Thursday, July 26, 2012

Can't We All Just Get Along, Rodney?

I'm so bummed. I hate it when people lose their shit and fight, especially over nothing. I hate it when I get dragged into it as well. You know that expression, "the only people who win are the lawyers?" When we fight in TLB land the only person who wins is Orca Tate. Orca thrives on plankton, Krispy Kremes and discord. She doesn't want truth- she wants attention. That's why she always does the same programs with the same broadcasters who are her "friends". Orca's narcissism is unbounded. She thinks she is Sharon transcombaulated back to life. How did Robin become her friend so easily after Patti died? Picture a sphincter and a tongue with Elvis performing the wedding. That's friendship.

Over the last three days there has been huffing and puffing in TLB land. There's the guy Brian Davis of Star City Radio. He has lofty goals and a brusque manner. Fine, the Col isn't polite and dainty either. He got all bent out of shape that Alisa Statman didn't want to do his radio show. Fine. She doesn't have to. But she did agree to answer questions on a few sites. That's her right, and it isn't a radio program. Maybe she's shy. I don't know. I consider her a pal and she didn't answer shit on my site. I'm not hurt. That's no big deal to me. Brian got majorly butthurt and declared a jihad on her. Attacking her book, calling her a liar, making her cry. Not cool.

This led to evilliz people like the super cool and fun Matt to defend Alisa which led to me getting in Brian's face and Cat showing up somewhere and just all kinds of bullshit.

And somewhere Orca sits, Jabba like, rubbing her hands and going "Ha Ha Solo."

I mean seriously people, let's look at the truth  (as the Col calls it)--

1- Cats is eccentric and in poor health but the work she does is incredible. She may want me to take Kanarek out on a date, but I politely ignore it and she remains great people. She had an argument with Brian Davis and whatever, they fought and they moved on ( I hope)!

2- Evil Liz fell out with Cats. She prefers the People Magazine to the stodgy NY Times approach the Col goes for. That's fine. I read her blog because it is interesting.

3- Skynyrd does fine work, makes me think. Thelma and them can be fun. I don't go on the Helter Skelter blogs just because of their thievery, but I bet it is a fun read. I miss the Yahoo group that Denise Andrade had.

4- I spoke to Davis today for a half hour. His heart is in the right place even if his meds might need some increasing. He seems to need to work on his breathing.

5- I know Alisa and she is a beautiful human being. She didn't write the book for money. She is the line producer on MODERN FAMILY. Now dig it- I don't know what she got paid for the book but I can guess and she probably makes that on two episodes of the show. She didn't do the book for money. You know why she did it? Because she loved Patti, Gwen and PJ. SHE was the closest person to PJ when he died, not Orca who seasons her shrimp intake with his ashes twice a week. Alisa. Brie wanted a tribute to her mom, Granpa and Grannie. That's why the book exists. Oh sure it isn't 100% accurate- but it TRIES and comes damn close. Nothing stops Orca and Robin (The Dark Knights Stumble) from doing their own books except their limited educations and mental defects. It's just easier to attack the book that DID get made even if it means you attack your own flesh and blood.

If you followed all of the above you are as fucked in the head as I am and need champagne immediately!!!!

Anyway, seriously CAN WE ALL STOP? Brian, lay off people please including Alisa, she is a nice lady whose heart is in the right place. Did she start off a little obsessed? Probably, but no more than you or I. But the girl fell in love along the way and everything after that is genuine. Does EvilLiz out people who want to stay in? Probably, but I cannot boo hoo for fucking say Mary Brunner who shot at cop and has never repudiated her past. Is the Col a smug asshole- sure I am and I should try not to be.

This is all a sideshow. Love Restless Souls, or no, love Alisa or no, love me or no, we all share the same goal- finding out the truth. It suits Debra for us to fight. She wants not truth- she wants to be Sharon and eat. You have questions about Restless Souls, ask Alisa and if not, fuck it don't believe it. She wasn't there. I wasn't there. The people who were there lie or won't talk.

But it feels like BUG is heading to that great courtroom in the sky soon enough. Then we will unite and demand answers, unhindered by his bullshit or vague threat of lawsuits. We need to all come together on this subject. I've always hoped for 100 TLB blogs, good ones because someone is more likely to come up with an idea I've missed.

I don't need you to love one another people. But JimNY, Debra, Robin, Wheat, these are all sad pathetic human beings. No need to love, but let's get along?


Friday, July 06, 2012


You know I was reading one of the recent articles, maybe one of the ones I posted ( not going to go back and look, doesn't matter) and they referred to Cielo Drive as a HOME INVASION. Now true this was 1969 and I am not sure when I first heard the term but it was more likely than not the 90s so this is retrofitting of course.

But what word do we normally hear after "Home Invasion"? ROBBERY, right? I never heard of a Home Invasion Race War Startup, have you?

It was a robbery or drug deal burn or both. There IS a meaning to it I know there is.

Here's an idea- Tex still has hope, it hasn't been crushed. Let's get Sequiera and tell him to make a deal. Prosecute him for Shorty Shea's murder. Clem and Bruce will gladly throw him under the bus and Orcette Hoyt can misremember shit for her testimony. The charges can stick. Then offer a trade- Bug is a goner soon, tell us what really was the reasoning behind all this. If so we give you a walk on Shorty.

Guy can't live without hope and this sure would crush it.

I'd say the same thing on Davis on Gaul but I don't think he'd do it.

Any takers?

Thursday, July 05, 2012

Did ANYONE notice this shit?

Evilliz links to the once defunct which has awoken of late


This is some of Bruce's testimony from his Parole Hearing 2010-

DEPUTY COMMISSIONER WELCH: They write you a very supportive letter. Judith DeVos writes you a supportive letter. Robert Grumminger?
INMATE DAVIS: Gremminer.
DEPUTY COMMISSIONER WELCH: G-R-E-M-M-I-N-E-R, writes you a very supportive letter. G. T. McKee writes you a supportive letter. Larry Harkman writes you a supportive letter. Pastor Bill Duane writes you a supportive letter.

Zabasearch a very popular people site search says that there is no such name in the United States.
There is however a Robert Gremminger- here

On Thursday November 6, 1997, a San Jose jury composed of 7 white women, 2 white men, 2 Latinas, and 1 Asian American woman found former white San Jose Fire Captain Robert Gremminger guilty of 1) involuntary manslaughter and 2) carrying a weapon without a permit. Gremminger could face up to fourteen years in prison.

Former San Jose Fire Captain Robert Gremminger had been charged with second degree murder for the shooting and killing of Anthony Lamont Gilbert, an unarmed African American man at the Great Mall of Milpitas on October 24, 1996.

Many members of the African American community were outraged by the verdict. In a joint press release, the San Jose Branch of the NAACP, the San Jose Million Man March, and the Human Rights Defense Committee stated:

“We are outraged by the jury’s findings. We firmly believe that had there been even one African American juror, the results may have been different. Today’s verdict shows that it's still perfectly acceptable for an individual to act as “judge, jury, and executioner” in Santa Clara County. Gremminger acted as a vigilante in the shooting and killing of Anthony Lamont Gilbert who was an unarmed African American man at the Great Mall of Milpitas.”

I am not saying this is the same guy writing letters of support for Bruce Davis. I mean, why would he want letters from a racist killer...oh wait. But Ben Lomond is near where he wants to settle down. Hmmmmm...

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Independence Day

July 4, 1969

Kasabian meets Gypsy and Tex.
Tex gives Kasabian a super orgasm which he calls ego death.
Linda tells Tex about Melton and his $5k.
She agrees to steal it and does on the 5th.

Charlie approves of Linda's legs.
Linda moves in with Tex.

(Of course we have only the self serving, Bug designed testimony for a true timeline. But even from day one Linda feels more like TEX'S Girl. Seems more likely that Tex wanted her there not Charlie. And you can scream you didn't know what was going to happen all you fucking like, a definite clue was Tex climbing up the phone pole. An incontrovertible clue is Tex shooting and slashing Parent. I mean at that point, self delusion or not I am running down Cielo Drive as fast as I can. Not Linda.)

Independence Day for Linda from her husband and Happy Day to all of us!

Sunday, July 01, 2012

CRazy TimE !!!!

Now I am just thinking aloud here. Don't listen to anything I have to say. But wouldn't it be CRAZY if it turned out that there were people out there who hold themselves up as victims and say that they should be felt sorry for and then it turned out that they did illegal shit too?

I mean suppose the defining moment of your life was a hamburger you ate back in the early 1970s. Since that time you ate at the Hometown Buffet and became a fat pig of a person who showed up places claiming to have heard screams you could not possibly have heard....

Or suppose you were an obsessed homophobe with an burning need to be "besties" with a dead starlet's sister. Any Sister will do of course. Consumed with hate and a need for attention, would you ever use your mad computer skills to illegally hack sites?

Or worse yet, suppose you were the sister of a tragic murder victim, who spends her days living off the money from a supposed postal incident, turning up for any interview, showing off your dead sister's gowns while using one teaspoon a day of your father's ashes for your cappuccino, telling yourself you could have been a star too if only the drug dealers at Cielo had kept their promises to you when you were 16.

Wouldn't it be FUCKING CRAZY TIME if they did something that ended up with them arrested and in jail?

Oh snap- anyone notice that the anti-eviliz blog is shut down?
Do mad computer hackers not realize google has it all and responds to supoenas?

The above is just me relaxing and speculating. Ain't no thing.

Somewhere a Mailman and a Mistress Raise their Ears to the Wind

Charles Manson Prosecutor
After Cancer Surgery
Exclusive TMZ
The man who put Charles Manson in prison is currently hospitalized in California, following complications from cancer surgery ... TMZ has learned.

Former prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi's wife tells TMZ, her husband underwent surgery back in April for stage 2 cancer.

According to his wife, the surgery appeared to be successful at first, but Vincent experienced complications shortly after, and was admitted to the ICU. Vincent's wife wouldn't specify the nature of the complications.

Vincent's wife adds, "He has been in very bad shape for some time. He regained consciousness this week, finally starting to be on the road to recovery. He's going to be in rehab for a long time."

Vincent left the ICU last week but is still hospitalized.

Thanks to Vincent's badassness back in the day -- Charles Manson was convicted of seven murders in 1971 and sentenced to death. Manson's death sentence was reduced to life in prison a year later when California abolished the death penalty.

77-year-old Manson's latest request for release was denied in April -- and since he's not up for parole again for another 15 years, chances are he'll die behind bars.

Legal Technicalities

Judge Delays Release of Manson Tapes

Police believe tapes may reveal additional, unresolved slayings by the Manson Family

It's going to be a while longer, at best, before detectives will be able to listen to audio recordings that have gone unheard for more than four decades.
Los Angeles police are seeking the tapes in the belief they contain revelations of even more killings by the infamous Charles Manson murder cult.
Last month, a court order authorized LAPD to take possession of the recordings of former Manson follower and still-imprisoned murderer, Charles "Tex" Watson. The LAPD held off while Watson put together an appeal. Wednesday, Watson obtained a "stay" order stopping the release of the tapes while his appeal is heard.
The stay was issued by Federal District Judge Richard A. Schell.
"The court sees no harm in postponing a decision," wrote Schell, noting that decades have already elapsed.
For now, the tapes remain in the custody of a Texas bankruptcy trustee, who took responsibility for them after the 2009 death of Watson's original attorney, Bill Boyd. Boyd had made the recordings.
Watson is now at the Mule Creek State Prison in Ione, near Sacramento.
He's serving a life sentence for the home invasion Tate-LaBianca slayings that horrified Los Angeles in August 1969 and that were chronicled in the best-selling book, "Helter Skelter."
The five victims at a Benedict Canyon estate included actress and expectant mother Sharon Tate. The night after Tate was killed, Leno and Rosemary LaBianca were killed in their Los Feliz home.
A jury found the killings had been ordered by Manson, a Hippie-era convict turned cult leader who exerted control over his band of followers.
After the Tate-LaBianca killings, Manson and his followers fled to a ranch near Death Valley.
In the years since, suspicions have arisen that others were killed at the ranch and buried in unmarked graves, though a two-day investigation in 2008 failed to uncover any human remains.
Ordinarily, attorney-client privilege would preclude law enforcement from obtaining recordings attorney Boyd made of his client Watson.
But since Boyd's death, the LAPD became aware that Watson had signed a document waiving his attorney-client privilege.
Watson wanted Boyd to cooperate with a minister writing a book on Watson, and it's believed the minister, the late Rev. Ray Hoeksra, listened to at least some of the recordings.
The book, "Will You Die for Me,' did not disclose any additional murders.
In court filings, Watson's current attorney notes that a week before the LAPD first requested the recordings, Watson sent a letter to the bankruptcy trustee directing that his entire file be forwarded to his cousin.
"A waiver of the attorney-client privilege is not a waiver of property rights or privacy," wrote attorney Kelly Puls in his motion before the East Texas District Court. Puls further characterized the LAPD effort to obtain the recordings as an "unsubstantiated witch hunt."
In a previous filing signed by Watson, he stated the recordings do not contain information about other murders, but still opposed their release on the grounds that public disclosure could be upsetting to the families of the victims of the known murders.
Initially, Watson expressed willingness to let police listen to the recordings in the presence of a court monitor, but that offer no longer appears in filings by Puls since he was retained by Watson.
Puls further asserts that releasing the recordings could violate Watson's Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination.
But the key issue for the court to decide may be whether or not Watson completely waived his attorney-client privilege, or only a portion of it relating to the material that was made public in the book, and not what was left out.
"If this is still privileged ... LAPD may not be able to get it," said Stan Goldman, an attorney and professor who teaches courses on criminal law and evidence at Loyola Law School.
In Goldman's view, unless Watson can demonstrate that LAPD is merely on a "fishing expedition," the fifth amendment argument likely won't hold up, because there is no assertion that law enforcement coerced Watson to allow the recording.
If there's no privilege, "you can be forced to turn it over, if the government didn't force you to record it." Goldman said.
Watson's appeal names as the "Appellee" the bankruptcy trustee, Linda Payne, not the LAPD.
Schell wrote in his stay order that Payne should have an opportunity to submit a brief before he rules on Watson's appeal.
Whether the LAPD or the Los Angeles City Attorney will also file a brief has not been disclosed by police or city officials.