Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Col Still Reads

Sooo.... I am continually amazed by things people claimed back then with a straight face that were taken as true. In some cases they are still considered true, even if no human would ever seriously believe them. I am talking about Juan Flynn's assertion that he knew about the killings but it was okay. Uh huh.

Also today we see Melcher get away with easy questions... and most of the press seems to believe Charlie thought he still lived there. It explains Tate a lot more readily than believing the BUG's novel.

Finally we have the NY TIMES from the day of the Bruce Davis surrender, the first youtube I ever posted. It claims that Nancy was married to Bruce. I don't recall that. Anyone know if this is true?

Monday, November 17, 2008

What the Col Has Been Reading

Thoughts: An article from somebody who was there describes Charlie as 5 feet 7. ...ANOTHER killing that we never hear anything more on... Pugh, Zero, Merrick- this would not happen in 2008 .... I know people who know Rudy and I don't think he's considered credible.

(Click on article to read)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Hi there.

It's been almost a month. I haven't posted. Why?

There hasn't been much to report and I have been busy. It's that simple.

Now we have a new president. And Bobby is gonna have an even tougher time getting parole- if he ever had a chance to begin with. And gays that were married aren't. Nice world we live in.

So anyway, have you noticed that it is 8 months almost and Susan Atkins still breathes? Too bad she didn't get out, huh?

Paul Watkins would now be a grandfather if he were still alive. Congrats to his daughter.

Anyone notice that Bret came back? Thank the Lord.

The Col is back. I'll stay around more this time. Thanks.