Monday, March 31, 2014

Bobby's Got Some Cartoons

Recently I completed phase one of the special project I've been working on in my day job as a multimedia producer for the DOC.  I’ve been personally invested in this project since it was first conceived back in 2007, given that I have children, and now grandchildren, who naturally have many questions concerning my incarceration.  America has imprisoned a larger percentage of its population per capita than any other country in the world, and as a consequence there are millions of children in this country who grapple with such questions.  Ask Professor Proponderus was dreamed up as a way to begin addressing this need.  Of course, no little series of animated cartoons is going to fix the problem, but it may encourage the conversations that will help to mitigate this tragedy.

While I have a number of collaborators in the conception of the animation series, the actual production is a solo project.  The script, scenes, character development, voices, animation, music, editing, etc., are all my handiwork.  There are those who go so far to say that the Professor is my alter-ego.  (Yipes!)  Actually, I tend to relate more to the frog.

Anyway, after years in development, the first episode in the series has been finished and posted online.  I invite you to check it out here:


Professor Proponderus