Monday, December 31, 2007

A Year End Find

Catscradle whose excellent board is worth a visit - is taking some time away so she can focus on health issues.

Our prayers go with you Cat.

In the meantime, she scored BIG.

This is a photo that shows Gary Hinman and his ex-wife Gloria when they were in a UCLA dance group. He seems to be fifth down in the front row.

How many of you knew he had been married? Or danced?

How many of you have seen any photo of the guy aside from the freaking shot in the Bug novel?

Thanks Cat. Best wishes.

Here is the page the photo comes from.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Col Scott and The AssMonkey Went To Sea in A Pea Green Boat

For those who use the Nets to study the case, we come up against a lot of morons. No place is more full of them that the Candygramma Yahoo Group. The Col basically gave up on the site and cursed it in October. Now the group is basically closed, except for the AssMonkey from Staten Island named Jimmy who is in love with the murdering Hag known as Leslie Van Houten. AssMonkey used to post on the Official Blog under the name Savage. Ask long time regulars- he would post something asinine and then an hour later DELETE it leaving the comments a mess. He is not banned from here- he left in a huff, or a minute and a huff, and no one has missed him since. Anyway, one of the few posts on the dead site is something about us. This was pointed out to me by one of my dozens of operatives that Jimmy believes exists. Let's analyze the mind of a maniac, shall we?
This is the 2nd time now since Christmas that the Col has once again
used my name in vain. He thinks he is the Lord and that we are violating the commandments. In reality, he is a poor deluded young man according to me, and his name is worthy of vain bandiment.

I let it go the first time, but i feel that i
have to respond to this. He let it go? Is that like cutting the cheese? He HAS to respond to us? Why? Because the other retards like Cheryl might.... what?
As i don't post on the Col's blog, he's welcome to come here and
read my reply. Ahhhh, thank you Jimmy. But I know what you are going to do before you do it. I have a monitor in your left Bicuspid at all times.
The Col states the following in a blog listing about Barbara Hoyt:

>>>I was thinking of Barbara because she had a letter read at
Leslie's most recent parole hearing (the one where the bitch got
smacked down for two years and Jimmy got called an obsessed man with
a crush). Barbara's letters are, like so much of this case, full of
shit. ">The Col went back and he stands corrected. The word that Sequiera mumbled was "divorced". As in "wife left him because he loves a multiple murderess". Maybe. Don't know why she left. Now, even though the word is not used in the hearing, here come PARAGRAPHS about LVH. But no, he isn't obsessed. How dare I?

I've stated my position numerous times and Leslie could have easily
intervened and said something had her idiot attorney not prevented
her from getting a word in. Now I did watch it again, boys and girls. LVH never tries to say anything about Jimmy. Not once. Nothing is prevented. Yes. Webb is an idiot. LVH is a murderess. And Jimmy is not obsessed. Follow?

I don't like this double standard that the Col seems to play here. There is no standard of ANY kind. I hate LIARS and Murderers who LIE and Fat Bitches who LIE and divorced men who LIE. The standard seems clear to my readers.
It's funny, i see Bret's article on Veronica Compton and James
Whitehouse and nobody as much as says boo about that. I don't see
any articles on the Cols blog calling him a "stalker" or referring
to him as "obsessive" so why am i always on the short end of a
double standard? Okay everyone. He just compared himself to the husband/lawyer of Sadie Atkins, the seven time convicted lunatic murderess. He wants to know why he is being picked on and Whiteass isn't. Except, Whiteass isn't even worth an article. Nelson thought he was gay and broke. He clearly is the dictionary definition of pathetic loser. And Jimmy COMPARES himself to this guy. WTF is wrong with this character?

Could be it be that he gets special treatment because the Col's
associates probably call his house every other week? My many associates (we are legion!) would not piss on Whiteass if he were on fire. He is beneath acknowledgment. His sole good deed in this world is sucking so bad there is no threat of Sadie ever getting out.

I don't mean to be bitchy about this subject, but i'm still pretty
damn agitated and hurt about that last parole hearing and that
ridiculous charade that went on in that boardroom. He means the one where his delusions were pulled out from under him. Instead of seeing this as a great step forward, he is unhappy with reality.

Maybe the Col
thinks this whole thing is one big joke, Just him

but it's not funny when
someone gets belittled like that. He didn't get belittled. Reality smacked him in the ass.

Regardless of what you actually think, i cared about Leslie very
much and she knows that. It was because of that, I essentially got
used as a punching bag and had every tom, dick and harry, who had no
clue what was going on, try and smear me. Holy shit I am worried about this guy's brain cells. JIMMY- seriously for a minute- even IF you did- so what. Leslie never gave a shit about you. Not because you are an ass monkey. Because SHE ONLY HAS EVER CARED ABOUT HERSELF. EVER. SHE IS A TEXTBOOK CASE OF NARCISSISM AND ME SYNDROME. SHE NEVER CARED ABOUT YOU OR ANYONE. EVER. SHE JUST WANTS OUT.

Everything is a big joke to some people. Well that group you are in is PRETTY funny. Except for Bredlau, nobody has a clue about TLB.

It's not funny. People
have feelings. Then listen to me. I am being nice here man. GIVE IT UP. The whore couldn't use you so she dumped you. Find a FREE woman. Take her to Cabo. Bang her off the walls. LVH is a murderer who regrets getting caught. That is all.

I went through the time and effort to make that one video for Leslie
that showed her highschool years and made an attempt to portray her
as a human being and the Col comes along and just destroys
everything that i tried to create. You give me so much power and I don't have it. I mocked you and mocked you hard and will mock you again because LVH is NOT a human being. You were trying to show the nice side of a stupid murdering whore. She is NOT human. I mocked. I mock again. Grow up.

He took something that was done
with the best of intentions and turned it into something malevolent.
Wrong word. I pointed out that it was ludicrous. It was and is, dude.
Do you think that's fair? It is called life. My opinion. Free Speech. Of course it is fair.

But Whitehouse gets a free pass from the Col? Why do you keep comparing yourself to a piece of shit who lives in a mobile home and has sex with his pillow?

It makes me wonder why the Col has decided to attack Barbara Hoyt
all of a sudden. After all, that parole hearing and her letter was
on the 30th of August 2007. Why now? Read closer- I finally watched the damn parole hearing. I was sick for a while, honey bunny.

As far as that parole hearing is concerned, it's true that Leslie
could have simplified many things had she just taken the initiative
to make herself heard. She chose not to do that. For that i'm really
disappointed in her. Leslie is NEVER getting paroled. Ever. Her only chance is a judge who realizes that she is being held pending rehabilitation that has already happened. I think she realizes now that parole is over.
So naturally the Col finds all of this amusing.
I wish i could say the same, but i can't. I find a lot of it pretty fucking funny actually. But the more I reread this the more I worry that you might harm someone or yourself.

You have to admit one thing Col, since you mentioned you had a legal
background at one time, how dumb was it of Leslie to be allowed to
present parole plans to the board that involved job offers from
inmates either running a law a firm or being in contact with inmates
needing legal council? I admit it. OMIGOD it was beyond insane. "Hi, please parole me even though I show no remorse and am a Manson follower, and let me work with other people who are criminals, you don't mind do you?" It was retarded.

I've said it before, whatever "Counciling" or "Coaching" she's
getting from either her attorney or her friends is an absolute
travesty. Only an idiot would present parole plans of that nature to
the board and think it's a good job offer. Obviously Christie Webb
thought it was a peachy keen idea :) Yes. The entire thing was LAME PLUS. Why was the letter from Hoyt even read? Hoyt has NO first hand knowledge about LVH's crimes. Why was the Sebring Nephew letter read? LVH never saw Sebring in her whole life. Why was Debra in the room? That is insanely prejudicial because LVH never ever saw Sharon Tate in the flesh in her life. It was a circus, a joke. She had ZERO chance.

And people have the jewels to criticize me because i actually cared
about Leslie. Of course we do. You don't get it. You are caring for a PATHETIC WASTE OF FLESH.

I have nothing more to say. You always say that and you always do.

I'd appreciate it if you refrained from using my name in a
derogatory manner. I'm already hurting enough over this as it is. I
know how you are so i don't take it personal, but Leslie meant alot
to me and I don't need to be the recipient of any bad comments. The only comment is that the condition of being an AssMonkey is curable. Let me help you.
1- Stop caring about people who aren't real. Maybe you care about Lindsay Lohan. But she isn't real either. She's a media concoction.

2- Find a woman around your age who is single and who is not in jail or going to jail.
3- Date her.

4- Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

No videos. No letters. No more time on CG's stupid group. GET REAL NOW.

Thank you. No Jimmy, Thank YOU. The life you save may be your own.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

More Hoyt Hate

The illustrious Heaven in the comments stated that Babs once was pretty. I don't agree. I replied that she was young and innocent. Maybe at the level of a Bukake video star.

I was going to reprint her letter from the evil Mark Turner's amazing site.

Because having been read into the public record it is no longer under copyright. But you can go read it if you want to. It is pure narcissism.

So have been her interviews on tv and with Nellie. It is all about her. Another self absorbed sixties bitch.

Let's just be logical for a second. Assume that the entire trial record is inaccurate. Which it is not. Which is more likely-

1- Bruce and Clem and others are lying about the time of day that the murder of Shea occurred.


2- Fatty heard someone smash his balls while jumping into the Waterfall and assumed it was Shea getting murdered?

Think harder- if Davis now admits to this murder (and not the other ones he likely committed) why in the name of sweet tarnation would he care about what time it was?

I think it more likely that Tubby had marshmallow in her ears and misheard shit.

But better yet- what does any of this have to do with her?

Shorty wasn't her friend.
She only went to the police MONTHS later after claiming she had been attacked.
She didn't speak out or up for decades until Nellie promised her a book deal.

Sure- she isn't as murderous and evil and Gypsy.

But so what?

She doesn't interest me half as much as Ouisch and Ouisch was cute on top of it all. And she has had the decency to shut her trap for thirty years.

Barbara- I'd sign off tell you to eat me but I worry that you would!

1- A leggy Barbara Hoyt learns how to tie her shoes without bending over, something that will be useful once her future belly arrives to block such events.
Young Babs eyes a tasty morsel offscreen? What could it be?
3- During the Shea trial, a more round Hoyt looks alarmed as she reaches into her jacket and realizes she has eaten the Snickers bar already.
4- I cannot make any kind comment about that haircut.
5- On the way to Fat-hood, Hoyt eats a lit cigarette.
6- Morsel revealed! Tasty Pooch!
7- A Happy Mugshot. I think from the Bug Novel. Doable? Methinks not.
8- Here she looks okay. But just ok.
9- There goes okay all shot to hell.
AA- A post Oui Debra Tate takes styling tips from Babs.
BB- Leno's Ex Wife, who also has a lot to not do with the case, also follows Babs trailblazing style.
CC- Kanarek and Hoyt- separated at birth?

Friday, December 28, 2007

Goo Seeks Tub

When I saw this photo I thought Debra Tate was playing some sort of weird Halloween game designed to cost me nightmares and lost sleep. Then I realize it was little Babs Hoyt, all grown up. Like they said in that great Bill Murray film, she has swallowed a lot of grief. Along with a hell of a lot of pizzas.

I was thinking of Barbara because she had a letter read at Leslie's most recent parole hearing (the one where the bitch got smacked down for two years and Jimmy got called an obsessed man with a crush). Barbara's letters are, like so much of this case, full of shit. Her details that she offers about the Shorty murder are just wrong. Her quoting what people said to her are ludicrous and make no sense. These people didn't try to talk to her. She was the lardass who had to run away. Then she claimed she got poisoned by LSD (which is pharmacologically impossible) and they wanted her dead, though no one got prosecuted. I bet the defense attorneys all claimed she thought the LSD was Pez.

It is convenient for DA Sequiera to use her to keep the loser LVH in jail. But again, the truth suffers. There is no surprise that evil Mark Turner would help book her for some cable show. He cares not about what the truth is.

Babs- you are never getting the book deal since Nellie croaked. You are never going to be able to afford more Tastee Cakes. Your Christian nonsense makes you akin to Tex and Sadie.

Get the stomach band. And maybe some electroshock too!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Only The Truth Will Set You Free, Dennis

This has been forgotten since April but thanks to the nonsense going on in the comments I went to the archives and found my copy of FREE INDEED by Dennis Rice.

The Col paid $10 back in January but the "ministry" didn't send it. Some ass kicking ensued and we got it in April. I read it during a rather short crap. It isn't that long.

45 pp with some badly reproduced black and white photos. Not worth $5 but hey, Jesus wants money most of all these days.

The basic premise, retrofitted with lies and polishings, is quite simple. "I WAS A REBEL" Dennis writes multiple times. I had three kids plus one other that wasn't mine. My ex wife was basically a drug whore. So naturally, being a rebel, I followed Charlie Manson (because, you know, he was so rebellious). I took my kids there too. I robbed a warehouse. I shot at cops. I got parole. I violated it and got sent back. I was basically a stupid, irresponsible asshole. Then one day I found Jesus. We kicked it OG style and now I have a church and exploit Charlie's name to make money preaching to prisoners. AH-MEN.

It is hard to review something that is meant to appeal to a sucker and not to a scholar like the Col. I could break it down so you don't waste your money on it.

Intro- Dude, that Hawthorne Shoot Out was Cra--azzy

Chapter One- I was a rebel and it was the sixties. Crazy shit was happening. Then the Manson Murders. How cool those rebels were.

Chapter Two- I was a rebel. I dropped acid and read Kerouac (whoah!!). I was a bad church person. I met a chick and hooked her on meth then married her. We got married and I kicked the habit but she stayed a drug whore. Drugs are bad, mmmkay? Everyone did drugs back then, even Bruce Davis (??) We separated and I took the three kids and worked all night at a book store.

Chapter Three- The Family got caught. Was this the Revolution? I was so moronic, I mean intrigued, that after reading an interview I drove to the ranch. I thought this was heaven. I brought my kids. I banged all the women. This was heaven. I soon began to visit and speak with Charlie and concluded that he was Jesus Christ. This place rocked because you know, I was a rebel.

We interrupt with actual quotes to smack down AC from the comments hard---

" My kids loved it. They went from having no mom to having six or eight of them. It was great for me to suddenly be free from the responsibility of caring for them and I went from having no wife to having a choice of ladies to sleep with."

Yeah Dennis, nothing like having a retard like Clem introduce you to sex when you are six years old you hypocritical, lying non Christian turd. Charlie called you FATHERMAN but you were no father- even now.

Chapter Four- So I help try to get a lot of guns to try to take out Charlie's jail and free him. I get up to twenty years in San Quentin, but this being the era where people like Zero get murdered and nothing happens (my editorializing) I only served 2 years. And then I fucked up my parole (being a fuck up and all) and went back in. Because I'm a rebel! "Three times in and out, another six months, another year, parole violation after parole violation." I took the kids and since ex wife was a drug whore I created, I gave them to some strangers again, only Christians this time, then I went back to the joint.

Chapter 5- Finally I am in the joint and surrounded by Christians so I decide I should become one. Cause I am a REBEL!

Chapter 6- I got out of Jail but was still into the KKK and shit, being a rebel and all. Then I joined a fire and brimstone church in Tempe. I made my kids go to church (nice). " I had made every mistake as a parent. My kids wound up in foster homes, juvenile homes and and Orphanage." But then Jesus came and they loved me again. And my mom loved me again. And my drug whore wife, before she died accepted Jesus so we'll see each other again. (vomit).

I then met a woman who looks like Rosie Polanski as per the included photo and gave birth to two more sons because being a father is such a cool thing. [[It just sucks that there are no hippies to teach them about sex now that they are almost eight years old. editorializes the Col]] But I am still a rebel- a rebel in CHRIST!

Chapter 7- It doesn't matter if you are in Jail, or reading the Col's blog. Jesus is waiting. He wants to give you a new life. Surrender!

AfterWord- You know this shit is hard work. Send us some cash, people!

Reflections- Jesus could even save Charlie

Photos- This mountebank has 17 grandchildren. It makes me sick. Then some photos of prisoners making the Heil Hitler salute back to Dennis. See above photo.

Missing- no mention of the fake vest he exhibited through the evil Mark Turner at No real accounting for his crimes (shooting at cops!). Vague mention of being a shitty parent but no real listing of just how bad. Blames shit on other people.

Unsuitable for parole- sounds like Tex, Bruce or Sadie except he got out.

The pamphlet is a joke. I feel Dennis and his ministry are a joke. Another loser blaming Charlie for his own crimes. Hell he even exploits Charlie in the NAME of the ministry.

So there it is. Right from the horse's ass. REBEL ? Charlatan, narcissist, pathetic- all more accurate.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007


There isn't a lot to say. The Col has been sick. I spent a week in the hospital after Thanksgiving and am almost recovered.

It was apparently a fairly common intestinal problem. Only I never heard of it. Being the great Col. I never get sick (although I do throw up in my mouth whenever I hear something about Jimmy from Staten Island). This really waylaid me. On top of that, my poor supermodel wife was stuck nursing me back to health.

So the blog suffered.

Too bad.

Fact is the blog is a serious commitment to finding out the truth about what happened. It isn't some book that never comes out (hi Tom O'Neill, thanks for contacting all my sources, glad to cock block you when I can). It isn't making bootleg money off other's people broadcasts (you know I do love you AesNihil though, right?) It is an ongoing, neverending quest for the truth - something which may not be found in my lifetime. BUT I SEEK.

I seek because if Bugliosi can do this to Manson then he can do it to me or you. Because if Gypsy can rewrite history so that she is not a major criminal for two years, Sadie might someday manage to get released. Because every show that repeats the Helter Skelter motive/lie cheats history of what really happened.

I seek and will continue to. Being ill cannot stop the Col.

Let me wish you all a Merry Happy whatever you practice. Mulder taught us the truth is out there; we just need to figure out where to look.

Friday, December 07, 2007

The Order of Red and Blue

I just saw this interesting special that Bret sells (thanks Bro). It was an Australian 60 minutes thingy and part of it interviewed Sandy walking around a lake yelling at people who ran a papermill. Calling them worse than child molesters and the like. This was like in 1990 or something and bitch was looking old then. She wanted to save the trees and water and shit.

This got the Col wondering. It seemed to me sometime prior to 1975 but post 1971 this ATWA bullshit started up. Maybe only Red and Blue and Susan Murphy really believed it. They seemed to IMO but then at least two of them were batshit insane in my opinion.

Probably some masturbatory thing Charlie came up with in order to make it seem that they had noble causes all along, I wonder if anyone has any idea where it all came from? When was the first documented mention of ATWA and nature etc?

Sunday, November 18, 2007

A Cautionary Tale

She was a homely Southern Belle who lived in Alabama most of her life. Mobile. Due to an hormonal imbalance she tended to have hair all over her body. In inappropriate places. Lots of it.

Her parents, such as we can see from news reports, seemed very old school, conservative, Southern. Mom looks like the spoiled princess she likely was. Dad looks to me like he should be branding cattle and smoking stogies. Actually come to think of it Dad looks a bit like George Spahn. Hmmm.

Mom and dad come from an era where children should be seen and not heard. If the young girl ever came to them with her problems, I can't imagine them being addressed. Am I being too harsh? Well her older sister overdoses and dies because of a bad drug habit. I have to think somebody was not a great parent or communicator.

The girl hits the road. Her parents don't even know where she is. They send money occasionally, but only just enough to get her off the phone.
She of course has found her new Prince Charming. He tells her she is beautiful. He introduces her to group sex. She gets oral sex from the leader, from his idiot sidekick, right there on the bar of the saloon. She thinks she is learning self esteem.

Of course, she is just being mindfucked. But for the first time in her two decades, she fits in.
She doesn't want this moment to end. And she'll do whatever the Prince tells her to do. And in so doing, spend the rest of her life alone, locked up, unloved.

[[Not posted in 12 days which is quite long for the Col. Wasn't because of work, travel or anything really. Just because I had nothing to say. But now I do. Stay tuned.]]

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Cease To Exist

this apparently is part of a new documentary that this film student guy is making. Most of the information seems to be not new. It also is poor quality video. And he probably hasn't cleared it legally so it will come down soon.

But it is worth your ten minutes.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

When You Wish Upon A Star....

1..... I wish one of these lameass cable channels would actually ask Bugliosi the hard questions about the motive and his insane grandiose dreams.

2..... I wish Rosemary LaBianca's son Frank Struthers would surface so we could ask hard questions about his sister and Joe Dornan... and Tex.

3..... I wish somebody would turn the lights off over at CG's shit group. Since the Col pronounced it dead it has had only a few posts, most of them incoherent ones from Stalking Jim.

4..... I wish Alisa Statman was available so she could explain some of the petty stuff that went on with the Tates towards the end. I know she would have an agenda but I would believe her over most bs sources I connect with.

5..... I wish I had the time to find the Hawthorne cops that Gypsy shot at. Maybe the Discovery Channel would like to speak to THEM.

6..... I wish Hendrickson's new film gets good distribution and starts people talking again.

7.....I wish the police re-opened the Scientology murders case in time for Bruce's next parole hearing.

So many wishes. Ah................

Monday, October 29, 2007

Cults- Most Evil

So I saw this special on cable. Most Evil: Cults or some stupid bullshit. It's about this idiot doctor who still watches 16 mm films on a projector like it's 1978 or so. He looks to be about 100 years old. I assume there is a respirator next to the cameraman at all times. He has a system to rank evil. It is based on narcissistic personality disorders and other big words. Basically he just makes it up.

The Col has a most retarded scale and gives this program a 20 (out of 20).

Catherine GYPSY Share shows up. She must be looking for a book deal, because she has become the go to person for retarded cable shows to call up and interview. She may be being repped by Mark Turner, the evil owner of the amazing site or something because his fat ass gets a thank you on the show. She tells the same

story about Charlie threatening her with a Clem beating and shit. Is it true? I don't know- first time anyone heard it was on that lame ass History Channel last year. But let's ask Gypsy other questions next time, cable losers, okay?

1- Why did you shoot at police officers dozens of times during the Hawthorne robbery?
2- Why did you attempt to escape from prison during the trial for the robbery?
3- Why did you become a fugitive on the run for credit card scams for well over another decade?
4- Why did you stay with the Family during the trials even after Charlie and Clem were under lock and key?
5- Just how full of shit are you really, Catherine?
6- And oh yes, why did you help clean up after Shorty Shea's murder as an accessory after the fact, according to multiple sources, Catherine?

Do you think Michael Stone, alleged Doctor, asked ANY of these questions before putting this career criminal on the air?

I don't either.

[We gots Gypsy and her son and Gypsy and Gypsy's tits because Jesus likes tits]

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Where's Ivan????

In the new Hendrickson film there is a short sequence where Sandy breastfeeds a baby, presumably young Ivan. It is up close, explicit, and very loving. Of course, Sandra threw her son away for Charlie. I vaguely remember one of my videos where she is asked about him and terminates the discussion.

Supposedly Sandy and George are off the radar, living life one day at a time. Did she ever re-establish contact with her son that any one knows of?

Friday, October 19, 2007

Somebody Alert Leslie

To prove I guess that he is NOT obsessed with Leslie Van Hagley the murdering scum who stabbed Rosemary LaBianca 20 plus times, Jimmy from NY has posted two new videos on Your Tube. Which are obsessive beyond compare. He even stalked Leslie's four yearbooks. If any of you care, they should alert Leslie or her lawyers that this guy is out there and loose. Me, I don't care, because whatever Jimmy ends up giving her, she deserves.

He has blocked real comments on youtube like all gutless cowardly pussies do. He also blocked embedding so that the COL cannot show you an embedded link. Like it matters to anyone except monkey boy Jim.

Here is the first video.

Here is the second video.

Laugh and discuss.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Jimmy the Stalker Part 2

Referring to this page
October 13
The Col got an email asking

On this envelope, why is it when you enlarge the thing, the handwriting goes OVER the postmark?
And you can see erase marks?
Just asking....

Col thought to self, "Self, that crazy SOB didn't invent this shit did he? I mean, he was repudiated and smacked down by LVH and her attorney pretty damn hard. He must need the approval of faceless people like Christie and fat Cheryl's Mom pretty bad if he fabricated it.

Then I looked closer. The handwriting DOES go over the postmark. There are erase marks.

Beware of stalkers whoever they are.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Fires in Your Cities

Mr. and Mrs. America - you are wrong.
I am not the King of the Jews nor am I a hippie cult leader.
I am what you have made of me and the mad dog devil killer fiend leper is a reflection of your society. . .
Whatever the outcome of this madness that you call a fair trial or Christian justice, you can know this:
In my mind's eye my thoughts light fires in your cities.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

The End of charlesmanson_and family

For those of you who still give a shit, I have had a link to the right for years saying "Losers Hang Out Here" or some shit. That linked to a Yahoo group wherein you would find on any given day Jimmy the stalker, Melton the registered sex offender, an illiterate old lady named Sharon who couldn't tell Melton from Melcher and a foul mouth fat wench named Cheryl. As they say on Law and Order, these are their stories. I now pronounce the group OVER!.

Old Coot Writes

HUN-- I am not even in charge of babysitting you anymore
YOU requested me to NOT EDIT your posts-
I don't usually reject posts- I EDIT them.
YOU don't want that done so I haven't
However, your veiled threat of *suggestion* to stop censoring you well HUN-- much as I luv yah and I know you luv me thing is-- YOUR account has been turned over to the other mod who, I might add, will NOT put up with ANY veiled threat suggestions.
I am sending this to her - you can voice your opinion with her OK>
I KNOW you are able to post decently- I have actually seen one or 2 that are decent - However,.they have never been in MY group.
My *suggestion* to you is -- stop with the veiled threats, stop with the attacks,
stop with this vendetta with Jimmy and Rabbit ON THE BOARD-- email them offlist and blast off. WE donot need to be a party to you and their fights.
Cheryl-is not as easy going as I am- only thing I have suggested to her is to NOT boot you from the group. However, she has a trigger finger.......LOL

Psycho Fat Woman Cheryl Chimes In

Kotex, she is right.
I will not tolerate your foul mouthed attitude.
You suggest we stop censoring you?
I suggest you stop sending things in that are in need of being censored.
You sure as hell don't pull the same shit in Heaven's group..why is that? Maybe because she won't put up with your crap?

Well guess what asshole..I won't either
You will no longer be the bully of our group
Try to bully me? I'll tell you right now...complete waste of my time as I'm not intimidated.
You've brought this entire censorship/moderate situation upon yourself after being told countless times to lay off your bully bullshit towards Rabbit, Jimmy and others and refusing to comply. You've no one to blame but yourself. So if you want to piss and moan and boo hoo over it to someone...get a mirror!
Don't like it..then you'd best make some changes.
Don't want to make changes, then maybe you'd be better off leaving the group.
Choose to stay and continue to send in your snide, pointless remarks towards others....they won't make it past my own eyes.
U are nothing more than a member of the group, you don't run the show, so abide by the rules or my itchey trigger finger just might be pointed at you!
Have a nice day loser!

Notice the insane ramblings of the pathologically fat? Notice how she calls names like she is a retarded 3 years old. Notice the threats and the delusions of grandeur.

Unfortunately for these two rejects, multiple members of their group ASKED today to have my posts forwarded to them. This, after Old Sharon offered it. But they won't get it because Fat Cheryl (who no man will love) declined to honor (she has none) Old Coot's request.

So here was my farewell to them

Let me explain what you have done.

Rather than allowing a free speech discourse to occur, whereby people can either read my posts and decide what they think or even choose to ignore my posts, you have instead censored my posts.

Then Sharon offered to provide my posts to those that asked. THREE of your members asked and inbred Cheryl changed the policy and said no.

You see, you think that life is about evenness. It isn't. Maybe Rabbitt will be thrown out of KTS maybe he won't. But he should be thrown out of your sinkhole because he is a LIAR and a pedophile.

Maybe Jimmy will be coming back, but he should be watched because he is a liar and unwell.

Maybe Christie is a nice person, but she is also an idiot and her ideas deserve mockery.

I haven't had to do anything. By muzzling me, lying to your members and treating them like children you have already proven yourselves to be unfit guardians of discussion. Your group is now over.

The Col Has Spoken

With their membership censored and ignored, it is now official- the LAMEST site on the web is now KAPUT!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Susan Murphy

Catscradle (who runs a very very awesome website committed to the truth, which now finally downloads properly) starts up the bizarre campaign in the comments section that I am someone famous. The Col is smart, rich and informed, but he isn't famous. However this got me thinking about a fringe aspect of the case, one Susan Murphy. Here is what I know....

--> Was roommates with Squeaky and Sandy in Sacramento when Squeaky pulled her gun on President Ford

--> Looks like a tranny

--> Was arrested with Sandy in the threat conspiracy for sending letters to corporate executives who they claimed were raping the environment. Sandy got 15 years and insisted on serving all of it.

--> Was convicted only on one conspiracy count

--> Beat up a guard and escaped from Terminal Island.

--> Was possibly named GREEN to Sandy and Squeaky's RED and BLUE.

What I don't know

--> what was her sentence?

--> when was she released?

--> where is she now?

--> Was she ever related to the Family for reals or did she just know the girls in Sacramento?

This is not a major part of anything- she's not even that interesting. But I did have some ebay photos of her mug and saw that there wasn't a lot of definitive shit on her on the web and thought I would ask.

Here are the captions for the photos which have some points of interest.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

JimNy The Stalker?

We've learned a lot about this guy, but his insane love affair is scary to me.
What do you all think?

Click Here

Click Here

Sunday, September 30, 2007

How Sad....the world of JimNY

There are many many sad fringe people associated with this case. That is why the Col FLED after the screening on Friday. Sure I wanted to converse with Hendrickson... but who else would be there?

I am most concerned about one James Robinson from NYC. He is obsessed with Leslie Van Houten. Look at the two videos below. He actually bought her High School yearbook to make those atrocities. He talks about how meeting her changed his life. He scares me.

But who is this guy? He posts in the insane candygramma group. He attacks the Col because the Col does not think Leslie should go free. But is he dangerous or just the usual blowhard?

Again, lest we never forget, the ACTUAL words of Leslie Van Houten...

"I was obsessed with the knife. Once it went in it just kept going in and in and in."

Direct quote. The knife went in over 20 times.

Here's a better video for you to watch. I can't embed it but--- I present the REAL Leslie Van Houten.

Let me know what you know about JimNY. Colscott AT

Friday, September 28, 2007

Holy Shit We Have a Winner

The Col is just back from the World Premiere of Robert Hendrickson's new film, THE MANSON MOVIE. I went because I had to... I am the Col and I know more about TLB than anyone. You'd want to hear my report first. Well the film ended less than an hour ago. How is it?


And I really mean FANTASTIC. I didn't know what to expect. I mean, Hendrickson has been talking about making this film since 1999 on his site. He spent like three years pursuing ebay and amazon because somebody bootlegged his first Manson film. Which wasn't all that smart because the best way to beat bootleggers is to RELEASE THE MOVIE LEGALLY- which he STILL hasn't done. And the rhetoric on his site was always Evil Charlie BS. So I did not know what to expect, as I said.

I guess I expected overlap with the old film. There is VERY little of that. Minimal.

I guess I expected Evil Charlie bullshit. While he makes a comment or two in the first few minutes of the film leading me to think that he was heading there, he ultimately does not.

I guess I expected more sound bites (as he called the first film in the q and a afterwards). But instead you get a plot. A very unique and clever plot. I'd retitle the film
MANSON- A Filmmaker's Journey. Kind of like Hearts of Darkness was the documentary about making Apocalypse Now. Except one was fiction and one was a doc. And in this case Manson I and Manson II are both docs. But plot wise, this was Hendrickson's story. His journey from drafted soldier in Vietnam to chronicler of the Manson Family.

Hendrickson skillfully creates a sense of time and place in the film, using war footage as well as footage he shot of the Ruben Salazar execution. His voiceover is riveting- he is a good storyteller.

There are some big revelations- not the least of which is Ronnie Howard's claim that she was suppose to lie to ensure a conviction then she would split the reward money 50/50 with Officers Whitely and Guenther.

There are some real howler mistakes- Shorty's name was SHEA not O'Shea, and twice Hendrickson intimates that he was in the presence of Bruce Davis the possible Zodiac Killer- but Davis is not Zodiac and no one thought that back then. It was an early 90s lie foisted by Nellie and Howard Davis. Since these are all in the voiceover they are easily fixable.

He has a POWERFUL ending with Squeaky in an outtake from the gun assembly footage in the first film. She is crying as we learn in typeface what happened to some of the people in the film. I'd want to report on all of them (TJ- Roadkill, Gypsy- Jesus) but there is no denying the power of his ending.

His music choices, from Jimmy Beaver to the Family itself, are all SPOT THE HELL on. They work.

If there is any criticism, it is simply that unless you are the Col or someone immersed at the case, so much of it flies by unexplained. Zero's suicide. Mark Ross. Judas Watkins. Hendrickson doesn't provide a scorecard. But one of my guests tonight, who knows ZIP about the case, addressed my concern by saying "I know I didn't follow it all and I am sure I need to digest it, but that was extremely powerful and the last thirty minutes or so completely disturbed me." So maybe my criticism isn't even valid.

I will probably do one or two more entries on this. This excites me. Hendrickson shows himself as a master filmmaker (what the HELL has he been doing then?). This is a powerful work. I was hoping it was just watchable. I'm ready to watch it again right now. If he is smart and hires like Cassian Elwes at William Morris to rep his film it could even end up in theatres. YES- because it is fucking riveting.

Congratulations Mr. Hendrickson. The film rocked. And I didn't think it was very likely that it would.

Monday, September 24, 2007

We Get Queries

I don't always respond to letters because I am a busy son of a bitch. It is tough making all that money and keeping my supermodel wife happy. Couple that with having to slap down those freaks Cg and Jiminy Crickett and that makes for a busy Col. But here are three letters. My replies are in red.

Dear Colonel Scott,

Hi! I’ve been reading your fascinating Tate LaBianca blog for the past couple of months. I’m up to October 2006. Can’t access most of the films, because we have sloooow dial-up out here in the wilds of rural Michigan. (“Official” site… is that sort of like the “official” sports drink of NASCAR?) Anyway. I’ve come up with some things about the cases that just don’t compute.We do consider rural Michigan to be the United States, so welcome. And no, not like Nasacar, more like cow tipping.

It took five guys to subdue one midget? Charlie W., Paul, Bruce, Clem, and Charlie M.? I don’t buy it. And why is Charlie M. claiming the vic was dismembered, when Shea's body was found intact? Sounds like Dad threatening the kids with the bogeyman.Paul had nothing to do with any killings. He was just the snitch. Tex was in jail when this happened. It took two, Bruce and Clem, while Charlie watched and Gypsy and Brenda cleaned , according to my information and opinion.

2.) But it took only one guy with the dubious help of three females, one who claimed she never entered the house, to kill FIVE people? Three of them fairly strong guys. Two of whom are suspected drug dealers. Hey, don’t they issue weapons to the dope pushers out there in California?They were stoned and not expecting hippies.

3.) Is there any DNA evidence linking Charles M. to either the Tate or LaBianca crime scenes?None that I know off

4.) If yes, howcome that hasn’t been brought up recently? And if no, same question… high-profile murders usually get a DNA revisit in these modern times. A few death-penalty prisoners have been given a free pass when the DNA doesn’t match up to expectations. But no one claims they didn't DO it so there is no reason for a revisit.

Is there anything other that unreliable hearsay linking Charles M. to either the Tate or LaBianca crimes? Physical evidence, fingerprints, footprints, eye-witnesses from the neighborhood, anything other than a piece of rawhide? ("Hey, dude, where's the tie to my favorite shirt?")Nothing on Tate. Leather strips from his shirt at LaBianca

6.) If Charlie M. told everyone what to write in blood on the walls,He didn't- at most it is claimed he said write something "witchy"

howcome there weren’t any references to ATWA?Cause he made that shit up years later That was already a buzz word around the ranch, or so I’m told. No references to “Stranger in a Strange Land”? Heck, the guy named his kid after the main character. And we're supposed to believe that "Helter Skelter" was supposed to start a race war? Did someone forget to send a memo to the Brothas?We don't believe it here at the Official Blog

7.) Don’t discount Charlie as being dumb. I admire a man who taught himself to read and write, play the guitar, and have knowledge about environmental causes. Charles is cool. He’s simply a shaman, a medicine-talker, a dreamer, a poet, a musician. Having known dozens of ’em, they ALL talk like that. You say “Good morning”, and they reply, “The sun is beaming down through the prisms of my mind.” You ask ’em “Did you kill anyone?” and they’ll answer, “The ravens of death float over the wreckage of the populace.” This doesn’t play so hot in court or at the parole board hearing. Soooo – howcome nobody could find him a lawyer who could translate Shaman to Latinized Engish Legalese? (Evidence of Shamanic stuff... the hole in the earth is a well-documented Native American and pre-Christian European legend. And I think the rap about the race war was a prediction of the Los Angeles riots. But I'm a Pagan, and we take that kind of thing seriously. We even write theses about it, and get paid money.)I never said he was dumb. I don't believe he wants out.

8BBobby BeauSoleil says he killed Hinman, with aforementioned dubious female help, and that Charles M. really hadn’t anything to do with it. So whatever happened to the infamous ear-splitting sword of destruction? Wasn’t there a claim it was used in another assault or killing? So why isn’t it listed as “Exhibit #153” anywhere? Or did I miss this?Charlie attacked, Bobby killed.

9.) Anybody happen to do a tox test on either Charlie W. or Sadie after they were caught?It was months later. No. Cuz their behavior sure seems like amphetamine rage. Not that I would know about that, or anything. I bet if they had peed in a cup, the speed would actually bubble to the top and boil over.

10.If the ranch was a hotbed of drug dealership, how come the police never confiscated much of anything? They raided the place numerous times. They even took away the kids, once or twice. Here and now, in Michigan circa the year of our lord two double ought seven, a high school teacher with a roach stuck to his shoe got jailed and lost his license. Was sunny CA so drowning in

drugs in 1969 that the cops overlooked the bales of pot, rolls of acid tabs, barrels of psy-mushrooms that permeated the ranch? Or wasn’t there really anything there?It was a different time. Acid had been legal for years.

11How’bout la casa Polanski? Anything ever found during the collection of evidence? I have a hard time believing there wasn’t so much as a roach in the ashtray. What about the lovely home of the LaBiancas? Can you say cover-up? There were no drugs found at either place.

12.This one is gonna get me angry letters from the Italian sirname defamation league) “Supermarket owner”, my left tit. I’m willing to bet the farm that LaBianca was the supplier, Hinman and Frykowski the dealers (and Crowe, too) with Charlie W. and pals getting a piece of the action for the bikers, musicians and other assorted pals. Funny, the prosecutor didn’t bring this up. Oh, yeah, he was Italian, LaBianca was Italian. The whole thing smells like the sweet scent of hashish in the morning. Somebody owed somebody money.That last line is true.

13. (Last one, I promise, thirteen’s a good number) As the owner and manager of a late-teen-age girl and her collection of boyz du jour, I can’t even get them to take out the trash and run a broom across the floor. So I am to believe that an ethereal poet-musician-shaman with CSP all over his resume, not only masterminded an intricate plot, but actually persuaded five or six young folks to follow his detailed commands? Riiiight. It was prolly much more like “Let’s go cow tipping, Katie!”Hey wait! “Let’s go paint our names on the water tower, Sadie!” I always thought he simply said FUCK THAT MELCHER GUY SOMEONE SHOULD GO TO HIS HOUSE AND SEND HIM A MESSAGE and the two people who had the most to prove, Tex and Sadie, went.

Colonel, you are right that you’ve forgotten more about this case than even the prosecutor ever knew… any insights? Please don't mock me for my ignorance,Never. You are not like those in that Yahoo group. since I've only met a few of the players in this drama, and they're just as confused as the rest of us. Thank you for your time.




Hello, I'm Luigi from Buenos Aires. I have gotten interested in the case when I was about fourteen, ten years ago. In between, I have read what was considered to be THE books on Manson. First off, the bug's one, then I got Taming the beast, the family, in his own words, the manson file, squeaky, and manson: the unhily trail....
Well, researching your website, I ve come to find out a few things I did not know, and I ve wondered ever since a few more. If you know about it, I d rather you answer them, please. I'm curious.
*Where's Sandy (Good) nowadays? Any clue what she's up to?No I don't really care
And THE question:
*What do you know about the claim that Manson went to the Tate house after the murders went down along with someone else to wipe out some prints and stuff, and plant those glasses to confuse investigators? The only books that gives credit to that is Gilmore's and Sander's. The bug's does not. And I 've wondered to this day if that is 'true' or not. I believe it is true that he did.
*What about the new Hendrikson docummentary about MansonIt premieres Friday, and the movie The Devil Exists?sounds like my last bowel movement
Well, keep up the good work, it's quite interesting.

I am truly offended by what your articles on Debra Tate and other victims.I have a suggestion then- don't read it.
Maybe she is not a saint but she is Sharon' sister so she is a victim of Manson too isn't it? Maybe but certainly not in the same way or same extent. And not Manson himself obviously
I think she deserves respect because she lost her sister. Respect is earned not given.
I don't understand why you are so mean with her !?Because she is a liar and attention seeker
Your blog is so rude and very bad taste.Please don't read it then.
Except some great rare pictures it's a lot of gossip. If by gossip you mean pure facts then yes you are correct.
For example, telling Steven Parrent was gay!?It is crucial because it explains why he was at the house.

I am gay too but it's personnal and I don't see the link with the case.It was a major link.
Steve was young and it was a long time ago.
Beside you were not in the guest house. And who cares??It is crucial because it provides a viable reason why Parent was there and why Garrettson lied so much. It allows us to establish that neither of them were actual targets of the killers.
I was also digusted by all the bullshit about Jay & Sharon, the comments about Jay's tight speedo...well it wasn't loose. He was basically in a thong on the bed at the house of his pregnant ex girlfriend. That is
pretty important.

I don't know who you are but you are certainly not the official voice of the Tate LaBianca case.I am Col Scott and this is the one and only Official Blog.

Your pseudonym is also bad taste (Manson's father!)
It is because everything to do with the case is my responsibility
without mentionning the quotes of Manson on your first page.
The quotes point out that the prosecution story is bullshit

People like you make me sick.Try an aspirin

I was speechless by so much vulgarity and disrespect toward the victims. I think the victims would want the truth to finally be known. I know I would no matter how long it took.

Let them rest in peace and leave their family alone. Get a life!
From Belgium,

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Nobody Owns Christopher Jones

None of this is exactly NEW information but here's an article from August 30 2007. Did any of you see it?

The final affair of Roman Polanski's murdered wife Sharon Tate

A new book on Roman Polanski's tumultuous life missed a final secret. Here, the man who was his wife's lover in the months before her bizarre murder tells his story for the first time

She was the wife of director Roman Polanski, a star of the cult movie Valley Of The Dolls, and with her flawless blonde looks was lauded as one of the great beauties of her time, but even to this day the actress Sharon Tate is remembered primarily for the horrific manner of her death.

On August 9, 1969, while at home with friends, Tate was murdered by the followers of Charles Manson's gang in Los Angeles.

Tate was eight months pregnant with Polanski's baby at the time, and yet her attackers paid little heed, stabbing her 16 times and murdering the four friends who were with her - Jay Sebring, Abigail Folger, Steven Parent and Voyteck Frykowski.

Scroll down for more... {R}

It was a night of inexplicable horror and sent reverberations not only through the Hollywood community, but throughout the world.

The events have been endlessly discussed, even by Roman Polanski, who finds himself the subject of yet another biography - Polanski by Christopher Sandford - to be published next week.

But throughout all this, there has been one aspect of Sharon Tate's story of which even Polanski has not been fully aware - her relationship with the actor Christopher Jones.

Scroll down for more...

Most famous for his role as Major Randolph Doryan in David Lean's epic, Ryan's Daughter, Jones embarked on an affair with Tate when she was six weeks pregnant with Polanski's child and has not, until now, spoken fully of their relationship.

He says: "I loved Sharon and she loved me.

"I don't think I'm betraying any confidence by talking about it.

"I knew that she was married to Roman and I had no intention of splitting them up.

"I don't feel guilty."

Now aged 66, Christopher has retained his looks, although it is clear that the intervening years haven't always been kind to him.

We meet in the dimly lit environs of Nic's Restaurant in Beverly Hills. Slightly built, a touch gaunt of face and softly spoken, he chats openly but doesn't eat or drink throughout the twohour meeting (the reason why becoming apparent only towards the end).

He has managed to cram an awful lot into his life, including a marriage to actress Susan Strasberg (daughter of acting coach, Lee Strasberg), countless lovers (including actresses Olivia Hussey and Susan George, "who came up to my apartment when I was staying in London and the next day moved her toothbrush in, so I had to say, no way!"), seven children and a couple of brushes with death.

That he is still here to tell the tale is a testimony to his powers of survival.

When he was cast to star in Ryan's Daughter, Jones was already being heralded as the new James Dean after his role in the cult movie Wild In The Streets opposite Shelley Winters.

Scroll down for more...

There was a huge buzz surrounding him - a factor which partly explains why so American an actor (Jones was born in Tennessee) should have been chosen to play so English a role, in the shape of Major Doryan.

Set in Ireland's Dingle Peninsula, the story follows Rosy (Sarah Miles), the wife of schoolmaster Charles Shaughnessy (Robert Mitchum), who has an affair with the dashing English officer Doryan, who arrives to take command of the local Army base.

The affair has tragic consequences for Doryan, a veteran of World War I who is suffering from shell shock, and it was Ryan's Daughter which brought Jones to the attention of the British cinema-going public at large.

More pertinently though, it was while Jones was in Ireland during the year-long filming schedule that he received the news of his former lover Sharon Tate's murder.

After filming on Ryan's Daughter was completed, Jones gave up acting for 26 years.

One wonders why he chooses to talk of Tate now.

He insists it is "partly because I want to see if God strikes me dead for talking about it.

"I loved

being with her. Other women I've been with, I couldn't remember if my life depended on it, but she stuck in my mind."

The couple started their affair in Rome in 1969 while Jones was filming the movie Brief Season with his then lover, actress Pia Degermark. Tate, who was flying out to Rome with her friend, Jones's manager Rudy, had by then been married to Roman for a year.

Polanski, the Paris-born director of horror film Rosemary's Baby, was brilliant and troubled (his mother had died in a Polish concentration camp) and he later gained a reputation for controversy when he was convicted of the statutory rape of a 13-year- old girl in 1977.

But in March 1969, "Sharon arrived in Rome with my manager," says Jones, "and so we all arranged to go out to dinner that night. We were on the patio, waiting for Sharon, when suddenly she appeared.

"She looked amazing.

"We sat next to each other and she was very nervous, almost like a deer, but she had this beautiful, perfect face. She had this little scar on the left of her face against all this perfection, and when I reached over to touch it, I could feel her react.

"She kept talking about off-the-wall spiritual things - she talked about reincarnation and how in a previous life she had died in a fire aged nine.

"The second she said that, the doors to the restaurant blew open even though there wasn't any wind, and she looked really shocked."

Scroll down for more...

But he adds: "I wasn't planning on anything because I knew she was married to Roman."

Later that evening however, Jones found himself in Tate's room.

"We were sitting on the couch talking when I finally asked her where Roman was. She said he was stuck in London having trouble with his passport.

"We were talking and getting closer, and although her skirt was riding right up, she wasn't bothering to pull it down.

"She then said: 'Chris, have you ever smoked opium?' and I told her no, and she said I had to try it and that she had some in the bedroom.

"Everyone says that Sharon didn't smoke pot, yet she was definitely looking for this bag, but couldn't find it so came back over to me, standing by the bed.

"One minute she was looking at me and the next thing I knew, she was pulling me on top of her on to the bed.

"I hadn't even taken my clothes off but after we'd made love I told her I was going upstairs to sleep. She asked me to stay, but when I looked out the window I couldn't see a fire escape and my first thought then was: 'What if Polanski comes back?'.

"I wasn't afraid of him, just worried about the repercussions, but she stopped asking me to stay and I left.

"The next day I ran into actress Nathalie Delon (wife of actor Alain Delon) who was a friend of Sharon's and whom I had also been seeing, and she said: 'Chris, what did you do to Sharon? She has never been so in love.'

"Yes, I knew Sharon was pregnant and of course I felt guilty about that, but I've thought about this a lot since and the marriage vows say: 'What God joins together, let no man put asunder.'

"Well, God obviously separated them and put me there."

Jones and Tate continued to see each other, and although he might have been infatuated with Tate, it didn't stop him conducting simultaneous affairs with Pia Degermark and his former wife Susan.

"They all knew about each other.

"Well, maybe Susan didn't know about Sharon, but I had a little too much on my plate, and even that wasn't enough.

"One night, we were out at dinner and there was an Italian girl there. All I can say is that I was young, had a high libido and no conscience, and I just wanted to figure out a way for my manager to take Sharon back to the hotel so I could see the Italian girl.

"After I'd been with her, I came back to the hotel and tried Sharon's door which was open.

"I thought she was going to be mad at me but she didn't say anything, and after we'd made love, she whispered in my ear: 'That was the wrong way.'

"That stuck in my mind because the way we made love wasn't gentle, it was lustful, and although she wanted it to be more romantic, I wasn't feeling romantic.

"I felt that she was a woman I'd been living with for a while, whom you sneak back in on in the middle of the night.

"She didn't seem the least bit concerned about Roman, so either I was irresistible or she must have been unhappy. Although she seemed very happy that she was pregnant.

"I worried professionally in case I might have to work with Roman in the future.

"There was probably some guilt on my part there, in the way that any man would think to themselves: 'I deserve to be shot'."

Given the evil manner of Tate's death, some of Jones's recollections about his former lover take on an eerie significance.

Scroll down for more...

"One night we went to visit the Trevi Fountain, and I looked at her and had the strongest feeling she was going to die.

"Another time I was looking over at her and asking her what she was thinking about, and she suddenly came out with: 'The Devil is beautiful. Most people think he's ugly, but he's not.'

"I thought it weird at the time but Roman had just done the movie Rosemary's Baby so I related it to that.

"I told her she shouldn't say things like that because it made me nervous.

"I knew that she and Roman lived in quite an isolated place in LA, so I told her that for her own protection she should have a gun, but she said that she could never shoot anyone even if she had one."

Of the last night they spent together in Rome, Jones says: "I told her that we'd get back together when we were in America and she agreed, and when I said: 'What about Roman?', she said: 'Don't worry about Roman.'

"I didn't envisage that she would leave Roman; I didn't envisage anything.

"I thought it was love. Whatever brief time we had together, we were very happy. I always expected to see her again."

Jones went from Rome to Dingle to begin shooting on Ryan's Daughter and Tate returned to LA.

"When she got there, she called my manager a couple of times," says Jones, "but she didn't ask to talk to me, which got me a little p****d off. But I was just getting on with my

Getting on with his life included embarking on an affair with Olivia Hussey, whom he had seen in the movie Romeo And Juliet.

"I saw Olivia's beautiful face up on screen and I asked my manager if he could arrange for us to meet, and so we started seeing each other.

"Olivia wanted to come to Ireland with me, so she did. That's what was happening when I heard about Sharon's murder."

The call came to the hotel in Ireland where Jones was staying.

"One of my other managers took it. When he hung up, he told me that everyone in the house had been murdered. At first, I didn't have a strong reaction because I was so stunned.

"Only slowly did it hit me, and then it hit me hard. I was pretty disoriented. I couldn't make sense of it, that someone that beautiful and young had to die like that."

Jones remained in shock for much of the filming of Ryan's Daughter, a state noted by his co-star Sarah Miles in the second volume of her memoirs, Serves Me Right.

Miles makes frequent mention of Jones's erratic behaviour during filming, and paints a picture of an actor who was pretty much a loner.

Most embarrassing of all, she describes the tortuous making of the film's pivotal love scene, where a lacklustre Jones was given a potion concocted by a chemist "to help matters considerably" and increase his sexual enthusiasm for Miles on screen.

"I was feeling weird," says Jones, "I attributed that to an accident I had had in my Ferrari or to Sharon's death, but I had no idea they had drugged me."

Did Miles ever make a pass at Jones (the scene in the bluebell wood was one of the raunchiest lovemaking scenes of its time, after all)?

"No, but Sarah was getting more jealous as the filming wore on.

"In that first scene where I'm pushing her up against the wall, as much as she said she didn't feel anything, she was gone.

"I read some of Sarah's book - I didn't like the part where she called me a midget and inferred I was a homosexual. During the shoot I hung out with Olivia.

"We were going to get married at one point, but my manager talked me out of it - I'm sure he was thinking of finances when he did - and after that, Olivia and I didn't talk much either.

"It was a difficult shoot, and after Ryan's Daughter I gave up acting because I realised I hated it."

Jones finally accepted a small role in the 1996 film Mad Dog Time.

In the interim, he lived on the money he had made from his movies and pursued a successful career as an artist (his painting of Rudolph Valentino hangs in the famous Hollywood Forever Cemetery).

In the 1990s, Quentin Tarantino approached Jones for a part in Pulp Fiction, "It was for the part of Zed the Gimp and my girlfriend at the time read it and said: 'You're not doing this - it's disgusting.' So I didn't."

Jones has had seven children by four women, and one son, Timothy, was convicted of the involuntary manslaughter of his mother, actress Susan Cabot.

Scroll down for more...

Further problems ensued in 1996 when Christopher ingested "something caustic" and was taken to hospital.

"The doctors thought I'd tried to kill myself, which I hadn't," he says. "The medical report said I'd died in the ambulance, but somehow, I managed to survive."

The internal damage was so severe he now has to take all nutrients through a syringe connected to his stomach.

"I shouldn't
drink, but occasionally I'll pour shots into the syringe.'"

He adds: "I've had a complicated life, but I've enjoyed it.

"It's not like Sharon's always preying on my mind, but if I see something about her on TV, it all comes flooding back."