Saturday, November 20, 2010


Item- Does anyone want me to keep tearing apart that shitty screenplay by Scott Kosar? I haven't gotten very many comments about it so maybe no one gives a shit. It isn't like the film will ever come out.

Item- Did you get your Bobby Parole Letters in yet? Deadline is in a few days.

Item- Brenda is not happy with evil liz. Personally, my worldview is that Cats is the queen whose feet I am not worthy of touching. Liz hates Cats. Therefore Liz is insane. But I am not sure why she pissed off Brenda. Does anyone CARE what she is doing these days? I don't. I just want to know why TLB happened. I suspect Brenda has some ideas, but she isn't the link to the solution. Good luck Liz, be careful opening the door.

Item- The new Charlie book is delayed a few weeks. Somehow I don't think I'll learn much new.

Item- Anyone hear anything about a Charlie film that some kids in Wales were gonna shoot? Talk about authenticity!

Later !

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Godspeed Bummer Bob

Dear Family and Friends,

A brief update . . .

My parole hearing is rapidly approaching. In my earlier email notice about the hearing I failed to actually mention when it would occur, and a few of you have expressed concern that the window of opportunity to write a letter for the hearing may already have closed. Sorry for the oversight!

There is still time to get a letter in, if you are so inclined, and if you have not done so already, but not much. The hearing is scheduled for Monday morning December 13th. For a letter to be submitted to the hearing panel within the time constraints it will need to be received by my attorney no later than November 23rd. Here is the address again, for convenience.

Law Offices of Steven E. Moretz
PO Box 455
Victorville, CA 92393-0455

To those of you who have already sent letters, my heartfelt gratitude. If you have not heard from me personally by now, you will soon.

I'm feeling strong. Regardless of what the outcome of the hearing turns out to be, my integrity will not be shaken. I am putting my best effort forward, and that's what counts.

With peace in my heart, and peace to you,


Sunday, November 07, 2010

The Dynamic Says It All

If you want my opinion, Paul Fitzgerald was a good lawyer who believed the Family bullshit a little too much.
If we look at this photo we see what I mean. Is Nancy in charge? What is she at this point, 25 and she and Sandy look like they own the fucking joint. WHY is Paul even considering dealing with these two stoned hotties?

FOUR people are on trial for their lives. WHO CARES what their friends have to say?


Friday, November 05, 2010

Script Review- THE FAMILY- Part 4

And we're back....
Page 31 more voiceover and we meet Tex
and ON PAGE 32 via a newsreel we meet Sharon and Roman.

Half an hour in but the fucking buttlick director gives interviews saying he wants us to meet the victims and get to know them! After one minute of NEWSREEL we go to Wilson's house.

Page 34 has Charlie babbling about black people to Tex.
Gregg gets introduced and then they record an album. (More voiceover!)

Then off to Cielo where they play the record and he doesn't groove.
Snake says Charlie thinks they could be like the Partridge Family EXCEPT THEY DON'T EXIST YET FOR ANOTHER THREE YEARS. What fucking lazy writing.

Kitty and Gypsy get introduced. Sigh.

Everybody gets on the bus. LSD tripping. Charlie forces Snake OFF The bus in the middle of nowhere. And then lets her back on. Being mean to Snake? So?

Page 42 she is back on and we move on....

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Script Review- THE FAMILY- Part 3

And we are back

Page 22 the cops bust them all for being nekkid and shit.
Page 23 Snake says that she has that name because that's how she fucks, but man, she makes it a joke which it wasn't.
Yet another montage series of the Family being harassed by the Law Man in every state. They settle in Joshua Tree. Charlie and Snake make love in the desert and the movie becomes kiddie porn.
Then Charlie sings Ceast To Exist. Snake bores us with a ton more voiceover introducing Bobby. And Gary. Who remains a mescaline dealer in the script. Then she has us meet Watkins, Davis, and Dennis.

Now get this- as the girls raid Dennis' closet they find a drawer of sex toys and Squeaky exclaims.


This is what the script actually says. GAG.

Page 30 ends with Charlie saying that he loves Snake, and so does this entry. I feel unwell.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

People Are Strange

Look I'm all for whatever floats your boat. I always got freaked out by the homophobes who screamed that Steven Parent wasn't gay. Of course he was, and so what? And Abigail and Jay did a lot of coke. And Voytek and Gary dealt drugs. So the fuck what. None of that means they needed to end up as shish ka bob.

What I never got was the people who believed the Jesus Bullshit, the idea that the Bible was some sort of How to book. According to Christian philosophy, if Hitler said he was sorry with his dying breathe, he would be forgiven and let into Heaven. Screw that!

IF There is a God and that's a pretty damn big IF, he sure as shit isn't forgiving certain bastards no matter how damn sorry they are.

So I stumble across this photo on the web and it makes me want to vomit in my hanky. "I am the way and the light, whoever believes in me shall be saved." Umm, Tex boy- YOU STABBED a 9 months (basically) PREGNANT woman who couldn't defend herself OVER AND OVER. You don't speak to any real GOD, you false preacher. Any REAL God would have turned you into a pillar of dogshit years ago. If anything, your full, long life is testimony that there is no God, or if he is he is fucking Groucho Marx.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

It's all about Perspective

One day you're showing Robert Hendrickson how to load a gun.
The next day you're living in the sewers with Bruce Davis.
Then you are struggling to live on the street corner of Temple and Broadway.
Then, whoopsie, you are in Stockton and there's a dead body in your basement.
And then you get married to a White Supremacist and start a family of little Supremists!

But like all of us, you end up in the hands of a Lazy Boy Massage Chair.

The good old days of Guns and Knives are now the days of Recline and Wine.

Monday, November 01, 2010

Our Fallen Warrior

This is more about Bret G. He really IS dead. This is translated through Google so the English is weak. Guy seems to have overdosed. (It is his Uncle writing about him) He will be missed. His YOUTUBE lives on!