Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Lie Detector Game

Earlier this year, noted homophobe and idiot Robin Olson dictated a posting to Orca Tate attacking the wonderful and poignant book RESTLESS SOULS. It remains on their website.

In it Debra offered to pay for a lie detector test and she wanted Alisa Statman to answer SEVENTEEN questions under the test. These were:

1. Before moving into the guesthouse at Cielo, did you express to others your intent to write about my sister Sharon’s murder?
2. Did you begin working on or researching a book about my sister Sharon’s murder before you met Patti?
3. Is it true that you used the photographs you stole from Lieutenant Earl Deemer’s collection to meet my sister Patti?
4. Did you ever meet my mom Doris Gwen Tate?
5. Would you swear that the statement in the book as to how it came about is absolutely accurate?
6. Is every word in the book attributed to Patti exactly what she herself said or wrote?
7. Did you use any of the materials written and prepared by Robin Olson for Patti’s book in this book?
8. Did you change, alter, or add anything to my dad’s unpublished manuscript prior to publication?
9. Did you change, alter, or add anything to my mom’s unpublished manuscript prior to publication?
10. Can you provide independent corroboration to verify the many verbatim conversations given in the book between people now deceased?
11. Can you provide independent corroboration to verify the account of my sister Sharon’s murder appearing in your book?
12. Did my dad order you to turn over to me all Tate family materials left in the Palos Verdes house?
13. Did you turn over to my dad or to me, as requested, all Tate family materials in the Palos Verdes house?
14. Did you deny to me that such Tate family materials remained in the Palos Verdes house?
15. Did you sign statements at Holy Cross Cemetery describing yourself as a Tate “stepsister?”
16. Did you tell authorities at Holy Cross Cemetery that you had obtained Roman Polanski’s permission to open Sharon’s grave?
17. Did you try to have legislation passed in California that would allow you, as a non-relative, to attend parole hearings for convicted members of the Manson family?
Orca/Olson also added for a final flourish-
"I would be happy to make arrangements for such a polygraph test at Ms. Statman’s convenience."
But of course why the hell would Alisa do that? For no give back? No tit for tat?
However, being the all amazing Col that I am, I have actually contacted the NUMBER ONE Polygraph guy in Los Angeles County. The guy that if you pass, the police even leave you alone and find another suspect. He's the TOP guy people.
And I'll pay for him.
But Alisa doesn't just answer Orca's questions. Orca answers MY questions.
Here's my SEVENTEEN random questions for Orca to answer-
1- What legal rights can you prove to your sister’s name or estate?

2- Where are your father's ashes and why have you denied his grandchildren the right to have a final resting place where not just you, but the entire family might be able to visit PJ?

3- Do you deny that your father requested that Alisa Statman represent him at the parole hearings following Patti's death? Do you deny that he sent a letter to the board of prison terms making this request and that it was to be placed in a file for all future hearings?

4- Why were you photographed frolicking naked at 16 with known drug dealers on the Cielo Drive House lawn long before the murders?

5- Why when your sister Patti was dying of breast cancer did you pretend to have scheduled an appointment with a cancer specialist in Duke University only to have her fly out there and find out that you never did any such thing?

6- What was the point when, after arranging #5 above so that you got your sister out of the house, you showed up screaming at your father's girlfriend that you wanted your “share” of the jewels and then proceeded to tear the house apart looking for said jewels while your father (at the same time) lay in the veterans' hospital recuperating from surgery?

7- As the last surviving direct member of the Tate Family, what exactly were you left in your father’s will?

8- Your daughter Arieanna has mutilated her body with excessive tattoos and piercings. One poster on the internet claims she has been a prostitute. What did you do to this girl to make her hate herself so much?

9- Why do you have such a close friendship with Robin Olson who is a pathological homophobe when your own sister was at least bisexual?

10- What was your relationship with your father for the last ten years of his life?

11- Why did you harass your father’s girlfriend (also called Doris) after his death?

12- You continue to claim that you were injured by a mail bomb. Can you offer proof of this bombing, a police report, FBI report, ATF report, or at least hospital records to prove it ever happened?

13- When was the last time you saw any of Patti’s kids face to face?

14- Have you told Stephen Kay anything truthful?

15 - Why do you think Samantha Geimer had it coming?

16- Were you really robbed of Sharon's possessions as you stated on the record last year Did you? file a police report? You said you knew who did it, was anyone ever arrested?
17- What is your legal claim to Sharon's Wedding Dress?

So there you go people. It's a fair deal. Debra or your rep can contact me via my magic email.
Who wants to bet if I get a reply?


johnnyseattle said...

with all due respect, exactly how does any of this move the ball forward to learning the reason(s) behind the murders?

i am not a polygraph expert, but i think the questions have to be posed in the form or a yes or no answer format.

ColScott said...


I try to ignore Orca. Even when she eats all my plankton I try to ignore her. But she keeps on acting like she is the all knowing master of time space and dimension- and we all know that's me. So let's get it done. Alisa is willing. Debra should be, she started this shit.

And you are thinking about Magic 8 balls man.

Leigh said...

Longtime lurker here. I looked up Arieana out of curiosity upon seeing this post. Tattoos and piercings aside, the girl is gorgeous. I truly hope she hasn't been a third generation victim of her family's (and especially her mother's) demons. Brie has done something inspiring and empowering with her family's grief and legacy and seems to have come out of multiple personal tragedies with strength and poise. I hope the same is true for the other grandchildren, whatever they decide to do with their lives.

Magpie said...

Lie detecting is mostly bullshit away. Ms Statman doesn't owe Orca any "answers", and it wouldn't prove anything either way if she took the test anyway.

Unknown said...

I second Johnny, this does nothing for the search of the true motive.
Orca has no new information to give up, Besides how she F over her own family, and I see how it is helpful in the search.

Suze said...

Who is Robin Olson????

bobby said...

The one who is not the twin.

Suze said...

Ok, so I read over a boatload of posts and comments then Googled/Facebooked the shit out of this. The best I can tell she is just a fat suburban housewife who swaps cookies over the holidays. I get the impression from past postings that she is Debra's evil friend and has a hard-on for Alisa Statman.

Am I warm here?

Leigh said...

Suze, the question you've asked - who the hell is this woman Robin and from what rock did she crawl out under? - is one I've been wondering since this whole thing started too. I wonder how she insinuated herself into Patti's/Debra's lives in the first place. It's a shame that the Tates seem to have been prey to a lot of creeps over the years, most notably Bill Nelson. Robin's seeming need to somehow "own" Patti, even in death, is gross.

Suze said...

Now I see she was on here as Vera Dreiser. I hated Vera, ergo...

Anyways, I wish I had the last few hours of my life back. LOL.

Unknown said...


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Trilby said...

I'd like to see the answer to question #4 most of all. Sub-questions evolving out of that one could be very informative. Hanging out there with questionable characters, partying/posing/balling was NOT a one-time thing for her, from what I was told over twenty years ago - before I ever understood the significance of the information, or even who Debbie Tate (as she was referred to) was other than Sharon Tate's sister. Ask her who else she slept with up there, and which other party houses she was hanging around at. Ask her how Sharon felt about her behavior when she found out some of these things, shortly before her death.

Suze said...

I'll take a wild guess and say that Col didn't get a bite.

louis365 said...

I thought biting would be right up Orca's alley...