Sunday, August 12, 2012

I have a little system of my own....

Is it time?

I wonder. In a world where Alisa Statman wrote a book to honor her deceased lover and the lover's family, only to be attacked by homophobes and internet radio DJs because "how dare she!", are we ready?

Is it time?

I wonder- in a world where the Helter Skelter Forum regularly steals research from much better blogs like TOTLB, are we ready?

Is it time?

I wonder- in a world where actual insane people like JimNY (now Kermit the Puking Frog) still believe that Leslie Van Houten knows who they are, are we ready?

I wonder.....

Was it in a dream, was it just a dream?
I know, yes I know
Seemed so very real, it seemed so real to me

Took a walk down the street
Thru the heat whispered trees
I thought I could hear (hear, hear, hear)
Somebody call out my name as it started to rain


I wonder if it is time for a TLB Wiki? I suppose the eternally dispensable Adam Gorightly first put the thought into my head when he ripped me off for his kindle book several years ago. And then my own experiences with Wikipedia made me think of it again.

It's a good idea. Recently several of the sites united to try to locate and expose actual true Exorcist level evil. Cooperation is possible.

There's a Marvel Comics Wiki, a Lost Wiki, a Twilight Wiki and even a Muppets wiki (the one JimNy frequents).

Why NOT a TLB Wiki?

The Benefits are that there would be a one stop resource for all researchers. We could have one neutral, factual place. NOT the Bug's novel. Not Wikipedia written by ignorant 15 year olds in Montreal. All sides of a story are there. Kasabian as star witness. Kasabian as drugged out whore and thief who never alerted anyone about what happened.

Like all Wikis there would be consensus. Where are they now sections. (Donde es Senor Donkeydick?) Listing of all theories (Hughes drowned or fled to Nova Scotia as a big and tall model?).

Now this only works if people play nice. I can't run it and frankly I don't want to. I need to share it - with Cats, with Liz, with Matt for sure, maybe even Lynyrd if he can put down the bong for more than a minute. yes please. In theory this should take care of itself. The problems will be the real people changing information (Clem says his band name is not Adam Gabriel but Yo Gabba Gabba) and the pure fucking assholes like JimNy. Or even Orca Tate who doesn't want people to know she mainlines her daddy's ashes.

Let's discuss this in the comments. The idea is a strong one and should be done. We all want the truth. The only true enemy of the truth is BUGliosi. Can we all try and do this?


ColScott said...

I never delete comments but a bunch had to go, mostly people trying to convince me that Debra wasn't disowned by her mother (who once referred to her as pure evil, right)and comments by JimNy where he discussed his small sword and wanting to cross me with it.

This space is to discuss a TLB Wiki. Thank you.

Unknown said...

While i think its a great idea to have a 'one stop' location for real tlb info i'm not sure wiki would be the best idea for the same reason you mentioned in your post,anyone can come in and change things whenever they want and you know they will. so whoever runs the page will spend most of their time dealing with fuckheads(and muppets)who have nothing better to do than get in the way of a good idea just because they can.
I think a straight up website might be a better idea but then the question becomes who would be in charge?
If someone could put all the relevant information from the four major blogs in one place where outsiders could'nt tamper with it you'd have one hell of a website.
Making something like that work would be a lot easier said than done.
Maybe You,Liz,Cats and Lynyrd could have some cyberdiscussion on the subject sometime?

Matt said...

That's the achilles heel, vandalism.

Unknown said...

Matt said...
That's the achilles heel, vandalism.

Thats why i think a website would be better than would be secure to some extent.
Also you could host audio and video files. i'm not talking about stuff like Manson songs that anyone could post and don't shed light on motive and the facts of the case.
I'm talking about things like Backporchtapes video clips of breaking news or starcityradio interviews with people like Garretson(even though hes a looney) and Paul Crockett...stuff like that.
I could see a listing for everyone involved in the tlb saga incorporating the most informative posts from all the blogs, messageboards etc.

The achilles heel of a wiki page would be vandalism as Matt says,the achilles heel of a website would be cooperation.
And not just any kind of cooperation we're talking 'peace in the middle east' kind of cooperation.It would take a team of people plus a lot of time and effort to even attempt to pull something like this off.
But just think how cool the results could be!

starship said...

I would say, yes, of course, to a website or a wiki (although I'm not at all sure I understand exactly what it means), but you, Col. need to do a better job if this is your idea of playing nice. I mean you felt the need to delete comments. I remind you, those comments were made in response to statements made by you in this supposed call for cooperation. So, I say, think about it a bit. Then perhaps make the offer again nicely. And this time try to mean it.

Patty is Dead said...

I don't know what a wiki is, I thought it was a doobie soaked in formaldehyde. Matt, please fill me in.

Matt said...

I thought that was angel dust or something..

CarolMR said...

COL, why was my question/comment to you deleted?

ColScott said...

Comments that were made on this thread that had nothing to do with he topic were deleted.

Since you feel the need to support that waste of skin Orca you can go to the new Lie Detector test posting and get her to take it. Alisa told me she is ready is your pal Debra?

Marliese said...

I dislike comments being deleted as much as anyone but cannot believe anyone would think a threat to someone's well being should be allowed to stand.

Matt P..completely agree, i like how you said it, and vandalism Matt...good word to describe exactly what would happen. Can't you just see it? But such a good idea...

Carol, not butting in or anything, just wanted to let you know your question has been answered here a couple of times over the years... you could search it out, if you're so inclined. Not interfering, just letting you know that it's been brought up and answered in the past.

CarolMR said...

Thanks, Marliese, for not butting in. I've read here many times that Paul Tate disowned Debra; never read here or anywhere else that Doris Tate also disowned her daughter and I brought it up because, in this post by the COL, he mentions that both of Debra's parents disowned her. So I guess no one who comments on this board brings up questions that have been discussed in the past. Got it. I'll do my research. The COL should at least show the courtesy of telling someone why his/her post was deleted after he deletes it.

Marliese said...

Wow Carol. Sarcastic much? I didn't deserve that.

starship said...

Yes, a bit of clarification here from the Col would help perhaps.

I believe from very convincing documentation that the Col himself posted in the past, that yes, Paul Tate did disinherit Debra, but that some of the estate was indeed left to her because it was Doris' expressed wishes.

So, to be clear: Debra was disnherited by her father, Paul, but not so by her mother, Doris.

Correct? Please Col let us know.

Matt said...

Col, I think a closed wiki with administrators and a steering committee would be a viable option. I can contribute but I can't run it.

Admins would best be retired people who can devote the needed effort.

A steering committee could decide direction and content.

CarolMR said...

Sorry, Marliese. I was sarcastic to you and you didn't deserve it. My point is that there are lots of topics that are brought up on this board that have been discussed before. After 40+ years it is almost impossible NOT to keep talking about the same things. As Starship said, the COL has stated many times that Paul Tate had disinherited Debra, but not so Doris. But it seems the COL deletes certain comments that he disagrees with.

cielodrivecom said...

A wiki would be good. I'll definitely contribute

Leigh said...

A TLB Wiki would be most welcome and handy for those of us seriously interested in the truth and the facts of this case. I promise not to vandalize it. I hope no one else does either.

Off-topic, but...does anyone know where FrankM went? Haven't seen his comments on these blogs in quite awhile and I miss them. Maybe he's had his fill of TLB or he's decided to simply lurk. If you're reading this, please start commenting again Frank!

Unknown said...

Ive read the Cols blog for years under numerous screenames and typically I stay out of the in fighting and just read the post for my own research and entertainment. I would mention I have never noticed the Col deleteing post before, matter of fact I remeber a post by the Col stateing the complete oposite and slamming other boards for deleting comments, makes me wonder, is the Col still running this board? usually he would just slam you if he disagreed with your comment, but not delete it. Unless it was form JimNY or some other looney.
As far as the comment about deleteing a post because of a threat, really? no one knows true identitys on here, so how feasible is a threat anyway? Reminds me of another board I really like Evilz, sometimes they enable the moderator and it seems like they do this to keep post they dont like from appearing. I find all these to be wrong. You never know when someones seemily stupid comment may trigger a new revelation in the TLB world.

Unknown said...

Nice touch with the John lennon lyrics " #9 Dream "