Friday, August 15, 2008

General Col Scott

- Bret's site vanished ten days ago. Bret where are you? Did Clem go to Iceland? Lol.

- I just saw a new crappy book called HOLLYWOOD BABYLON and it does not involve famous crustmeister and peripheral Manson case factoid Kenneth Anger. Did he get screwed yet again? Why do people wrong you all the time Kenneth? Why? Look in your heart and see!

- The best selling fiction novel HELTER SKELTER by the famous mistress beating lawyer Vincent T. Bugliosi is now available in a deluxe edition for $125 from The Easton Press. Because.

- Monkey Boy Jim appears to have shut down his site, thereby quadrupling Leslie's chances at parole. Still, four times zero is still zero.

- It has been five months since we were told Susan Atkins has less than six months to live. She is still breathing our air.

- Legs Mcneil, famous Manson researcher, may have ACTUALLY found . MAY.

- Tom O'Neill's book, the one that will blow the case wide open with the revelations of Karate Dave's special commando training at Spahn (see that last ridiculous Discovery documentary) will not be out in 2008 according to well placed sources at Creative Artists Agency. With luck, the book, that began as a special article about the 30th anniversary of TLB will be out by the 40th.

- Debra Tate still does not honor her family's wishes and retains Paul Tate's ashes in some unknown space.

- We did not post anything for the anniversary this year. Didn't feel like it.

- I understand that that Manson Girls movie is still trying to be financed. Because awful scripts directed by untalented directors always do well in the marketplace.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

What If ?

The art of storytelling, be they novels, movies or comic books, is always asking "what if?"

These are some of my favorite "What Ifs?"

What are yours?

(Note- I am not putting down massive unlikelihoods like "What if Tex had a conscience?" Or "What if Charlie wasn't born to a prostitute?" Or even "What If Debra Tate had not been disowned?" Just tiny things that, if they happened might have made a difference.")

1- What if Willam Garretson was not horny late that night in August? [Steven would have gone home to bed and not been killed. There would have been no shooting at the gate. Garretson might actually have come out to investigate the noise- and been killed.]

2- What if Linda Kasabian had been an actual human and left a message the morning after the Tate killings, with the police that simply said "People at Spahn Ranch did it- look closely." [Shorty and Leno and Rosemary would still be alive. Charlie would never have been put in jail.]

3- What if Gary Hinman had not been home when Bobby knocked at the door? [Would any of this shit have happened?]

4- What if Aaron Stovitz resisted talking to the press? [No BUG, no Helter Skelter bullshit, Charlie walks, shorter trial.]

5- What if Sharon had stayed over with Jay at his place? [The case attracts minimal attention and maybe is never even solved.]