Sunday, March 18, 2007

Monkey Boy Jim (Updated)

Yeah I know. I should do better.

Someone contacted me. Apparently because I took some time to go away and spend my fortune with my supermodel wife, some jerkwads thought I had given up the hunt for the truth. As if. Of course these idiots were in Candygramma's Yahoo group which allows convicted sex offenders. Nice.

There seems to be someone who is like a monkey boy who has joined there. JIMINYX. Lame name kiddo. And he seems to think I am this film producer guy. Like others, if you ask for proof, the tard will have nothing to show you. But he writes some pretty outrageous shit on there. Here are two posts that the Col addresses in red. I'd rather not do anything on CG's tard site unless I am drunk and vomiting.
Monkey Boy Jim writes-

Ebay users "Aes-Nihil" and "Bboy780" - Two Bad Apples actually not- Jon is stoned and damaged but a very good guy. And Bret was man of the year last year.

These two guys are working together to sell Leslie on the open
market .... There's only 1 problem ........ I won't allow them to do it. Love the self righteous indignation. But who are you, douchebag? YOU won't allow it? Well the listing is still up. And I bet it remains. Because, ummm, you are no one and you don't matter.

Details for item number: 280094159334
Item title: Charles Manson/Leslie van Houten 2006 Parole Hearing
Item URL:
End date: Wednesday, Mar 21, 2007 18:42:12 PDT

My reply to John is listed below ... I want people to see that
sometimes you have to stand up to people that buy and sell other
people's blood.whose blood is being sold? who needs to be stood up to? this is a parole hearing that is in the public interest. people have a right to this. It is PUBLIC INFORMATION loser. You are not standing up to anything. No one is even bidding on it scrote face.

I don't think that the LaBianca family would appreciate John and Bret
lining their pockets at the expense of Rosemary and Leno. Well family? The Nephew who surfaced after decades? The ex wife who tried to sell her own shit book? The daughter who forgave Tex? You make me sick you are so stupid.

To John Aes-Nihil:

"Just to make myself perfectly clear. I know Miss Van Houten personally gotta love this- I know a CONVICTED MURDERER personally and will not let you take advantage of her. What a retard.
and I will not allow you to exploit her. but you are nobodyBret shamelessly advertised
this dvd on his website using a video of Leslie in handcuffs as a
selling pitch. I'm beyond outraged and beyond moronicand i'm asking you to stop this
shameful exploitation of Leslie. If you and Bret want to consider
donating a portion of your proceeds from the sale of these items to the
Doris Tate Foundation, then at least some good will come from this. it is not exploitation if he sells it and donates it? What a tool.I
don't like what you two are doing to Leslie and, unless this changes,
i'm going to do everything i can to put a stop to it.which is nothing I did notify
Leslie's Attorney Christie Webb and Leslie herself to let them know
what you two have been up to. and? a low rent attorney who is stuck with her as a client cannot do anything about a tape she doesn't own the copyright to. Amd who cares what a lying murderess has to say?This has to stop John. You're selling
this girl in the open market and you're also making money at the
expense of the victims and their familes. I'm asking you to reconsider
your position."did John reply or was he too busy laughing at you Monkey Boy?

I want everyone to see what these guys are all about.

Bret (bboy780) figured that since he can't risk putting up another Ebay
listing for this item without risking his Ebay account being suspended,what is that based on?
that he'd ask his partner in crime John Aes-Nihil (Aes-Nihil) to give
it a shot under his id.careful- allegations can cost even a monkey boy monies in damages.

I'm warning you two guys right now ....... i will press Ebay to close
you both down if you continue with this and i mean what i say."HE means what he says- he cannot capitalize the I, but he is fucking serious you two."

This exploitation shit against Leslie is going to stop. again- selling a parole hearing tape is fully legal.
Monkey Boy posts again:

Yes, originally.

I'm very disappointed in him. I don't understand why people resort
to things like this. I feel bad for Leslie he feels bad for a jackass who stabbe a lady she never met for no reason and then blamed another man who "made her do it"- once you know this you see him for the turd he is.and also for the victims
families who have to endure this kind of cheap exploitation of those
whose lives were so needlessly lost.making court documents available is not exploitation even if you say it three times like Candyman, you ass.

I may even go as far as asking Debra Tate for help since she does
have a voiceyou mean the lady who still hasn't buried her father? who according to the will has NO OWNERSHIP of Sharon at all? and, since these people are making money from everyone
involved, we do have a common enemy and perhaps we can take some
definitive action. go back and masturbate some more Monkey Boy, you might feel better.

I'm going to do what i can to stop these people or at least call
attention to what they're doing.yawn

DonI am Col Scott, he who cannot be stopped. is wrong in his claim that's its a public record. It's not Don.
They're tapping into a video pool feed and copying something that is
not meant for private sale. It can be shown by KABC-7 but it cannot
be sold by a couple of pirates on the open market.even if this were true (it is not) the retard should be calling ABC then not ebay or Leslie or Debra. But they would probably tell him the truth- ABC gave the tape to Jon to do as he wishes. Shithead.

I meant what i said .... I'm going to stop them; one way or another.

the last refuge of the ignorant- threats. I would believe that we should be worried here, he might try to harm someone. But he is such a monkey I guess we shouldn't worry much.

Good Night Chimp.


Just found out that Monkey Boy Jim used to be here under the name Savage. He would post sometimes coherent but often not thoughts in the comments section, expressing love and joy for Leslie and the other murderesses. He would also delete his own posts without explanation. Why he would go to the loser site run by the inane hag is beyond me.

Anyway, let's play with the wittle monkey one more time.

Re: To Don Murphy aka COLSCOTT notice I did ask it to Prove that the great Col was this guy. And notice he doesn't.

That's your privilage to speak your own mind Don, but i can more than
prove my claims. but yet he doesn't. And I don't need a PRIVILEGE, I am the Col.

You're friend Bret obviously didn't get the message after Ebay
cancelled his listing 3 times that i won't allow him check this shit out- it thinks it has powers or something. Now, it puts the lotion in the sell Leslie
online so now, out of sheer desperation, he's tryiny to use John Aes-
Nihl to try and sell the dvd because he doesn't want to run the risk
of having his Ebay account suspended. I checked- they both have copies and they are both selling it whenever they want to- Bret is still selling the girls on the street footage as we speak on ebay, Monkey.

I notified Ebay only yesterday and, by Monday night i would guess,
the listing will probably come down. I bet it will not be.

Name calling is weak and you're just making a fool out of yourself. the man who offers NO proof yet claims knowledge and power calls me a fool? LOL.

If Bret's website is so popular, then why is he trying to use Ebay to
peddle his dvd?who said it was popular? I don't know how popular the blog is. I just know that at the blog we seek the truth. AT the CG site you seek nonsense. Answer, because nobody buys anything from his crappy
website.oh look it asked and answered a question. It doesn't answer any of the questions asked of it. But here is a banana anyway.

ABC did not hand a copy to a tape to John for sale to the public.
John used the video pool feed to actually record the footage which i
believe is a legal no no.

Correct me if i'm wrong Don, but this text comes directly from your
BLOG from the category "MAN OF THE YEAR WRITES IN":

"The crime scene photos used in the show are from John. I helped them
with some information after they contacted me through the website.
They wanted crime scene photographs and I told them John had the best
quality. They also gave us the Beta Cam master of Leslie's parole
hearing. After all the trouble in getting the tape. In Septemeber I
talked to the prison to get clearance for us to attend the pool feed
at CIW for leslie's hearing, only to find out that you don't need any
permission from the CDC or other there is your proof, simian. Anyway is entitled to record the hearing. John went to the prison
with all kinds of equippment to record. Everything was fine untill he
found out that the pool feed mult box doesn't take RCA cables. He
needed a BNA adaptor and tried to borrow it from the news media and
the documentary crews but nobody had one so we didn't get any
footage. John did however tape the interviews following the hearing.
Since then we bought a BNA to RCA adaptor. This year, there will be
hearings for Charlie, Pat and Leslie. We are going to all those

I have it .... so does Christie Webb.

Doesn't sound to me like somebody handed job a tape. Care to retract
your previous statement?Monkey cannot read- its says they handed him a beta cam copy of the tape. It is a saaad monkey indeed.

You may sound intelligent at times Don,it cannot prove my identity but you're an emotional
screwball and you act like a middleaged woman that's going through
menapause.Aww thank you chimpy.

As for John Aes-Nihl, i know all about John and i have no doubt in my
mind that he's a really cool guy and not someone who does things like
this all the time.No- his website sells tons of Leslie stuff ALL THE TIME monkey. He also It's great to make money, we all do it, we have to
do it ...... just don't do it at Leslie's expense.It thinks that we should care about a lying murderess. It is a dumb monkey.

I think it would be a classy thing if you guys donated a part of that
money to the Doris Tate Foundation so that a little something goes
back to the victims in the form of the charity that Doris helped set
up. Since all of you seem to thrive on this crime, it makes good
business sense to me.Does it even realize that the Foundation is not even called that anymore?

It's within my right to protest an offensive listing on Ebay and i
will do just that.and it is within our right to laugh at it. More importantly, if it makes claims that it knows to be false, like saying this is illegal, then both Brett and Jon will have the right to sue it. I hereby offer some of my resources to help crush the monkey. I won't allow these jokers to make money on
Leslie's latest parole hearing and i'll do what i can to stop it.It has no power but it speaks as if it does.

You can rant and rave all you like Don, proof?but you're barking up the
wrong tree if you think that you're friends are going to be allowed
to pick up where Nellie left off at. Nellie was a child molester. Neither of these two guys are. Nellie gouged people for what they sold. These two vendors are honest and responsible.

It puts the lotion in the basket or else it gets the hose.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Six Degrees of Separation

Martha Watkins was the wife of Paul Watkins, hardcore member of the Manson Family.
Martha was an activist, a mother of two girls and the founder of the Shoshone Museum,
Martha died of a drug overdose last week.
She was 49.
I am told she never recovered from the death of her husband in 1990.

She is survived by a brother and two daughters.

Requiscat in Pace.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Ebay is a funny place

The words CAVEAT EMPTOR come from the latin. They mean "buyer beware". Basically, it means that you should assume that the other guy is gonna take advantage of you in a business deal and be careful.

Most scammers assume that there is some retard out there who will fall for their scam. This is why you get those emails from Nigerian Banks.

Currently on ebay you have-

Charles Manson Original Newspaper Articals- so, are you gonna buy something from somebody who cannot even spell what he is selling? COME ON he's got ZERO feedback. How about paying $4,900 for old newspapers which look like they are just the BUG's Helter Skelter novel, serialized. Maybe this nimrod meant $49.00. I don't know. But who the hell wantsmusty papers when you can get a used copy of the whole book for $2 at every used book store in the US.

Original Charlie Manson Booking Photo
- I love the story. I love the arrogance. This will be worth MILLIONS some day. Uh huh. Her dad got it for her. Uh huh. The photo is extremely common. It is not the negative. It is worth $10. But don't offer her less than $3000. Brilliant.

Premium Charles Manson Domain Name - this is cool. Guy paid $30 but maybe you want to give him $3,000. That's hot.

Caveat Emptor!