Saturday, December 31, 2005

I Keep a Close Watch on This Heart of Mine

I just watched WALK THE LINE starring Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon (what names!) and could not for the life of me get out of my head Charlie being interviewed by Dianne Sawyer ten years ago and out of nowhere saying (not singing) some of the lyrics to the song "I Walk the Line".

Here's a courtroom drawing to end the year on. And a thought. This IS Charlie during his useless and rambling testimony during the trial. But squint a little and maybe like me you'll see Johnny Cash, the man in black, serenading the crowds at Folsom.

If things had gone like Terry and Dennis promised, would we instead be watching a Charlie musical biopic?

Drink responsibly tonight- I don't want to get hit by you!

Friday, December 30, 2005

A Seriously Large Collection

Just got back from Holidays- I need to take my detox whenever I can find it. Pursuing the truth is hard on your favorite Col.

Thanks to the lovely Denise I got this link at ebay for an insane collection of Mansonalia.

Wow. I mean there is a lot of shit in these 20 boxes. Another aborted book. Trial transcripts out the ass. Correspondence.

My favorite bits in his rambling screed....

I received the distinct impression that Mr. Manson did not like me nor respect me aww poor baby

Bugliosi, the successful prosecutor was an odd and not entirely healthy human being himself as my work will show.
Hey we agree with you here.

Perhaps I should be thankful to Manson’s surliness to me since I had the potential to become as obsequious to him as so many others in my obsession to show the wrong done to him

It is almost impossible to believe that Bugliosi in an unrelated matter, burglarized a person’s apartment. Bugliosi’s bizarre conduct obviously at that time or any time could not have been prosecuted or publicized since he was so important to the prosecution of Charles Manson. Anyone else would likely have been convicted and sentenced to a jail term. Bugliosi’s conduct also included harrassment that was unquestionably frightening
Wowsa.... just wowsa

Anybody want to split the cost with the Col- looks like a motherlode has come in!
Yee Ha!!!!

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Responsibility Starts at Home

These are Pat/Katie's Mom and Dad. They look just like my mom and dad. I would guess they look just like YOUR mom and dad. Here they are doing a news conference. In it they are stating that she was just your average little girl, just like all of yous are just average human beings.

Except average human beings do not slaughter their fellow human beings without any discernible reason.

Now, if you are here you probably do not believe that Charlie "hypmotized" his followers and "made" them do it.

I do believe Katie did it to please Charlie so that she could continue to fit in the only place she ever felt fitted in to. Apparently she was a hairy bitch and that didn't bother Charlie or Tex. There is a humdinger of a scene in Watkins' self-serving book where Clem goes down on Katie in front of the whole group at Charlie's instructions.

But still, for whatever excuses, Katie DID it.

Is Bug right? Do some of us have murder already running through our veins? Or is it like situational ethics- that is , if not for "A" plus "B" AND plus "C" coming together, no one would have ever heard of the homely girl from Alabama?

Just wonderin'.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Open Mouth

I wanted to use this alternative photo of Nellie with his mouth open somewhere so here it is....

Did I ever mention that he organized a trip to the Zodiac sites that a MALE friend of mine paid for, kid was then in his early twenties. Nellie wouldn't let him smoke (fair enough) charged him extra for guess ( fine ) and allegedly made a pass at him.

I'm just saying...

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Bah Humbug Indeed.....

I just got word that Bobby Beausoleil's Parol Board gave him a three year denial because of some erotic art he exhibited here in LA this year and because of fear from the Governator.

I am sick to my stomach. This is such crap.

I will try to get approval to reprint Bob's whole letter but this summarizes it for me... fuckers...

No, what disturbed the hearing panel, he said, is that as late as 2005, this very year, I had contracted with an agent or gallery owner to allow my artwork to be displayed and marketed to the public in a manner that exploited the notoriety of my crime and the Manson connection to promote sales of my art and music (the Dreamways CD). This, he said, demonstrated a “serious lapse of judgment” that required a longer period of confinement so that there would be adequate time to allow the Board to evaluate my “ability to maintain a distance from Manson” in the public eye, and refrain from involvement with such displays in the future. He mentioned – again, with surprising candor – that he was concerned about possible repercussions from the governor and the public if he were to vote to parole me under the present circumstances.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas Charlie Manson !!!!

The Col would like to distribute his Xmas cheer to all far and near...

To Bret, a big thank you for your site along with wishes that you update it more often.

To Jon Aesnihil, many thanks for the use of the Archives and good luck on your quest to obtain the remainder from the Widow Nelson.

To Steve Oogly, the big Ooogler, a big Christmas wish for you to learn to respect the victims you claim to but instead mock with your very name. A plea for you to stop thinking that your flirting is anything but pathetic. And me down on my freaking knees BEGGING you to stop using those fonts that run on and make me have to click twice to get past your lame posts.

To Jan Urbin and a few others there who still dislike the Col's superior knowledge, a big Calzone that you can bite and pretend is me.

TWO Calzones for Jennifer Oakley, along with the Congressional Medal of Stupidity for blindly supporting a retarded war. Bite me twice you sad woman.

Chocolate Hearts of Love and Joy to Denise and Heaven and Janice and the others at KTS. I was wrong and I am glad we are all internet friends again.

To Bobby B, I hope last week's decision went well (please let me know) and I hope that you can no longer say " I have served more time for killing a drug dealer than anyone in American history."

To Barbara B, I wish you the hugs of your man. Our meeting this year was special indeed.

To Michael Brunner, email me I have an idea to make you some good, solid cash.

To Tom O'Neill, I send you love and the knowledge that YOU know and I know that you will never finish that book.

To Adam Parfey I implore you to please hurry up that Manson Encyclopedia Project. I want one.

To White Rabbitt- I nearly went blind reading your book- I will review it- but do you really want me to note how much time you served for Child Molestation? Icky.

To Bill Nelson- RIP, and if you find anything else we need to know, there is always the Ouija Board.

To Vincent BUGliosi- a warning, the Col still breathes and the truth WILL be known. You should be ashamed of yourself.

To my beloved Driver Dave, condolences on your gf's reduced implants.

To Mark Turner, sincere hopes that you at last are doing the right thing.

To one and to all, THANKS for reading. Much more to come.


Col Scott, Proprietor, The Only Official Tate-LaBianca Murders Blog. 12-25-05

Friday, December 23, 2005

Find Something Important To Do With Your Life

I keep reading these Yahoo groups like a crack addict. They annoy me, but occasionally I will find something out I didn't know, and the COL wants to know all.

Several of the groups keep going on and on about getting Sharon Tate a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

I could point out that she was a mediocre actress (at best), a very hot babe that is best known for being butchered. But that would be cruel of me.

I live in LA. I walk the Walk of Fame at least once a week.

It is MEANINGLESS. No talent nobodies like Ryan Seacrest get a star because they get publicity and money from it.

Having a star is meaningless. Find some other way to honor her.

How about a beautiful statue in Benedict Canyon commemorating her life?

I'd contribute to that.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

If Your Name is Tex You Get a FREE, Close Shave

Here's a photo of Doris Tate being interviewed at her hair salon.

OBVIOUSLY it was while she was alive.

Where was this place? Did any of you ever get your hair done there? Anyone you know?

Did Jay Sebring teach Doris how to cut hair?

Is it just me or is it ODD that besides the "crusading avenger" and "mother of a movie star" she also gave out rinses and sets?

Monday, December 19, 2005

Sandy Hogs the Spotlight

Do you think Sandra Good and St. George are enjoying the news that Nellie is no longer with us?

Sandy always puzzled me to the point where I think she might actually BE crazy Just my opinion, mind you. I don't think that about any of the others, but if you hear her speak both then and now she sounds like mentally she has gone away and is not coming back. Supposedly she only slept with Manson occasionally, yet she talks as if he was the one and only love of her life. Her Dad supposedly had some cash, yet she insisted on going to jail for TEN years for writing letters. I mean I suck as an attorney but I could have got her probation without trying.

She could have been the Scary spice of the girls, that is for sure!

Sunday, December 18, 2005

A Jury of One's Peers

These pictures reflect one fourth of the members of the Tate/LaBianca Jury.

The Wikipedia (usually bullshit but easiest for me to find) notes:

Some systems allow argument over whether a juror's particular background or beliefs make them biased and therefore unsuitable for service on the jury. In the United States, and probably other nations, it is hardly unknown for citizens to quite deliberately get out of jury duty (for example by mentioning knowledge of legal concepts).

What I want to know is, even with the bad haircut on that guy, what chance did any of the defendants really have? There were no commune or hippie experts who testified. There were no hippies on the jury.

I mean, I know that all of them except Manson were actually guilty... but would you even want to MEET these three?

Stupid Charlie never put on a defense so he gets what he deserves- but this is a fair jury?

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Thanks for the Memories.....

I found this while chasing Nellie details... back in the day Vanity Fair was getting sued by Roman Polanski for reprinting lies about what he did after his wife died. As we learned on the Blog this year, Roman won. Now Roman was and is a personal hero of the Col. When the suit was still in its infancy, Vanity Fair tried to use lies from Nellie's site and from some polygraph Roman gave the police to win the case. Nellie was excited to cooperate with the real media- as long as he got paid. The Col contacted both Nellie and Vanity Fair so they would know what a piece of shit they were dealing with. Enjoy the dazzling repartee. I most like that he concludes I am a Manson supporter (nope) and that if Charlie screwed underage girls it was okay if Nellie did, even if he didn't. (All typoes are as they were at the time).

To Michael Gross, Vanity Fair, From Col Scott
1- Go to see May 17th posting wherein you are
> > > > > attacked for having no ethics and for abusing his phone call
s- he
> >being
> > > >Bill
> > > > > Nelson.
> > > > >
> > > > > 2- Now go here- where it is revealed that your asshole buddy
Bill is
> >a
> > > > > CONVICTED Child molester- he had to register and everything-
> > > > >
> > >
> > >
> > > > >
> > > > > 3- then do a followup article where this little man
gets revealed
> >for
> > > >what
> > > > > he is.
> > > > >
> > > > > 4- then email me back and thank me for my time.

From Michael Gross To your friend the Col

> > > >Subject: Re: Bill Nelson and Polanski
> > > >Date: Mon, 19 May 2003 09:56:34 -0400
> > > >
> > > >very creepy. how are you sure the two Bill Nelsons are the same?
> > > >

From Col Me to Gross

> >Sent: Monday, May 19, 2003 12:30 PM
> >Subject: Re: Bill Nelson and Polanski
> >
> >
> > > They are- when confronted by this at the time he issued a
two page

> >statement
> > > that essentially said "The little girls made me do it, and
my lawyer

> >made
> >me
> > > a bad deal, but I know before God I am innocent" even tho he
pleaded no

> > > contest.
> > >
> > > But trust me not- just ask the guy- call to say you read
his website and

> > > play that you are sorry or angry, and catch him off guard
. He'll admit

> >it-

> > > he'll just "explain it"

FROM Gross to Col Moi

Subject: Re: Bill Nelson and Polanski
> >Date: Mon, 19 May 2003 12:58:27 -0400
> >
> >I'm not planning to dignify this by pursuing it, but thanks for the
> >information.

> >
Col back to Gross
> No problem.
> The guy is a menace.
> He has posted on his website that you are worst than a yellow
> You probably have some causes of action against him.
> That, coupled with his convictions for child abuse, I thought would be
> interesting to you.
> At least you can store this up in the future.
> I wonder if Vanity Fair knows about this guy's crimes.
> You might want to alert them too.
> All the best,

Now Nellie comes back to the Col

You just did not read the text very carefully that I published now did you? This writer told me on the telephone that he could care less about the fleeing/conviction of Polanski for a felony and not a misdemeanor. You must really be all eaten up with hate. Kay, Doris Tate, and 1/2 the world knows about my plea, sentence, expungement, set aside for a misdemeanor. You do know that "real offenders of that nature cannot help themselves and do repeat often the crimes. You know that from research-right? It is a fact. One time, questionable filing, and you jump right on it. Now really, ever think that those beautiful people -killers you defend all had sex weith under age people often? Now, they are convicted killers but if they moved on your block after release they would not have do register under Megan's Law. And sir, neither would I ever have to either. You just cannot deal with that can you. I feel sorry for you. At least I publish under my own name, web domain address/site that can be verified, and do not hide under a rock. Who are you pretending to be this week? Bill Nelson hate crime leader? CIW prison guard? Leslie spokesperson? Defender of James Whitehouse as the best attorney to ever represent Susan? He may have an action you say? Not really. It was my impression, opinion, and right to say so. The writer misrepresented my interview. Period. He is a liar.

Then the Col amuses himself by getting all fire and brimstone and
biblical back--- IN CAPS

You just did not read the text very carefully that I published now
did you?
> This writer told me on the telephone that he could care less
about the
> fleeing/conviction of Polanski for a felony and not a
misdemeanor. I READ
> You must
> really be all eaten up with hate.I AM. HATRED IS MY PRIME
> SO?
> Doris Tate,I SUSPECT SHE DID NOT and 1/2 the world knows
> about my plea, sentence, expungement, set aside for a
misdemeanor. You do
> know
> that "real offenders of that nature cannot help themselves
and do repeat
> often
> the crimes. You know that from research-right? It is a fact.
> One time,
> questionable filing, and you jump right on it.ONE TIME YOU
> Now really, ever think that
> those beautiful people -killers you defend I DEFY YOU TO TELL
> DEFENDED ANY KILLERS? all had sex weith under age people
> often? Now, they are convicted killers but if they moved on
your block
> after
> release they would not have do register under Megan's Law. And
sir, neither
> would I ever have to either YOU WOULD NOT HAVE TO BECAUSE YOUR
> DONE TEN YEARS AGO.. You just cannot deal with that can you.I
I feel
> sorry for you. DON'T BOTHER- YOUR TEARS ARE FALSE.At least I
publish under
> my own name, web domain address/site
> that can be verified, and do not hide under a rock.THIS IS
> PARENTS IF YOU HATE IT. Who are you pretending to
> be this week? JUST LITTLE OLD SAL.Bill Nelson hate crime
leader? CIW prison
> guard? Leslie
> spokesperson? Defender of James Whitehouse as the best
attorney to ever
> represent Susan? He may have an action you say? Not
> impression, opinion, and right to say so. The writer
misrepresented my
> interview. Period. He is a liar.


Finally big Nellie tries to explain why his plea of no contest to
molesting a girl didn't
really mean that. Oh those were the days. Bye Bill. See ya
when we see ya.

I was not talking about Ouish. There were many under the age
of 14. Read the
stories from the members themselves.

My plea was for "to annoy" and it is clear you have not read
the case. "To
annoy or molest."647A, misdemeanor, dismissed, set aside,
My statement was entered into the record and there would have
been no
acceptance of the plea by me without it. Kind of interesting,
when I had to go
to the police station and the female clerk read the
statement, she expressed
shock that I would have to come there. She had never seen
a case like it,
neither had Deborah Fraiser, or other attorneys who read
the case. This was
just not the smoking gun that you keep trying to
shoot me with.

Doris Tate knew very well and Judy Hanson, investigator,
told her after talking
with me. That is a fact. Sorry...My wife and I had many
conversations with
Doris. Doris encouraged me to get it expunged. The
attorney for Atkins did just
that. And, it was not children (plural) the other girl
never said that I was
inapproiate with her. And, the other girl, witness
testified that she never saw
me touch, or do anything inapproiate to/with the other girl
. She also testified
that I was in her eye vision all the time in question!
Read the prelim and
learn the facts. I am not pleased nor am I proud of
that chapter in my life but
I know that God knows the truth. I rest in that and
am at peace with it. Very
few of us will get out of this life with the smell

of smoke not on us - again a
Bible thought.

I have no idea what you are saying about Kay and his designs/desires...

I will not communicate with you again. You are a coward.

You do not have to sneeze to have a "God bless you."
Careful how you set
yourself up as judge for you will meet the real one
soon enough.

David, great kind of the Bible...he murdered,
committed adultry, and yet God
recorded him as "A man after my own heart". Now go
figure that one out...
Hebrews 11 is a remarkable chapter of faith. You
would not boast about any of
them being in your family, but God did. My work
on the Manson case has been of
truth, research, and keeping the killers inside
prison for the crimes they
received the death penalty for. That is reasonable.

You are is the devil and his powers
of darkness.

May God save your soul

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

In These Times.....

Word has reached the Col that Bill Nelson is dead.

It's a weird feeling, because that means that so much evil is now gone from the world, along with so much potential for good.

A quick summary for newcomers- but this cannot really do justice, you had to have been there.

In the early days of the web, there was only one site for Mansonalia. It was Originally set up to promote his first book, Tex Watson- The Man, The Madness, the Manipulation, the site actually became Bill's raison d'etre, going up and down several times over a 6 or so year period.

The Watson book itself was an obsession- Watson had been allowed to marry while in jail for eight murders and had four children who were all living on welfare. The quest to expose this was a good idea, but the book was almost incoherent, and therein lay the tragedy- had Bill bothered to just spell check it before he self-published it, it would have sucked twenty times less. But he didn't. He never knew when to stop. Harassing Watson and his screw-loose wife was a noble thought, but then he started stalking and photographing the kids who did nothing wrong to anyone. This was the Nelson paradigm.

He claimed to be a Christian and a minister, but his morals were flexible and convenient. Supposedly an associate named Lisa Statman stole the death photos along with the final roll of Sharon/Jay at the house photos from a retired cop. He chastised her for it in his second self-published (and non-spell-checked) book Manson: Behind the Scenes. Yet he SOLD these very same photos on his site for years and provided them to Jon Aes-Nihil who sells them at swap meets to this day.

Without Bill we'd never know about Linda Kasabian and her kids' ongoing life of crime. He found Gypsy through her pastor, he found Michael Brunner and so many more. Yet he never understood the context of his accomplishments. To him it was all black and white. He was right and YOU were wrong. He was also obsessed about the Zodiac killings- so obsessed that he came to believe his two obsessions were linked, despite the absurdity of the thought. He would antagonize and rant biblically against anyone who challenged him. Ultimately every person who believed in him turned away, from Doris Tate to Barbara Hoyt.

Hoyt is another good example of his paradigm. For months he had her mouthing off on his site under the pseuodonym DESERT SPEAKS. Never mind the fact that she lied under oath at several of the trials as we explored earlier on the blog. Never mind the KEY fact that she was IN Hawaii in the first place TO AVOID the Bug when she got her special Burger. She never was that important a person in the group. But each of her edicts were taken as gospel. He started to record their interviews in the hope of a big book deal. He staged an illegal tour to Death Valley with Hoyt as the guide (Sandra Good turned him in but he eluded capture). He hosted a dinner for her and I think Snake Lake. Anything to profit and exploit. Later when Hoyt turned on him, the fucker SOLD the cassette tapes that he made of their interview and I PROMISE you she didn't get any of the money.

The most truly evil thing he ever did occurred after Patti Tate died. She hated Bill Nelson and broke him away from her mom. She was in a lesbian relationship at the time with the same woman who supposedly stole the death photos that Nelson so freely sold. His Christianity was appalled. She died, tragically young and Bill Nelson POSTED the death certificate on his site along with her address, the home where her children still lived. Nice.

Nelson never recovered from a fight he picked with Sandra. He published photos of the house where she and St. George lived. He attacked her site, ATWA. He accused her of crime by calling the local police. Like a righteous fool, he kept at her. Then one day she fired a bazooka back.

All of us Manson scholars were blown away the day it was revealed that devout Christian, holier than thou Bill Nelson had pled nolo contendre ten years before to molesting two twelve year old girls. But it was true; Sandy posted the complaint and the court papers and all the disgusting details were revealed.

He tried to claim his pastors and family all knew it was a fraud, but if it were untrue, he never would have copped a plea.

He stumbled around for a year or two after the bazooka and then took the site down.

I understand John Aes Nihil acquired most of his research and is in negotiations to acquire more.

He had lifelong diabetes and died of pancreatic cancer back in October according to my sources.

Bill Nelson reminds me once again of Ken Anger. So much potential, but he was such an asshole he kind of wasted it all.

Hopefully he was right in his beliefs and he is partying with Jesus right now, while asking him what the motives really were.

Bye Bye Nellie.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Kenneth Anger- A Study In Missed Opportunity

Once upon a time, from the late Sixties through the early Seventies, Kenneth Anger was actually the West Coast Andy Warhol. He had patrons throwing money at him. He was making short film after short film, all very pretty and visionary, all incoherent. He was banging as many men as he possibly could. Mick Jagger was a friend, so was Keith Richards. Donald Cammell had him on the set of Performance so that he could learn how to expand his work to feature length. Ken had it going on, yes he did.

His relationship with Bobby Beausoleil goes back to his days in San Fran, where he met the beautiful, swings both ways Bobby, and put him in his films. Bobby, or Bummer Bob as the locals called him, was making a living, sort of, in soft core films like Ramrodder. The two meshed immediately. Soon Bobby was playing Lucifer (uh, okay) in Ken's Invocation of My Demon Brother short film.

The legend, spread by Ken, is that during the making of Scorpio Rising Bobby stole the print and tried to blackmail Ken to get it back. This is poppycock. Ken had used the money given him by his patrons for other things and had to account for the lack of a movie some way. Bobby was already on trial and the solution appeared. Ken likes to embellish the legend by saying he put a spell on Bobby, causing his car to break down outside Spahn so he would meet and become involved with Manson and the girls, but since this is not how it happened, we can see that Ken is again full of shit. Bobby first met some of the girls, and later met Charlie.

Despite his so called issues with Bob, Ken would later participate with Bobby in a Lucifer Rising soundtrack (another film he did with Bobby) from prison.

Last I heard from Ken two years ago he was living in a crowded one bedroom apartment in Silver Lake and almost getting evicted, annoyed that the girls down the hall made so much noise.

People have asked me what happened to Ken. It is simple. Ken is, was and likely will be forever, an ASSHOLE. If you can't meet him, read the bio ANGER. He sounds like an asshole. Or hang with him off and on for three years like I did. Hey it is just my opinion, but when, the day after 9-11 you are sending mail hoping the terrorists take out the Statue of Liberty, then you are an asshole. Sorry.

The guy started out as a child star opposite Bette Davis, became very successful and famous, and when he dies will only warrant a footnote, and THAT based on his Hollywood Babylon books that are 50% lies.

Pretty damn sad.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Tookie is Cookie with a T in the Front

It is starting to look like the State of California is gonna fry Tookie Williams. I don't know that they should be frying anybody since they can't even balance a budget, but it isn't up to me. Maybe Arnie will cut him some slack, who knows, but if he didn't kill four innocent people for $200 bucks, then starting the Crips is kind of a good enough reason to fry someone anyway.

I am starting to hear one refrain though... usually from the vast ignoramous population out there.

"Why is Charles Manson still alive then?"

You can sound intelligent just by replying "He didn't kill anybody."

Of course, you can explain in more detail that his sentence and all of his followers' sentences were overturned as "cruel and unusual" by the Supreme Court of the State of California that refuses to overturn Tookie.

Or you could just say "What the hell has that got to do with anything?"

Monday, December 05, 2005

Get Over It

There have been simultaneous threads on the Mark Turner new board and the KTS site about the sexuality of victim Steve Parent. Since I am the guy who essentially "outed" Steve years ago after an casual comment in a discussion with Aaron Stovitz, I have been asked to weigh in here again from the many Col followers.

I do NOT wish to engage in a big debate, especially with morons who cannot read properly. READ this post twice before responding to see if you follow it. When I first raised the news Karen Montecillo, a friend of victim Steve, went nuts on me. She liked to claim to be his girlfriend, but he didn't like girls.

Steve was a young man who was murdered for no reason.
Steve did nothing to deserve to be murdered.
Steven was attracted to men. There is NOTHING wrong with that.
The police report clearly confirmed that he had sadistic, homosexual tendencies.
Garrettson also was attracted to men.
Steve did NOT show up in the middle of the night to sell a stranger a clock radio.
He most likely went for a tryst.
This is all brought out in the initial police research.
Before someone asks why it matters- it does not NOW- it mattered then because they were looking into ANY motive they could find.
Acknowledging that Steve was gay is in no way a slight against Steve unless you are homophobic.
If you are homophobic you are an asshole.
Covering up Steve's tendencies is like covering up the fact that Sharon was basically done with Roman- it is bullshit and unnecessary.
If you are like the Col, you want all the truth. No more official BUG BS.
So Steve liked men- good for him, I hope he enjoyed it, RIP Steve.

(and to the turd known as OOGLER over at KTS- besides the inanity of your posts and your generally low IQ level, I never make up ANYTHING. You insult the family of one of the victims by your very name. You are a sad individual indeed.)