Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Don't Feed The Under Bridge Dwellers

It never ceases to amaze. The trolls show up and people feel a need to respond. Or in one case pack up and leave.

I have a better solution- DON'T READ their bullshit.

AC Fisher Aldag, just for one example, is fucking wrong about everything she posts. Everything. If she told me the time I would assume she was off by 3 hours. There is nothing credible in anything she says.

Now do I read her stuff and say "Holy shit no, I've got to straighten her out?" Do I offer to interview her (hi Patty!)? Do I deal with a deep seated need to be right and therefore ban her?

I do none of these things. And here is why.

I can just see her name and skip her post, secure in the knowledge that nothing she says makes sense.

I don't have to prove she is or is not a racist, like Liz's site is doing. I KNOW she is wrong about everything. That allows me to skip anything she says.

But I still allow her to say it, because it doesn't disturb our task.

But Sadie was of course at the LaBianca house. I mean for FUCK'S SAKE, every single person there said so, including Sadie.

Ignore the trolls. You'll be happy you did.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Simple TimeLine

1- Bobby Kills Gary, over money or a drug deal gone wrong. He and the girls get the "bright" idea to leave bloody writing on the wall.

2- Bobby is arrested sleeping in the car he took from his victim. (Genius!)

3- The Ranch People get unhappy. "Didn't Charlie send him there? What is Charlie going to do about it."

4- Charlie knows he was there- what will Bobby say about him?

5- Charlie, the five foot two punk, realizes that not only with these people fuck like he directs, they might even kill if the situation is correct.

6- The Girls, Leslie and Kitty and others, start floating the idea- other similar killings with writing on the wall, Copycat Murders, they will realize they have the wrong guy with Bobby. This makes ZERO sense, they have Bobby dead to rights, but let us assume the girls believe this. This also means they start to get all up in Charlie's face- WHAT are we gonna do about this Charlie?

7- Tex burns Crowe. Crowe kidnaps Rosina. Charlie shoots Crowe.

8- Charlie now concerned about what HE has done. HE might go back to jail. Maybe the Black Panther fear, maybe not. Either way, Crowe HAS TO retaliate, right? (Still confounds me that he did not.)

9- Charlie takes off for Big Sur.

10- Charlie returns, Bobby in jail getting impatient, Mary and Sandy arrested for Sears fraud, girls leaving, and worst of all that motherfucker Melcher is NOT coming through on the goddamn record deal. HE Is the cause of all our problems. You know, somebody should go up to his fucking house where we all have been many times, where he had his Golden Penetrators Club Meetings, and just kill him and every fucker up there. (rantings, musings).

11- Tex who owes Charlie big time (Crowe) and Sadie who owes Charlie (leading Bikers to Ranch who shut down Night Club) along with Katie who craves love and Linda who by all accounts was super down with everybody, go to Cielo and do what Charlie was screaming about.
[[Alternate 10 and 11- Charlie is fucking pissed off because of drug burn by Frykowski and has the same rant with the same result. OR, TEX has been burned, decides to go to Cielo and gets Charlie's permission who suggests " Something Witchy."]] Sadie, remembering Hinman, thinks you are supposed to write in blood on walls and writes "Pig".

12- Killers return to Spahn with naked Charlie and Nancy dancing. Tell Charlie. He and others (Clem? Nancy? Bruce?) return to Cielo. Holy Fuck.

13- Convinced that the only thing that might save his ass from jail IS the asinine idea of Copycats, Charlie assembles the same team of killers, adding only LVH who cannot wait to join the team, and drives around for hours looking for the best place to stage a copycat. Changes his mind repeatedly, finally going next door to a place he already knows. Sets the stage, assuming his team will do the job, which they do in spades.

14- We need an answer as to why it stops and the best I have is- MONDAY- the press is going fucking nuts about Cielo. CRAZY about Cielo. Los Feliz is mentioned. BUT NOBODY IS CONNECTING THE TWO, OR HINMAN. I mean if you had 3 killings in LA TODAY with blood writing on the wall you would see screams of a crazed killer on the loose. But there is NO LINK. This Copycat shit isn't working. On the other hand, no one seems to be coming our way either. Let's take a beat. Charlie knows from ex-cons that you keep going, you get busted. Cops come ten days later, but for car theft and they walk! Charlie is thinking that was a close call, and they leave town, like out of an old Western.

15- Shorty obviously buys it because he called the Raid and maybe knows some shit- I mean the actual living area of the Ranch was not that big. He could have easily heard shit. Anyway, unfinished business, he goes.

I do not say that the above is true.
I do not say that I agree with the above.
I do say that there are no logical problems with the above timeline. It makes HUMAN sense.

My worries with the case are always "Why the LaBiancas?" and "Why stop after them?" Having learned that master researcher Tom O'Neill has not been able to establish that Rosemary actually did leave a $2m estate, then LaBianca seems completely random. And if we reject the insane motive put forward by an unhinged District Attorney, then logic is all we have.

Any thoughts, observations or abuse welcome.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

The LaBiancos Scream In Pain

A cordial response -- from Charles Manson

Posted May 23, 2011 @ 10:38 PM

Published on September 18, 1992 in the Journal Star:

I've been amazed by two facts regarding Charles Manson:

One of his first arrests was in Peoria.

There's scant information about his activities here.

In the Journal Star morgue, we have only two short stories about his local doings.

It's small potatoes compared to the Tate-LaBianco murders for which he's doing life at California State Prison in Corcoran, Calif.

The stories say that in 1949, the 16-year-old Manson and another youth broke into Waugh's Market, 3919 SW Adams, taking $1,200.

On March 22 of that year, Peoria police got a call someone was breaking into Earl Johnson Chevrolet on Main Street.

As a squad car pulled up to a side door, Manson, thinking the police car was his getaway car, ran from the building and jumped in the squad car.

Within seconds, he was looking at two pistols in his face. His reaction: "Ah, (expletive)! "

I wanted to know what brought him to Peoria and what he did here, so I dropped him a line.

I got his address from a California prison spokesman, who said he doubted I'd get a response. He was wrong.

My letter came back with messy yet legible cursive scrawl on the front, back and margins.

Though the spelling and grammar are poor, (Manson admits, "I dont spell . . . in English to good"), the response was cordial and devoid of expletives.

What follows is the letter, nearly unedited except for grammar and spelling changes. The parenthetical additions are mine.


I ran out of Boys Town, stole a car in Lincoln, Neb., and rolled to Idaho. I stole a hearse, (a) meat wagon, (and) ran with a kid.

Went to the Peoria housing projects, where his uncle ran the numbers out of Chicago.

We took a safe box -- 500 pounds -- and threw it off the bridge onto the railroad tracks and did a lot of underworld stuff.

That town's always been good to me. It's not too big like L.A. or St. Louis, yet big enough to get lost in.

The cops got me for a lot of money two times. I wrecked the hearse and they send me back to Indiana reform school.

I was never a real kid. I grew up myself, fast, and was raised by the underworld and monks and sisters in the boys' homes.

Me and Blackie buried a lot of rings, gold watches from a jewelry-store heist. I guess he went back and got it because we got split up.

Yeah, I did a lot of growing up in that town (Peoria) -- fast growing up. They put me in the jail last time I went through there. . . .

It may sound foolish, but that town has always been sweet for some reason.


I'm not sure where Manson and his buddy Blackie dumped the safe and buried the jewelry. Maybe Manson can clear this up.

He wrote that the Journal Star stories I had sent him weren't with the letter, and he'd like to see them.

"Send and I'll respond," he wrote.

What happened to the stories?

"It's very possible someone in the mailroom in the prison took the clips as a souvenir or whatever," wrote Sandra Good, who sent along Manson's letter to me.

I assume this is the same Sandra Good who was a member of the Manson family and once roomed with Squeaky Fromme, who once tried to kill Gerald Ford.

Why would Manson send the letter to her first, instead of directly to me? Maybe to save a stamp, or maybe she's his press agent.

I don't know; her number's unlisted. I'll ask about this in my next letters to both of them.

And maybe we'll find out if he left any hidden treasures during his short stay in Peoria.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Five Years Ago to the Day

Five years ago today we asked about Carl/Karl Stubbs right HERE.

In the book FIVE TO DIE they imply that Katie was somehow involved in this murder. November 12, 1968 it SEEMS that the attack happened. Well before Tate LaBianca.

Now over on the Evil Liz blog, the freaky lawyer who is pretending to help Charlie implies that it is TEX who killed Stubbs.

It is necessary for us however, to touch on one issue that may be important for your considerations. The Prosecutor at the trial produced to the jury the so called theory of ‘helter skelter’ namely that the Applicant may not have told his co-defendants to murder anyone but in a kind of extra-terrestrial manner influenced their minds to murder. It is a fact that the co-defendant Tex Watson was the perpetrator of a number of the murders committed. There is however, now evidence from a California Police Officer that Tex Watson may well have committed murder some nine months prior to any of the killings which if correct would destroy the theory of the Prosecutor that the co-defendants murdered by the mind control of the Applicant!
Tex Watson was seen following a man named Karl Stubbs to his house and that man was later found dead on 9/15/1968 in Olancha, California. This the verbatim statement from the California Police Officer as below:
“I have another murder that I want to tell you about. The victim is an 80 year old man named Karl Stubbs who was killed November 15, 1968 in Olancha, Ca., almost a year before Tate/LaBianca/Hinman/Shea. A witness identified Tex Watson in 1970. There were also two unknown girls there when Karl was beaten. The murder was not followed up on. Why? Because Charlie was nowhere near Olancha then and it would show that Tex is the serial killer. There is no way the Bug could have convinced the jury that he had total mind control on everyone back in 1968!
I spoke to the witness that lived behind Karl. She told me that Karl crawled to her trailer and told her husband that there was a boy and two girls that came in his house demanding money. Every time the boy would kick him in the head the girls would laugh. The witness said that Karl was totally lucid but he could not see. He died hours later. A year later, Tex Watson confessed the Tate/LaBianca murders to Diane Lake while there were in Olancha. Olancha is the gateway to the Barker Ranch via Hwy 190.
The case was investigated by the California Department of Justice. Tom interviewed the investigator who said that the investigation "fell through the cracks". It was not until Tex was finally extradited from Texas, after everyone else was tried, that the clerk at the store recognized Tex on TV as one of the kids that followed Karl home from the store. It is unknown if this was ever reported to Law Enforcement.
To this day, DOJ will not do anything with this case. (I have talked with them). Why not?????
It would show that Tex was killing people almost a year before, independently on his own, as well as two of the girls. That would not support the Bug's Helter Mind Control/Helter Skelter theory.
Olancha is a very small town. Gas Station, Store and one restaurant. About 500 people scattered over many square miles on ranches. It was not local kids. The Hannum Ranch is in Olancha. David Hannum worked at the Spahn Ranch in 1969 and the family used his mother's ranch in Olancha to park a semi trailer full of supplies and use it as a base.”
Fascinating to me this guy. They are right of course in their assertions though they won't get anywhere. And he does leave it open that it could be Tex AND Katie.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

And The Tour Ends

Cielo Drive- I say "Fuck It" and go up the private road...there's a shot of the new gate... past the original houses from 1969 and the new ones...then over the canyon to Falcon's Lair, shots of the 4 houses and then the new ugly monstrosity on the left which replaced the original house. These canyons play tricks with sounds, like Bug says. And with that. our guest has seen all the major sites, 7 hours and done!

Remember - CLICK on PICS makes them BIG!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

And The Candy Cat

A strip club that has lasted decades? In the middle of bumfuck? Welcome to THE CANDY CAT across from the Munch Box, ten minutes from Spahn, where Sadie used to get nekkid.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Always is Always Forever, Spahn Part 3

Climb up from the stream on the OTHER side and you get a lot of thistles. And then boom, this road that I call the "Always is Always Forever" Road. In the wonderful Hendrickson doc you see the Family, all colorfully dressed, walking down this road and singing that song. It has not changed one iota. There is also a shot of the girls on horseback on this road. Don't go the other way, some dude lives up there!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Tour Continues

Here is a shot of Hinman's house...I forgot how far down the road it was... and here is the gate, closed, to 14400 Sunset, Dennis' pad. Last time I did this a decade ago with Jason there was an estate sale going on. Got to film the whole place, even the pool which was dry and filled with weeds. No go this time.

Speaking of Bummer....

He wrote a bunch of other stuff over the last few weeks too...start at the bottom and scroll up

Dear J,

It's very nice to hear from you, as your remarks are uplifting and encouraging. Everyone concerned has felt disappointment over what happened in the parole hearing, and this is certainly understandable, but really, it is only a bump in the road. Defeat is in the mind. I will never buy off on the judgment of someone like the commissioner on the parole board who believes, wrongly, that he has the power too impose defeat on someone who appears before him. How absurd!

I will never give up, Joan. And in fact I've decided to file for clemency to the governor. Only because standing my ground is the right thing to do. Whatever the outcome, standing my ground is a duty I have to a higher power.

Meanwhile, my book is coming along. I got past the "mental block" I was struggling with, and the words are now flowing well. It may be catharsis on a grand scale. We'll see.

Please stay in touch.

----- Original Message -----
To: bobby@beausoleil.net
Sent: Thursday, April 28, 2011 7:56 PM
Subject: Re: my letter to the parole board's head honch

Dear Bobby and Barbara, I apologize for taking so long to write.

I am very disappointed in the outcome of the so called hearing. We know how corrupt and narrow minded many people can be. I again am very impressed with your attitude and outlook.

I do agree with Barbara in that I don't think you will have a fair shot at these hearings unless people do hear the truth from you. People will only go by what they have heard and read in the media and as you know better than I, it is very one sided and its only goal is to sell regardless of the truth.

I will still hold on to the hope that you will be set free and be reunited with your wife and loved ones outside of prison.

I am grateful for your correspondence and in many ways you will never know how much you have helped me. Anytime I get depressed about my life I think of you and gives me a reality check. I can honestly say I've had a hard life compared to most of the people I come into contact with but I know very well many have it so much worse than I could ever imagine. This makes me feel ashamed at times for feeling alot of the things I feel but I am human and my imperfections are many.

I really appreciated the letter you wrote and I hope we can stay in touch as I do enjoy it find it inspirational.

I wish you and your loved ones all the best. Please take care of yourself. Very Sincerely, Joan

We Interrupt this Blog for an Important Message

This just appeared in my Inbox....

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White Dog Music thanks you for supporting Bobby BeauSoleil’s musical endeavors.

Out the Other Side- Spahn Part 4

Up the other side we see a lot of other sites that we have seen in movies and photos. We stumble on the rusted remains of an old car- a stolen one perhaps? We see Rocky Peak itself, the best way to locate the Ranch especially if you have never been. We are up and out and it is time for lunch.

Down by the Stream, Spahn Part 2

You reach the stream bed below after stretching your hamstrings.  In the first foto you do see part of the famous cave that that foto was taken with the whole Family crew. Then you climb up the other side.... and see the No Trespassing signs.....

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

We Come to Spahn's Part 1

One has to have some idea what one is doing when you come to Spahn's Ranch. The property is owned by a Church and they don't exactly offer tours. There are no NO TRESPASSING signs on the property so I guess you could claim you got lost or something.

When you come to the main location, opposite Rocky Peak, you immediately realize how SMALL the main ranch actually was. There was a lot jammed in to a very small space.

But then you scuttle down the back towards the stream and you start to get your FAMILY on!

May 2011 Tour!

Click twice on a foto and feel like you are there!

Monday, May 09, 2011

TRUE not False

Here is the Harold True House. Doesn't look that changed. Still could climb over the fence and visit the neighbors so to speak.

May 2011 Tour!

Saturday, May 07, 2011

They Think 3310 will Confuse People Looking for 3301

First stop on the tour- LaBianca House. Down from the Rectory. Next to the True House. There's been an addition to house since 1969. Comments from the tour "It is so close to the road and so close to the True house." "Is that the driveway?" "Did they really park here?" "Were those bushes there?"

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Ask a Stupid Question....

Obama takes heat from ... Charles Manson

By David Jackson, USA TODAY

Well, presidents get criticized by a lot of people.

But we don't think President Obama will be too upset over being attacked by Charles Manson.

Obama is a "slave to Wall Street," says Manson, the cult leader who is serving a life sentence for conspiracy in the 1969 murders of actress Sharon Tate and others (the basis for the book, Helter Skelter).

Manson tells Vanity Fair Spain: "I think Obama is an idiot for doing what he does. I do not know how you were able to cheat to get there. Not realize what they are doing. They are playing with him."

Manson reportedly spoke in Spanish.

So we don't know if his odd comments reflect a poor command of the language, a bad translation -- or simply the ravings of a very, very weird individual.

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Talking About the Movie That Won't Happen....

From Fearnet.com.... especially laughable shit in RED.

In 1969, a cult of brainwashed hippies killed eight people in a seemingly random, unprovoked two-night spree. Charles Manson is normally the boogeyman attached to the Tate-LaBianca murders, but Manson didn't even set foot in either crime scene. He sent his "family" to do the dirty work for him. The Manson Family legend is one of the scariest and most fascinating in true crime, yet the focus frequently is on Manson himself. Writer/director Susanna Lo is set to change that with her film, Manson Girls, which will tell the stories of followers such as Sadie Atkins, "Squeaky" Fromme, Linda Kasbian, and Patricia Krenwinkel.

We chatted with Tania Raymonde (Death Valley, Lost) about her role as Leslie Van Houten, and what sets this film apart from other Manson films.

Tell us about the movie.

Everyone knows about the Manson story. Everyone has seen the movies and read Helter Skelter. This is a very different take on the Manson story. The focus is exclusively on the girls. The focus is on the girls' life before Barker Ranch, how they met one another, and then them living as a family together on the ranch. The movie ends a minute before the first murder. You never see any of the murders. You only hear about Sharon Tate vaguely, but you know it is coming.

Not only that, but you never see Manson. You only hear him off-screen talking to the girls. It is really about the girls interacting with one another, discovering things for the first time. Sexually, emotionally, spiritually. It's about seeing how these girls could be manipulated into going down a path that would lead them to murder someone. It's more of a psychological thriller, showing how the girls got to that point. I'm very excited about it.

Have you started shooting yet?

No, we start in about two or three weeks.

Will you be shooting at the actual Barker Ranch?

We were thinking about it, but logistically there are problems with that. Plus, the actual ranch was burnt down. I think we will be shooting in and around LA for the first week or two, then we are going down to Puerto Rico for the rest. That will be our desert.

That's got to be intense. Manson's manipulation was astounding.

Yeah. You also find out a lot about the girls' personal lives. No one ever thinks of the girls as people. You are so horrified by this awful thing they all did, and it colors your perception of who these girls were. A lot of them came from interesting backgrounds. Weird stuff happened to some when they were young. All that stuff, combined with living at the end of the 1960s, the political movements of the time, really molded them into the women they would become. That was one of the reasons Manson picked these girls. It's interesting to see the way these girls interact with one another. A lot of people just don't know about them, or about peripheral murders and dramas that happened on the ranch. For once, it tells the Manson story but doesn't exploit the murders or rehash the horrible things done to Sharon Tate and the LaBiancas. It's just about how these girls were manipulated. It's creepy, but there is something interesting about it.

Did you do a lot of research for the role?

I've been reading everything I can find. The great part about playing a real person is that I can go on YouTube and look up interviews of Leslie when she was young, when she was old, all her court hearings. She is an enigma. There is a lot that I don't think people know about Leslie. I think it will be interesting to play a real person, and get to the core of her. It's scary. The whole Manson thing, the murders and his ideology... it really frightens me. I'm really scared by that kind of stuff, and I think that is why I wanted the part. It scares me.

Apparently the girls stabbed Sharon Tate and her friends like 55 times, then took a shower in their bathroom and ate a watermelon from their fridge, then drove home, had sex, watched TV, and just had a laugh. But they weren't bad girls. Some were abused, but some weren't. They were normal kids. But there was just something about Manson that allowed him to completely brainwash them. It's really creepy. I do wonder what it will be like to get to that point, mentally.

It's going to be especially weird, since in the project I am just wrapping up, my character is very focused, very goal-oriented, and kind of a badass. Then I am going to play a brainwashed, head-in-the-clouds hippie. It's going to be strange. But fun.

Sunday, May 01, 2011


Charles Manson Breaks 20-Year Silence, Warns Of Global Warming

Charles Manson, the notorious cult leader, has broken his 20-year silence, and is speaking out about global warming.

Manson, now 76 years old, was accused of brainwashing members of his commune known as “The Manson Family." He was jailed 40 years ago for orchestrating the murders of eight people -- carried out at his instruction -- including Roman Polanski’s pregnant wife, Sharon Tate.

The Telegraph reports that during a recent interview with Spain’s Vanity Fair magazine, Manson warned of a danger that he thinks is greater than himself -- global warming.

Manson said, "Everyone's God and if we don't wake up to that there's going to be no weather because our polar caps are melting because we're doing bad things to the atmosphere… The automobiles and fossil fuels are destroying the atmosphere and we won't have air to breathe.”

Before trailing off, Manson added, 'If we don’t change that as rapidly as I’m speaking to you now, if we don’t put the green back on the planet and put the trees back that we’ve butchered, if we don’t go to war against the problem...'

According to The Daily Mail, Manson is also a founder of ATWA (Air Trees Water Animals or All The Way Alive). The mission statement warns of the planet’s destruction from pollution.

Charles Manson is likely not the advocate that environmentalists would like on their team to fight climate change. Will Manson's comments bring further controversy and political ammunition to an already hotly debated issue, or are they to be disregarded as the ramblings of a madman?