Friday, December 30, 2005

A Seriously Large Collection

Just got back from Holidays- I need to take my detox whenever I can find it. Pursuing the truth is hard on your favorite Col.

Thanks to the lovely Denise I got this link at ebay for an insane collection of Mansonalia.

Wow. I mean there is a lot of shit in these 20 boxes. Another aborted book. Trial transcripts out the ass. Correspondence.

My favorite bits in his rambling screed....

I received the distinct impression that Mr. Manson did not like me nor respect me aww poor baby

Bugliosi, the successful prosecutor was an odd and not entirely healthy human being himself as my work will show.
Hey we agree with you here.

Perhaps I should be thankful to Manson’s surliness to me since I had the potential to become as obsequious to him as so many others in my obsession to show the wrong done to him

It is almost impossible to believe that Bugliosi in an unrelated matter, burglarized a person’s apartment. Bugliosi’s bizarre conduct obviously at that time or any time could not have been prosecuted or publicized since he was so important to the prosecution of Charles Manson. Anyone else would likely have been convicted and sentenced to a jail term. Bugliosi’s conduct also included harrassment that was unquestionably frightening
Wowsa.... just wowsa

Anybody want to split the cost with the Col- looks like a motherlode has come in!
Yee Ha!!!!


desert louse said...

Are you going to bid on it, Col?

ColScott said...

if no one bids I will offer him a lower sum and hope he takes it

desert louse said...

Good luck :) I know you'll put it to good use.

ColScott said...

We'll see