Sunday, October 31, 2010

Script Review- THE FAMILY- Part 2

And we're back

Page 13 Snake's mom gives her to Charlie, complete with signature.
Oh snap. Another Montage. All the girls on the bus as Snake tries desperately to explain them all in one paragraph. Katie tried to be a nun. Squeaky's dad was a rocket scientist? Yeller looked like Greta Garbo? Sandy was snooty. Sadie was a brat.

The Charlie sings Garbage Dump over a montage of Family dumpster diving, car washing (?) and candy eating. Montage central this thing.

Then Sharon has her first date with Roman. Calls him Mr. Polanski. Uh huh.

Mary gives birth to Pooh Bear. Lots of joint smoking and screaming. This ends with Snake biting through the cord and tying it off with the guitar string. So much for any sort of accuracy Kosar.

I'm sorry. I am gonna stop on Page 21 after this quote-
I was called "Snake" because snakes were super-aware
of everything and Charlie said I was very aware for
someone so young.

In the comments I would like all real scholars to tell us why this is BULLSHIT!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Script Review- THE FAMILY- Part 1

Screenplay is called THE FAMILY by Scott Kosar based on the book by Ed Sanders. Not sure why since it IS NOTHING like the book.

Screenplay is the FOURTH Draft, most easily available to this reviewer.

No date is available.

First scene is with Dianne Lake in Death Valley in 69, telling us she had some friends but they changed. Then we see Tex driving the girls in the car a few minutes after the Cielo slaughter. Next we slam cut to the HOG FARM where Dianne is 13 ( can you imagine the casting?) and watches her mother screw on the floor.

We're only on page 3 before Kosar decides to let logic lapse completely. You see Dianne goes out on her bicycle from the Hog Farm, in Sunland, and arrives at the dumpster in Topanga where Mary, Katie and Squeaky (he actually has someone call her SQUEAKS- this was of course NEVER done) are diving for chocolate bars (when in fact it was always for veggies). And Dianne has a magic bicycle because of course there's fucking 38 miles between Sunland and Topanga and she isn't even sweating.

Now the Col always thinks montages in the middle of films are lame but Kosar starts his on page fucking 4. A series of vignettes where we meet all the main girls (and Yeller?) who all tell Snake what a great lover Charlie is. Dianne stuffs her bra and hitches to ... The Spiral Staircase where the Family is crashing. WTF? It was a club. Mary and Sandy grab Snake (who is called this even though she hasn't met Charlie yet, who gives her her nickname)

More meeting girls like Cappy. Then Charlie on a bus. He notices her stuffed bra, and then owns her ass.

That's through PAGE 13. Not nearly as bad as Wyman's garbage, but again, Dianne Lake, go get lawyers now! Your lawsuit is guaranteed a home run!

More to Come! Scott looks over us from the photo above, asking why we would question his fictions and lies!

More Horse Pucky

EXCL: Kwanten Stars, Kosar Directs Manson Film

Source: Ryan Turek, Managing Editor
October 28, 2010

Heat is building on Scott (The Machinist) Kosar's script for The Family, his long-gestating project about Charles Mason.

Ryan Kwanten told the press recently that he is going to star and that appears to be true, however, a journalist misconstrued something Kwanten said about Brad Anderson directing. And that's false.

"First off, my good friend and idol Brad has nothing to do with this film," Kosar tells Shock Till You Drop exclusively. "I will be making my directorial debut from a script I wrote. The movie won't focus on the Manson murders. Nor is it a Manson biopic. It's a family biopic. A movie about a surrogate family of wayward teenagers who, through extraordinary circumstances, came together and were transformed into the most notorious American family of the 20th century. Hence the title."

Kosar elaborates his film with explore the family unit. "A very unconventional unit, but a family nonetheless. It is not a horror film, though the subject is inherently horrific. The goal is to do, finally, after forty years, the first authentic film about the so-called Manson Family. Unlike other films on the subject, The Family will also spend time getting to know the victims, particularly Sharon Tate, who will be portrayed very sympathetically. I don't think a responsible movie can be made about this subject without humanizing the victims, which must be done in order to truly convey - as much as a film is able to - the enormity of the tragedy. This won't be a slasher film, but it won't gloss over the violence either. It's a film about an American taboo that has never been dramatized with any balance or accuracy. Bugliosi-based films accurately deal with the prosecution of "the Family." My film will concern the family itself. Who they were and what their lives were like with Manson."

Interesting stuff. Of course, we've seen plenty of Manson films come down the track over the last few decades - some good, some bad. The Family should certainly deliver something unique given Kosar's time developing and researching the script.

And now the interpretation-

Jesus websites can be so ass kissing can't they?

1- There's no heat just because a TV actor said he was playing Charlie. An Australian actor btw. There's no heat at all.
2- The TV actor doesn't even know who is directing the alleged goddamn film. He mentioned a real director named Brad Anderson. But it is Scott Kosar, who has never even directed traffic.
3- He mentions Bugliosi as truthful, thus killing any chance of this being any use to anyone.

Like I said, the Col is finally examining this screenplay and will share his comments with you. But I tell you this much- it features DIANNE SNAKE LAKE as the centerpiece of the action. This means
- It's bullshit
- Miss Lake's lawyers can have a field day since she isn't a public figure and certainly didn't authorize the film.

More to come.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Learning Time

Here's an article for you to read and then the Col will help you understand it better on the flip side. Toodles.


Ryan Kwanten joins Manson 'Family'

'True Blood' thesp to star in Scott Kosar's indie drama

Scott Kosar will make his directorial debut on "The Family," an indie drama focusing on the wayward teens who became the Manson Family.

Ryan Kwanten ("True Blood") will play Charles Manson, who was found guilty of conspiracy to commit the Tate/LaBianca murders in 1969. Nicholas Simon ("City of Ghosts") will produce with The Gotham Group. Production's expected to be in Los Angeles next summer.

Kosar's adapted Ed Saunders book "The Family" and emphasized that the pic won't focus on the Manson murders, nor is it a Manson biopic but rather with the Manson Family as a unit.

"It is not a horror film, though the subject is inherently horrific," said Kosar, who stressed that the story foocuses on the victims, particularly Sharon Tate.

"I don't think a responsible movie can be made about this subject without humanizing the victims, which must be done in order to truly convey (as much as a film is able to) the enormity of the tragedy," he added. "This won't be a slasher film, but it won't gloss over the violence either."

Kosar's scripting credits include "The Machinist," "The Amityville Horror" and "The Crazies."

News of Kosar's directing attachment and Kwanten's signing was first reported on the site.

Read the full article at:


Okay, now this is some bullshit right here. What happened was a not bright television actor spoke up about possibly doing a film. If you read the article closely, who is paying for this film starring a supporting TV actor? No one. Who is distributing this film? No one. Wait, what about the Gotham Group, they are mentioned! Nope, they are a low level management company that represents animators (!) and seemingly this Kosar chap. They don't finance films.

But then this Kosar guy is a major director right? Nope, never directed a film before in his life. He wrote the TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE remake, which is something he should be ashamed of, not boasting.

Do some googling and you'll see that Fangoria announced this sure to be crapfest back in 2002. AT BEST this article is wishful thinking.

But what it did do is prompt the Col to track down this screenplay. Maybe it would be better that the Brad Wyman shitfest which featured Nancy Pitman as a hell of a nice girl. The film that ALSO never came out.

We'll examine the screenplay over the next few days.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Bret's Dead, Baby.

Why no postings from the Col for almost a whole month?

Been in hiding, plotting my next move.

Take a beat and catch up with me okay?

If you click on my links to the right, you'll see something called "The Best Damned Manson Site on The Web."

This goes no where now. It once went to a site that was a cornucopia of riches. Not stolen shit like that Helter Skelter group. Real research. Real material.

It was run by BretG and it was the envy of all of us who search for the truth.

BretG outed Clem/Steve Grogan as Adam Gabriel, member of a San Fran band who played children parties. Bret, knowing that Clem has yet to be prosecuted for the LaBianca killings, revealed his true identity.

And then the site went down.

So I spent October astral traveling to Iceland. And I discovered that Bret's dead. It appears to be natural causes. Unless Clem has magic powers like Charlie had, beyond watch stopping.

So now we know for sure.


Back to the work. We'll have a lot of posts to make up for in the coming days.

RIP BRET, August 2010

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Hello, Pot, You are Black

Truth on Tate LaBianca may have a few dried up old law and order farts (hi Dillagf) and I still need to find out what went wrong with EvilLiz, but it is the single best TLB site currently on the web since Bret went Wit Pro. And Cats who runs it is a fellow warrior in the fight for TLB truth- I love this broad!

There is this other site that basically steals from other people. It is called the Helter Skelter Forum. I am on there under a couple of nom de plumes because they wouldn't let the genius Col on board to run rings around them. They steal from Cats, from Cielo Drive 69. There are self hating gay dudes on there stealing, some psycho twat named Martine and the owner who may or may not be a dude.

The owner recently put this notice up I wanted to share with you. Because it is fucking funny. I am not even sure the owner is from the US so I am not sure why they are getting so butthurt and quoting US copyright laws. But boy it is fucking funny. I am watching you- the paranoid ramblings of the guilty. I mean, you know how crooks always scream the loudest.

I am off to file some DMCA notices just for shits and giggles.