Tuesday, October 30, 2007

When You Wish Upon A Star....

1..... I wish one of these lameass cable channels would actually ask Bugliosi the hard questions about the motive and his insane grandiose dreams.

2..... I wish Rosemary LaBianca's son Frank Struthers would surface so we could ask hard questions about his sister and Joe Dornan... and Tex.

3..... I wish somebody would turn the lights off over at CG's shit group. Since the Col pronounced it dead it has had only a few posts, most of them incoherent ones from Stalking Jim.

4..... I wish Alisa Statman was available so she could explain some of the petty stuff that went on with the Tates towards the end. I know she would have an agenda but I would believe her over most bs sources I connect with.

5..... I wish I had the time to find the Hawthorne cops that Gypsy shot at. Maybe the Discovery Channel would like to speak to THEM.

6..... I wish Hendrickson's new film gets good distribution and starts people talking again.

7.....I wish the police re-opened the Scientology murders case in time for Bruce's next parole hearing.

So many wishes. Ah................

Monday, October 29, 2007

Cults- Most Evil

So I saw this special on cable. Most Evil: Cults or some stupid bullshit. It's about this idiot doctor who still watches 16 mm films on a projector like it's 1978 or so. He looks to be about 100 years old. I assume there is a respirator next to the cameraman at all times. He has a system to rank evil. It is based on narcissistic personality disorders and other big words. Basically he just makes it up.

The Col has a most retarded scale and gives this program a 20 (out of 20).

Catherine GYPSY Share shows up. She must be looking for a book deal, because she has become the go to person for retarded cable shows to call up and interview. She may be being repped by Mark Turner, the evil owner of the amazing site Charliemanson.com or something because his fat ass gets a thank you on the show. She tells the same

story about Charlie threatening her with a Clem beating and shit. Is it true? I don't know- first time anyone heard it was on that lame ass History Channel last year. But let's ask Gypsy other questions next time, cable losers, okay?

1- Why did you shoot at police officers dozens of times during the Hawthorne robbery?
2- Why did you attempt to escape from prison during the trial for the robbery?
3- Why did you become a fugitive on the run for credit card scams for well over another decade?
4- Why did you stay with the Family during the trials even after Charlie and Clem were under lock and key?
5- Just how full of shit are you really, Catherine?
6- And oh yes, why did you help clean up after Shorty Shea's murder as an accessory after the fact, according to multiple sources, Catherine?

Do you think Michael Stone, alleged Doctor, asked ANY of these questions before putting this career criminal on the air?

I don't either.

[We gots Gypsy and her son and Gypsy and Gypsy's tits because Jesus likes tits]

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Where's Ivan????

In the new Hendrickson film there is a short sequence where Sandy breastfeeds a baby, presumably young Ivan. It is up close, explicit, and very loving. Of course, Sandra threw her son away for Charlie. I vaguely remember one of my videos where she is asked about him and terminates the discussion.

Supposedly Sandy and George are off the radar, living life one day at a time. Did she ever re-establish contact with her son that any one knows of?

Friday, October 19, 2007

Somebody Alert Leslie

To prove I guess that he is NOT obsessed with Leslie Van Hagley the murdering scum who stabbed Rosemary LaBianca 20 plus times, Jimmy from NY has posted two new videos on Your Tube. Which are obsessive beyond compare. He even stalked Leslie's four yearbooks. If any of you care, they should alert Leslie or her lawyers that this guy is out there and loose. Me, I don't care, because whatever Jimmy ends up giving her, she deserves.

He has blocked real comments on youtube like all gutless cowardly pussies do. He also blocked embedding so that the COL cannot show you an embedded link. Like it matters to anyone except monkey boy Jim.

Here is the first video.

Here is the second video.

Laugh and discuss.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Jimmy the Stalker Part 2

Referring to this page
October 13
The Col got an email asking

On this envelope, why is it when you enlarge the thing, the handwriting goes OVER the postmark?
And you can see erase marks?
Just asking....

Col thought to self, "Self, that crazy SOB didn't invent this shit did he? I mean, he was repudiated and smacked down by LVH and her attorney pretty damn hard. He must need the approval of faceless people like Christie and fat Cheryl's Mom pretty bad if he fabricated it.

Then I looked closer. The handwriting DOES go over the postmark. There are erase marks.

Beware of stalkers whoever they are.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Fires in Your Cities

Mr. and Mrs. America - you are wrong.
I am not the King of the Jews nor am I a hippie cult leader.
I am what you have made of me and the mad dog devil killer fiend leper is a reflection of your society. . .
Whatever the outcome of this madness that you call a fair trial or Christian justice, you can know this:
In my mind's eye my thoughts light fires in your cities.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

The End of charlesmanson_and family

For those of you who still give a shit, I have had a link to the right for years saying "Losers Hang Out Here" or some shit. That linked to a Yahoo group wherein you would find on any given day Jimmy the stalker, Melton the registered sex offender, an illiterate old lady named Sharon who couldn't tell Melton from Melcher and a foul mouth fat wench named Cheryl. As they say on Law and Order, these are their stories. I now pronounce the group OVER!.

Old Coot Writes

HUN-- I am not even in charge of babysitting you anymore
YOU requested me to NOT EDIT your posts-
I don't usually reject posts- I EDIT them.
YOU don't want that done so I haven't
However, your veiled threat of *suggestion* to stop censoring you well HUN-- much as I luv yah and I know you luv me thing is-- YOUR account has been turned over to the other mod who, I might add, will NOT put up with ANY veiled threat suggestions.
I am sending this to her - you can voice your opinion with her OK>
I KNOW you are able to post decently- I have actually seen one or 2 that are decent - However,.they have never been in MY group.
My *suggestion* to you is -- stop with the veiled threats, stop with the attacks,
stop with this vendetta with Jimmy and Rabbit ON THE BOARD-- email them offlist and blast off. WE donot need to be a party to you and their fights.
Cheryl-is not as easy going as I am- only thing I have suggested to her is to NOT boot you from the group. However, she has a trigger finger.......LOL

Psycho Fat Woman Cheryl Chimes In

Kotex, she is right.
I will not tolerate your foul mouthed attitude.
You suggest we stop censoring you?
I suggest you stop sending things in that are in need of being censored.
You sure as hell don't pull the same shit in Heaven's group..why is that? Maybe because she won't put up with your crap?

Well guess what asshole..I won't either
You will no longer be the bully of our group
Try to bully me? I'll tell you right now...complete waste of my time as I'm not intimidated.
You've brought this entire censorship/moderate situation upon yourself after being told countless times to lay off your bully bullshit towards Rabbit, Jimmy and others and refusing to comply. You've no one to blame but yourself. So if you want to piss and moan and boo hoo over it to someone...get a mirror!
Don't like it..then you'd best make some changes.
Don't want to make changes, then maybe you'd be better off leaving the group.
Choose to stay and continue to send in your snide, pointless remarks towards others....they won't make it past my own eyes.
U are nothing more than a member of the group, you don't run the show, so abide by the rules or my itchey trigger finger just might be pointed at you!
Have a nice day loser!

Notice the insane ramblings of the pathologically fat? Notice how she calls names like she is a retarded 3 years old. Notice the threats and the delusions of grandeur.

Unfortunately for these two rejects, multiple members of their group ASKED today to have my posts forwarded to them. This, after Old Sharon offered it. But they won't get it because Fat Cheryl (who no man will love) declined to honor (she has none) Old Coot's request.

So here was my farewell to them

Let me explain what you have done.

Rather than allowing a free speech discourse to occur, whereby people can either read my posts and decide what they think or even choose to ignore my posts, you have instead censored my posts.

Then Sharon offered to provide my posts to those that asked. THREE of your members asked and inbred Cheryl changed the policy and said no.

You see, you think that life is about evenness. It isn't. Maybe Rabbitt will be thrown out of KTS maybe he won't. But he should be thrown out of your sinkhole because he is a LIAR and a pedophile.

Maybe Jimmy will be coming back, but he should be watched because he is a liar and unwell.

Maybe Christie is a nice person, but she is also an idiot and her ideas deserve mockery.

I haven't had to do anything. By muzzling me, lying to your members and treating them like children you have already proven yourselves to be unfit guardians of discussion. Your group is now over.

The Col Has Spoken

With their membership censored and ignored, it is now official- the LAMEST site on the web is now KAPUT!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Susan Murphy

Catscradle (who runs a very very awesome website committed to the truth, which now finally downloads properly) starts up the bizarre campaign in the comments section that I am someone famous. The Col is smart, rich and informed, but he isn't famous. However this got me thinking about a fringe aspect of the case, one Susan Murphy. Here is what I know....

--> Was roommates with Squeaky and Sandy in Sacramento when Squeaky pulled her gun on President Ford

--> Looks like a tranny

--> Was arrested with Sandy in the threat conspiracy for sending letters to corporate executives who they claimed were raping the environment. Sandy got 15 years and insisted on serving all of it.

--> Was convicted only on one conspiracy count

--> Beat up a guard and escaped from Terminal Island.

--> Was possibly named GREEN to Sandy and Squeaky's RED and BLUE.

What I don't know

--> what was her sentence?

--> when was she released?

--> where is she now?

--> Was she ever related to the Family for reals or did she just know the girls in Sacramento?

This is not a major part of anything- she's not even that interesting. But I did have some ebay photos of her mug and saw that there wasn't a lot of definitive shit on her on the web and thought I would ask.

Here are the captions for the photos which have some points of interest.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

JimNy The Stalker?

We've learned a lot about this guy, but his insane love affair is scary to me.
What do you all think?

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