Friday, October 17, 2014

This is What Constitutes DELUXE These Days

My deluxe version of Life After Manson came.  I guess I will check it out this weekend.  Seems to me that the better nomenclature would be " No Life After Manson" or "Doing Life After Manson" but it ain't my movie.

I have trouble with the secondary titles though.

The main double DVD reads "The Untold Story of Patricia Krenwinkel"

It's not really untold.  Insecure girl got accepted by lunatics, slaughtered seven people for no fucking reason and spent the rest of her life in jail.  That's really the entire story.

The tag line is " A troubled woman.  An unstoppable man.  The ultimate cost of choice."  This is deceptive as well.

Patricia wasn't "troubled."  Neither is Lindsay Lohan.  She was unloved.  She acted out.  She paid the price.

Manson is an easy person to blame because he revels in it.  But seriously ladies, unstoppable he is not.  I mean ask some of the literally DOZENS of people who were in the Family and didn't harm anyone.  Even if you came under his alleged spell like Little Paul Watkins, you could get free.  He wasn't magic, even if BUGliosi had problems with watches.

"The Ultimate Cost of Choice"- that sounds so heavy but really?  If you choose to stab a bunch of strangers you SHOULD lose your life.  That's the cost of choice Pat.

That little pamphlet is some prison poetry from Krenny.  I will bust out the Talisker Storm and get drunk laughing my ass off when I review this.