Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Doesn't Really Help Your Case Pal

from Delaware ONLINE: Mar 27

WORK-RELEASE INMATE SOUGHT: A man serving a four-month work-release sentence for violating his probation did not return to the Plummer Community Corrections Center after work on Sunday, officials said Monday. Department of Correction spokeswoman Beth Welch said James G. Anderson, 27, of Wilmington, who also goes by Charles Manson, is about 6 feet tall and weighs about 155 pounds. He has brown eyes and hair and a light beard and mustache, Welch said. There are tattoos on both of his shoulders and a scar on his left eyebrow, she said. Anyone with information about his whereabouts is asked to call (800) 542-9524 or their local police department, Welch said.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

The Circles of HellFire

Dear Dennis Rice,

So I went to the site you just started. I believe you call it Manson2Jesus. There isn't much there, but then last July there wasn't much here either. It seems like you are going to show people that you went from the devil (Manson) over to following me. That's cool and all.

But maybe you should explain to the people out here what you did with your KIDS? Hey, Dennis Rice's kids - if you are out there, contact the Col at his email to the right. He wants to know, did Clem give you blow jobs when you were only six? Did one of the girls finger you when you were five? What kind of sex games did you have to partake in? I mean, I am all knowing and stuff- but these people aren't. Write in and tell them, since Daddy Dennis isn't- he's just shouting Hallelujah and passing the hat with Mark Turner. Do you forgive your Daddy Dennis? Did he, while turning to me, finally do right by YOU.

I guess what I am saying is, if you haven't made right with the little children that I suffered to come onto me, then you can never be right with me. I know my boy Lew Cypher has rooms for you and Mark if you don't. Keep your hymns and fix your own house first.


Jesus H. Christ

Rice A Phony

You know what burns my ass? A fire about three and a half feet high.

But seriously folks. Nothing pisses me off more than hypocrites.

In fact, leaving aside the law (hey the government does) that's the main reason why I think Bobby should walk free. Every time I ask he says "I did it, Charlie didn't make me do it, I'm sorry I did it and I hope I get out but I understand what I did may mean I won't.'

Not Tex- "Charlie made me do it it was as if he held the knife but Jesus loves me so let me be."

Not Sadie- "Well I didn't really do anything but how can you understand since I talk to Jesus and he told me I was cool" (screw off Savage- the lady's a nutter from day one)

Not even Sandy - "Charlie didn't make anyone do it (okay we agree) and we didn't do it anyway (uh, no you did)."

But here's my WWF Smackdown for the moment...

Mark Turner just announced at charliemanson .com that "I'm pleased to announce that I've been working with Dennis Rice to setup a website for his prison ministry. It will grow with time, but you can see the beginnings at CLICK HERE. The format will likely change and new material will be added, but we have finally launched."

Now we all know that Mark was not on the side of truth in this case. And I'll go visit this new site in a second.

But here is what I want to say before I and you all go click on it.

If it doesn't explain why Dennis left his children (those are his in the Hendrickson documentary) at the ranch to be used as sexual playthings as I understand they were (children under 10) then screw your false hypocritical Jesus worship Mr. Rice.

And Mr. Turner- if I click on the damn thing and that isn't addressed SHAME on your for raising money for this hypocrite and shame on you for trying to sell his piece of shit false vest.

Okay let's all click together now....

Saturday, March 18, 2006

The House at the End of the Drive


1- Charlie did come visiting before the Tates moved in.
2- Charlie did come at least once AFTER the Tates moved in. Hatomi the photographer confirms this.
3- Bug and Watkins both claim that Charlie knew that Melcher and Bergen had moved out... but I don't trust anything either of them say.
4- Watson NOW says Charlie was up there the day before the killings. I don't believe this.
5- Rudi Altobelli, a show business agent owned the house. For all you homophobes out there who jumped up my ass when I supposedly outed Parent, Altobelli was and is as gay as gay can be. It doesn't matter, except when examining Garrettson and Parent's reasons for being at the house.
6- Sharon was not supposed to be staying there the night she was killed. Her car was in the shop and not in the driveway that night.
7- The girls did visit and swim in the pool back when Terry lived there.
8- I believe Charlie did visit later that night AFTER the murder with Bruce and Clem and Nancy.
9- If the Family DID have ties to Voytek it is a bit too coincidental for my liking that he just happened to be staying at that house.
10- IF (and a big IF) Charlie did tell Tex to kill everyone up there, I find it impossible to believe they MISSED the caretaker.

Here is what I am missing and if I can find this then every piece of the jigsaw snaps into place... what is the connection between VOYTEK and MELCHER?

There is NO DOUBT in my mind that Charlie believed Terry still lived there. Think about it? He had visited this amazing house (the Col went a dozen times before the tear down)- do you think Terry commented to the wannabe musician "I am just renting?" Even if there were different "pigs" there when he visited, why would he think Terry did NOT own it? And if one of those pigs was a drug dealer who had wronged him or a member of the Family..... kaboom, TLB starts.

But I must admit- though I do believe there is a connection I have not found it.

I just don't believe in coincidences... why THAT house? Sharon was NOT the target (indeed, they probably now wish she was never there, since her death insures their eternal infamy). The fact that it was at a house that they had all been to before.... no, there is a link. There has to be.

You Should Learn in Criminology Class

Alexis at KTS writes:

While in my criminology class, one of my classmates brought up an
idea that Sharon Tate could have escaped the from the house on that
fateful night. I couldn't help but think that he doesn't have the
slightest idea of what went on, but just out of curiosity, I went
through my books to see if there was some truth to his statement.
While looking at "The Family" by Ed Sanders, I came across an
interesting section, oddly enough in the chapter "Death On Cielo
Drive." Sanders states that Tate was left alone in the living room;
Krenwinkle had given chase to Foldger while Atikins and Watson were
outside finishing off Frykowski. He states that Tate made her way
to the front door of the house and was caught by Krenwinkle who was
walking in from the hallway. I looked through "Helter Skelter" at
the rough blueprint of the house, and I noticed a rear entrance to
the house, just to the right of the fireplace. My question is, if
Tate used this door to make her escape instead of going to the front
door, would it be possible that she could have made it out? Of
course there is much more information I have to factor into the
scenario, but to me this is just too tempting not to pass up, so my
class has decided to recreate August 9th, 1969. This is where I
need everyone's help. I need to know the heights and weights of
Atkins, Krenwinkle, Watson, and Tate (before pregnancy). Also, if
anyone knows where I can obtain a more detailed blueprint of the
house, please let me know. I know that last one is going to be very
difficult to find, but I would greatly appreciate the help. If you
have any other information you feel would help me out, please let me
know that as well. Thanks everyone...I'll report our progress as it
goes along.

What the hell is the point of this exercise? Suppose the idiot in your class "proves" that an eight and a half month pregnant woman COULD have escaped from armed assailants she wasn't expecting- so the hell what? Does that make her somehow responsible for her fate? Does that make Tex-Sadie-Linda-Katie somehow less responsible? Usually with a class assignment one is trying to prove or disprove a theory that has some purpose. What is the possible purpose here? Why not try to prove that my flatulence has health-giving benefits? It is just as valuable an exercise.

The things they teach in school today!

How about turning the project into a dissection on the bestselling true crime book of all time, The Bug's Novel HELTER SKELTER? The class can concentrate on outright lies, thinks that make no logical sense as well as things that just sound wrong. Then the question can be put - Are there more errors that there is page count?

Friday, March 17, 2006

BB Talks About His Parole- Reposted

This is the letter that accompanied Bobby's missive to the Parole Board. I had to get permission to share it with you. I hope this works- I really feel the guy's pain.

Dear loved ones and friends,

The last time I wrote to all of you I was feeling somewhat wounded and at odds with the world in the aftermath of my parole hearing last December. Thanks in large part to the generous support all of you have given to me, each in your individual ways, I now feel strong and empowered, and focused on following a course of action that makes perfect sense to me. All of the words of encouragement, suggestions, ideas, and sage advice I have received have been incredibly valuable. I am truly blessed to have such wonderful friends and relations.

In the near future I will write you another letter to tell you about my decision on the Path A/B issue. Meanwhile, I have written a letter to the parole board. In it I am requesting that my hearing be reopened, and I make my case for why this is the appropriate determination. A copy of the letter is attached as a Word document for those of you who are interested in following this process.

The hearing decision becomes final on April 4. I have no idea how the board will respond to my letter. My case is strong, with very solid grounds, but it is rare that the board reverses one of its hearing decisions. If the decision is affirmed, the matter will then be taken into court for resolution.

Feel free to express, at any time, any thoughts you have on the matter to the parole board. The address is on the letter. Anything you write to them will be considered, and will be made part of the permanent record for this and the next hearing.

Thank you all for being there (here) for me.


You're Fired.

Because we can always use a laugh.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Dear KTS Viewers

For the purposes of avoiding confusion, Doris Tate is holding a copy of a videotape in which she is interviewed by Nellie. It is NOT a book.

Ed Sanders is holding a jumbled collection of actual facts known as his book, ver 2.

That is all. Carry on.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

White Sad Sack Of Shit

So for about six months now, the Col is constantly bombarded by fans of WHITE RABBITT, wanting to know what I know about him. Wanting to know about his book, which I got from Jone AesNihil. Wanting to know why I think he is a sack of shit.

I tried to read the book. It is like a coloring book done by a mentally challenged dachsund and then blended up with rocks in a poorly running cuisinart. No amount of description can explain the raw stupidity, the insane uselessness of the book.

I know there are some strange Myspace kids out there who have started a Yahoo group to the fool. Here are the facts.

1- Larry Melton, Aka White Rabbitt, DID visit Spahn's Ranch. Depending on who you ask, he stayed between one day and one week. Some people have vague memories of him. But hey, it was THIRTY years ago.
2- Larry Melton may have banged Sadie like he wants us to believe. If I had banged Sadie I would still be waiting for my dick to fall off, so I am NOT SURE that this is something to be proud of.
3- He was NOT involved in any way in TLB and is completely full of shit when he says ANYTHING about the case. The girls then and now thought he was a chump. He knows nothing about the case.
4- His one claim to "fame" was that he convinced resident village idiot Bill Nelson that he knew where some bodies were buried behind Barker Ranch. Simpleton got the Park Police to dig and dig and found- Jack Shit. Melton later claimed that it was all a mistake. Nelson purged his website of the guy.
5- He is a registered sex offender in Texas. Check it out for yourself. If the claim is true that he is dating a 16 year old let me know- we can call and have him arrested.

Check out the photo- he is an ugly sad looking dude. Note the X still on his forehead. The circus clown is so desperate to belong to something, even something he was never involved in, that he tries to link himself to the crime of the century from 35 years ago.

Hey Larry- Go away- I am sick of answering questions about you you perverted, pathetic, little man.

(Special Thanks and Shout Out to D.A.G. my dawg for finding the website. Peace out!)

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Bobby is Appealing

Robert K. Beausoleil

(CDC # B-28302, Oregon # 11100535)

2500 Westgate

Pendleton, OR 97801

February 28 , 2006

Mr. Terry Farmer, Commissioner

California Board of Parole Hearings

1515 K Street, Ste. 600

Sacramento, CA

Dear Mr. Farmer,

This letter is in reference to the parole hearing you chaired at the SACCO Unit on December 7, 2005.

During my parole hearing on this date, it seemed to me that you, and Deputy-Commissioner Garner-Easter as well, made a genuine effort to give me a fair hearing. For the most part, and in spite of severe shortcomings with the physical method we were forced to rely on for communication, I feel that you conducted the hearing in as professional a manner as possible under the circumstances. This made it doubly shocking for me when the course of my hearing was derailed by a matter I was not – and speaking to the point of this letter, I could not have been – suitably prepared to address.

My purpose in writing this letter is to make a formal request to the Board of Parole Hearings, through your office as Chief Counsel for the BPH and presiding Commissioner for my December 7th parole hearing:

I respectfully request that my hearing be reconvened for the limited purpose of allowing me an opportunity to respond properly to information that was introduced, much to my surprise, while the hearing was in progress. From my point of view the hearing was fair and on track up to that point; I ask only for the opportunity to appropriately address the one issue, keeping the current documentation and record of the hearing intact. If the procedures of the BPH do not permit a hearing to be reopened, in lieu of this I request that a new hearing be ordered.

I understand that the Board of Parole Hearings no longer has an administrative appeal process. Another BPH commissioner explained to me, however, that under extraordinary circumstances, such as an incomplete record or a gross technical error of some sort, a new hearing will be ordered. It is my belief, and my hope, that the extraordinary circumstances that occurred during my hearing are sufficient qualification for such relief.

The document upon which the outcome of my hearing pivoted, resulting in denial of parole, was – to the best that I’ve been able to determine – a computer printout of a portion of a page on a website. This document was apparently attached to a letter that had been placed in the confidential section of my CDC records. While the letter legitimately qualifies (presumably) for placement in the confidential file, it is my belief that the computer printout attached to it – because it was derived from a publicly accessible website – does not. Again, it was the printout from the website, not the letter, that the panel relied upon in denying parole.

This contravenes one of the most basic BPH regulations, the one specifying that a prisoner will be provided with ample opportunity (a minimum of ten days prior to the hearing) to review all non-confidential information that the hearing panel may rely upon in arriving at a decision.

I did not learn of the document at issue until midway into my hearing. Even then, due in large part to the limitations of the telephonic equipment (I was able to understand only about eight words in ten over the speakerphone), it was nearly impossible to have some sense of what you were looking at and the effect it was having on the course of my hearing. Had I been advised as to the nature of the information in advance of the hearing as procedure enjoins, I could have prepared a response that may have resulted in a vastly different interpretation than the one you arrived at.

For a person in my position, it is difficult to resist leaping to the suspicion that someone may have contrived to attach non-confidential information to a confidential letter as a way of circumventing the procedure. It’s not much of a leap, actually. I would be hard pressed to think of a better way to obfuscate the issues for the hearing panel, while putting me off balance and ill prepared to respond effectively. Of course, this is only speculation. I do wish to avoid getting hung up in a side issue. The only reason I mention this is because it could go to the veracity of the information itself, and may bear some looking into on that point alone.

Speaking to the information itself, it was designed to be misleading. Although I’ve not actually seen the document, as you know, from what I’ve gathered it comprises pieces of a web page that were assembled in such a way as to lead to the most prejudicial interpretation possible. Given that the larger context was omitted, it is understandable that you might arrive at the conclusion you did. However, basing an honest decision on dishonest information does not add up to a fair result.

Moreover, the interpretation drawn from this misleading information lacks any basis in fact. As a musician/composer, a visual artist, a writer, and a technologist, I have accumulated a fairly extensive history of having produced, and published, work in various fields of endeavor. Over the considerable number of years that I have been engaged in these activities, I have done so in conformance with institutional rules, and I have never attempted to trade on the Manson connection or exploit any criminal notoriety for personal gain. I have long held the belief that doing so, or authorizing anyone else to do so in my name, would be unethical.

One thing I find particularly troubling about the record of my hearing is the way in which the misleading information came to be insinuated into the hearing process. Early in the hearing (pg. 11 of the transcript) both you and Ms. Garner-Easter stated that there was recent confidential information in my case file, but that it did not appear to be anything you would base your decision on. Then, at about the middle of the hearing (pg. 74), Deputy D.A. Patrick Sequeira interjected to specifically bring your attention to the inflammatory web site information that was attached to the confidential letter. Mr. Sequeira’s personal knowledge of specific information in the confidential file is, to say the least, a puzzling irregularity. It has always been my understanding that both a prisoner’s attorney and the attending county D.A.’s representative participate in parole hearings in the capacity of witnesses, and are not actually considered to be functioning members of the hearing panel. Unless there has been some change in the regulations that I’m unaware of, neither legal counselor is permitted direct access to the confidential records without a court order.

I’m sorry that I did not have the wits to respond better when the direction of my hearing went on this unexpected tangent. I regret also that I did not request a postponement for a few months so that my attorney could attend the hearing. The inability to see what you were looking at, or to hear properly, or even to have the benefit of advice from an advocate who was in the hearing room, put me at an extreme disadvantage.

As it was, I did not fully comprehend the nature or import of the document that became the focal point of the hearing until you rendered the panel’s decision. And of course, by that time it was too late for me to speak to it.

Please allow me an opportunity to properly address the significant concerns you candidly expressed at the end of the hearing. In behalf of not only myself but of all my loved ones and friends who want very much to believe that the system can work, and that there is some hope I will be allowed to join them one day, I beseech you to reopen my hearing for this limited purpose. While doing so may not yield a different end result, it is likely that it will at least be based on more reliable information.

Yours sincerely,

Robert K. Beausoleil

cc: Jade Leong, Records Analyst

Carolyn Hagin, Attorney

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Comments Splitting at The Seams

Last week's post has over 660 comments.
I go away and the Blog takes off?
What I like about this is that most everyone is being calm and rational.
If only Charlie and the Bug had both been the same in 1969 we wouldn't be here now.
There's a lot of detritus among the comments and I only made it part of the way through.
Here are my thoughts. I am the black and the comments are in red.

Charlie does go in to the La Biancas. So Charlie wants to make sure Tex and the girls get the right house and person.
Bingo. I agree. Very well said 60skid
If i'm not mistaken, wasn't the Labianca home creepy crawled again "after" the murders
I never heard that and don't believe it- it would be a crime scene- I had heard that perhaps it had been crawled BEFORE and that that was why Rosemary was wigged. Sorry SSN Could it be that CM met someone when he was in Terminal Island who was aware of Leno LaBianca's gambling debts.
And then waited two and a half years? Ummm I don't buy that.
The Labianca's were killed because there was no one at the Harold True house when Manson came-a-calling. I think that's a safe bet to say
Sorry SSN that doesn't make any sense unless you believe in the BUG and random killings. I do not.

The DA wanted Manson and Atkins at all costs.
I'm calling bullshit on Atkins- she had a deal and she completely fucked it up for herself. With that in mind, I think he stopped at the Pasadena house to talk to someone about what time the LaBiancas would be arriving home from their trip. He has the rest drive around the block so they won’t see that he’s made contact with anyone. Maybe Suzan LaBerge called to tell the Pasadena resident what time they were leaving Lake Isabella.
Maybe. No way to be sure but could be.. A friend of Suzan's?

After California abolished the Death Penalty, and all those on Death Row got life and became eligible for parole. Were any Death Row inmates paroled during that time period?

Your question is unclear. If you are asking if any people who were on Death Row who got their sentence lessened by the 1972 have been paroled the answer is yes as I recall... and one or two of them fucked up and got put back right away.

More in a while- dang you've been busy...

The Gateway Today

Scott who runs the Dearly Departed Tours in Los Angeles sent the Col some jpgs of the Gateway Markets today.
Here is one of them.
Thank you Scott. When I return from the frozen north, I would like to take your tour. Is it related to the old Graveline Tours?
Anyway, I need to clarify- Gateway Markets were a chain like Ralphs and shit, only smaller. There was one near the ranch in Chatsworth and one in Los Feliz near Leno. The one you have photographed looks like it was in Hollywood to the east near like Jimbo's Clown Room (not that I've ever gone. Okay once.)
So Leno was one of the head guys of a CHAIN of restaurants. Big guy. Big enemies?

Saturday, March 04, 2006

The Big Burn

So follow the bouncing ball....
Tex Watson and his chick Rosina Kroner plot to rip off 5 grand in weed from a well known black drug dealer.
(I've been to his house on Woodrow Wilson-there is no way this buidling was anything but happening even thirty five years ago. So he was obviously a dealer to some big people.)
Not sure if Rosina is in on it or not.
Tes DRIVES with Crowe/Lotsapoppa (who by the way, from photos I've been able to find is not that tall and not all that fat) to a building in Hollywood where he leaves Rosina in the car, takes the drugs inside to get the money, then walks out the back and disappears.
Now maybe Charlie did send him to do this. Charlie certainly picks up the mess aftrewards.
We'll get to that even some day.
But- Crowe was a big playa. He dealt drugs to Dennis Wilson (yup) and others in the Holly Hood.
The Col is beginning to think that CROWE and the drug burn (which comes within a week of both Hinman and TLB) is the missing link that needs to be examined closer.
Is the cold messing my thoughts up?