Sunday, February 11, 2007

Mother is Only Half a Word

Whenever the Col goes off against Linda Kasabian there is always someone who says, "Hey, she testified, she is a hero." Or some such bullshit.

If Kasabian were a hero, she would have woken up on August 9, 1969 and called the police. She would have said "I am trapped with some freaks. They had me drive them to a house last night but I had no idea what was gonna happen. While there, they slaughtered five strangers. Please come to Spahn Ranch and rescue me."

That would have been heroic.

Instead, Linda Kasabian drove to the Tate house on August 8. NOT because she had a valid license- I don't know WHY but that reason is bullshit since Tex drove part of the time. She stood lookout. She watched the slaughter. She went home. She went to sleep. The next night she drove to Los Feliz. She waited outside the LaBianca house. She knew what was happening.

She drove with Charlie and Killer Sadie. She CLAIMS she misdirected them from a planned victim. She claims a lot of things happened that night. The church, the car they pulled next to. Things NO ONE else has ever confirmed or said in books or at trial.

Then she went bacl to the Family. To the people who killed nine people. Hell, how many times did she screw killer Tex afterwards? She claimed that she stayed because of her daughter. That she was such a good mother she didn't want to leave Tanya at risk.

That is what the jury was sold by BUG. It is also a CROCK.

Because of course, Linda Kasabian only gave a crap about herself. ONLY AFTER she was arrested in New Hampshire, having fled there, did she "turn herself in". Oh sure, her attorney purportedly claimed that she was going to testify with or without immunity. But the only reference for that we have is Bug's novel. The book that makes Linda the heroine.

She's arrested and comes to LA and sees that Sadie screwed up her deal and voila, what would you like me to say Bug? That's what the Col believes happened.

Okay, so Linda grabbed a straw, sold out her friends and got a walk as an accomplice to NINE freaking murders. That only makes her smart. And everyone else stupid for letting BUG play them. If I were in that same insane situation, I guess I would do the same. Doesn't mean that you should let me do it though.

Now, this was posted on the news site of Man of the Year Bret:


I was contacted earlier this week by a woman who claims to be looking for her mother. She claims to be the first child of Linda Kasabian. She recently released a book with her life story and can be bought online through Trafford Publishing.

ISBN 1-4120-0110-2.

She claims to have been born before Tanya and that Linda left her with her father who was a big time dope dealer in the 60's and 70's. She claims she was told at age 21 that her real mother is Linda Kasabian and she is now on a journey to find her.

I have never seen any record of Linda having any children before Tanya. Whether she is Kasabian's daughter or just another Rosie Tate Polanski, remains to be seen.

I am always sceptical about these things, especially with this case. In this case there have been many bizarre claims to kinship. In the 70's, there was a woman who claimed she was carrying Manson's child, despite the fact she had never met him. There was also this guy who had an imaginary relationship with Leslie Van Houten. In the 80's, there was a Kevin Taylor who claimed he was engaged to Patricia Krenwinkel. There was the drag queen Julian who said on Current Affair that he was the child of Paul Watkins and Ruth Ann Moorehouse. In the 90's, a woman conned Bill Nelson and others that she was Ruth Ann Moorehouse.

The best of all and most outrageous was Rosie Tate Polanski. She claimed she was the child of Sharon Tate's and she had survived the killings but it was covered up. Oddly, she struck up a friendship with William Garretson, the only survivor of the Tate massacre. Where do these people come from?

For more information on Gina's book, Click Here!

Just for the record; this woman could be telling the truth. I am certainly not calling her a liar.

Wowsa. Do we have more frauds like the crazy Ruth impersonator that Candygramma lunatic coddled last year?

Maybe not- here is a subsequent Bret Post--


It Turns out that the woman who claims to Kasabian's daughter and wrote the book 'In My Mother's Closet' could be telling the truth. It was actually Vincent Bugliosi who encouraged her to write the book. He did not know where Linda Kasabian is and hasn't seen her since 1971.

In court transcripts, Irving Kanerak asks Linda how many children she has and the question is immediately overruled by Bugliosi and the subject was never brought up again.

For more information on Gina's book, Click Here!

Let's make a note of that last bit shall we? Did BUG know that Linda had other children from her first marriage? He must have. The marriage is confirmed on Shitapedia and on the Manson Girl's Resource site.

Did BUG not want the earlier children brought up because Linda had abandoned them? Left them behind on her narcissistic sixties journey to find Jesus? Because then of course her picture as a great mom is nonsense. And she didn't stay at the ranch to protect Tanya but because she did not think what they did was that big of a deal. Which is my read of it.

But let's go ORDER THE BOOK shall we? (maybe we will get it unlike the Manson2Jesus book)--

here is what it says

IN MY MOTHER'S CLOSET is the story of my life, raised in poverty, a drug dealer's daughter and a possible Charles Manson connection.

My brothers and I were raised by our father after our mother had left to find herself and explore the "Hippie" movement. Meanwhile, our father was exploring his own hippie movement. In the late 60s, he became one of the biggest drug dealers in L.A. county. Then, in the late 70s, we moved to the hills of San Diego county, where we lived in a plywood shack and grew marijuana. He then became a very well known drug dealer again.

At the age of twenty-one, I was told that my mother was Lynda Kasabian of the Charles Manson Murders. I had some memories of her, but they were not good ones. I was often told that my mother was dead or in a mental institution. I was also told that she had a criminal history and that she was a bad person. I knew that she had married another man and had other children.

Since her departure, my life has never been what one would expect. Our mother has lived a separate life with her other childern having no knowledge of us. This was the biggest secret to us and I'm am sure the biggest secret to them. Everything has been hushed up and covered up over the years.

All of what I was told and the way I grew up made finding out about my mother more painful than anyone could ever imagine. But it also made me more curious as to what was really hidden. It's time that someone opens that closet and starts to clean it out. There is a lot to understand.

Okay. She can't spell Linda but that's okay. She seems sincere. She might be real. Like I said earlier, I found the real daughter of Paul Watkins last week- wasn't even looking. I want to read the book and I will report back to you guys. It is self-published so I do not expect much.

But Gina- Linda Kasabian was a lying piece of shit who sold out everything to save her hide.

And what did she do with that hide? As Bill Nelson (Nellie) uncovered in 2000, she continued her life of crime. And the precious children raised by this devoted mother? Tanya and her brother Angel have been in and out of jail all of their lives.

That's the Star Witness the BUG shoved over on history.

Here is the best part of Nellie's report reprinted here-
When I was in New Hampshire, I learned of a strange occurrence involving Kasabian. Responding to a disturbing the peace situation, the officers rolled up on a bazaar scene. There in full view, for anyone to see, was the California State’s star witness. Kasabian had been a shinning example of Bugliosi’s redemptive eyewitness who escaped life in prison for her active participation on the two nights of mayhem and murder. Her hands stretched out over her head, face turned up with mouth open, Kasabian was drinking the blood of a chicken with it's head cut off! Repulsion and disgust was the response of the officers. It all happened in a nearby town known for ill repute and criminal behavior that resulted in the police being called often.

Bug must be so proud.

Dear readers, there are a lot of links in this posting. READ EVERYTHING. You need to learn everything you can about Linda before you criticize my position.

And Gina- here is what Nellie found in 2000-

"Linda Kasabian, aka Linda Chiochios of Tacoma
Sister: Jade Byson of Nashua,
four brothers: Randy Byrd, and Steve Drouin, both of Nashua;
Dennis Byrd of Tacoma;
Wayne Drouin of Washington, D.C.;
J.M. "Jake" Byrd of Milford and Joyce Taylor of Englewood, FL.
Thomas Kenneth Bryd, 34
of 241 Nashua St. Milford, died August 22, 1992
in Nashua Memorial hospital after a lengthy illness. DOB: 2-21-58
Maternal grandparents:
Theodore and Dorothy Taylor of DeLeon Springs, Florida; several nieces and nephews.
Smith & Heald Funeral Home, 63 Elm St. Milford."

If you find her you owe me one- I'd like to interview her just to see if she still even remembers the lies.

Linda Kasabian- Star Bullshitter for the Prosecution.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Catching Up

It has been longer than usual for me to post. It's because I was busy. The Col is often busy. I just didn't realize that two weeks went away.

Anyway, let's catch up.

---> ITEM- for all you folks in the comments, Salem is a perfectly nice person who used to go by the handle WHEAT on the bizaare board run by Atkins' former attorney. I think she is charming. She is convinced that Charlie communicates with her and tells her things. She is funny that way. That does not mean I don't like her I just don't listen to her.

---> ITEM- I sent my $10 to Dennis Rice's ministry but still have not gotten my book yet and it was six weeks ago. A man of the cloth wouldn't steal from me would he? Would he? Has anyone seen an actual copy of this?

---> ITEM- Roman is going to do a new film based on the ancient disaster of Pompeii

---> ITEM- I still cannot find George Denny. Anyone know where he is? I thought Texas.