Thursday, July 26, 2012

Can't We All Just Get Along, Rodney?

I'm so bummed. I hate it when people lose their shit and fight, especially over nothing. I hate it when I get dragged into it as well. You know that expression, "the only people who win are the lawyers?" When we fight in TLB land the only person who wins is Orca Tate. Orca thrives on plankton, Krispy Kremes and discord. She doesn't want truth- she wants attention. That's why she always does the same programs with the same broadcasters who are her "friends". Orca's narcissism is unbounded. She thinks she is Sharon transcombaulated back to life. How did Robin become her friend so easily after Patti died? Picture a sphincter and a tongue with Elvis performing the wedding. That's friendship.

Over the last three days there has been huffing and puffing in TLB land. There's the guy Brian Davis of Star City Radio. He has lofty goals and a brusque manner. Fine, the Col isn't polite and dainty either. He got all bent out of shape that Alisa Statman didn't want to do his radio show. Fine. She doesn't have to. But she did agree to answer questions on a few sites. That's her right, and it isn't a radio program. Maybe she's shy. I don't know. I consider her a pal and she didn't answer shit on my site. I'm not hurt. That's no big deal to me. Brian got majorly butthurt and declared a jihad on her. Attacking her book, calling her a liar, making her cry. Not cool.

This led to evilliz people like the super cool and fun Matt to defend Alisa which led to me getting in Brian's face and Cat showing up somewhere and just all kinds of bullshit.

And somewhere Orca sits, Jabba like, rubbing her hands and going "Ha Ha Solo."

I mean seriously people, let's look at the truth  (as the Col calls it)--

1- Cats is eccentric and in poor health but the work she does is incredible. She may want me to take Kanarek out on a date, but I politely ignore it and she remains great people. She had an argument with Brian Davis and whatever, they fought and they moved on ( I hope)!

2- Evil Liz fell out with Cats. She prefers the People Magazine to the stodgy NY Times approach the Col goes for. That's fine. I read her blog because it is interesting.

3- Skynyrd does fine work, makes me think. Thelma and them can be fun. I don't go on the Helter Skelter blogs just because of their thievery, but I bet it is a fun read. I miss the Yahoo group that Denise Andrade had.

4- I spoke to Davis today for a half hour. His heart is in the right place even if his meds might need some increasing. He seems to need to work on his breathing.

5- I know Alisa and she is a beautiful human being. She didn't write the book for money. She is the line producer on MODERN FAMILY. Now dig it- I don't know what she got paid for the book but I can guess and she probably makes that on two episodes of the show. She didn't do the book for money. You know why she did it? Because she loved Patti, Gwen and PJ. SHE was the closest person to PJ when he died, not Orca who seasons her shrimp intake with his ashes twice a week. Alisa. Brie wanted a tribute to her mom, Granpa and Grannie. That's why the book exists. Oh sure it isn't 100% accurate- but it TRIES and comes damn close. Nothing stops Orca and Robin (The Dark Knights Stumble) from doing their own books except their limited educations and mental defects. It's just easier to attack the book that DID get made even if it means you attack your own flesh and blood.

If you followed all of the above you are as fucked in the head as I am and need champagne immediately!!!!

Anyway, seriously CAN WE ALL STOP? Brian, lay off people please including Alisa, she is a nice lady whose heart is in the right place. Did she start off a little obsessed? Probably, but no more than you or I. But the girl fell in love along the way and everything after that is genuine. Does EvilLiz out people who want to stay in? Probably, but I cannot boo hoo for fucking say Mary Brunner who shot at cop and has never repudiated her past. Is the Col a smug asshole- sure I am and I should try not to be.

This is all a sideshow. Love Restless Souls, or no, love Alisa or no, love me or no, we all share the same goal- finding out the truth. It suits Debra for us to fight. She wants not truth- she wants to be Sharon and eat. You have questions about Restless Souls, ask Alisa and if not, fuck it don't believe it. She wasn't there. I wasn't there. The people who were there lie or won't talk.

But it feels like BUG is heading to that great courtroom in the sky soon enough. Then we will unite and demand answers, unhindered by his bullshit or vague threat of lawsuits. We need to all come together on this subject. I've always hoped for 100 TLB blogs, good ones because someone is more likely to come up with an idea I've missed.

I don't need you to love one another people. But JimNY, Debra, Robin, Wheat, these are all sad pathetic human beings. No need to love, but let's get along?



johnnyseattle said...

Actually, a pretty sane thread. Everyone involved will probably agree with most of what is said here and disagree around the margins.

But the important point is moving the ball forward here to getting to the truth.

Patty is Dead said...

You know, I've been thinking. Not Patty, but me, Anne. I've been thinking about how the only thing any of us really "owns" are our words and actions. Words have real power. Will I use them for the right or wrong reasons? I'm going to try and be more cognizant of this. Deep down I really don't mean anyone any harm, and words can be just as hurtful as a smack in the face. Which I'd never do to any of you in person. Ever. The last time I hit somebody was on the playground in the third grade, and it still bugs me that another kid got me that mad.

And another thing, Saint, I know you are not really going to quit, because this is the third time now! (hugs)

ColScott said...

Ya know it really is. MOST participants in the blogs really do want to figure this shit out. Hey I know so much about this case and have done so much primary research and yet I make mistakes about facts and shit ALL The time. The last person who tried to OWN TLB was Bug and that's the problem. I don't own it, Brian doesn't own it, Matt doesn't own it. It's time to focus and get along. I have a BIG idea I want to unveil soon and it is NOT gonna work unless we do get along.

johnnyseattle said...

Well Colonel, I know a pretty damn good weekly internet radio show with a professional host whose heart is in the right place -and he doesn't hide. As you found out, got a problem just give him a call. I wish others were that straight up. And I will leave it at that.

Anne, you made a great comment that all of us can take to heart. All of us can be pretty damn good at name calling or stirring up the crap. We can choose to do that or we can choose to be part of the solution. I like what you said.

As the Col says, no one can 'own' or 'control' TLB. To do so is a fools errand.

My vote is to move forward.

Al said...

"Orca Tate" that never ceases to be funny. Besides her nasty attitude, there is something terribly creepy looking about her mouth.

Matt said...

My guns are lowered and humble apologies to all affected. Really.

starship said...

Wow, first the Saint, and now the Col! I'm in. I've always been in.

andy said...

these fights/arguments/whatever have been going on forever and will continue to. theyre like a deadly car crash on the side of the highway. First off theyre inevitable cause theres always asshole drivers, and although they may slow you down, (and be fun to see to some, and something that causes others to turn away,) you're still going to get to your destination eventually. Now when i see the Col team up with Mark, then ill know peace is the rule of the day.

ColScott said...

Mark's not really interested in the case anymore. He hasn't added anything to the site and he barely posts anymore. He's an evil man so there's really no point in engaging him. He should be treated as a an uncleaned rest stop on the Manson super highway.

Anonymous said...

ColScott takes yet another cheap shot at me. Some things never change.

Ya know Colonel, I had changed my whole perspective of you when i had learned that you had been suffering from Cancer. Regardless of our past differences, even I could find it within myself to sympathize with the struggle that you were going through.

I stopped with the cheap shots on you and I stopped being critical of you and some of the things that you say at times and I tried to give you your space so that I wouldn't be a source of pain to your recovery.

For some reason, you just seem to unload on me at every opportunity and I'm sorry that I'm the target of your anger and frustration.

I watched Cancer destroy my own family and I watched it destroy my marriage along with it, but nonetheless I reached out my hand to you in support of your battle with this horrible illness. I'm glad you're recovering. My father-in-law as well as my own father were not so lucky.

In any case, I do read some of the blogs here on occassion and enjoy some of the interesting articles but that's as far as it goes for me.

It's sad that you have to target me in your own way because I don't view myself as your enemy; certainly not anymore. The times have changed and I too have changed as have you.

I hope that your recovery continues well and I hope that, as old adversaries, that we can shake hands and walk off the field in a condition of mutual respect; One scholar to another.

Be well and learn to bury the hate. If i can accomplish this, so can you.

I've said some stupid things in the past that hurt people that I had never meant to hurt. Sometimes you can't make things right by saying that you're sorry. You have to live with it. All you can do is to try and be a better person and to learn from your mistakes so that we don't hurt those people who have shown kindness to us at times when perhaps we really needed it.

Anyway, it's good to see that you're still maintaining the blog but i agree with you that the bickering has to stop. I went through that phase of it myself and I wish i could have taken back alot of what i had said, but i can't. The damage was done and I take responsibility for that.

Let the hate die. There's no time for it anymore.

ColScott said...

1- I didn't have cancer and never said I did.
2- I don't hate you.
3- You are as crazy as the Aurora Shooter and just as dangerous. You need mental help. I am not joking even a little bit.

andy said...

ColScott said...
Mark's not really interested in the case anymore

im sorry to hear that. i know i havent heard from him in a long time and his board is all but dead. his site is still one of the greats and some of his old boards were very, very interesting. but i guess a lot of people move on. im just surprised he'd be one of them, with the site and all.

Anonymous said...


>>>>1- I didn't have cancer and never said I did.<<<<<

In your June 2012 entry called
"Robin's Imaginary Friend Patti", you state the following:

"Yeah yeah I've been away again. The radiation is over in two weeks"

There are no blog entries for May 2012 and it appears as if a few topics were deleted as well.

I'm almost certain that you made that statement about your illness, but you're free to recant on it if you must - it's a private matter and I yield to your privacy.

>>>2- I don't hate you.<<<

I don't hate you either although there have been times when I felt you were grossly unfair with some of your statements. They were uncalled for and were most certainly untrue.

>>>>3- You are as crazy as the Aurora Shooter and just as dangerous.<<<<

Thanks for the compliment.

By the way, if you or any of your illuminatti buddies ever cross my path, i'll take you to a level of crazy that you never dreamed of. Seriously.

>>>You need mental help. I am not joking even a little bit.<<<<

Was it Jack Nicholson who said we all go crazy once in a while?

I wish you well Colonel, from whatever is ailing you, but that mouth of yours is something that you need to work on. There's a right way to put things and then there's the wrong way to put things. I too am guilty of this very same thing - but i've been working on ironing out some of my flaws. It's not easy, as old habits are hard to break, but i'm trying. I hope that you'll do the same.

Gotta run - Peace Out

bobby said...

Kermit, It is the Col's wife being treated for cancer. I pray everything is still going ok with that.

Anonymous said...

bobby said...

>>>Kermit, It is the Col's wife being treated for cancer. I pray everything is still going ok with that.<<<

Thanks for clearing that up Bobby - Much appreciated.

I don't like to intrude on private family matters, but i do hope that everything goes well with her recovery.

bobby said...

your welcome.

Al said...

I just finished reading Restless Souls. I thought it was a great book and did a fabulous job showing the incredible strength of the Tate family. I don't see how anyone can be opposed to such a book, including Debra.

Anonymous said...

Its the Cols hot trophy model wife with the cancer, since ya took the time to look up the posting, maybe ya should have read it ya think??

The rest of this stuff is boring, can't really belieive the Col even posted on it. If yall are going to fight can you please at least make it more interesting than a soap opera??

Is "transcombaulated" even a word? cant find it in Websters

If yall want Brian to do something useful, maybe someone can get him to upload the rest of the podcast so I can hear them!!

Max Frost said...

I've come to the conclusion, Col, that the only way everyone will get along is if they ALL get informed before attempting to get along.

Marliese said...

Al said...>>>>
I just finished reading Restless Souls. I thought it was a great book and did a fabulous job showing the incredible strength of the Tate family. I don't see how anyone can be opposed to such a book, including Debra.<<<<<

My thoughts exactly.

Marliese said...

Jesse said>>>>>If yall want Brian to do something useful, maybe someone can get him to upload the rest of the podcast so I can hear them!!<<<<<

It's August and the most recent podcast is the Stephen Kay interview back in June. How hard could it be...can't be that time consuming to keep the podcasts current...especially when it's routine for the nature of your business. So I guess he wants Stephen Kay's interview front and center...not surprised.

Marliese said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Marliese said...

my delete, sorry Col. clicked it twice. too much coffee. :)

johnnyseattle said...

Brian is going on vacation soon and is saving some of his un-played podcasts for when he goes he'll have something that hasn't been downloaded yet on podcast.
Tonight we are having the usual 4 pm western time discussion room. Please join in. Everyone is welcome.

You can ask him directly then.

Marliese said...

Thanks for the invitation, Johnny. I appreciate it, and I understand the idea of Brian saving some of his work for the downtime of his vacation.

On the other hand, wait too long and risk people losing interest. And I'm getting there...I've recently had time, and have time now, but it's still Stephen Kay from June.

But it's his show, he can run it however he wants.

Thanks again for the invitation to chat. :)

eviliz said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
eviliz said...

eviliz said...
Colonel Scott said.....
2- Evil Liz fell out with Cats. She prefers the People Magazine to the stodgy NY Times approach the Col goes for. That's fine. I read her blog because it is interesting.

~BREAKING NEWS~ Cats and Eviliz have made amends.

As for the feud between her and I, and this is actually the truth-
It was all just a big misunderstanding. Honestly.

As for the bullshit,I have mostly stayed out of it. As I usually do on my blog if anyone has noticed. Though this last time I did want to come out with guns blazing but Matt wouldn't let me.

Alisa rocks and I will always stand by her.

Truth is, I really can't be bothered with fucking drama.
I can't.
Life is to short.

Jean Harlow said...

on another note, Colonel why do you think that Debra Tate has not commented (at least to my knowledge) on the LAPD trying to acquire the Tex Watson/Boyd tapes? It would seem a most logical news story to comment on as opposed to the Bruce Davis parole hearing that she did comment on.

johnnyseattle said...

You make some very fair points, Marliese.
Hope to see you stop on by Sunday at 5 pm Pac Time

Patty is Dead said...

@Jean, good point.

Magpie said...

Hey Col--any news on the suggested Orca lawsuit? Thanks.

Fitzdman said...

"Can't we all just get along?" Nope! Never have-never will.

Marliese said...

Anyone here remember the week of posts the Col did a few years ago, maybe at the 40th anniversary, maybe a few years before the 40th, i can't remember...

but it was the week of the murders, and he took us through each day, and what each of the players was doing on that day...
a countdown, if you will.

it led to Friday and Saturday nights...
and brought tears to a lot of reading a story we'd never heard, we checked in each day for the next chapter...
sadly, we knew how it would end, but never heard it revealed quite that way before.

Unknown said...

Is it still on the site? Id like to read that

starship said...

So, it's Friday, and an anniversary. Anything new, Col?

eviliz said...

Colonel~ Please e-mail me. Thanks.

dgreek said...

Yep that Yahoo group was pretty cool when that Denise Andrade ran it.