Thursday, May 18, 2006

Daddy's Little Girl

It's one year ago TODAY that Col. Paul J Tate died.

I spoke with my Texas sources and confirmed that Mr. Tate has still not had a proper burial.

It is believed that the remains are still somewhere in the home of his daughter Debra Tate.

Perhaps she takes him out at night and gloats.... "I couldn't be a movie star daddy, but I'd even sue you to control Sharon's likeness. Anything to make you like me the best."

I don't know what she is doing with his remains and neither does the rest of his family.

Debra, you've had him to yourself for a year. Can't you just let the man rest in piece?

Mission Statement

The Purpose of the Blog-

- To get to the truths of the Tate-LaBianca Case
- To provide you with accurate research and positive actions in order to uncover said truths. Other boards will link. We do the heavy lifting.
- To find out why the public was lied to and what can still be done about it- if anything
- To question everything, including me. No one is automatically correct- ESPECIALLY Vincent T. BUGliosi
- To be uncensored
- To soar while others choose to crawl

Please- if you like what we are doing here the past ten months (shit does time fly!) tell a friend.

My hope would be to turn this place into Nellie's old place, without profiting from death, religious self-righteousness and child molesting.

Thanks for your support.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Bruce Davis, Model Citizen

We've been talking about Bruce's surrendering in the comments.

On the hilarious Manson2Jesus site Brucie claims relatives convinced him to surrender.

Uh Huh.

Bug says Charlie made him surrender.

I love the internet.
No one can lie to the Col anymore. I think the footage speaks for itself.

Courtesy of the Col, enjoy BRUCE DAVIS SURRENDERS TO LAPD.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Whatever Happened to Carl Stubbs????

The book 5 TO DIE by Jerry LeBlanc and Ivor Davis is now pretty obscure. A supermarket quickie, it suffers by the fact that historians came after and uncovered better information. It does have VERY good photos however. It benefits from proximity to the crime- they were able to interview many of the important players.

Here's page 238 referring to Patricia Krenwinkel. HE refers to her dad Joseph Krenwinkel.

His next contact with her was across a narrow wooden table in Lancaster, California, jail where she was being held on suspicion of murder.

The details of the case were shrouded in mystery and the local Sheriff's department is saying nothing, which in itself is some indication that this is almost certainly connected with the Tate and La Bianca investigation. All they will say is that she was detained in Lancaster and was part of an investigation into the death of an old man who had befriended some hippies.

There is one little known brutal murder in that area which to all outward appearances remains unsolved. The details of the killing are similar to some facts that have emerged about the Hinman, Tate and La Bianca killings.

Carl Stubbs in his sixties was a retired spiritualist and author-a very religious man, he loved nature and people and lived quietly at Olancha just south of Lone Pine in Inyo County near the turnoff for Death Valley.

His neighbors knew they were always welcome to visit him at home. "In fact," said one, "he never closed his door. He befriended everyone and would offer hospitality to all comers."

The woman who runs the local filling station was accustomed to bringing Carl his mail every day and she looked forward to her daily visits and short chats with him.

One morning arriving as usual she was surprised to find his front door closed.

"I was surprised too," she said, "because there was a blue station wagon with Michigan plates." She knocked on the door and the old man opened it just a little.

"He said he couldn't invite me in because he had relatives visiting from Chicago," she recalled, "But that seemed funny to me because that wasn't Carl's way and I knew he didn't have any relatives."

She also remembers that she looked into the room and saw two girls and two men, "hippie types," standing there. "And the girls kept looking over, sort of behind the door, as if there was somebody else standing there."

Carl's friend left and went back to her gas station. Business was brisk that morning but at the back of her mind was a nagging worry, something had not seemed right up there and she thought Carl was trying to tell her something. About an hour later she and her husband went back up to the cottage and found the old man lying badly beaten in a pool of blood, half way out of the house onto the porch.

They took him to Lone Pine hospital where he managed to speak to police before he died. But the details have never been released by the Sheriff's Department and nothing has appeared about the murder in the papers.

Lancaster Sheriffs said little about the alleged crime on which they are holding Patricia Krenwinkel to her father, but they released her to his custody and she drove back with him to Inglewood.

"Well," he turned angrily to his daughter. "What the hell is all this about?"

But the girl was silent and remained so for most of the journey home.

"Her reaction was completely unemotional," recalls Krenwinkel. "I don't think we spoke 20 words by the time we hit the San Diego freeway."

Back in Inglewood, Patricia seemed to pick up the threads of her old life again, staying at home or visiting old friends. Then she asked to be allowed to go home to visit her mother.

"I bought her a plane ticket to Alabama," Krenwinkel said, "and she left.

Two days later his ex-wfie called to say the police had arrested their daughter

So I have tried for years unsuccessfully. Who is Carl Stubbs and what does he have to do with TLB?
Anyone know anything?

Monday, May 15, 2006

Bruce Davis' Magical Gut

I LOVE the Manson2Jesus site -it is funnier than the freaking Colbert Report.

Manson and one of the girls met me at Los Angeles International.

"Get out -- This is trouble!" My gut warned me when I first saw them. I ignored the warning and returned to the old movie ranch, the point of my previous departure.


A few weeks later, I drove three others to the home of Gary Hinman. He was a former Family acquaintance they intended to rob. They would not believe Gary's plea that he had no money and the robbery turned into a murder. When I heard of Gary's death, my gut warned, "Get Out!" Again, I ignored it. I was not present at the time of the murder; however, having driven the car and later being in the house, I was implicated. Later, I was present at the murder of Donald Shea. This time, to ensure my involvement, Manson insisted I make a cut on Donald's dead body. I was afraid to refuse and made a shallow three inch cut on his shoulder. Soon after, I was indicted for conspiracy to commit murder and became a fugitive.


Sucks to be Bruce. You have a magical gut and you just don't listen. Good thing you didn't actually do anything wrong Bruce. Just so misunderstood.

Bruce, does your gut tell you to leave that pesky soap on the bathroom floor?

Listen to your gut kids!

Ruth Ann Moorehouse Mania

Now some fool on Turner's board is going to try to convince everyone that they are Ruth Ann's offspring raised genetically in a hut or something. It's always got to be Ouisch because she was the youngest, the cutest, the wildest in the sac. Nelson had his imposter who was actually another board moderator Clark Ronson. There is that Raven clod. I remember Vincent Gallo, he of the ginormous penis in BROWN BUNNY once claimed Ruth Ann called him personally to be Charlie in an upcoming film.


NONE of them are Ruth Ann. Hell there was even some kid who got publicity claiming to be Ruth and Watkin's son.

I feel all biblical and doubting Thomas-like, but unless I can put my hand in the X in her forward she isn't Ruth Ann Moorehouse.

YES- the Col remains on Turner's board. Turner is in Bluefield West Virginia. I am preparing a case for his server so he can explain why they should allow him to promote a convicted mass killer. The guy is such an ass it really is funny to watch him dance like a windup monkey.

In other news- Rabbitt, a convicted pedophile, is now a member of the KTS group while the Col still is not permitted. I wonder how the douche known as OOgler will take his ramblings?

Carry on.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Required Reading for the Official TLB Murders Blog

We are getting inundated with new readers recently and are gonna start a big push for new readers soon. You'll tell two friends and so on and so on. So it is best to finally get this out of the way.

If you are going to understand most of the things we talk about here, you should have read the following books at least twice.

Now, the following books are actually full of a lot of shit. But they are the CORE reading for anyone interested in TLB. If you don't understand everything in these books, you cannot follow a lot of the questions that will come up.

The first two of these books are available online if you look sometimes for $2.00. That is what thet are worth. Any used bookstore should have them. Or . Or

HELTER SKELTER by Vincent Bugliosi is a very good nonfiction novel about the case, Sold millions of copies. It is a novel in the same way that IN COLD BLOOD is a novel. The book is SOLELY Bug's point of view. Any facts that don't fit, he ignores or even twists and bends. People who worked with him are run over. It is all to the glory of the BUG. But it is a compulsive read and will make you familiar with a lot of the facts of the case too.

THE FAMILY by Ed Sanders is a messy collection of "facts" hastily assembled. There is the 1972 version, the 1989 update and the 2002 tome. The first two are fine, and really cheap. The 2002 one costs more but that is the one I use. Many factual things here but narrative style is akin to a three year old. Very hard to follow. Also, morons like Larry Melton were used as a source, so a lot of bullshit here, like Family splatter films and stuff.

MY LIFE WITH CHARLES MANSON by Paul Watkins. A compelling read by a ghost writer of the day to to day on the ranch from Little Paul's perspective. Hard to find book. Paul has a untrustworthy point of view. He worshipped Charlie, betrayed the Family, then tried to take it over again. But the books FEEL real.

It is hereafter assumed that all readers have read these books. Twice. Because without reading them how can you come with the Col and question things?

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Nam Ryenge Ho Part FIVE

So let's finish this study shall we?

7- Mission goes horribly awry. Gary tied up and beaten. Charlie called. 8- THIS IS THE POINT WE NEED TO SPEND TIME ON, CLASS- Charlie shows up and makes shit worse, lopping his sword at Gary's face.

Okay now, if Charlie sent you, then indeed you need to call him when the money isn't flowing. But of course, Charlie didn't send you to KILL the guy. Just to get his money. Maybe he expected a contribution, lol. Maybe he expected you to rough him up. Who knows.

But it doesn't go as expected. What does? And you have to call the older, supposedly wiser, Charlie. Charlie grabs some heavy artillery, and the near psychopathic Bruce Davis, and heads over to Topanga. (This easily took an hour or more, kids. Would have loved to hear the discussion in the meantime)

Girls are probably wandering vacantly, okay. But Bobby is obviously hoping the big man is gonna sort this shit out for him.

By ALL accounts, Charlie marches in and NOT BY ACCIDENT takes a sword and lops off the side of Hinman's face. Almost the whole ear.

Okay kids, WTF? Pretend to be Bobby. You were sent to get money for one of two reasons. Doesn't matter. What the hell is Errol Flynn doing coming out here making shit worse? And worse still, he now tells you to handle it? And leaves?

We are obviously missing a piece here by anyone's logic.

- You don't call Charlie unless you expect him to help.
- Then he doesn't help he worsens everything and tells you to handle it.

BTW, Charlie does not tell Bobby as I understand it to kill Gary at all at this point. Depending on who you believe, he does after a later phone call.


[The Col is back from the frozen North. For good. As a disabarred attorney I might be needed later this year elsewhere. But no more freezing. Thanks to everyone for the support. And those of you in the comments- if I have to regulate or track you down then I will. I will not have regular smart people like Heaven or Agnostic Monk run down by people who are too pussied to deal with logic and reason. You don't like Salem, then skip her posts like I do. If you want to attack join Turner. I hear he has ten readers and two brains between them. Behave and we can all learn from one another, y'hear.]

Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Rudi Altobelli IS still alive. Heaven asked me to find out several weeks ago.

This led to my first chat with Rudi in three years.

This led to me encouraging him to set the record straight before dying.

This led to me making calls to my ABC news pals. A producer lady friend over there did the first Snyder interview with Charlie and the Manson Women special..

This led to Rudi doing his first interview EVER.

Will there be a bombshell? Set your TIVO for FRIDAY NIGHT May 5, 2006 ABC 20/20.

This is gonna be amazing, me hopes.

( I should be back from the frozen North next week- at last.)

(Zero etc. was just one troll. He was sent by a jealous Turner. We tracked him and exposed him to his annoyed wife. He's gone. Play well people!)