seems she wants the public, or at least some internet dicks, to write emails in a hurry saying he shouldn't be let go.

I mean what the fuck man?! Did Bobby do something to Sharon Tate that I missed? He was in a jail when TLB happened. Where does she get off stating this? Bitch was disinherited by her family and disowned because she was a lying psycho. She still refuses to bury her father's ashes as per his wishes. I think she takes them out and talks to them or some shit. From what I hear, Dad never forgave her when he learned she used to run around naked at the age of 16 with ~~~~, the drug dealing ~~~ in her sister's ~~~~. Is that why she was disowned? Why do Patti's kids never converse with their own Aunt? Doris and Patti never interfered in the parole hearings of people that didn't attack them. I used to goad crazy Jimmy about Leslie, but if one takes TLB as one event, well then Leslie was part of TLB. She just was. Bobby wasn't.

Now I'm not deluded. I wrote a letter of support for Bobby once. I like the guy. But I think he's probably screwed as a "Mansonite". I hope he gets out. But it isn't likely. So what is with this Debra shit anyway? More attention whoring?

Let me clarify some of this rant for a second. She can do whatever she wants. But I ask why? Why not focus on the right people? You lose the moral high ground when you attack EVERYONE. Not that she ever had any high ground to begin with.

I would be thrilled if Bobby got paroled. But there's zero chance. Go ahead Mark, write your letter.

What could it possibly say anyway? "Hi I run a site called If Bobby Beausoleil gets out he might come after me for some of the shit I wrote about him. Please keep him locked up. I am 1/3547th Hinman by marriage. Thank you." I mean sheeeit!

[just in case anyone cares, the preceding is my constitutionally protected fucking opinion. Maybe everything above is just bullshit. Take it seriously. Or not. But ever since Adam Gabriel's lawyer-by-night threatened to sue me for the truth back in June, I gots to be careful. People can't read very well.]

Sunday, December 14, 2008