Sunday, April 30, 2006

Submission is a Gift, Give it to Your Brother

Does ANYONE really believe that Dennis Wilson tried to pay Charlie Manson for two songs that the Beach Boys recorded with some motorcycles? I mean the Beach Boys were huge, with managers and what have you. They'd want everything in writing, no?

Does ANYONE believe that Dennis didn't know more than he admitted, all the way to the grave? I mean the guy WAS FRIENDS with Charlie and Melcher was his contact.

Does ANYONE believe that the Bug really didn't think he knew more? I mean, Dennis once called Charlie the Wizard and they lived at his house with all the girls.

Sure, Dennis broke it off with Charlie.

But I always wondered what more he knew.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Mark Turner's Minions- Reprise

Again, I put shit like this on the Blog because the Blog is a RECORD of what goes on. A RECORD of the search for truth.

The goal is that one day the Blog Highlights will comprise a book that finally exposes the TLB Truths.

One person who does not respect the truth is Mark Turner. He just BANNED me from his message board in the midst of a very intelligent discussion about Mary Brunner's immunity. INDEED a very valuable legal document that I linked to for him he deleted.

He doesn't like anybody smarter than him. Which includes most people. And Mongoloids.

Here's a series of unsolicited emails I received from one of his minions today. Notice the lack of education and crude cro-magnon forehead.

I think I'll organize a letter campaign to Mark's new server. Let them know about all the copyrighted articles and photos on there. Plus all you have to do to most cowardly servers is cough "Charles Manson" and they run...

Anyway, here's Keith from Florida. (link to public site Zabasearch removed at his request, in the hopes that he and the rest of the minions knock this shit off.)

Col Scott,

I like your blog but wish you would not support
the killers so much. You
seem to like to attack Debra Tate and Labianca's
nephew and then you support
Bobby. I just don't get it. I also don't like
you doing a war of words
with Mark Turner or anyone for that matter. Why
is it that you dissect and
microscope every word that someone says AND
always have to get the last
friggin word in?!?!? Life is more important
than being addicted to the
internet and blogs and the Manson case. You
are the Worlds Foremost
Authority on the case. Happy now?!?! Now get
out in the sun more often and
stop living a virtual life. Hope you wake up
one day and truly realize that
you are a wacko with no life.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Col Scott,

I hope you saw my post at Mark's board before
he deleted it. And I hope you

were not referring to me when you said two
idiots mocked you. Did you ever

think that maybe you are the King of all
Idiots? Need a classic example?

You posted at Mark's new board asking what
you did wrong and asking him to

explain so that you could learn.
I believe your words posted at Mark's

board were "how am I suppose to learn
if you don't tell me". Now before you

dissect my words and launch into your
usual war of words and usual habit of

having to correct everything and proving
your right and everyone else is there no wonder why Mark can't
stand you. Considering you

mouthed off about Mark helping Dennis Rice
with a website....and further

more.....made is sound like Mark owes
everyone an explanation of why he was

assisting Dennis. And you claimed Mark
is playing both sides of the

case....and that you believe Dennis owes
the World an explanation of why he

allowed his kids to have access to the
sex, drugs, orgies, etc. at Spahn.

Then you turn around and wonder aloud
why Mark bans you. Your NOT stupid

Ron. OR ARE YOU?!?!? Why can't you
just put two and two together and say

to yourself "gee...Dennis was a young
and stupid drugged up loser when he

had his kids at Spahn" and now 36 years
later......maybe just maybe he

changed a bit. Nooooooooo. That
just can't happen. Not in Ron's World.


Repeat after me

1- Mark thinks my name is DON not
Ron you dope.
2- Yes I was referring to you you
3- Mark has his terms of service.
If you violate them he should do anything
he wants. I didn't and he still deleted me.
I was thus showing everyone
that he is a censor.
4- The word is "You're" as in "You and
Are" like "You're a dope" You misuse
it three times.
5- There is NO evidence that Dennis
has changed, and Child abuse is NEVER
okay. Only a dope would think so.

Like you.

Thanks Keith Trainor - but why list
yourself as Ft Lauderdale- it's really
Pompano Beach on 21st street right, dope?
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
No I do not live on 21st and I do not
live in Pompano. The city of Coral
Springs is incorrectly listed as Pompano
with the Postal Service and Coral
Springs has been petitioning the Postal
Service to make the correction. But
of course you knew that. Because you
absolutely know everything there is
and absolutely have to have the last
word in don't you?!?!? I also want you
to know that I am NOT the same keith
that posts in your blog. BUT.....I do
agree with that keith who so elegantly
put in your place. I sent the first
e-mail to you as a way of showing support
for Mark. I agree with the keith
at your blog. In my opinion, you should
apologize to Mark. He has been
nothing but a gentleman. You don't see
that, can't see that, and never will
see that. Below you called me a "dope"
not once but FIVE times !!! Did I
ever use any derogatory word with you ever?
NO...I did NOT. And that is
the point the other Keith is trying
to convey to you.


You attack Mark and Dennis yet you
defend a murderer (Bobby B.) ???

You say Dennis has not changed...yet
you allow yourself to believe that a

murderer like Bobby B. has changed.

If Dennis was your classic pedophile
who hunts for children to sexually

abuse them then I would agree...he
more than likely has not changed. But

Dennis joined a fucked up group for
the sex, drugs and the don't want to get

a real job mentality that was commmon
with the so called Manson Family. I

believe he very well could have
changed. Maybe not...but maybe so. You

defend Bobby B. and support his release.
Often stating that continually

keeping Bobby B. incarcerated is
breaking the law. I am sure you are right

about this.

Bobby breaks the law. The Government
breaks the law. Hmmm....Both sides

break the law.

I have read in your blog where you
state that if the Government can break

the law in regards to Bobby then it
can happen to ALL of us.

Perhaps we ALL don't need to worry
about it if we refrain from killing.

Perhaps if Bobby did that he wouldn't
be in the position he is in now.

Why do you defend Bobby? Why do you
like him so much? Is it because he

befriends you? If Tex befriended you
would you support him too? Why do

you like Bobby? Is it because of his
looks, talent, intelligence,

remorse....AND he takes the time to
befriend ColScott? Do you feel special

because you are close to him and thus
close to someone so connected to this


Fort Lauderdale

Oh.....short Geography lesson for you:
Pompano (not where I live and have

never lived). I guess you being annoyed
at being called the wrong name like

Don or like you accusing me
of living in a city I don't live in

and have never lived in. You say I live
on 21st in Pompano. No I don't and

never have. You say that Pompano is not
Fort are wrong

about this. You may have visited South
Florida but obviously you have never

spent more than 2 days down here or you
would know that Pompano, Margate,

Coral Springs, Tamarac, are all
considered suburbs of the Fort Lauderdale

AREA. I also choose to say I am from
Fort Lauderdale because most people

don't recognize the suburb I live in
(Coral Springs). Oh...BEFORE you go

nuts searching the internet to prove
me wrong.....Don't go by what you come

up with on the internet as to what
towns Fort Lauderdale contains. If you

lived here you would understand what I mean.

YES......I am a pussy....pussy eater.....
and if you are a Star Wars fan

(Chewie Bacca). I met Peter Mayhews
(sp?) a few years ago at an autograph

convention...also saw the guy who played
Boba Fett and the kid who played

the young Anakin.

Just to simmer things down a bit.
I started this war of words and really

didn't mean to get on your shitlist.
I did not alert Hotmail or Blogger. I

posted that I did but I was just joking.
Sorry for the bad joke. I thought

it would scare you but it must be hard
to scare a Colonel. I just wanted to

get a rise out of you. I DO go to your
blog. I do like some of it and I

have learned quite a bit about the Manson
case from your Blog. You were

correct in pointing out that my original
e-mail to you was weird since I

started out complementing you and then
from their attacked you. I wish I

had worded that e-mail and all my e-mails
and posts differently. I want to

call a truce. I don't dislike you and
I hope you don't dislike me. You

are probably pissed at me for the attack
back and forth and the posts at but I am hoping we can
let that be water under the bridge.

Yours Truly,

Keith "Dope" Trainor

Is there any hope left for the Bush USA?

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Nam Ryenge Ho Part FOUR

So where were we before the fools from Turner's board wasted everyone's time.... oh yes...

6- Bobby tells Charlie because the Bikers threaten the ranch. Charlie sends Bobby, Sadie and Mary to get the money. 6b- alt version which I doubt- Gary owes Ranch money, has inherited some, Charlie sends kids to get the money by theft.

The 6b version is out there in some of the literature. Bobby himself denies it. It doesn't make sense that they were sent to STEAL money- the group was not about theft it was about perceived power. Let's dismiss this now.

6a has some problems.

1- WHY tell Charlie when all he is gonna do is kick your ass?
2- Did the Bikers threaten the Ranch? And with what, a whupping? I mean the bikers were screwing the girls. Why threaten? Did Bobby really think they were going to kill him?
3- Repeating from before- Mary lived there and Gary knows her- fine, send her. Bobby sold the bad drugs, send him. But WHY Sadie and not Bruce or Little Paul?
4- For that matter, why didn't Charlie and Bobby just go themselves? Charlie ends up there anyway.

The further we poke, the more questions we have.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Condos in Heaven

This woman rented Sharon and Roman 10050 and was seen in several documentaries about the case. She also scared small children with her surgeried face.

Celeb Real Estate Agent Elaine Young Dies

The Associated Press
Friday, April 21, 2006; 2:49 AM

LOS ANGELES -- Elaine Young, the real estate agent who bought and sold so many properties to and from the stars that she became a celebrity herself, has died. She was 71.

Young died Thursday at Cedars Sinai Medical Center after a months-long battle with cancer, according to her daughter, Jennifer Young, and her brother, Tony Garber.

Glamorous and ebullient, Young lived a life that rivaled those of her star clients, who included Elvis Presley, Elizabeth Taylor, Warren Beatty, Burt Reynolds, Frank Sinatra, Barbra Streisand and Stevie Wonder, among others.

She married six times, once to film star Gig Young, who was the father of her daughter. She appeared on television, was profiled in major publications and drove a Rolls-Royce convertible with the license plate "Elaine 7."

It was in the Rolls that she shuttled her clients to some of the most pricey properties in Southern California.

"She was a gallant soul. I knew her from way back because Gig Young was a good friend of mine," author Dominick Dunne told The Associated Press. "I always think of her sitting in the Polo Lounge of the Beverly Hills Hotel, holding court, saying hello to people, being funny."

One of her sales was a $25 million estate belonging to the Sultan of Brunei. Her more recent listings included the multimillion-dollar estate of rock legend Smokey Robinson.

Fame and Hollywood's glitzy lifestyle had its dark side, however.

In the 1970s, Young did what many Hollywood stars were doing: She sought to improve her appearance through cosmetic surgery. It was the beginning of a horror story that would haunt her for the rest of her life.

As she told it many times in interviews warning others about the pitfalls of such operations, she was maimed by a doctor who injected loose silicone into her face to accentuate her cheekbones. After a time, the silicone began to migrate, causing eye problems and disfigurement.

She underwent 46 surgeries to try to remove the material and correct the problem. The doctor, meanwhile, committed suicide and Young never received any compensation for the medical disaster.

In the end, the disease that claimed her life began with a cancerous tumor in the part of her face that had endured so many surgeries.

Young's soft voice and gentle manner belied her flossy image, and famous clients were drawn to her. She was one of them, born and raised in the realm of Hollywood fantasy.

Her father, David S. Garber, was a manager at Universal Studios and she grew up with the movie business. She graduated from North Hollywood High School and attended the University of California at Los Angeles.

When she began selling wildly expensive Southern California palaces, she acknowledged that even bringing herself to tell clients the price was daunting.

She listed her first million-dollar home in the 1970s and recalled showing it to a potential buyer who pointed out that it had only one bathroom.

"I got up all my courage and I said, `Well, what do you expect for a million dollars?'" Young recalled.

That story and many others became the basis for her book, "A Million Dollars Down," an often humorous memoir of her adventures with the rich and famous.

The secret of her success, she said, was in keeping tabs on the domestic lives of celebrities. If she heard that a famous couple was divorcing or marrying, she knew that a home sale or purchase was likely, and she would contact them.

A slogan on her Web site read: "If you want to live in heaven, acquire a home or condo from Elaine Young."

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Everyone's Ruthie !!!!

Not all of the idiots
in the comments
section come
from Mark Turner's world.

There is another Yahoo
that has been run by
this Raven chick for
a year.

There they celebrate the
who was never part of the

Manson group at any point.

They wonder if I am
but like I say,
The Col
in his quest for truth is


Anyway, there is this chick
She says she is Ruth

Moorehouse. She is not.

Ruth is the most often impersonated
person in the case on the web.

There was a false Ruth on the
very first board
and Nellie also had his own

Ruth faker.

None of them are Ruth.

Because I am.

(okay I'm not really)

Here's the lame posting
from charlesmansonandthefamily.

Hope this email finds everyone well.
I wanted to publicly thank

everyone for being so kind during this
time in my life. I

appreciate good people, good friends and
good times! I enjoy this

forum. I feel that I can truly express
myself here without

judgment. Some people may feel otherwise
towards me but, that's

okay. That's why God gave us all a mind,
I suppose. I am well,

tired but well. If there is anything that
I can do for anyone,

please contact me. I wish to thank you
for NOT telling the internet

world about who I am. That means a lot
to me. Trust is an issue

that has taken me a very long time to
conquer! Believe it or not, I

have been betrayed several times by
people whom I thought were my

closest friends. When you're a former
family member, if you disagree

with the ones who still worship Manson,
they black ball you. That is

wrong because I have my own mind now.
I do not, in any way hate or

wish malice upon Manson. I wish him
set free if anything but, I don't

consider myself a Manson follower!
And, he was good to me, a father

figure, unlike my own dad. Again,
we are talking about years and

years ago, there are things that I
cannot even recall. I can barely

remember George Spahn. He was a
sweet old man but, GOD he was

ancient to me at the time. I could
not tell my conversations with

him, what they consisted of, yet,
I remember chatting with him on


Okay, well, stay well.

I love you,
Ruth Ann M

JOE has some questions

Buried among the comments by the Turner retards, a man called JOE asks three questions worthy of spotlighting.

1.Manson had an arsenal of weapons including rifles and a machine gun. So, if he really wanted a massacre -- forget about WHO he sent to the Tate house for a minute -- WHY did he send them with the rickitiest, lamest gun in the cache?
2. The LaBianca's phone lines weren't cut, Leno was tied at the wrists, and Rosemary wasn't even tied up, so why the hell didn't they immidiately call the cops when Manson left them alone?
3. If Ronnie Howard, Virginia Graham and Danny DeCarlo could testify on the stand about what the murderers told them about their crimes, why would -- as Bug wrote in HS -- Joe Sage's testimony about Linda's confession in New Mexico
be hearsay???


1- One of the KEY questions for real scholars of the case. UNLESS it was all supposed to be a threat and it went wrong. Otherwise, who the hell sends teenage girls anyway?

2- No idea. Unless they knew Charlie. OR knew who sent Charlie.
3- The Hearsay exception to the rules of evidence only applies to first generation testimony. So Danny lying about what Charlie told him Charlie supposedly did- Okay. Brooks testifying about what Charlie said about himself- okay. The Whores testifying what Susan said she did- fine. And whatever Linda told Joe SHE did is okay too. But remember, BUG wants Charlie. Whatever Joe SAYS Linda SAID Charlie DID- not eligible. Your answers?

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Nam Ryenge Ho Part THREE

So we got the next section to deal with and an evil message board adminisrator mustn't put us off our work.

4- Bobby bought some mescaline for the Straight Satans off Gary in order to raise some money for the group's band, The Family Jam.
5- The Satans claim it is bad drugs. They do not return it but demand their money back.
First, the books call the burn MDA and other books call it MDMA. One of these is the formula for ecstasy but it doesn't seem to have been that. Bobby claims it was mescaline. That makes sense since you can synthesize it in your bathtub. Not that I ever have mind you. Ahem. So Bobby is trying to impress the bikers, maybe for status maybe for reasons we will never know. Fine. The bikers give him $2,000, significant money in 1969. He goes to Gary and buys the pills. Bobby gives to Bikers. Bikers say it is shit and want their money back But do not return the drugs. This seems to be the story. But now the questions....
1- Were the bikers serious or just messing with Bummer Bob?

2- What ELSE did they say to Bobby that would make him so desperate that he ends up killing Gary?

3- Charlie okays Mary because she lived with Gary for a while. But why Sadie? Especially when she seems so unreliable.
4- What would have happened if Bobby told the bikers to get bent?
5- Did Charlie really think Gary would refund drugs that no longer existed?

The whole thing sounds dumb, no?

Mark Turner's Minions- The Final Battle

Don, SEE HERE HE THINKS HE KNOWS WHO I AM. MORE IGNORANCE. I posted this thread BEFORE you started that other thread. This thread made it clear I was going to delete all of the argumentative type material.BY THAT YOU MEAN ALL MATERIALS THAT PROVED YOU AN IGNORANT LIAR. You have chosen to start three new threads since then.EACH THREAD WAS STARTED AFTER YOU CENSORED THE OTHER ONE EVEN THOUGH NO TERMS OF SERVICE WERE VIOLATED. When I posted that all of that non-Manson material was going to be cleaned up, I expected everybody to have the sense to not start new threads. RIGHT. AND YOUR MINIONS AREN'T POSTING THREATS THAT ARE BEING REPORTED TO THE LOCAL AUTHORITIES. UH HUH.

It's painfully obvious, Don,WEIRD HOW HE KEEPS CALLING ME THIS NAME. you have no desire to do anything but cause trouble.I THINK PEOPLE WHO KNOW HOW TO READ (NOT MARK) AND WHO READ THIS BLOG KNOW I SEEK THE TRUTH. While I'm in the process of trying to halt this useless and boring battle, you simply choose to keep pushing the matter. I KEEP STICKING TO THE TRUTH. YOU DO NOT LIKE IT. FAIR ENOUGH.

As for my post about Dennis' booklet, my statement was intended to mean that I wasn't going to re-read through every bit of it just to answer your questions. I found the relevant material about him initially going to the Family and I found the section about his children today.YOU MEAN THE SECTION WHERE HE DESCRIBES HIS CHILDREN. I HAVE ASKED WHAT DO HIS CHILDREN HAVE TO SAY. DID THEY ENJOY CLEM'S FINGERS? ARE THEY OVER IT? There are a lot of pages inbetween that I'm not going to re-read. I suspect you already have a copy, anyway.

I hope nobody is fooled by you pretending to be concerned about his children. FOOLED HOW? I AM CONCERNED ABOUT YOU PROMOTING A FALSE LOSER LIKE DENNIS RICE. I MENTION WHAT HE DID TO HIS KIDS BECAUSE ABUSING CHILDREN IS UNFORGIVEABLE. THIS IS WHY NELLIE HAD TO BE STOPPED TOO.They're adults now. THEREFORE WHAT HE ALLOWED TO HAPPEN TO THEM AS KIDS IS OKAY? SHAME ON YOU SIR. SHAME ON YOU.How he's worked things out with them is between them. DON'T YOU MEAN BETWEEN THEM AND JESUS? BUT IT IS BETWEEN THEM AND US TOO SINCE HE NOW PUBLICLY SEEKS OUR MONEY.I haven't asked him and have no intention of doing so. BECAUSE YOU CLEARLY DON'T CARE ABOUT WHO YOU BACK.I've donated a bit of webspace and bandwidth to his site. I've been putting the pages together whenever time permits. I'm not getting anything for this except insults from you. So much for trying to help spread a bit of information related to the Manson Familiy... THIS GUY IS NOT REALLY MANSON FAMILY.

As for me "summoning" you, it's time for you to be honest. It's YOU, Don,THERE IS THAT PESKY NAME AGAIN- HE REALLY DOESN'T KNOW THAT MUCH, DO YOU MARK? that chose to attack me over the vest and Dennis' website. Didn't you want a response?OKAY, FOOL, LET'S TRY AGAIN. THE ATTACK WAS THAT THE VEST WAS NOT MADE BY THE GIRLS. IT WASN'T. YOU HAVE NOT RESPONDED TO THAT. THE ATTACK WAS THAT DENNIS RICE IS NOT A REAL CHRISTIAN. YOU HAVEN'T RESPONDED TO THAT. ALL YOU'VE DONE IS ATTACK ME PERSONALLY, AS IF YOU COULD ATTACK THE COL WHEN THE COL IS JUST JUSTICE PERSONIFIED. RESPONSE, SURE. WHERE IS IT? I suspect not. It's much like when you went on and on about Beausoleil being rejected for parole due to erotic art when you knew that wasn't the case.HUH? BUT IT WAS THE CASE. CAN YOU NOT READ ANYTHING THAT WAS POSTED BEFORE YOU. You went on and on about the wonderful Beausoleil vest without bothering to say "by the way, I own it so I might not be too objective when comparing it to Rice's."I NEVER SAID IT WAS WONDERFUL. YOU OBVIOUSLY HAVE A BAD READING DISORDER. I SAID IT WAS REAL. THAT'S ALL. IT ISN'T EVEN FINISHED. BUT SURE, I BELIEVE THE GIRLS FINISHED DENNIS' AND NOT BOBBY'S. SURE THEY DID. YOU WANT FOTOS? GO CHECK THE CD COVER OF THE FAMILY JAM YOU ASS. Post some photos and let's see the thing, if it's supposedly so much better. Share something people actually care about rather than gossip about Debra Tate.WOW. JUST WOW. THE FACT THAT DEBRA TATE WAS DISINHERITED BY HER FATHER AND YET CLAIMS TO OWN HER SISTER'S IMAGE IS MAJOR NEWS, LOSER. SORRY YOU CAN ONLY REPRINT CHRISTIAN LIES.

As for registering only to preserve your screen name, you were the second person to register under that name.WAS THE FIRST ONE YOU? WHAT HAPPENED? I DON'T SEE THIS PERSON ON YOUR MEMBERSHIP LIST, LIAR. Plus, it's long been common knowledge that you weren't the first to use the name on boards. So much for treating the name as sacred material. AGAIN LIES- I ORIGINATED THE NAME. I HAVE HAD THE COLSCOTT HOTMAIL ACCOUNT AS PROOF SINCE THE BEGINNING OF THE RONSON BOARD. THERE HAS ONLY BEEN ONE TRUE COL. THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE.

As for me taking the previous board down without warning, that is false. Once the host complained about the server load, I posted what was going on. I think I even sent a mass e-mail to members warning them of the situation. Then I had to disable it to see if it made any difference to the server load. Meanwhile, you chose to blog a lie that I was probably shut down for not paying the bills. I had already made it very clear what was going on. You chose to ignore that and slander me and continue to perpetuate the lie. NOT SURE WHAT THE SLANDER IS. WHAT'S WORSE- NOT PAYING THE BILLS OR NOT BEING ABLE TO TELL THE TRUTH. BY THE WAY, FOOL, SLANDER IS SPOKEN, NOT WRITTEN.

If this board is destined to fail it's because people like Don are intent on making it miserable for everybody concerned. IT IS DESTINED TO FAIL BECAUSE YOU WANT TO HAVE ONLY YOUR SIDE. IT IS DESTINED TO FAIL BECAUSE YOU CENSOR. IT IS DESTINED TO FAIL BECAUSE YOU ARE A TOOL.

Now, enough of this ignorance. Let's move on to other topics. NAH, I DIDN'T WANT A WAR WITH YOUR SITE AS MY FIRST POST SAID. BUT IT LOOKS LIKE IT IS WAR.


Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Mark Turner's Minions- Mach 3


Yesterday's thread at Mark Turner's board
merely asking why I was deleted
has been deleted

Look, a pussy up above..

Monday, April 17, 2006

Mark Turner's Minions- Mach 2

So in reply to the VERY long posting (see below) I made at the Mark Turner board, two idiots mocked me.

I said nothing. Mock away.

Then Mark deleted the post.

I never wrote ANYTHING that could be construed as a terms of service violation.

He deleted me anyway.


That is all.

No I am not surprised. Sad. Not surprised.

(Mark Turner is NOT the pussy on the left of the photo.)

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Mark Turner's Minions

The Col is finishing up his stint in the frozen North and really doesn't need a war with Mark Turner. I read the comments from the long weekend and Dr. Dodoparti and others are all getting harassed by Salem, who Mark says is Wheat. I remember Wheat from previous boards. Wheat is incoherent and a nut. If Salem is Wheat, congrats on getting much better- you at least make sense. But guys, guess what? I am not running a message board. Join KTS if you want to. Or join Mark, until he wipes his out again. The comments are what they are- I don't believe most of them and if you want to get bent out of shape by them, well get a grip. It is just a message board it is not real life. As far as Mark is concerned, my issues ranged before from him banning me from his board. I do not ban anyone - including Salem. Because we have a right to speak, if not to be listened to. I got over that because I LIKE HIS SITE- it is an exceptionally well done site. I would be proud to have a site like that and he should be too. As far as the truth goes, I think he is a bit all over the place. You cannot eat cake and then put it back on the shelf. Here is a post from his board with my comments---

I rarely ever look at that blog but have been hearing stories. This means he looks at it only once a week to see if there is anything good on it- just like I do with his site.

Col Scott got mad when I put the Dennis Rice vest on my website. No, please be truthful- Col Scott stated in detail (the post is still there) that the vest is NOT authentic- that there were only TWO authentic vests- one is gone and I own the other HALF FINISHED one.

We all know Col Scott is tight with Bobby Beausoleil and he talks about how wonderful Beausoleil's vest is. It is wonderful enough to me- people who I have shown it to do not think it is all that- and no where have I on this blog ever said it was the bee's knees or anything. Mark be truthful please!

If I were guessing, Col Scott owns that vest Why guess I stated I own it?
and that's why he got mad when another Family vest came on the market. Why else would he be so angry about it? Mark please show me my anger. Why would I be angry about a fraudulent vest? Can you not be truthful?

Do I expect it to sell? Not at the current price. But I THOUGHT everybody would be happy to see very nice, close-up photos of a Family vest. Yes, if it were actually authentic.
Heck, very few people could afford such an item but we can all entertain ourselves with the photos! Why not just be happy to see it and quit looking for ulterior motives? But you DO have an ulterior motive- to make money for a false Christian ministry.

Now, where do the accusations of Rice being a child molester come from? I don't know. I never said (can you read Mark? Or do you just make things up?) he was a molester. I said he was responsible for his children being molested. Just as bad to me,

I've never heard or seen such a thing that I can remember. If it's out there, feel free to refresh my memory. I suspect this rumor See, the truth is your friend. Dennis kids were at the Ranch and sexually abused while there. No rumors.
came from the story that Andy just posted about above. Bill Nelson's second book had a supposed interview with an unnamed Family member. She said she left the group after she saw Manson molest one of Rice's children. As Andy posted, Rice didn't come along until after the arrests were announced. Manson was already in jail by that time. So does that mean it was Clem then? Why were children there at all?

So basically, why is Col Scott so upset with Dennis Rice? Because he is a fraud who is selling a fraudulent vest and who claims he loves Christ but never loved his own children. Good reasons I think.

Many people question the Christian conversion of Tex, Susan and Bruce. The main reason I might not question it is because they've stuck with it for so long. So have Falwell and Robertson. But they are full of shit too.

If they were making the claim just to win parole, I suspect they'd have given up that scheme many years ago. But, back to Dennis. He was released from prison but returned a time or two. Then he had his religious experience and has stayed out of prison ever since. He didn't abandon it once he was paroled. He's stuck with it nearly 30 years and has made it his life's work. It should be obvious to anybody that he didn't just convert to win parole. So, why be so upset with him? I still think it's purely over the vest. No you don't. The vest is just further lies. Why not interview one of his kids, Mark? Ask for access and see what you learn. WHY NOT?

When such photos (like the vest) come my way in the future, would everybody prefer that I just keep them secret? Or would you prefer that I share them? I seriously thought most people would like to see them. What a crock of shit Mark. You didn't do it to share. GO LOOK AT YOUR SITE. You wanted to sell it to some sade lunatic with too much cash.

Same with the new nude photo of Sandy and Lyn. And same with the Sandy/Lyn knives. Would everybody prefer that I just keep such things to myself or would you like me to share pictures or aim you at the eBay auctions? The photo sold but I had no deal with the owner. I didn't make a cent from it. Who is complaining about those? They were real. Thanks for the tip I enjoyed them.

As for Wheat, she has long plauged any message board she can get on. As I previously stated, I banned her for posting false stories. Even Col Scott has made many jokes about her in the past. My only interest in Wheat is in keeping her off of this message board. I've never seen her driver's license. I've never posted it. What would I have to gain from that? The only photo I've ever seen of her is a weird one that she used to post in her "signature" on Frontera's board. She took a photo of 3 or 4 Manson girls and superimposed her face on one of their bodies. Christ I recall that photo. Wheat is crazy. She is probably better off not on your board. I know you are.

Wheat also posted that she heard I'd been sued for posting a photo of the Willett murder house. Totally untrue. Heck, you can confirm the photo is still online:

The owner initially complained about the photo because she thought it was a photo that she'd taken. After one e-mail, she totally changed her objections. We've exchanged a great many e-mails. She sent me a large envelope of additional photos of the house (front, back, sides and inside). She even sent me the sketch that her appraiser did. Plus, she made a very nice cash donation to the website. Sweet. Do her kids still love her? Just joshing, Mark.

As for the donations, I put that link on the site when I was laid off from work. In exchange I sent people a very nice CD of scans of over 1000 newspaper articles. For people who gave a little extra, I usually included a DVD of a Manson interview. There were never all that many donations and eventually they pretty much died off. I found a new job and took the donation link off the website. Hell I wish I had that CD- is it too late to donate?
Okay, this rambled on for far too long!

Mark- your site rules, but when you lie you are not fooling ANYONE, okay? Don't twist my words and you and I will be fine. I love the site and I enjoy you for the most part. But the truth is what it is. People can sputter, but facts are facts. Happy All That.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

The Perils of the Frozen North

The Col admits his mistakes.

In the comments of the Round Up post, the Col commented that Bugliosi had perjured himself under oath about bringing the newspaper headline MANSON GUILTY NIXON DECLARES into the courtroom.
As the lovely Heaven pointed out, this is not true.
Bugliosi perjured himself about being the source of Bill Farr's story. That is why he went out of his way to say "I only know I didn't" in the Helter Skelter novel. Because he knew people knew he did.
I did not have my Stovitz interview notes with me and just went from memory. I apologize for the error.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Nam Ryenge Ho Part TWO

Talking Points for today.

1- The Family knew Gary. Mary had stayed with him at his house. They, and other youth, stayed at Gary's place.
2- Gary, if not gay, was at least bisexual and used his music teaching business as a cover to provide drugs and meet boys.
3- Bobby was bisexual and considered Gary a friend. Bobby and some of the girls would get drugs off Gary.

Okay. If we accept (as I do) that this is all true, then we have something VERY different from TLB going on. Because Gary KNEW his killers. Worse yet, he considered Bobby and Mary friends- they had been to his house many times. Mary stayed there some nights while pregnant when she couldn't make it back to Spahn. I have zero evidence that Bobby ever slept with Gary. But they both swung that way. Remember, though no one has ever commented on it, as the story goes, Gary speaks to Charlie when he comes in the door as if Charlie is gonna stop Bobby and the girls from being mean to him. Nobody notes that if true, GARY KNEW CHARLIE. He also knew Bruce Davis, who came with Charlie. (another reason why the new HS film is such crap- almost NONE of these people were shown at Hinman). It's almost as if... dare I say it... Gary Allen Hinman was a part of the Family.

I mean, if BOBBY was in the Family, and he only came by occasionally to screw girls and make music, then GARY was too, right? I mean he only came to the ranch a few times. But he knew everybody and his house was a crah pad. If you think about it, it makes sense.

The question the BUG could not afford to look at, which we have to, is , "Why are we all acting like this one drug deal was the ONLY drug deal?"

Let's say that Gary Hinman was part of the Family. Let's say that he regularly provided them with drugs to deal (unless Bobby out of a clear blue sky guessed Gary had drugs). Let's say that the Straight Satan burn was only the last straw in shit that had gone down between him and them.

Because if you are gonna go threaten somebody you don't take two little girls, no matter how psychotic.

The muscle came in AFTERWARDS and left them to clean up after.

What else could Gary have done?
Why was Bobby sent? (Mary had lived there, Sadie was crazy)
Why did Gary resist?

Remember, throughout this, Gary promised repeatedly that he would go to the police. He obviously did not think he would be killed.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Nam Ryenge Ho Part ONE

There is a maxim in jurisprudence- "Don't blame the victim" but when you stop for a second the maxim isn't true. Legally at least. Often times it IS the fault of the victim. Look at cases of spousal abuse, scumbag husbands killed by their wives. That could get a killer a free pass. Or look at the Robert Blake case. A huge part of the defense was that "the bitch deserved it." I'm just saying it happens all the time, and the saying is inaccurate. Like "A fool and their money are soon parted." I know a lot of rich fools.


I still spend a lot of time looking at what happened to Gary Hinman. Yes, because I consider Bobby a friend. But also because that's where it all started to go wrong. No Hinman slaying could have, arguably, led to no TLB.

Let's outline it for discussion and maybe carry it forward on three or four posts.

1- The Family knew Gary. Mary had stayed with him at his house. They, and other youth, stayed at Gary's place.
2- Gary, if not gay, was at least bisexual and used his music teaching business as a cover to provide drugs and meet boys.
3- Bobby was bisexual and considered Gary a friend. Bobby and some of the girls would get drugs off Gary.
4- Bobby bought some mescaline for the Straight Satans off Gary in order to raise some money for the group's band, The Family Jam.
5- The Satans claim it is bad drugs. They do not return it but demand their money back.
6- Bobby tells Charlie because the Bikers threaten the ranch. Charlie send Bobby, Sadie and Mary to get the money.
6b- alt version which I doubt- Gary owes Ranch money, has inherited some, Charlie sends kids to get the money by theft.
7- Mission goes horribly awry. Gary tied up and beaten. Charlie called.
8- THIS IS THE POINT WE NEED TO SPEND TIME ON, CLASS- Charlie shows up and makes shit worse, lopping his sword at Gary's face.
9- Charlie leaves- Bobby/Sadie/Mary continue to threaten and abuse to get the money. Gary promised to go to the police.
10 - Gary mounts a last ditch effort for freedom. Bobby stabs. Girls clean up. Writing on walls.

It's a pretty good summary if I do say so myself.

So first off, was there a drug burn?
I believe so.
Were the drugs bad?
Maybe. Mescaline goes off easily.
Did Gary deserve to die?
Of course not.

But I do believe, in this sole case, that Charlie pushed or ordered Bobby to go over there.
I do believe that Charlie made things go much worse than they had to by cutting the guy's face.
I do believe that Charlie pushed for the killing when Bobby called him after the sword attack.

Seems to me Charlie WANTED Gary dead.

I wonder why?

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Doggies at the big ROUND-UP

ITEM- The Col will be finishing his special mission in the frozen North in just about one month.

ITEM- The Col will hopefully take a well deserved vacation for a week after that.

ITEM- Then at long last we will resume regularly scheduled blogging.

We've got more exposes of Debra Tate.
We've got some interviews you will not believe.
We've got some very tetchy people getting very upset.

ITEM- The Col actually WON (as if) that $5,000 ebay pile of papers from the disgruntled New York writer. He had to get one of his NYPD friends to ship the entire pile out of there. Nine huge boxes await me at home. Cannot wait to see what the hell it is that I bought.

ITEM- Mark Turner has opened his board again HERE. The Col will not likely visit often since it will likely be shut down again. But if you go, say a prayer first. For Dennis Rice's children.

ITEM- KTS has asked us to pull the link to their site. I will do anything those ladies ask.

ITEM- Question Everything!

Saturday, April 01, 2006

New Flash- Dateline- California- Cult Leader Released

I'm sure we all were awakened today to the NewsFlashes of Charlie Manson's release in the evening hours by Governor Terminator. Wow. I guess he did it in the evening hours when he thought the public and news media would not noticed. I didn't know Maria Shriver was a relative of Manson's- how did that go undetected all these years. Yes, I too am shocked, but not for the reason as some of is simply I never thought the guy would ever walk free again.

I predict it will be like the Kenendy Assassination, or Challenger or 9/11- everyone will remember where they were when they heard Manson was out again.

Apparently he plans to relocate to Hill End, California- is that near where Sandy lives?

What will happen now that Sandy and the others got their fondest wish, to see Charlie again? Will they help him change his Depends?

Anyway, too much too soon for the Col. All I do know is, now that he is out, if there is any sparks of brain left, maybe we can learn some answers.

Good luck Mr. Manson, Good Luck.