Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Lie Detector Game

Earlier this year, noted homophobe and idiot Robin Olson dictated a posting to Orca Tate attacking the wonderful and poignant book RESTLESS SOULS. It remains on their website.

In it Debra offered to pay for a lie detector test and she wanted Alisa Statman to answer SEVENTEEN questions under the test. These were:

1. Before moving into the guesthouse at Cielo, did you express to others your intent to write about my sister Sharon’s murder?
2. Did you begin working on or researching a book about my sister Sharon’s murder before you met Patti?
3. Is it true that you used the photographs you stole from Lieutenant Earl Deemer’s collection to meet my sister Patti?
4. Did you ever meet my mom Doris Gwen Tate?
5. Would you swear that the statement in the book as to how it came about is absolutely accurate?
6. Is every word in the book attributed to Patti exactly what she herself said or wrote?
7. Did you use any of the materials written and prepared by Robin Olson for Patti’s book in this book?
8. Did you change, alter, or add anything to my dad’s unpublished manuscript prior to publication?
9. Did you change, alter, or add anything to my mom’s unpublished manuscript prior to publication?
10. Can you provide independent corroboration to verify the many verbatim conversations given in the book between people now deceased?
11. Can you provide independent corroboration to verify the account of my sister Sharon’s murder appearing in your book?
12. Did my dad order you to turn over to me all Tate family materials left in the Palos Verdes house?
13. Did you turn over to my dad or to me, as requested, all Tate family materials in the Palos Verdes house?
14. Did you deny to me that such Tate family materials remained in the Palos Verdes house?
15. Did you sign statements at Holy Cross Cemetery describing yourself as a Tate “stepsister?”
16. Did you tell authorities at Holy Cross Cemetery that you had obtained Roman Polanski’s permission to open Sharon’s grave?
17. Did you try to have legislation passed in California that would allow you, as a non-relative, to attend parole hearings for convicted members of the Manson family?
Orca/Olson also added for a final flourish-
"I would be happy to make arrangements for such a polygraph test at Ms. Statman’s convenience."
But of course why the hell would Alisa do that? For no give back? No tit for tat?
However, being the all amazing Col that I am, I have actually contacted the NUMBER ONE Polygraph guy in Los Angeles County. The guy that if you pass, the police even leave you alone and find another suspect. He's the TOP guy people.
And I'll pay for him.
But Alisa doesn't just answer Orca's questions. Orca answers MY questions.
Here's my SEVENTEEN random questions for Orca to answer-
1- What legal rights can you prove to your sister’s name or estate?

2- Where are your father's ashes and why have you denied his grandchildren the right to have a final resting place where not just you, but the entire family might be able to visit PJ?

3- Do you deny that your father requested that Alisa Statman represent him at the parole hearings following Patti's death? Do you deny that he sent a letter to the board of prison terms making this request and that it was to be placed in a file for all future hearings?

4- Why were you photographed frolicking naked at 16 with known drug dealers on the Cielo Drive House lawn long before the murders?

5- Why when your sister Patti was dying of breast cancer did you pretend to have scheduled an appointment with a cancer specialist in Duke University only to have her fly out there and find out that you never did any such thing?

6- What was the point when, after arranging #5 above so that you got your sister out of the house, you showed up screaming at your father's girlfriend that you wanted your “share” of the jewels and then proceeded to tear the house apart looking for said jewels while your father (at the same time) lay in the veterans' hospital recuperating from surgery?

7- As the last surviving direct member of the Tate Family, what exactly were you left in your father’s will?

8- Your daughter Arieanna has mutilated her body with excessive tattoos and piercings. One poster on the internet claims she has been a prostitute. What did you do to this girl to make her hate herself so much?

9- Why do you have such a close friendship with Robin Olson who is a pathological homophobe when your own sister was at least bisexual?

10- What was your relationship with your father for the last ten years of his life?

11- Why did you harass your father’s girlfriend (also called Doris) after his death?

12- You continue to claim that you were injured by a mail bomb. Can you offer proof of this bombing, a police report, FBI report, ATF report, or at least hospital records to prove it ever happened?

13- When was the last time you saw any of Patti’s kids face to face?

14- Have you told Stephen Kay anything truthful?

15 - Why do you think Samantha Geimer had it coming?

16- Were you really robbed of Sharon's possessions as you stated on the record last year Did you? file a police report? You said you knew who did it, was anyone ever arrested?
17- What is your legal claim to Sharon's Wedding Dress?

So there you go people. It's a fair deal. Debra or your rep can contact me via my magic email.
Who wants to bet if I get a reply?

Monday, August 13, 2012

Little Paul's Oldest Daughter

Claire Vaye Watkins on Growing up Manson and “Battleborn”

For writer Claire Vaye Watkins her life has been lived in the shadow of her father, Charles Manson’s right-hand man, but in her debut story collection she breaks free to capture the American West with beauty and power. She speaks to Claiborne Smith about her hunger for Nevada, her mother’s death, and her fiction.


(L-R) Author Claire Vaye Watkins. Members of Charles Manson's "family", Mark Ross, tall with dark beard, Paul Watkins, front center, and Catherine "Gypsy" Share, holding Sandra Good's son Ivan, congregate in the Los Angeles Hall of Justice on Feb. 24, 1970. None of these is accused. (Twitter; AP Photo)

Sunday, August 12, 2012

I have a little system of my own....

Is it time?

I wonder. In a world where Alisa Statman wrote a book to honor her deceased lover and the lover's family, only to be attacked by homophobes and internet radio DJs because "how dare she!", are we ready?

Is it time?

I wonder- in a world where the Helter Skelter Forum regularly steals research from much better blogs like TOTLB, are we ready?

Is it time?

I wonder- in a world where actual insane people like JimNY (now Kermit the Puking Frog) still believe that Leslie Van Houten knows who they are, are we ready?

I wonder.....

Was it in a dream, was it just a dream?
I know, yes I know
Seemed so very real, it seemed so real to me

Took a walk down the street
Thru the heat whispered trees
I thought I could hear (hear, hear, hear)
Somebody call out my name as it started to rain


I wonder if it is time for a TLB Wiki? I suppose the eternally dispensable Adam Gorightly first put the thought into my head when he ripped me off for his kindle book several years ago. And then my own experiences with Wikipedia made me think of it again.

It's a good idea. Recently several of the sites united to try to locate and expose actual true Exorcist level evil. Cooperation is possible.

There's a Marvel Comics Wiki, a Lost Wiki, a Twilight Wiki and even a Muppets wiki (the one JimNy frequents).

Why NOT a TLB Wiki?

The Benefits are that there would be a one stop resource for all researchers. We could have one neutral, factual place. NOT the Bug's novel. Not Wikipedia written by ignorant 15 year olds in Montreal. All sides of a story are there. Kasabian as star witness. Kasabian as drugged out whore and thief who never alerted anyone about what happened.

Like all Wikis there would be consensus. Where are they now sections. (Donde es Senor Donkeydick?) Listing of all theories (Hughes drowned or fled to Nova Scotia as a big and tall model?).

Now this only works if people play nice. I can't run it and frankly I don't want to. I need to share it - with Cats, with Liz, with Matt for sure, maybe even Lynyrd if he can put down the bong for more than a minute. Cielodrive.com yes please. In theory this should take care of itself. The problems will be the real people changing information (Clem says his band name is not Adam Gabriel but Yo Gabba Gabba) and the pure fucking assholes like JimNy. Or even Orca Tate who doesn't want people to know she mainlines her daddy's ashes.

Let's discuss this in the comments. The idea is a strong one and should be done. We all want the truth. The only true enemy of the truth is BUGliosi. Can we all try and do this?

Friday, August 10, 2012

The Charlie Dance


Charles Manson: America’s Greatest Living Reality Star

Look at this guy. Like it or not, he's an American icon.
No American madman has a legend as nuanced as Manson's. That has everything to do with Vincent Bugliosi's definitive chronicle of the Manson Family, their murders and their trial. To read 1974's Helter Skelter is to obsess over Helter Skelter is to cultivate a lifelong interest in Manson and his once-petulant, now-repentant acolytes.
That book taught us that he was a bad guy, who despite (allegedly? probably?) suggesting to his cult that they perform murders so infamous and shocking that they prematurely ended the '60s 43 years ago today, didn't make a single stab or cut August 9, 1969 or the following night in what are generally referred to as the Tate-LaBianca murders.
I can only imagine how shocking those crimes were at the time, how they tore down other iconography in an acid nightmare that irrevocably damaged the image of the peace-loving hippie. I know that despising Manson wholesale is a reasonable reaction. Three years ago, to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Tate-LaBianca murders, Los Angeles magazine ran an oral history that described Manson as "an enduring symbol of unfathomable evil." That is the truth.
But for someone to whom the '60s never existed in the first place, someone who entered a world that was already obsessed with serial killers and other mortal boogie men, someone who saw Charles Manson frequently on television during his childhood in the '80s and thought, "What the fuck?" even though he was too young to say "fuck" out loud without getting punished with cocktail sauce on his tongue, I know that it's possible to regard Manson differently. I came to know much later than I could have, even – I didn't read Helter Skelter until a few summers ago. It's a relic of its time, so I was horrified as much as I was supposed to be. I would read it late at night in my living room, certain that someone was going to break through my apartment's back window, which was right off of the fire escape. That only added to the effect.
As much as I admire the terrifying ingenuity in the Manson-birthed concept of creepy crawling (when the Manson Family would break into homes to rearrange furniture or watch people sleeping), it wasn't until post-Skelter research that I approached an appreciation of what Manson has to offer. Or a portion of it, at any rate. I blame modernity. Reality TV and general cultural narcissism have conditioned us to appreciate characters (especially villains) and, man, is that guy a character. Man, is he a villain. But not only that, he's a performance artist, a very contemporary celebrity whose true art is giving interviews. In this respect, among his very few peers are Madonna and Amy Sedaris, whose Jerri Blank character often resembles Manson in mannerism and affect.
Several clips of him doing absolutely crazy things with words and his face from the '80s (many of them included in the montage above) have racked up millions of hits on YouTube – if video had the viral capacity then that it does now, his profile, his cult, his legend would have undoubtedly been so much higher. We would barely need to question his appeal.
Our culture puts a premium on extreme human behavior, and to watch Manson go off and sputter his free associative efrannis booj pooch boo jujube is thrilling. Good nonsense is hard to find. He invokes images of "staunch" and "upstanding" parrots and pockets full of "everything you can eat." He calls Geraldo Rivera "Mr. G." He explains the swastika on his forehead (which alone makes him understandably impossible to look at for particularly sensitive people) as not a sign of affiliation with the Nazi party, but with his Nazi party: "It means I've been locked up in here since 1943, that I'm standing behind the judges in Nuremberg." A very loud facet of our culture loves things for being terrible – to watch Charles Manson in 2012 is to revel in the concept of so-bad-it's-good where the bad is actual evil.
In 1987, when Penny Daniels asked Manson about what draws people to him, he leaped from his seat, performed a display that was part mime show, part interpretive dance and boasted, "I'm brand new. Everything I do is always brand new." Indeed, this unpredictability is key to his appeal.
Manson lied and told contradictory stories. Much of his clan did the same throughout the years to the point where it's best for all of our heads to just take Helter Skelter as gospel – it's bound to be closer to the truth than any other involved party's narrative. (In that sense the Manson Family was like the first reality TV ensemble cast – a bunch of liars telling lies to create this fog of a story.) "There was no such thing as the Manson family. It was a musical group called Family Jams!" Manson claimed at one point during the '80s. "I've done nothing but play the guitar," he said at another to disavow any wrongdoing. He also said, "I was born 1,000."
Nonsense wasn't the only thing that came out of his mouth. The roller-coaster effect comes from him often starting paragraphs in a semi-reasonable manner so that you can at least see why his mind is going to where it is, only to meltdown mid-thesis. However, he was really onto something when he commented on his celebrity, which the series of interviews in the '80s maintained and enlivened. "You're creating a legend, you're creating a beast, you're creating whatever you are judging yourselves with into the word Mason," he said. While that media coverage was understandable given the cultural weight of his crimes and his captivating persona, it served to repeatedly feed this beast, to put on a platform someone ravenous for attention. Of all the crazy things Manson said, "I'm not an entertainer, I don't entertain," really might have been the craziest.
It's liberating to laugh at a monster, to understand that every man has a capacity to be more than and contradictory to the thing that defines him. The taboo of Manson, too, boosts his appeal – appreciating him is like the intoxicating spiral of laughing in church. Perhaps it would be better to ignore him entirely, to move on with our culture and do our best to pretend like his heinous crimes never happened. But they did, and while it may provide no comfort for those to whom it matters the most – the families directly affected by his murders who still attend his and the remaining incarcerated Manson girls' parole hearings – it is somewhat therapeutic for those of us on the outside to experience that different face of Manson. His ability to entertain is his small part of good that he's contributed to the world. It is his silver lining, the sole thing that keeps his entire existence from being in vain. The world would have been a better place without Manson, but since he had to exist, his roles as the nutjob to end all nutjobs can be read as something like compensation. It's not an even trade in the slightest, but a little bit of cultural rehabilitation is better than none at all.

Thursday, August 09, 2012

The Anniversary

43 years ago today some people were killed by Tex Watson and his car mates. The next day some people were killed by Tex Watson and his car mates.

These people did not deserve to die.

Steve Parent
Voytek Frykowski
Abigail Folger
Jay Sebring
Sharon Tate
Leno LaBianca
Rosemary LaBianca

The people who killed these victims were prosecuted and sentenced to death. The Supreme Court rejected the Death Penalty soon after and now they are all slowly dying in prison themselves, having outlived all of their victims.

Why these particular people were killed remains obscure.

These are the facts of the case as Officer Friday used to say.

Our mission should we decide to accept it is to try to figure out why these victims were killed so horribly, to honor their memories and allow them to rest.

Thank you for your help.