Friday, December 26, 2008

Denial !

Bobby gets the worse denial I have ever heard. A denial of hope.

I hope he sues these guys against the wall.



zoomjaw said...

Was there any reason for the 5 year denial?Was the parole board taking it out on Bobby for all the media attention given to Susan over the last few months?I don't know when parole is justified,I just don't understand the variation in the parole boards rulings over the years.

A.C. Fisher Aldag said...

Or media attention given to the case, in general, over the past year, not just Susan.

Is Bobby judged by the BPH in California or Oregon? I never quite got that from the articles.

I didn't write him a letter of support because, well, you know. Might do more harm than good.

This really sucks. :-(

Marliese said...

Who represents him? Does he have a decent attorney? Does the long distance telephone appearance work against him?

Marliese said...

The charisma of this man is the video Bret has of him being interviewed about his music from prison, probably mid 80's...

After all these years, what keeps coming to mind is all the loss. The victims, and these people that have lost their freedom for their horrible crimes. So much waste of life and potential.

I don't know how they cope with the remorse and regret, as well as living forty years in prison with very little hope of ever being released. And what little of bit of hope they might have denied over and over again, now for longer periods of time.

Marliese said...

Where's the outrage here? Everyone that wanted Susan released on compassionate grounds?

This man will do at least 45 years and probably until he dies, for an impulsive act of murder when he was 21 years old. There is no way he went to Gary Hinman's house in a state of premeditated murder, like those that visited Cielo and Waverly, and killed Shorty. By all accounts he wasn't involved in TLB, he was in jail, unlike Grogan, who did only 12 or 15 years for Shorty's premeditated ambush and murder.

I'm not placing less value on Gary Hinman's life, he was a gentle soul that did nothing, even deal drugs, to deserve the horrible ordeal he endured or his death at the hands of Beausoleil. But it's been 40 years, Grogan got out in 15. Grogan was involved in TLB and not even prosecuted.

Couldn't a smart attorney use all the inconsistencies on his behalf?

I think that people, when they write a letter opposing or favoring parole, should at least have to show basic understanding of the circumstances. I wonder how many people DT convinced to write letters that have no real clue of the details?

Heaven said...

Does anyone happen to know the reason for Bobby's harsh denial?

5 years seems a bit excessive and I'm curious if there's any particular reason for it..

Happy New Year everyone!!


Marliese said...

Hi Heaven,
Btw, Happy New Year!

I wonder if Bobby's five year denial is partly due to California's Proposition 9 that passed in November? One of the provisions of Prop 9 is that parole for those serving life can be denied from three (or maybe five?) to fifteen years...up from the one to five it's been for years.

Maybe the new guidelines are already in place, but still...

Heaven said...

Hiya Marliese!! Did you have a nice Christmas?

Ours was wonderful!!

You're probably right about Prop 9, I had forgotten all about that..

Take care and stay warm!!


deadwoodhbo said...

Has anoying has i am ,i am still waiting for SOMEONE to tell me how manson has put his life on the line to save the planet?Paul Watson of the sea shepards he puts his life on the line to save OUR planet but i cant seem to find anything about manson putting his life on line am i missing something here????????.ATWA is run and surported totally by manson fans so i cant respect ATWA in fact can someone tell me how ATWA is helping the air trees water and animals ?Has ATWA done fund raiseing for any of these things or lifted a finger to save our animals .I get so offended that our real heros of this planet have to have a man like manson and his little posse tell me manson has given his life for this planet.

A message from the num1 defender of ATWA telling us manson speaks the truth and gave his life to save our planet .Please stop it charlie gave NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!! to save our planet or animals.I have NO respect for this man or ATWA in any shape or form i am ashamed that at one time i called this man my friend .

My wonderful husband David Aldag; my kids Rhiannon and Brandyn; my man in prison David Hooker aka Cap'n Hook; Charles Manson for always speaking the truth and putting his life on the line to save this planet;

A.C. Fisher Aldag said...

This again? (yawn) Not exactly fair that we keep hijacking the Colonel's blog to discuss this subject, but, since you asked...

I believe that Charles was imprisoned pretty much for the reason of derailing the hippy peace movement, to crush the protests against the Viet Nam war, and to obfuscate the budding environmental movement, by the president who not only sent hundreds of thousands of young men off to be slaughtered in the war (murderous cult leader) but who also had a record of sending his minions to break into buildings and steal things (felon) and then lied about it in court and to the press (perjury), the blight on America's history known as Richard Nixon.

Now, who smeared Manson the most? William Hearst. Who was cutting down the most trees to make paper? Hearst. Who funded legislation to outlaw the growing of hemp -- an alternative source of paper to tree-pulp ? Hearst. Who profiteered shamelessly on the "Manson Family" arrest, trials and imprisonment? Hearst... and other media conglomerates.

Charles may have protested about Hearst and his vile environmental practices a few too many times. Ditto Nixon, when he was still a lowly San Clemente judge.

We don't have to go too far to discover the relationship between Hearst, other media moguls, and Nixon. Let's start with campaign contributions. Were there very many anti-Nixon diatribes in any Hearst-owned newspapers, during the president's campaign and election... why, noooo! Hearst was one of Nixon's staunchest supporters.

Take it one step further, and you'll begin to question Hearst and Nixon's relationship to organized crime. Follow the money.

So did Manson willingly and knowingly give up 40 years of his life for the environmental movement and peace protests? Not at first, nope, not really. He didn't realize how big of a mess he was stepping in. Now he gets it. But does he retract, or snitch? Of course not. He uses the platform to make more statements about the environment.

deadwoodhbo said...

ACE thank you for the reply you .Now talk to me in simple terms all this hearst and nixon talk to advance for me.I guess you know who Paul Watson is the sea sheapard captain yes well he is in the news all the time for helping our planet .i am trying to find ANY!!! article of charlie and atwa saveing our planet today 2009 .Can you show me who eles other than the manson posse surport atwa facts women not 48 years ago nixon and hippie peace love today .What is charlie doing for the planet what is atwa doing for the animals today 2009.
Ps Col doesnt mind its a question to do with manson nothing wrong with that.and why yawn i just want to learn what atwa is doing for our animals .oh by the the way i love william hearst and marion davies i love San Simeon.
Now lets move on hearst is dead so is nixon but manson is still trudging on so tell me what manson and atwa are doing to save our animals today .Cheers rebecca

deadwoodhbo said...

Ace said So did Manson willingly and knowingly give up 40 years of his life for the environmental movement and peace protests? Not at first, nope, not really. He didn't realize how big of a mess he was stepping in. Now he gets it. But does he retract, or snitch? Of course not. He uses the platform to make more statements about the environment.
rebecca says
Dam i thought manson gave up 40 years of his life because atkins snitched on him for planing the murders of innocent people stupid me what was i thinking.Oh he sure fought hard to keep himself from getting the death penalty and getting those 40 years so he could make most noble statements about the enviroment.
1000000 people a day make statements about the environment very few like manson lift a finger to do anything about it.
Smile Paul Watson is saveing our planet has we speak

starship said...

AC, the truth about the evils of Nixon and his ilk are bad enough without adding any fiction to it.

You may very well be right about the Nixon-Hearst connection, but Charles Manson didn't become an environmentalist until after he was convicted, and I venture further, not until his death sentence was commuted.

In an unrelated story, I read most, not all admittedly, of Bugliosi's 1500 plus page book about the JFK assassination. I must say, I am convinced! LHO acted alone! The irony is not lost on me, however, as I wish he would put as much energy and research into finding the true motives behinds these crimes of 1969.

deadwoodhbo said...

Thank you Col for letting me post my veiws about animal rights on your post.I dont mean to go of topic in any way or form about charles manson i just feel he is not helping the earth or the animals in any way or form if i can be proven wrong i will be happy to make a puplic apology.
i am going of line for a couple of months now and hope i can remain a member of your blog.
with respect to you rebecca.

A.C. Fisher Aldag said...

Um, you may have noticed that Charles isn't getting positive press, and since Hearst heirs still run the Amerikan propaganda machine, he isn't likely to. That is why Hearst is still relevant to this discussion.

However, while looking into Sea Shepherds, I'm only finding negative press about them, as well, unless it's somehow connected to their own press releases on their own sites.

Suppression by the overculture? Or genuine dissonance? You decide.

Propaganda? Or gospel truth? "Manson Speaks". These guys told me that chewing gum has a known carcinogen contained in an artificial sweetener, and that plastic bags cause about 1/2 of the trash washing up on the beaches. I'm not using either product any longer. Information is power.

Pristash, Charles says that he somehow ran afoul of Nixon when the former president was still a San Clemente judge. And Nixon DID frequently conspire with the press to obfuscate his own misdeeds. He totally used the Manson trial to cover up the deaths of thousands in Viet Nam, diminish the atrocities committed by police during the civil rights movement, and to downplay his own thievery. And Bugliosi isn't likely to tell any truths unless it earns him $$

Rebecca, if you really know Charles, you'd realize that he can't plan a three-year-old's birthday party. He comes up with good ideas often, but someone else does the planning, and often the implementation. The murders were done by associates who were drug addicts.

Marliese said...

When was Nixon a judge in San Clemente?

Becca, I think you said fiction? No kidding. Pure fiction.

He's been locked up for 40 years because for whatever motive, he helped himself to Leno and Rosemary Labianca's home, tied them up, assured them they wouldn't be hurt and then sent Tex Watson in to kill and mutilate them.

He didn't give two hoots about the environment in 1969. He was a parasite on every piece of land he touched.

Marliese said...

Pristash, you said without adding fiction, I'm sorry I misquoted it from Becca.

starship said...

Anyone been to JimNY's officially closed blog lately? That thing practically ate my computer.

Also, anyone hip to any release dates of any of these new books that may be coming out this year?

grimtraveller said...

A.C. Fisher Aldag said...

"Charles says that he somehow ran afoul of Nixon when the former president was still a San Clemente judge"

This is another example of where AC blows both her own credibility again as well as that of Charles Manson. Where Marliese asked "when was Nixon a judge in San Clemente?", I'll add to that "when was Nixon ever a judge ?"
He wasn't a judge. He was never a judge. But AC believed Charles when he told her this. And repeated it faithfully. It just blows any credibility that either has and I find that sad and spooky.