Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Right Hand Man

SACRAMENTO (AP) – The self-described right-hand man of cult leader Charles Manson who was convicted of orchestrating a pair of notorious slayings 42 years ago has his latest parole hearing scheduled Wednesday

Charles "Tex" Watson, 65, has been denied parole 13 times but will try again. Four relatives of Watson's victims plan to ask that his parole be denied for killing actress Sharon Tate, who was eight months pregnant, and four others at her Beverly Hills home on Aug. 9, 1969. The next night, he helped kill grocery owners Leno and Rosemary LaBianca.

"There's no question these were some of the most horrific crimes in California history in terms of the brutality, the multiple stab wounds, the gunshots, the large number of victims over a two-day period," said Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney Patrick Sequeira.

Watson's attorney, Cheryl Montgomery, did not return repeated telephone messages.

Watson married and divorced in prison and has four children from conjugal visits, but his family did not respond to a request for comment that was left through the website that promotes Watson's prison ministry,

The hearing will be held at Mule Creek State Prison in Ione, 50 miles southeast of Sacramento.

The website says he was raised in Copeville, Texas, north of Dallas, and headed to California in 1967 after dropping out of college. A brief biographical sketch on the site said Watson believed Manson "offered utopia, but in reality, he had a destructive world view, which Charles ended up believing in and acting upon. His participation in the 1969 Manson murders is a part of history that he deeply regrets."

A book he wrote while in prison is titled, Manson's Right-Hand Man Speaks Out! In the past, Watson has argued that he is a changed man who has been a model prisoner and no longer is a danger to the public.

He did not attend his last parole hearing in 2006 but was portrayed in a psychiatric evaluation at the time as "a very devout fundamentalist Christian … a young, naive and gullible man (who) got into drugs and bizarre company without appreciating the deviance of the company he was keeping."

Anthony DiMaria, a nephew of victim Jay Sebring, planned to contest that view of Watson and other Manson disciples.

"They've often been portrayed as these victims of Manson, and they are killers. They're mass murderers," DiMaria said in a telephone interview before the hearing.

He planned to attend the hearing with his mother and sister.

Debra Tate also was expected to speak to the two-member panel of the California Board of Parole Hearings on behalf of her late sister, who at the time was married to film director Roman Polanski.

Watson was convicted in a separate trial after Manson and three female followers were found guilty of the seven murders. Their death sentences were commuted to life when the U.S. Supreme Court briefly outlawed the death penalty in 1972.

DiMaria said his mother has considered it her mission to speak out on behalf of her brother.

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Opinions are Like Assholes

If you are going to be a true scholar of the TLB case you need to read all the major books, and then decide that they are all wrong.

I mean the facts may indeed be accurate but the conclusions are at best muddled.

Everyone, even the BUG, is a human being. We see things the way we see things. Doesn't mean we are right or wrong, it just means we are fallible people.

People who come on here or visit Liz and try and tell us that "this is absolutely true " because they read it in the BUG'S novel or Sanders said something, they actually make me sick.

When someone shares their version of reality, a true researcher asks themselves "What do they gain from this spin."

No one can be trusted regarding TLB. NO ONE.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Maybe Yana told them the Facts?


The opinion of the court was delivered by: Paul Barbadoro, Chief Judge.


Tonya Christian filed this civil action seeking compensatory damages from Barricade Books, Inc. for defamation and invasion of privacy. Barricade moves to dismiss for lack of personal jurisdiction. (Doc. No. 12). For the reasons set forth below, I grant Barricade's motion.


Barricade, a New York corporation, conducts its book publishing business principally from offices located in New Jersey. The company has no New Hampshire offices. It does not have any employees or agents who work in the state. Nor does it target New Hampshire in its marketing efforts.

Christian, is a 35 year-old resident of Rochester, New Hampshire. She is the daughter of Linda Kasabian, a one-time follower of Charles Manson who, along other members of Manson's "family," murdered the actress Sharon Tate.

In 1999, Barricade entered into an agreement with Greg King to publish his book, Sharon Tate & the Manson Murders. The book is a biography of Tate which purports to describe the "[s]trange connections between Sharon Tate, the Hollywood elite and Charles Manson's so-called `family'. . . ." Def.'s Mot. to Dismiss. King makes the following statement about Christian in the book's epilogue:

On October 24, 1996, members of the Tacoma, Washington Police Department served a search warrant on the apartment owned by Kasabian's daughter Tanya [sic], known to authorities as "Lady Dangerous." Kasabian, as well as Tonya's two young children, were present when the police arrived. Their report stated: "In the master bedroom (defendant's bedroom) officers located a small baggie containing suspected rock cocaine and a large bundle of cash in a dresser drawer. On top of the dresser was a bunch of baggies. Also in the room officers located a .45 caliber semi-automatic handgun, ammunition, electronic scales, a plate with cocaine residue, and another bundle of cash . . . Tanya [sic], found guilty of possession of controlled substances, was sentenced to a year in state prison.
Christian charges that this statement mistakenly confuses her with her sister, Quanu and is defamatory because she has never been convicted of possession of a controlled substance.



Thursday, October 20, 2011

On the Other Hand, Wrong Publicity is still Publicity

I do not believe this clown for a minute...

CHARLES MANSON's 'Son' To Release
NEW RISING SON Album - Oct. 27, 2011
California-based act NEW RISING SON has inked a deal with the French label Deadlight Entertainment. The group's new album, "Honey", will be released in January. A song from the CD, "Rain", is available for streaming in the YouTube clip below.

NEW RISING SON is the band of Matthew Roberts, who claims to be son of notorious killer Charles Manson.

Now 43 years old, Roberts — who bears a strong resemblance to Manson — says his biological mother, Terry, revealed that she had been raped by Manson in a drug-fueled orgy back in 1967.

After his birth, his young mother gave him up for adoption.

"I didn't want to believe it. I was frightened and angry. It's like finding out that Adolf Hitler is your father. I'm a peaceful person — trapped in the face of a monster," Roberts told The Sun newspaper.

Roberts says he has confirmed his mother's story through letters with Manson, The Sun reported.

"He sends me weird stuff and always signs it with his swastika. At first I was stunned and depressed. I wasn't able to speak for a day. I remember not being able to eat."

A year after Roberts' birth in 1968, Manson and his "family" of followers committed nine murders in Los Angeles over five weeks, including the stabbing of pregnant actress Sharon Tate. She was the wife of film director Roman Polanski.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Fear Makes Us Stronger

There is a well acted indie film out there called MARTHA MARCY MAY MARLENE. The lead girl is an Olsen twin little sister and she does a great job as a damaged girl escaping from a cult in upstate New York. She also has a great rack. John Hawkes plays the cult leader and does an award worthy job. The movie itself doesn't add up to a lot but the two performances are exceptional.

A few reviews compared the cult leader to Jim Jones. Having now seen the film, the Col sighs and realizes that TLB is now less than a footnote to the public. Why?

- Hawkes seduces each girl and then sleeps with her, making it seem like a religious rite
- Each girl then helps the next girl get ready to be screwed.
- There is a cute young boy there to recruit girls for the cult.
- Hawkes hands a gun to one accolyte and says "Go ahead and kill me."
- The cult creepy crawls houses. Like for real.
- There is a great sequence as they jump off rocks into a swimming area that is filmed like in Hendrickson.
- While creepy crawling someone is killed.
- Hawkes using charisma to control Olsen and make her get over the killing. "For me."
- Hawkes has a long discussion with Olsen about "fear" and how it is a pure emotion and makes one aware. Fear brings you to NOW.

Anyway.... the film is clearly modeled on the Family, not Jonestown. I wonder why I think I am the first to point this out?

Check it out and let me know your thoughts.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Commenters Comment and Matter Not

There seems to have been an explosion in the comments section of the previous post. A crazed cat lady that goes by the handle Vera Dreiser started attacking her betters by defending Orca Tate and thinking she could ever run logic rings around me, the Col. Then another fidjit named katie also starting defending Debra. Both mentally impaired posters then convinced themselves that they had "won" the argument. They did not. But in so doing they so confused everything that I feel the need to clarify the facts even though NONE OF THIS IS NEW.

1- Debra Tate was disowned by her family a long long time ago. I do NOT know why. I hear reports that Doris would chase her as a young girl around with Holy Water. Not sure which one of them is crazier in that case. She has NO relationship with any of the survivors of the Tate family. She was specifically and clearly disinherited from all wills that were ever drawn up. Again, I do NOT know why. I heard stories and have seen pictures of her at 16 nude with Pic Dawson at Cielo. There's a good reason. Trying to trade on her dead sister's name and posing for Oui, there's a good reason. I can offer a dozen more reasons. I don't know why she was disinherited but she was. Completely.
2- In retaliation for this Orca keeps the ashes of Col Tate someplace other than in the grave next to Doris where he wanted to be. This happened because Col Tate did not fill out a living health trust leaving the ashes to a more responsible party.
3- When Sharon died any publicity rights (which didn't come into being for another decade or so in California, but fine) went to Doris. When Doris died they went to Paul. When Paul died they went to a trust for Patti's kids and for Debra's poor child. Debra Tate does NOT own any rights to Sharon Tate's likeness, name or pictures.
4- Despite the 100% accuracy of #3 above, Debra Tate frequently goes around legally threatening people for using Sharon's name and likeness. This despite the fact that that she OWNS NOTHING.
5- Debra defended Polanski in his lawsuit against Vanity Fair. Fair enough, I think he was right. But in so doing she claimed that he treated Sharon very well and that she was not about to leave him. This is a false statement. Does she lie or again was she not involved in the Tate family even then?
6- Debra never had a moment alone with Charles Manson. She was not called by the police when Sharon was found. No part of her story of involvement is true.
7- Despite a false reading of the rules by Dreiser, you are not allowed to have unlimited people speak for the victims. This would become a free for all. Each family files a legal designated form with the Board. As the direct heir, Paul filed a form designating who is legally allowed to speak at the hearing. It is not his disowned daughter Orca. Now no one has ever enforced this designation. My post was only about hoping that someone would at the next hearing.

Personally I don't like Orca Tate. She is a liar, a bully and a fraud and not a very nice person. It does not sound, from stories I have heard, that she became that way because of her sister's killing. It sounds like she was always that way.

But I will not bow to the lunacy of cat ladies like Dreiser or mental midgets like katie. They are welcome to like Orca or NOT like Orca. They can comment or not comment. Personally they mean nothing to me. It is when they MAKE THINGS UP that they become a plague upon us all.

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Orca Tate Dives for the Microphone Again

Here's an interesting fact one of the Debra worshippers can bring up next time they want to get their tongues up her voluminous buttcrack.

Debra Tate is not the designated victim's spokesperson for the Tate Family at Parole Hearings.

That's right. Not just anyone who says they are related to Sharon gets to show up and whine at Tex and Katie. Otherwise Rosie could bang on for an hour. The next of kin has to designate if they themselves are not coming who they want to speak there.

Up to this point, and after several grueling hours of Sea World training, Patrick Sequiera has become use to Orca. She says the right things and she claps for the tiny fish treats he gives her. Hell, he even let her speak at the Leslie hearing, although Leslie never even met old Sharon.

But while disinheriting Debra, Col. Tate, with one of his final breaths, made sure to stipulate who spoke at hearings for Sharon. And it was not his Oui photographed, mailman daughter.

The correct person has always chosen to let Orca have her say, although they have attended recent hearings themselves.

The Col hopes November 16th when Tex gets denied the CORRECT person speaks, and Orca gets sent back to the holding pen. Just maybe....

Saturday, October 01, 2011

Why No Films?

With news that Scott Kosar finally dropped the option to the Family and the reality that not a single film that has been announced has started filming as of today, October 1, people always ask me the question "Why can no one make a good film out of what really happened?"

I don't know. I care about motive not films. But if you are sincerely asking my ass why no movies that are any good are getting made, I can offer a thought- is it possible that the BUG did such a good job with his fantasy version of what happened that it has in fact become the reality to people? Do people now think that Charles Manson had magic powers and made people kill strangers so that blacks would kill whites? Maybe.

The other possibility is that maybe the general public doesn't give a shit about this anymore. That I fear is really the case. They would rather buy Latin Love songs cds from the Bug that get to the bottom of the killings.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Suzan and Joe

I saw a posting on evilliz talking about how close Suzan Struthers LaBerge and BF Joe Dorgan lived to the Waverly Place address.

I have been to both. In fact could walk to both from where I am typing at this moment.

I never believed that Suzan had her parents killed. "Forgiving" Tex is a sure sign of deep mental instablity, yes. But she didn't order the hit, so to speak.

But let's speculate, shall we, on what might be possible.

These clowns, according to one story, tortured and killed Gary Hinman because someone said he had inherited a pile of dough.

IF Dorgan was a Straight Satan...IF he knew Tex...If IF IF...

Did Dorgan hang at the ranch and make mention that "I'm fucking this young chick, she lives next door to your boy Harold True, and her father is a piggy asshole but BOY is he loaded."?

Remember, Tex was the kill crazy one. EVERY version of the story has Charlie tying Leno and Rosemary up and then saying " DON'T DO WHAT HAPPENED YESTERDAY."

What if Tate was about a drug burn and getting money back?
What if LaBianca was about money?
Hinman easily could be about money.
Crowe was about money.

Motive wise, money makes relatable sense.

I can't establish any of this, but it starts to add up, doesn't it?

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Just Sayin'

If I were an LA District Attorney in 2011 I would arrest Steve Grogan for the LaBianca murders. He was never even charged for being there. I would play it in the press for all it was worth. Prosecutor reopens famous 40 year old murder case. I would do it seriously, not as a joke. I would get the word out so that the others out there like Kasabian etc who have skeletons would shit a brick.

Then I would take Clem and his dimestore attorney aside and have a chat. "I am going to ask you 100 questions. If you answer every one of them to my satisfaction, I am going to let you plead to time served. Avoid one question, or make me THINK you did and you'll spend what's left of your life in jail."

Bet I got some answers too.

Just sayin'.

Thursday, September 15, 2011


ITEM!- Has anyone noticed that not one of the many films that keep getting announced about the case never get made? Is it because they simply SUCK? Hmmm....

ITEM!- Col is hearing that the Sanders book about Sharon Tate is 100% free of any original research whatsoever. Reheated hash? Ugh!

ITEM!- The next big Parole Hearing is November 16, with Mr. Watson. Orca Tate will of course be there to get her TV Time (I mean you don't think Watson has a chance, do you?)The Col wonders what might happen if the person actually authorized by the Tate Family to represent them at these hearings (not Orca) decides to show up this time. Debra might just "start screaming and never stop."

ITEM!- The one real bummer for researchers in Rudi's death is that without obituaries we don't get a list of his many,many clients- which limits us in the the search for connections!

Saturday, September 10, 2011


Over at the cool evilliz blog they are having a big discussion about Bryn Lukashevsky, calling him Bryan and shit.

According to the only information that we have, Bryn was a bodyguard to the drugdealing Bernard Crowe and tight with Dennis Wilson. Supposedly he was also picked up in the Spahn raid, although there are people who shout me down over this.

If Bryan IS Bryn then he is the guy on the right. Looks like one of the ComicCon dealers nowadays.

Monday, September 05, 2011

THe Nadir of Nader

Over at the fun evilliz blog there was a lot of discussion a few weeks back about the significance of Saladin Nader the "actor" (I guess so he was in two films no one can see right now... I guess Gypsy and Bobby are actors too, they were in more films than that.) and after reflecting a bit I finally tweaked to what the problem with him in the official story is.

We question things here at the only Official Blog and we double question anything BUG says.

The only testimony about Nader is from Kasabian. Nobody else ever addressed him. So what she says gets taken as gospel. Except we know she lied and back pedaled to save her own ass. She did exactly what BUG demanded. Was STILL doing it as recently as the Larry King show a few years ago.

Her testimony, as coached by BUG, serves two purposes

1- Shows Charlie OUTRIGHT ORDERING a murder.
2- Shows Linda being damn heroic preventing his death.

We know both of these are untrue. On neither night do we have ANY OTHER testimony of Charlie telling anyone to kill someone. And when given the chance to be a true hero and drop a dime on August 10, Linda does nothing of the kind.

So what really happened with the Nader incident? Venice is fucking FAR from Los Feliz. Why drive there to kill a piggy? It is even further from Sylmar!

My honest guess is that Linda VOLUNTEERED someone she would love to see offed. Got there and he wasn't there or she was too high to find the right door. And so they said fuck it and left. I mean, if you wanted to kill just ANY pig how about the poor bastard who answered the door?

Nader NEVER made sense in her version. Still doesn't.

Thursday, September 01, 2011

The Sister From Hell

The problem with Debra Tate is she has made it impossible to separate the damage and suffering that was no doubt done to her by the slaughter of her sister from her opportunism and narcissistic desire to be in the spotlight. Her appearance at hearings and her need to make it all about her goes back to when she frolicked nude at Cielo with drug dealers and let it all hang out for Oui Magazine. Remember, she was SPECIFICALLY disinherited by her father.

Anyway, here's some more of "Me me me me."

Sister of Sharon Tate Discusses Burglary
Good Day LA phoner video.

Video from: Good Day LA

Video from:
Good Day LA

Posted by: Tony Spearman |

Los Angeles - On Thursday Debra Tate, the executor of her sister Sharon Tate's estate, talked to us about the recent burglary of her home. During the break-in Sharon's wedding dress, furs, and other items were stolen. Debra thinks she knows who was behind the theft but said she needs more proof.

Debra asked anyone with information on the robbery to contact her via , and she will forward any info to the police.

Sister of Sharon Tate Discusses Burglary:


She is NOT The executor of the Sharon Tate estate.

Thursday, August 25, 2011


There seems to be, by quite a few posters who use non de plumes in the comments, a basic intrinsic misunderstanding. They seem to think I give a shit what they have to say.

The great SF author Harlan Ellison once pointed out that everyone was NOT entitled to their own opinion. This is something idiots say all the time. Harlan points out that everyone is entitled to their own INFORMED opinion. I mean, if you asked me about your gall bladder I might have an opinion but it would be fucking nuts for you to listen to it, and not right for me to voice it at all.

I have done first hand research. I have talked to main players. I have read, and vetted the main books on the case. I don't believe that I even know what I am talking about. Why in the world would I accept what somebody called Poirot would believe as truthful, or even worthy of interest?

I have studied the novel Helter Skelter. I know what can be proven and what BUG made up. I know what Sanders got right and what he got wrong and what he didn't give a shit about.

I have blogged for many years and I was there back when Ronson and Nelson breathed.

If you want to PROVE something new, or different, then PROVE it. Otherwise stfu when you get mocked and ignored.


People don't sell clock radios door to door late at night.
Nine month pregnant women don't hang out in their bedrooms with former lovers late at night.
People don't start race wars with random killings that the cops never linked to a black person.
People don't slaughter strangers because some short punkass commanded them.
Gary didn't inherit any money.

If you don't want to accept BASIC HUMAN TRUTHS then you don't have to post here. If you have a defensible argument that helps us understand the true motives, I love you.

But I blog NOT for any of you. I blog because I have to. I have to understand how a woman and milkman abusing fantasist got away with this. So it never happens again.

Saturday, August 20, 2011


I posted about Brainwashing a few days ago and it brings up another point for all of you serious researchers.

It really hit home when I did that tour with the Chicago Sun-Times lady. We would stop and I would point out stuff and it was fascinating her reaction.



If this isn't a fucking movie, how come on here and Liz and Cats I always see quotes thrown around as if they fucking are accurate to the letter? They aren't. Do you remember what you said to someone word for word even yesterday?

Some of you throw quotes up as if to say "Haha, this happened." Like there was a fucking video camera taping the events. Like what the OJ jury needed.

Did Parent say "Hey I want to sell you a clock?" or "As long as I give you a good blowjob maybe you'll want to buy my clock." You think Garretson told the actual verbatim truth even if he rememebered?

Did Charlie says "Do something witchy" or "Leave something witchy" or "Go be witchy?"

If you have to hang onto a 42 year old quote to prove your point please go away.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Brain Washed or Dry Cleaned

The Col often takes inspiration from the comments and there was a big debate in there recently about brainwashing... how if you look at the photos and the docs and you can see that the girls were in fact slavishly eating up Charlie's bullshit.

I could not agree less. Have any of you people done any drugs at all?

If you look at both Hendrickson documentaries what you see are people out of their heads on drugs. Weed, sure, speed likely, who the hell knows what else.

You don't see people accurately brainwashed. In fact the most drugged out people in those are the "heroes" Watkins and Posten. These were young people partying and fucking in the desert. When you get faded, or do LSD which was in heavy rotation then, the most stupid shit sounds profound. "Because the world is round it turns me on". Heavy man. "Coming down fast twenty miles above you." Oh, wow. "There is an upside down river in he desert." Shit man, let's go.

Did Charlie "lead"? No doubt, he had 15 years on most of these people. Did he brainwash? Well not like the fucking Manchurian Candidate.

There's one theory I have which I have never sewn together that involves the kids need to please Daddy. It makes a lot of sense. Leaving aside Kasabian who never makes any sense in any fucking occasion, why send the other three to Tate? Because they owe him. Tex for drug burn, Sadie for bikers trashing Saloon, Katie because she fits in no where. So Daddy is pissed at Melcher and then shouts somebody should fucking do something.

And stoned out of their boxes, they do.

I really don't see evidence of brainwashing at all in this case. I do see a shitload of drugs though.

Later on during the trial I see brainwashing. But it could all be explained by the fact that the girls are scared out of their minds and only trust Charlie, and he is having fun putting on a show.