Wednesday, December 21, 2005

If Your Name is Tex You Get a FREE, Close Shave

Here's a photo of Doris Tate being interviewed at her hair salon.

OBVIOUSLY it was while she was alive.

Where was this place? Did any of you ever get your hair done there? Anyone you know?

Did Jay Sebring teach Doris how to cut hair?

Is it just me or is it ODD that besides the "crusading avenger" and "mother of a movie star" she also gave out rinses and sets?


desert louse said...

Tate's Hair Design was not too far from Doris's home. The exact address was 891 Silver Spur Road, Rolling Hills Estates.

Hollywood said...

Yes, Jay taught her to cut hair.

louis365 said...

So...Doris would later open a hair saloon. That seems kinda odd to me. Did an associate of Jay help her?