Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Manson Girls

Yet another crappy low budget film is being planned on the subject, THE MANSON GIRLS. Being produced by the guy who did MONSTER, Brad Wyman (most famous in Hollywood for running naked through the corridors of Cannes) and Donald Kushner another exploitation producer, the script does NOT include Charlie at all. It is kind of like doing a movie but missing the entire point.

Lindsay Lohan is attached to play Linda Kasabian. Which is odd. Clea Duvall played her in the bad HELTER SKELTER remake and was suitably unattractive, like Linda. Lindsay is pretty. And talented. In this movie she has to do extensive nudity. Sounds like an extremely lame film.

Then again, La Lohan did CHAPTER 27, about the murderer of John Lennon, so maybe she has a thing for killers. Although that film never came out.


Sunday, February 24, 2008

Debra Tate's Legacy of Shame

Debra Tate has re-opened the Tate Family Legacy site.

Thanks to Bret for the news.

So there is an email there to ask her questions about her Family. The one that she professes to love.

Here are some questions I have-

1- If you are a spokesperson for the Family, how come you were disinherited from your parents' wills?

2- If you are a spokesperson for the Tates, and want to invoke the name of your sister Patti, when was the last time you saw her kids? (Hint- I can't remember is a valid answer.)

3- Why do you run a picture of Col Tate, your dad, and then refuse to bury his ashes according to his wishes, keeping them on your kitchen table so you can laugh at his ghost every morning?

4- Is there a bigger hypocrite on the web than you?

5- Why do you continue to claim ownership of Sharon's image when in reality IF there is any ownership it belongs to Paul Tate's estate- your child and Patti's child- NOT YOU?

6- Why do you show up looking for attention and donuts at the parole hearings of people who never even saw your sister? Patti and Doris never did such a thing.

7- How much does it suck knowing you will never be Sharon?

Feel free to forward these questions to her... or ask your own!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Leslie Sues

Leslie Van Houten, the murdering slut who went into a stranger’s house, put a bag over her head and killed her is suing the Warden of her prison. Her lawsuit is filed essentially the same as the one filed by Susan Atkins.

As a disbarred attorney I will translate---

Leslie alleges

1- That she is sentenced to life with the possibility of parole.
2- That there is a checklist of things that one needs to do to obtain parole.
3- That she has done all these things.
4- That by denying her parole in 2004 the Warden and the commission viokated her rights.
5- That she is thus being held there illegally and that the government should show cause why she should not be released immediately.
6- That barring that she is to be considered a political prisoner being held illegally by the State of California.

Christie Webb, Leslie’s attorney, also alleges that Staten Island Jim has no nutsack in the pleadings. Okay, okay I jest.

I understand why Leslie is doing this. She isn’t getting out ever anyway, so why not? I mean, she could light herself on fire that would get her out sooner. But she is trying all legal remedies. Everything short of granny porn.

In a nutshell, she says “I have a right to parole and have done everything right and you suckers are not letting me out.”

Probably doesn’t help that she calls the Warden and others names and sues them. But whatever.

Why does her argument fall to the ground? Because she doesn’t have a right to parole. It is that simple. It is POSSIBLE she could get paroled. But she won’t.

Why then does she keep suing?

What else does she have to do with her time?

[Pictured- Leslie the killer and her great father who said on CNN that he never has talked about the murder of Rosemary LaBianca with his daughter the fucking murderess]

Friday, February 08, 2008

Leslie Van Houten Murdering Harlot

I heard that you wanted MORE Leslie from Nellie's old site.
Why would I decline your wishes?

  • An Editorial by Bill Nelson

    The next person to have a parole hearing is Leslie Van Houten and it should take place in May, since she received a one year denial just last May 28, 1998. Having served thirty years for her participation of murder in the LaBianca home, she has the best chance for a parole date. She was charged with one count of murder and one count of conspiracy. She did not physically participate in the brutal stabbing of Leno LaBianca who was tethered in a defenseless position by Manson and Tex Watson. Leslie entered the private home without a weapon but she and Pat immediately obtained knives from the victims kitchen.

    Leslie likes to talk about starring into an empty room during the brutal stabbing and claims she only stabbed Rosemary in the lower back some sixteen times after Tex demanded she do something. She whispers softly to the assembled members of the parole board that Rosemary was already dead. It is a moot point.

    What Leslie fails to talk about is her willingness to fight, subdue, tie down, wrestle and brutalize Rosemary in the sanctity of her private residence while getting ready for bed around 2:00 A.M. on that fateful August 10, 1969 Sunday morning. She held Rosemary down while Pat tried unsuccessfully to stab the victim. Leslie struggled hard with the victim, she put a pillow case over the victims head, a lamp cord around the neck and when Rosemary was tough enough to get up off the bed at hearing the screams of husband Leno being butchered by a lying Tex Watson, she called for Tex - trustworthy killer - to finish the job the two Slippies were unable to do.

    Leslie Van Houten was more than a passive demure little obedient slave. She was an enthusiastic willing thrill seeking killer. After the blood shed, during the quietness of death, Leslie wiped down the house seeking to destroy any prints left by the killers. She did a very good job at that. There were no prints found in the house from Manson, Watson, Van Houten or Krenwinkle. Left in the wake of madness were two brutally stabbed victims, a husband and wife, and the only reason given was to start a race war between the Black and White races of America. That is why Pat took the time to write in blood on the living room wall above the front door "
    RISE", and over the wall facing that door, "DEATH TO PIGS", then on the refrigerator the misspelled words "HEALTER SKELTER". Oh, while Tex took a shower, Pat took a fork from the kitchen and stabbed the dead corpse of Leno several times. Then, in an expression of total depravity, she wobbled it, left it in the stomach wound, and is said to have remarked something like "This will freak out the children when they come to Sunday dinner tomorrow."

    There was one more thing Leslie has not talked about lately, she was angry at not being asked to participate in the massacre at the Tate/Polanski residence the night before.

    Fast forward. Thirty years later. Incarceration, three trials, remorse and a little bit of Jesus thrown into the mix, Leslie wants to go home. She has a job waiting. She has offers of financial support. Her life is pretty well together now, she is the beneficiary of a devoted following called "Friends of Leslie".

    Leslie has what Rosemary and Leno lost. There is no organization called "Friends of Rosemary" or "Friends of Leno" for they have all but been forgotten. Murdered. Dumped. Their cries for help, their pleas to live fell on deaf ears.

    hy did I work with Alice LaBianca last year to present a letter to the Board of Prison Terms opposing the release of Leslie Van Houten? First of all, Alice was not manipulated to do that by me, as some friends of Leslie have suggested, far from it. Alice LaBianca is a very independent woman. She laughed when that suggestion was given to her.

    I did it because the LaBianca family needed to get beyond their grief and do something positive. The LaBianca family has been judged for having never spoken out and that changed last year. Alice did the right thing. Do I think she will once again do it this year? I think not. Will we see a LaBianca family member appear before the hearing to oppose the release of Leslie? It is doubtful. The senseless murders inside the LaBianca home thirty years ago froze the family in terror and they have never recovered. Part of that terror is their fear of the daughter of Rosemary, Ms. Suzann LaBerge, and that is a story I have not been fully told.

So what would it take for me to step aside and not oppose the parole date for Leslie Van Houten?

There is nothing Leslie Van Houten can do. I will never support her release. The motive for the murders, and the brutality of the killing should close the door to that prison entrance for ever. The only way Van Houten, Atkins or Krenwinkle should ever come out of CIW is in a pine box.

Leslie Van Houten has the right to request a parole date, she does not have a guarantee that the state is obligated to give her one. The state has the responsibility to hear her appeal each time the Board of Prison Terms assembles at the California Institute for Women for a Van Houten hearing. Each time I listen to the words of Leslie and study her demeanor during the hearing, I ask myself about the cries of the victims. But then, my mind returns to the present and I watch to see if the panel is listening or sympathetic towards the matured woman before them.

Yes, the panel has listened and they have shown interest in her progress. It gives caution to the Deputy District Attorney representing the people of the great state of California.
There are some things that I would like to see Leslie Van Houten clear up before the parole board gives her a date though. It would illustrate remorse, understanding and rehabilitation.

Did Manson and Watson enter the home together?

What does Leslie know about the claims of Gypsy that the Manson family creepy crawled the LaBianca house within two weeks of the murders?

Did she hear any questions from Tex about Leno giving him a little black book?

Does she know anything about the brass door handle ending up in the refrigerator some two weeks after the murders in the LaBianca kitchen?

What, if anything, does she know about the arrangement of logs before the fire place some two weeks after the murders?

Did Leslie know Joe Dorgan, the boyfriend of the daughter of Rosemary? Dorgan rode with Manson with other bikers.

Where did Tex hide that bayonet? My first book proved he did not throw it into the Hyperion water as he claimed.

Were the bushes they slept in near the steps leading to the freeway?

Did Leslie know Marina Habe, a female murder victim known to have visited the Spahn Ranch?

Did Leslie actually participate in the burial of the remains of Shorty Shea following his murder, as I have been told?

These are fair and logical questions for the lady anxious for a parole date. These are some of the questions I personally would like to ask Ms. Van Houten. But, I am not on the board and I am not the one to decide if she is granted her wishes for a release date.

I plan to video tape the hearing in May once again. I will be there to document and record the events as they transpire. If she receives a date I will not be surprised. If she is denied because of the new Governor Gray Davis I will not be shocked. The board who grants her a date will have to be strong and the Governor who signs off on it will have to have some rather large shoulders. The outcry would be much louder than the joy from the Friends of Leslie.
Is Leslie Van Houten a threat to society? Maybe not. But then again, neither are Rosemary and Leno LaBianca.

Footnote below:

  • VAN HOUTEN, LESLIE LOUISE F/W 5'6 brn brn 8-23-49/48 POB: Iowa
    Nicknames: Leslie DL# DD 436893 (temp)
    aka's: Sankston, Leslie Mary,
    Owens, Leslie Sue; Alexandria,
    Louella Maxwell; Alexander, Louise
    Arrested with Manson family
    Convicted of the murders of Rosemary & Leno LaBianca.

  • One more comment from the Editorial above...3/2/99

    The parole board is allowed to ask questions about the commitment offense, the record of the inmate prior to the life crimes, the progress inside the institution, the psychological evaluation, plans for a parole date, and questions about things relating to the crimes.
    Bruce Davis was questioned about the fact he did not inform law enforcement of the burial site of Shorty Shea. Bruce Davis was asked about his opinion as to the suitability of Charles Denton "Tex" Watson to get a parole date, even though the question had nothing to do with the main line of questioning. Davis was asked about the shooting of Bernard Crow. He was not involved in the crime.
    Van Houten may be asked questions showing her suitability for a release date and that may be determined in part, by her willingness to answer related questions. These questions were raised outside the prison last year and they may be asked of Leslie at the hearing this year.

    Her defenders at any cost will have to pray Leslie is truthful, forth coming, and receptive to whatever related questions the panel decides to ask. Certainly, questions about members of the Manson family being inside the LaBianca residence within two weeks of the murders and the letters from Leno to his daughter documenting the facts are reasonable.

    o the Friends Of Leslie and other sympathetic supporters of the murderers I ask, What have you done for the victim's families in your life time? Absolutely nothing!

Thursday, February 07, 2008


I got accused of hypocrisy in the comments by some new readers who didn't go back and read previous posts.

So when challenged in the future I will post some of my BASIC FOOD GROUPS, ie. ideas and thoughts of MINE so that we can tag them and have them for handy reference in the future. This way instead of telling someone to go fuck themselves they can read for themselves.

#1- The Col supports release for Bobby Beausoleil and not Leslie Van Houten. Isn't this hypocritcal?

I say no. I will give you my reasons. These reasons are SOUND. You do not have to AGREE with them but they are valid and sound.

1- The most base and basic one is the following- Bobby denies nothing, admits his wrong doing and blames nothing on Charlie. This is crucial to me. Maybe he did not in the past but he does now. I cannot release a murderer who still contributes to the lies of the case. Leslie needs to say I DID it , no one MADE me do it, I did it cause I was young, bloodthirsty and stupid and I am sorry. It wasn't post mortem, I tied the woman up in her own home and put a pillowcase on her head and stabbed her and I AM SORRY. Until then I will support Bobby's release and oppose Leslie's. She still has the possibility of release just like evil Mark Turner might find bodies buried under Barker and I might shit gold.

2- Bobby's murder was in the heat of the moment. He was out of control and scared. He ran afterwards, left town. Leslie went in to a house, knowing she was going to commit murder, and boasted of it later. I see a difference.

3- Rosemary LaBianca was an innocent stranger. Gary Hinman was a fellow drug dealer. Does that make his life worth less? No. Is death a frequent side effect of dealing drugs? Yes.

These are my reasons. There is NO hypocrisy- it is well thought out.

Thanks for playing.

Alice LaBianca

Okay it was the EX wife looking for attention. And sure, it came from Nellie. But ten years ago, that murderous lying bitch Leslie Van Houten, first had to face the family of her victims. Here, courtesy of Nellie, is the first letter ever sent by a family member to the Van Houten Parole Board.


Manson and his minions thrust our family name into public focus when they murdered Sharon Tate and her house guest one night, then they killed my former husband and his wife in a most brutal manner the next night. Their shocking criminal actions became known as the TATE-LABIANCA MURDERS. We lost our privacy and our obscurity.

My family never became vocal, we did not become activist, we relied on the justice system to seek and find the justice that was due us. We have never been asked by the District Attorney’s Office to participate in opposing the release of any of the killers. After all, they all received the death penalty, and that was all our family could expect.

But we can no longer remain silent. Let me preface my remarks by this statement:

We do not desire to become activist. We do not desire to be bombarded by the media and have our privacy destroyed. Yet, we must make a statement about the parole hearing for convicted murderer , Leslie Van Houten.

She entered the home of Leno, father of my children, that August 10th, 1969. She participated in the deaths in that home. I know, she says she only stabbed Rosemary after she was already dead from the relentless stabbing of Tex Watson. I know she denies having stabbed Leno. I even understand she has been a model prisoner for all these years. It doesn’t matter!

Leslie Van Houten has been fed, given medical care, clothed and housed for nearly thirty years. I understand she even completed a college degree and a Masters degree. My children had no such gifts. They, like other law-abiding citizens growing up, have had to face the realities of life without the help of their father. It has not been easy for them. I know Ms. Van Houten has a web site with Susan Atkins. I know she has a lot of friends who work for her freedom. That is unfortunate.

Leslie Van Houten chose her own path. She chose to follow the instructions of Charles Manson. She chose drug crazed killers as her family and she became one of them. But what about my family? When do we get our parole? When does Leno get his parole?

Sympathy for these killers, and especially this one is misplaced. Sympathy, understanding, and compassion should be given to the victims of murder and not the killers. In all these years, not one of those killers have expressed remorse to our family, -- not even Leslie Van Houten who says she did the least in the murders. If she is really ready for parole then amends to the family should have already been done.

Page Two - Alice LaBianca

The Manson murders…Breaking our silence

When Leslie’s father appeared on Larry King Live, my family was denied speaking on air by the producers to answer Mr. Van Houten’s accusations that the LaBianca’s didn’t care!! Not one of us was allowed on the show.

Make no mistake about it, the entire LaBianca family has suffered untold deprivation, frustration, anxiety and financial ruin because of these murders. Leno’s mother died of a broken heart just six years after her son’s murder, losing the business to merciless creditors – the family business that Leno was managing and she and Leno’s father had founded in the late 1920’s.

We emphatically oppose the release of any of the Manson menage. When the death penalty was repealed after their convictions, their sentences were converted to Life with possibility of parole. Even the California State Legislature found that unacceptable! They voted to make the entire Manson family an exception! The California voters also took action so we now have "Life without parole" as it should be!

It’s a sacrilege to Leno’s memory that the family has to be confronted with parole hearings for these individuals every few years. We are glad for her maturity and her model prisoner status, but that does not equate to freedom.

We also want to say that Suzanne LaBerge, daughter of Rosemary, the murdered wife of Leno at the time, does not represent the LaBianca family. She certainly did not represent us at that May 4, 1990 parole hearing for Tex Watson, when she made that pathetic appeal for his release because she "forgave" him.

As Ms. Van Houten continues her incarceration, let her continue to remember that what she did that fateful night was forever. The Manson family mark on this society is deep. As deep as the stab wounds to their helpless victims.

Alice LaBianca, author of NO MORE TOMORROWS through her friend, Bill Nelson, author of MANSON BEHIND THE SCENES, and a leading Manson family expert. www.mansonmurders.com

It was the encouragement from Nelson, that our family is speaking out. Please do not believe our silence has been uncaring.