Sunday, September 25, 2011

Suzan and Joe

I saw a posting on evilliz talking about how close Suzan Struthers LaBerge and BF Joe Dorgan lived to the Waverly Place address.

I have been to both. In fact could walk to both from where I am typing at this moment.

I never believed that Suzan had her parents killed. "Forgiving" Tex is a sure sign of deep mental instablity, yes. But she didn't order the hit, so to speak.

But let's speculate, shall we, on what might be possible.

These clowns, according to one story, tortured and killed Gary Hinman because someone said he had inherited a pile of dough.

IF Dorgan was a Straight Satan...IF he knew Tex...If IF IF...

Did Dorgan hang at the ranch and make mention that "I'm fucking this young chick, she lives next door to your boy Harold True, and her father is a piggy asshole but BOY is he loaded."?

Remember, Tex was the kill crazy one. EVERY version of the story has Charlie tying Leno and Rosemary up and then saying " DON'T DO WHAT HAPPENED YESTERDAY."

What if Tate was about a drug burn and getting money back?
What if LaBianca was about money?
Hinman easily could be about money.
Crowe was about money.

Motive wise, money makes relatable sense.

I can't establish any of this, but it starts to add up, doesn't it?

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Just Sayin'

If I were an LA District Attorney in 2011 I would arrest Steve Grogan for the LaBianca murders. He was never even charged for being there. I would play it in the press for all it was worth. Prosecutor reopens famous 40 year old murder case. I would do it seriously, not as a joke. I would get the word out so that the others out there like Kasabian etc who have skeletons would shit a brick.

Then I would take Clem and his dimestore attorney aside and have a chat. "I am going to ask you 100 questions. If you answer every one of them to my satisfaction, I am going to let you plead to time served. Avoid one question, or make me THINK you did and you'll spend what's left of your life in jail."

Bet I got some answers too.

Just sayin'.

Thursday, September 15, 2011


ITEM!- Has anyone noticed that not one of the many films that keep getting announced about the case never get made? Is it because they simply SUCK? Hmmm....

ITEM!- Col is hearing that the Sanders book about Sharon Tate is 100% free of any original research whatsoever. Reheated hash? Ugh!

ITEM!- The next big Parole Hearing is November 16, with Mr. Watson. Orca Tate will of course be there to get her TV Time (I mean you don't think Watson has a chance, do you?)The Col wonders what might happen if the person actually authorized by the Tate Family to represent them at these hearings (not Orca) decides to show up this time. Debra might just "start screaming and never stop."

ITEM!- The one real bummer for researchers in Rudi's death is that without obituaries we don't get a list of his many,many clients- which limits us in the the search for connections!

Saturday, September 10, 2011


Over at the cool evilliz blog they are having a big discussion about Bryn Lukashevsky, calling him Bryan and shit.

According to the only information that we have, Bryn was a bodyguard to the drugdealing Bernard Crowe and tight with Dennis Wilson. Supposedly he was also picked up in the Spahn raid, although there are people who shout me down over this.

If Bryan IS Bryn then he is the guy on the right. Looks like one of the ComicCon dealers nowadays.

Monday, September 05, 2011

THe Nadir of Nader

Over at the fun evilliz blog there was a lot of discussion a few weeks back about the significance of Saladin Nader the "actor" (I guess so he was in two films no one can see right now... I guess Gypsy and Bobby are actors too, they were in more films than that.) and after reflecting a bit I finally tweaked to what the problem with him in the official story is.

We question things here at the only Official Blog and we double question anything BUG says.

The only testimony about Nader is from Kasabian. Nobody else ever addressed him. So what she says gets taken as gospel. Except we know she lied and back pedaled to save her own ass. She did exactly what BUG demanded. Was STILL doing it as recently as the Larry King show a few years ago.

Her testimony, as coached by BUG, serves two purposes

1- Shows Charlie OUTRIGHT ORDERING a murder.
2- Shows Linda being damn heroic preventing his death.

We know both of these are untrue. On neither night do we have ANY OTHER testimony of Charlie telling anyone to kill someone. And when given the chance to be a true hero and drop a dime on August 10, Linda does nothing of the kind.

So what really happened with the Nader incident? Venice is fucking FAR from Los Feliz. Why drive there to kill a piggy? It is even further from Sylmar!

My honest guess is that Linda VOLUNTEERED someone she would love to see offed. Got there and he wasn't there or she was too high to find the right door. And so they said fuck it and left. I mean, if you wanted to kill just ANY pig how about the poor bastard who answered the door?

Nader NEVER made sense in her version. Still doesn't.

Thursday, September 01, 2011

The Sister From Hell

The problem with Debra Tate is she has made it impossible to separate the damage and suffering that was no doubt done to her by the slaughter of her sister from her opportunism and narcissistic desire to be in the spotlight. Her appearance at hearings and her need to make it all about her goes back to when she frolicked nude at Cielo with drug dealers and let it all hang out for Oui Magazine. Remember, she was SPECIFICALLY disinherited by her father.

Anyway, here's some more of "Me me me me."

Sister of Sharon Tate Discusses Burglary
Good Day LA phoner video.

Video from: Good Day LA

Video from:
Good Day LA

Posted by: Tony Spearman |

Los Angeles - On Thursday Debra Tate, the executor of her sister Sharon Tate's estate, talked to us about the recent burglary of her home. During the break-in Sharon's wedding dress, furs, and other items were stolen. Debra thinks she knows who was behind the theft but said she needs more proof.

Debra asked anyone with information on the robbery to contact her via , and she will forward any info to the police.

Sister of Sharon Tate Discusses Burglary:


She is NOT The executor of the Sharon Tate estate.