Monday, December 27, 2010

The Triumphant (okay, not) Return of MONKEYBOY

December 24, 2010


I want to make sure that you're fully aware of what some of your blog members have been up in regards to the recent picture postings of Ruth Ann Moorehouse.

My understanding is that these pictures of Ruth Ann may have been acquired from screen caps of a wedding video of one of her sons. First of all, the very fact that these individuals, who all seem to be associated with YOU felt the need to stalk her sons accounts to acquire these images of Ruth Ann is just creepy unto itself. Secondly, I know for a fact that Ruth Ann did not give her permission for these photographs to be put up on display anywhere for people to just come in and copy them.

There's a right to privacy issue here that involves a woman who is living a "Normal" life and who is working and who is making her own living. This unwanted exposee that Elizabeth Russell aka "Evil Liz" from Connecticut is doing is a pure vanity play on her part that could do irreperable damage to Ruth Ann's life as well as the lives of her family.

We already went through this argument once before with Steve Grogan and we know that Steve lost his job as a result of someone else's overzealousness. I DON'T want to see that happen to Ruth Ann.

Why am i contacting you? Simple, because these people who are stirring things up are members of your blog. All of the problems in cyberspace that arise, in regards to this case, all seem to ripple back to your blog. Then again, being the "Head of the Snake", that comes as no surprise to me.

What i'd like to ask you to do is to stop Evil Liz from having any additional private wanking sessions to Ruth Ann's photographs and for Liz to re-open her blog to the public so that we know that she is complying with this request.

As i'm sure you may already know, I put up a video of Joshua Zelinsky on my page. We all know the story behind Joshua, as well as many others, whose names, addresses and phone numbers are in my possession. I hold YOU responsible for what happens to Ruth Ann and I want to make sure that you clearly understand where this is going.

If you do not talk some sense into Elizabeth Russell of Bristol / New Britain CT, then i will personally contact Joshua Zelinsky and we'll get this party started. I might even contact Philip Gronowski and wish him a Merry Christmas as well.

Do yourself a big favor - talk to Evil Liz and get her to stop this shit before things get out of hand.


Fucking Monkey actually wrote that on Xmas Eve- the sad sack of shit
My reply-

I do not know who Josh or phil are. I do know who you are. Very well indeed

1. I have nothing to do with the Liz blog
2 You are a stupid, moronic asshole who nobody likes. You should go eat a bag of shit and reflect upon that.


Eat a bag 0f shit and pull yourself together.

----------Monkeyboy replies---------

Hey Bigmouth,
Nobody likes me???? Boo Fucking Hoo. As if i really give a damn about any of you blog homo's.
You're all a bunch of tabloid junkies who drool over a case that nobody really gives a shit about anymore.
Even your boy "Bobby" got old on you, but i'll bet he still takes it in the ass and will continue to do so for the next "5" years.
The people who are on your blog are the scum of the earth. A bunch of self righteous little shits who jack off to STOLEN pictures because that's as close to the case, or anything new in this case, that they'll ever get to.
Your DYING blog is proof of that. It's nothing more than a waste of time that will yield you NOTHING.
I know YOU all too well also. You're a cocksucker, LITERALLY, but that comes as no surprise to me.
A few people that i actually thought were "Decent", turned out to be douchebags, but then most of the people who OBSESS over this case pretty much are just that.
Go read some books and see if you'll learn anything NEW - Which you WON'T.
NONE of the locked up MANSONITES will ever Get out so you will learn NOTHING.
It's over for you and your blog.
You're down to creepy crawling facebook pages for photographs - What a fucking bunch of LOSERS you people are. Really. That's just so pathectic.
Eat Shit and Die - Slowly.


Monkeyboy- you are a homophobe apparently, delusion, fat, stupid and ugly. Really, take an overdose of something nasty and save some oxygen.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Energy Sapping

December 16,2010

Sisters and brothers, family, loved ones, friends . . .

The parole hearing occurred last Monday (Dec 13), as scheduled. It was an energy sapping experience. In the several days since then I have put my focus on restoring my energy levels and marshalling my thoughts for what I would say to you now. Keeping all of you in suspense was not my intent. I just needed to catch my breath, so to speak.

On the face of it the hearing did not go well at all. The best place to begin describing what happened is with a brief recap of my last hearing two years ago, because what happened this week was a carryover from that hearing.

The presiding parole board commissioner in the 2008 hearing was an unwavering adherent to the most grotesque pop culture rendition of the Manson mythology, who avowed to being “personally offended” by some of the rhetoric Manson has been described as espousing back in the sixties. I dislike making judgments of other people every bit as much as I dislike having judgments, misjudgments or prejudgments, applied to me. So I will confine this account to a characterization: Imagine a man with his fingers in his ears, blinders on his eyes, and his mouth moving unceasingly with fatuous refusal to brook any point of view but his own. There is just no breaking through such a density of egoism. To have one’s personal situation be at the mercy of that sort of willful ignorance is no easy thing to accept.

The 2008 hearing resulted in a five-year denial of parole. The hearing commissioner was determined to apply a new law that tripled the parole denial periods allowed under California law beyond what they had been, even though the new law had not yet been enacted. A few months later I learned that I had become the beneficiary of a class action lawsuit that I didn’t even know had been filed, challenging the premature application of the new law. The five-year denial in my 2008 hearing was modified to a two-year denial.

Attorney Steven Moretz volunteered, on a friendship basis, to represent me in the 2010 hearing. He is a good man, and a competent lawyer, and I was moved to accept his offer.

I was encouraged to make an all-out effort in preparation for this hearing. Steve spent uncounted hours researching the records and meticulously preparing a presentation for the hearing that included an accounting of all of my skills, accomplishments, community resources and support. Numerous letters (close to fifty) were received from my relations, friends, media industry professionals, and Oregon DOC administrators who have worked with me for many years – collectively making a powerful statement – and these were compiled into an impressive packet of supporting exhibits. I wrote myself notes for points that I wanted to raise during the hearing, and prepared a closing statement expressing my acceptance of responsibility for the choices I made and the actions I committed that exacted such a heavy price.

Last Monday morning my hearing was delayed about 40 minutes because the commissioner who had been scheduled to conduct the hearing – a fair man, reputedly – was replaced, literally at the last minute, by the same commissioner who had chaired the 2008 hearing. Again the fingers in the ears, the blinders the fatuous mouthings of unctuous gibberish. Frequently during the hearing, relevant remarks I attempted to offer were suppressed. Again, as in the 2008 hearing, I was not permitted to make the closing statement I had prepared. And at the end, with dogmatic references to crimes I was not and could not have been in any way involved in, the commissioner re-invoked that once-thwarted five year denial.

Although I made a commitment to put my best effort forward for this hearing, I did so without expectations, without hope, without fear. Consequently, my spirit is not crushed by the outcome. I am experiencing some disappointment, however. For many years I have held the belief that at some point the determination of circumstances would come into an arena where saner, more reasonable minds would prevail. At this point I’m wondering if holding onto such a belief is naïve.

My lawyer went at his preparations for the hearing, and the hearing itself, with an eye to taking the matter on appeal to the courts in the event I was not granted parole this time. I’m not an attorney, but it seems to me that the violations of due process in this hearing were so egregious that the record will easily support an effective writ. Taking something like this into court and following through carries significant expense, however, beyond what I can manage with the resources I currently have available to me. If anyone has any ideas about how I can earn some cash to pursue this relief, I’m open to suggestions.

My partner Barbara has told me many times, for years and years, that she believes I will not see the outside of a prison until I finish writing my book, and publish it, as a way of distinguishing myself from the popular mythology relating to that guy whose name we don’t need to mention again. This presents a problem for me on multiple levels. As much as I would love to do the one thing that would likely please my beloved Barbara the most, the notion of subordinating the creative process to the purpose of manipulating opinion to make conditions more favorable for my release on parole rubs my fur the wrong way. Right now, though, I’m thinking that I need to stop struggling to get clear on my motives to write my book, and just write the damn thing.

So this is how things stand at present. Like all things in this world, appearances are subject to change without notice.

I am grateful beyond words for the rich outpouring of love and support, positive energy and good thoughts that came my way in recent months. Truly, this is the real hearing for me, all the endorsement I could ever need. Please don’t feel badly about the outcome of the hearing. The fat lady ain’t sung yet. And anyway, I am not my body, and my freedom is not subject to the conditions that my body must undergo. This is true for all of us.

With peace and best wishes for the holidays.


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Bobby Fucked Again

Charles Manson follower Bobby Beausoleil denied parole again in killing of musician Gary Hinman. Should 'family' members ever be freed?

Once again, the state Board of Parole has rejected efforts by a Charles Manson follower to be released from prison.

The latest move came Monday and involved Bobby Beausoleil, 63. According to the Associated Press: "He was arrested for the murder of musician Gary Hinman in August 1969. Beausoleil was convicted of Hinman's murder in 1970 and sentenced to death. The sentence was commuted to life when the California Supreme Court found the death penalty unconstitutional in 1972."

The issue of whether Manson family members should ever be released from prison came up in 2008 when Susan Atkins, who was terminally ill, asked for her freedom. Officials rejected her bid, and she died in prison.

At the time, some people said the Manson murders were so horrific that the perpetrators should never be released. Do you agree? Share your views.


A state parole board panel denied parole Monday for former Charles Manson follower Robert Beausoleil, who was among those convicted of a musician's 1969 stabbing death.

A two-member panel from the California Board of Parole Hearings issued a five-year denial, who was last denied parole in December 2008, according to Deputy District Attorney Patrick Sequeira.

Beausoleil was initially sentenced to death for the July 26, 1969, slaying of Gary Hinman in his Topanga Canyon home. But his sentence -- along with those of Manson and a number of his followers -- was later commuted to life in prison following a U.S. Supreme Court ruling on new requirements for capital cases.

Manson and many of his other former followers, who have repeatedly been denied parole, remain behind bars.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

The Dick Van Dyke Show (simply hilarious)

CBS) California prison officials want to stop prison inmates like convicted murderer Charles Manson from reaching out and touching people with smuggled cell phones.

Prison guards confiscated the flip phone for the man behind one of the most infamous killing sprees in U.S. history after he placed calls and sent text messages to people in California, Florida, New Jersey and British Columbia, Canada, the Los Angeles Times reported Friday.

"It's troubling that he had a cell phone since he's a person who got other people to murder on his behalf," a spokeswoman for the state Department of Corrections told the Times.

The spokeswoman, Terry Thornton, also told the Times she didn't know if Manson ordered anyone during a call to commit a crime.

Authorities have urged the Federal Communications Commission to grant them authority to jam cell phone signals at prisons, but telecommunications lobbyists have told the agency that jamming would also block non-inmates near prisons from making calls.

Officials told the Times that prison inmates use the phones to run drug rings, intimidate witnesses and plan escapes yet being in possession of a cell phone isn't a crime in the Golden State.

President Obama signed into law during the summer a bill making smuggling cell phones into federal prisons a crime, but that law doesn't apply to state prisons, the Times reported. California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger vetoed a bill in September that would have fined people providing cell phones to prisoners $5,000, the Times reported.

In California prisons, authorities told the Times the number of cell phones confiscated has been on the rise from 1,400 in 2007, when confiscations were first recorded, to 8,675 thus far in 2010.