Tuesday, February 05, 2013


The Col's Thoughts--

-- Orcette says she was poisoned.  I don't know that LSD poisons you, it fucks with your mind.  I do know that she wanted that tasty tasty burger Ouisch gave her real bad.  Still does.

-- I am beginning to wonder what to do with Tom O'Neill, a guy I knew who is a real shit stirrer.  A few years ago he was spreading some cockamammie story about Spahn Ranch Kung Fu classes.  He first told me about his book 12 years ago! That's some coitus interruptus.  That's his voice on the tapes.  He obviously phoned this guy up and got him to talk.  As to why the hell he released this now when the book doesn't appear imminent, that's anyone's guess.

-- Orca has no shame.  She really doesn't.

-- If the statute of limitations on murder is non-existent, where is the arrest for Adam Gabriel for the LaBianca murders?

-- This disbarred attorney will let you know a secret- this entire farce is a non starter.  Watson saying Manson killed other people on a tape decades ago is hearsay.  It is not evidence.  It COULD lead to the police opening up another investigation.  That costs money they don't have.  Will they do it to convict somebody in jail for life.  No.

--Notice Orcette ranting about the motive?  Methinks she doth protest too much.  She wants it to be true even when she knows it isn't.

-- Can you take anything here seriously?  I mean they gave it to a plain looking woman with the handle "Foxycuda" (Foxy cooter?).

Wake me when Orca goes back to sea and this sideshow is over.

When It Makes It Into the Gossip Columns...

Spokesperson for the dead?  Kind of works since she is of the Walking Dead!

Could Charles Manson Have Committed More Murders?

Charles Manson might have been responsible for a number of previously-unaccounted-for murders, according to officials seeking access to an audiotape containing an interview between Manson Family member Charles “Tex” Watson and his late attorney, Bill Boyd.
Boyd, who died in 2009, said his client Watson told him that the infamous cult leader was responsible for more deaths than the law had caught onto.

“I was impressed, he was extremely candid and told me about a bunch of other people Manson had killed,” Boyd said of Watson in an interview with an author writing about Manson.
Boyd said Watson did not implicate himself in the killings in the recorded interviews, which span more than 20 hours. Los Angeles police are seeking to retrieve the tapes as evidence out of a Texas bankruptcy court, Fox reported.

Barbara Hoyt, who spent a year in the Manson Family before defecting, said she would not be surprised if the family was responsible for more killings.
The issue is a hot one with former Manson protégé Bruce Davis OK’ed for parole by the state’s Board of Parole Hearings in October after more than four decades in custody, and 27 failed parole attempts.

Now, Gov. Jerry Brown has a 30-day deadline to affirm, decline, modify or decline to review the parole board’s controversial decision.
Debra Tate, sister of actress Sharon Tate — who was famously killed August 6, 1969 with four others at her Hollywood Hills home by Manson and his followers — said she’s hoping to be the unofficial spokesperson for the dead.
“This is an ugliness that spans generations,” she told Fox, while Hoyt called the parole-approved Davis “a cold blooded murderer.”

Saturday, February 02, 2013

Doggie Smells Death Everywhere

TLB scholars remember Orca Tate screaming in the desert with her panties in a bunch, on the news, telling the world that there were bodies everywhere buried up at Barker Ranch. If only the authorities would spend all their money on digging up at the ranch, the dozens of dead slippies could be exhumed and reunited with their kinfolk and their killers brought to justice.  Hey have you seen this trunk of clothes that my sister Sharon used to wear?  I sometimes put on a frilly item and walk across the lawn to feel close to her....

Sorry.  When Orca appears I tend to lose track of reality.

Anyway, the guy who always showed up there telling us there were bodies in them thar hills was retired LAPD officer Paul Dostie and his magic cadaver smelling dogs.  Now of course, he's wrong.  Only people who ever believed that noise were the pedophile piece of shit Larry Melton and the child molesting piece of shit Bill Nelson. (Does touching undeveloped genitals make you attuned to the scent of the dead? Hmmm.)

Dostie would walk up to the camera with Spot or Rufus and say  " My guess is there are at least 6.4 bodies buried within a fifty mile radius of here."  Orca would cry " Think about the children" and the local news would have a 2 minute story to fill out the show.

Dostie is old and wants people to pay attention to him.

I never thought about him or gave two shits.  These people were not mass murderers.  Everyone they killed they killed for a reason.  They were gangsters.

Dostie was obviously an attention whore.  I just had to wait for the proof.

So, in brief-

George Hodel is a deluded, sad old man who has written multiple books in which he believes his father killed the Black Dahlia, committed ten other famous murders in LA, was the Lipstick Killer in Chicago, probably was the Zodiac and took Tuttu Frutti flavor off the menu at Baskin Robbins.  When he wrote the first book, BLACK DAHLIA ANUS, Stephen Kay gave him a quote full of confidence.  So there goes his research street cred.

So anyway click on this shit...

It clearly debunks THIS STORY.

View more videos at: http://nbclosangeles.com.


So we have Buster Hymen the magical death smelling three legged dog and we have Dostie helping a lunatic prove that his dad murdered half of the United States.

Next time Dostie shows up can we all just ignore him so he goes away?