Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Information is Your Friend

Everybody in the previous thread is going on about Debra's friendship with an accused pedophile. The Col loves the truth.

The man's name is Don Wilson.

This is his web site.

This is a site that supports him and explains what he is accused of doing.

It appears he may have pled guilty or no contest.

Which is what Nellie did.

So PROBABLY he is a bad guy and if Debra was his friend that that was uncool.

But I can't get that upset about it.

Not when I am waiting on Paul Tate's will to arrive.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Who Owns What?

60sKid made some posts so even though the Col had some other subjects planned for the day, I'm gonna keep on topic. Thanks KID!

So the Col wants to know what happened to Sharon's Estate, such as it was. There was whatever real property she left behind- rings etc. And intangible property, in this case her name and likeness and what have you.

It all went to her next of kin, Roman Polanski. This is FOR SURE.

He didn't want any of it. He assigned, waived what have you everything to PJ Tate and Doris Tate. This is FOR SURE.

Doris Tate died. She leaves basically everything to PJ. Patti does. She leaves basically everything in trust for her kids.

I mean they all leave a little thing here and there to others. But the bulk is what I mean.

Now, Paul has everything, as far as I can follow. I guess when Debra made all those threats against Yahoo RTV and stuff, she could claim she was doing it at daddy's request as owner. I doubt it but who is to say now, right?

Now the house, which is usually the biggest estate asset, is sold by PJ to Lisa Statman five months before he dies.

And the question is, who did Paul leave his estate (which included SHARON'S estate) to?

I am waiting to get the will I ordered. But if the many emails I am getting from people are correct, we may find out that Debra Tate, except for some items she may have been given over the years, has NO RIGHT to her sister's name, likeness, or items whatsoever.

I could be wrong. No definite conclusions yet.

But what will Miss Paige claim then, boys and girls? Hmmmm?

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Stats on Statman

from Bill Nelson, the only adult man who could convincingly write like a child---

"BY 1993 Lisa had discontinued many of her long calls to me. The last call I remember she ask me why Patti and I could not get along anymore. She wondered why and I told her it was Patti's choice. Then the Maury Povich show that I helped book, was asked not to appear then as I watched the show I observed Lisa Statman sitting in the audience as the camera moved her way. That was the end of my involvment with 10050 Cielo Drive until the demolition of the house."

Not quite--

"She had obtained all the information she could from me, then failing to help mend the rift between Patti Tate and me, following the death of Doris, she vaulted towards Patti. I believe she used duplicates of those photos taken from Earl Deemer to win the confidence of the remaining Tate family."

Okay, as we try to sift through the nonsense going on between Debra and her father and this Statman person (residence of the Tate Guest house then member of Patti Tate Family) and everything, I don't know what to think about Ms. Statman. She was nice to Bill Nelson ( a strike against her) then she blew him off (a home run) hard. She stole shit from an old cop in the desert (not cool) but it may not have been his to begin with (copper!) and if she didn't I would have copies of all this cool shit from AesNihil who ended up selling it.

Statman is a most engimatic figure from what little I know, doing odd things for odd reasons that turn out seemingly good. I don't think Paul Tate or Patti Tate were idiots and they trusted her it seems. Yet I still don't get it.

The link is still missing so to speak.... did she set out to join Tateland or just fall down the Rabbit hole?

Can You Sue Without Rights?

In the comments-

Problem Child said...

Miss Paige has closed this topic over on the sharontate.net board. She says she knows it's being discussed elsewhere on the internet and she won't let it continue on a site dedicated to Sharon.

Thank you Col for keeping the lines of communication open.

By shutting down the topic over there, they have raised the question -- "What is Debra trying to hide?" Why lie about there being no room at the cemetery? That is something easily checked out.

Also, how can there not be room for ashes to be buried? It's not like you're going to put them in a full size coffin.

Debra's web of lies and deceit is starting to unravel.

Go, Go Col!!

Thank you Child, but you neglect to note the most important thing- up till all this I LIKED DEBRA TATE. I felt bad for her. I still do. I figured her head was messed up by like I don't know, having her older movie star sister senselessly slaughtered, and now shit is coming streaming in that chills me. Makes me understand that all is not right in Tateland. Like, Paul Tate had a girlfriend who loved him and she doesn't know where is freaking remains are. How is that in any way okay?

As for Miss Paige, she didn't have the chops to come over here. She won't let me on her precious board to see what the hell she IS writing (if someone anonymously emails me a name and password I promise not to mess it up) and I will NEVER understand banning any one at any time from a message board. You don't like what they have to say hey DON'T READ IT. You hate me- don't come here. It's easy. I sort of understand now my constant banning from KTS- I was asking for it at times. But that is because the Col is passionate. Yes KTS was reactive a bit too much. But bygones are what they are. But closing a thread that is actively being discussed raises the question of what one has to hide.

But I am telling you. My hunch is that Debra Tate does not own ANYTHING of her sister. Not her image. Not her estate. I hope to God I am wrong, because otherwise the world is a very strange place.

But hey, the Will of Col Paul J Tate will speak for itself.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Daddy's Little Girl

So the case of the missing Col ( Not me god dang it!) gets curiouser and curiouser as they say in Wonderland.

Paul Tate was cremated.

Paul Tate DID want to be buried at Holy Cross.

Debra apparently claims she wanted to give him a proper military funeral, which she didn't.

Allegedly to some she claims she put the ashes in a park bench so she could sit with him every day- you know because of of her love for him and all.

The root cause of the problem is that when Paul Tate did his will leaving most everything to the grandkids, he neglected to do a health care power of attorney. That made everything automatically the responsibility of the direct next of kin- Debra. if she ever wanted vengeance, it was there to be had.

Col Tate's ashes sat at Whidbey Island Mortuary for five weeks because Debra refused to pay for the cremation services. Eventually money was withdrawn from the estate to pay for it and reclaim the ashes, according to sources.

There WAS a military funeral screduled for the ashes on June 17th 2005. Everyone, including Paul's girlfriend (you go boy!) who was 72 flew out for it. Then, according to people who were there, Debra cancelled it. Never signed some release form or something. The friends and relatives had a memorial anyway, a small affair. None of them know where the ashes actually are, except maybe for that park bench.

All of this comes from reports the Col has received.

So wow. Wow. I start out feeling bad for Debra and end up feeling bad for the grandkids who have to deal with an out there aunt.

This is only the tip of the iceberg. There is more to come. BUT, The Col asks one of these people, like Paige, who roam the internet praising Debra to come here and EXPLAIN this. The guy is dead and wanted to be buried with his family and is not. Why Debra, why?

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Remember That Riddle About Grant's Tomb ?

Okay now, I remind everyone that the Col was DEFENDING Debra Tate from the human detritus known as OOGLER over at the Yahoo KTS Message Boards when this all started. I felt bad for the woman.

Since then I have been innundated with emails about what a piece of work she apparently is. The Debra Haters REALLY hate on her. Like wowsa.

NOW the Col starts to get information as to why.

Let's start. The Col is trying to leave town this weekend on a project that will take him away from the sunshine for 4 months. But he still had time to play Columbo and follow up a lead. This is not a news blog, but I did some reporting anyway.

I went to Holy Cross Cemetary. Sharon, her baby, her mother and her sister are buried there clear as day. But no dad. Why would my fellow Col NOT be buried in the family plot? Just to make sure I spoke with Elena at the front office. No record of a Paul Tate in the whole cemetary. There's a Paul Cook from May 05 but no Paul Tate.

I drove back past Sony and stopped at the Wendy's for breakfast. My source was correct. Debra, as sole next of kin, did not bury her father with the rest of his family. His grandchildren do not know where he is buried. Did she do it because he left everything to Patti's children so she couldn't sell it (more on that later) as my source claims? Did she do it to be a cheapass? Where is the old geezer?

NOW maybe this is not news to any of you and I am lame and this was discussed on a Debra Lovers site months ago. Or maybe this is news.

But Paige or Chris or one of the other idolizers, somebody ask them wtf. Where is Paul Tate? And why?

I hope he's not doing WEEKEND WITH THE COL films somewhere.

Ring a Ding

This ring over at ebay is causing all kinds of a ruckus in fandom. People think it belongs to Debra Tate. People think it is fake. People think it is tacky. People are running around like a chicken with their head cut off. Okay Paige Somebody is.

According to all known sources, Polanski left Sharon's estate to Col (not me) Paul Tate. He wanted nothing to do with any of it. Theoretically, this means that all tangible and intangible property that constituted Sharon's Estate went to her father.

[ Side note- the INTANGIBLE part is extremely important because this includes her name and likeness. If not for that aspect of the waiver by Polanski, POLANSKI would own Sharon's likeness for merchandise, not Debra. For those who care.]

However, this would NOT apply to any keepsakes or goods that Polanski personally distributed to friends or associates BEFORE because legally they were disposed of by him BEFORE the final disposition of the estate to the Tates. If Polanski gave the ring, as it seems, to his Polish producing buddy, then it belongs to him to do with as he wished.

In any case, calling France and shit makes NO sense. The Estate was executed in 1969/1970 and the time to calling into question missing property is LONG over. You can't know say "Oh shit I was looking for that ring for 35 years" especially if you weren't.

THE REAL PROBLEM as this Col sees it is that the ring clearly does have a value of anywhere from $10,000 to $25,000. If Gutowski gave it to his wife Judy, fine. But if Judy GAVE it to Suzanna Leigh for reasons unknown, that GIFT would have to be registered with the IRS because of the sheer size of the value. This would make the ring's provenance easy to trace, not some bullshit letters.

The ring, like the mega collection of documents, clearly will NOT sell.

Let's see what happens next.

Monday, January 23, 2006

There is No Time Limit

I was wondering... follow me here. If the Col were to be brutally murdered today by an alleged hippie cult. I know my supermodel wife would do what she could to make sure no one walked for as long as she lived. Now let's say I had three kids. I don't- I think there are enough people walking around on my earth anyway. But say I did. I'd want and expect the three of them to make sure that the killers didn't get off. Again, I get that.

Now I DO have two nephews and three nieces. I really do not know them- they are 30 + years EACH younger than me. I would NOT expect them to get absorbed into the mess of my murder. Hell, I wouldn't even like it much.

I guess the question I ask is, WHAT really constitutes a next of kin? I met Jay's nephew one afternoon 18 years ago at the USC special collection library. He did not even know the details of his uncle's murder. I had to turn him on to the HS novel, because that was all I knew at the time. Now, he remains the ONLY next of kin on the Sebring side to EVER attend a parole hearing. And even then he only did DECADES after the murder. Is that cool? I know it is legal, but I suspect his motives. The entire Kummer (Sebring) Family disowned the guy right? So what is this last minute "oh, my life was affected" shit?

Same with Smaldino. Neither Frank nor Suzann have EVER come to a hearing. These are the next of kin. NOT the ex-wife.

It just feels a bit off to me.

That's what I'm saying.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Let He Who is Without Sin

If you go back and read what is left of MansonMurders.com, Nellie's legacy, such as it is, you can glean things that need to be researched and followed up on.

Like in the following NELLIE CLASSIC, he claims that Hoyt is telling the truth (she isn't- she may not be lying but she IS wrong) and whips the easily whippable Tex.

BUT- did Sandy and Squeaky actually choose Mrs. Scramblehead? Where is he getting this from?

Anyway, here's Nellie.....in all his unedited glory

Manson Murders.com...09/21/99

  • Perjury & Parole Hearings
    By Bill Nelson
  • The inmate is asked to raise his/her hand and swear to tell the truth. The Board Of Prison Terms believes they will tell the truth, after all, the inmate wants to go home. Do they tell the truth? They do not.
  • I attended my first parole hearing on May 4, 1990. It was for inmate, nine time killer Charles Denton "Tex" Watson. He was the new poster boy of the Christian community showing remorse, accepting forgiveness from God, and family man. My first book was published as a result of his untruthfulness. Tex could not be moved to another prison because it would disrupt the school of his children. False. His children were home schooled. His wife made no money from the Abounding Love Ministries. False. His account of the night of murder at the Tate house? False. The LaBianca house? False.
  • Leslie continues to say she "Starred into this empty room, then Tex turned me around, and told me to do something." False. There was no empty room. Leno laid prone, brutally stabbed, just a few feet away. Rosemary had been wrestled, held down, head covered, lamp cord tethered around the neck, then stabbed 41 times. Oops! Guess VanHouten forgot about the struggle, the words, the brutality. Rosemary died hard.
  • Pat Krenwinkle has said she went into the guest house, and she did not go in. She told Turning Point she had a feeling that "This is wrong" as she turned away from the door, and went back to Tex.
  • Bruce Davis lied about the time Shorty Shea was murdered. Nothing he said matched the trial transcripts.
  • Then there was Steve Grogan. Grogan lied to the board even as he was receiving a date for freedom. He lied about his participation. He lied about the time of day. He lied about the attempt on the life of witness Barbara Hoyt. He lied about his arrest for exposing himself while playing with little children. He did tell the truth about "just walking out of the state hospital" after being sent there for a 90 day observation following his abnormal behavior with the children. But, he suffered no consequences for his fleeing. When he was arrested on August 16, 1969 during the Spahn Ranch raid, he escaped legal action even when they determined he was an escapee from the hospital. And he lied about the relationship between his wife (yes he is married too) and Sandra Good. Don't fall off your chair, the wife of Steve Grogan was selected by none other than Sandra Good and Squeaky.
  • A lady asked me in an e-mail last week: "Wouldn't you think the three stories from the participants at the Tate house would match?" When you compare the stories of Pat, Leslie, Susan and Tex, there is no harmony. Recent researchers and authors have been frustrated as they tried to determine the truth of that evening. One author spent all night comparing stories! The result? Utter disgust.
  • So here we go again, another round of parole hearings. Will the Manson family of killers tell the truth? No. Will the Board Of Prison Terms do anything about it? No. When these violations are brought to the attention of the authorities they respond with, "Take it to the District Attorney" but do you think they give a care or have time to deal with it? No. Leslie this July, Tex and Susan next year, Bruce Davis squeezed between the more infamous in September. They will distort, lie, and con. Perjury and Parole hearings, they should not go together.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Old MacDonald and the bloody writings

from CBS News (thanks to richspeak)

“I looked at that and saw how everything was laid out," he says. "I saw a weapon over to the side. And the position of her body. On the headboard of the bed, the word ‘pig’ was written in blood." It’s at this point, investigators say, that with his entire family dead, MacDonald decided to include himself in the attack in order to be believed. Kearns believes MacDonald stabbed himself, collapsing a lung. Now a victim himself, investigators say MacDonald then went about setting a stage to fit his story of an attack by drug-crazed hippies, a story they discovered MacDonald may have borrowed from some very recent history. In the apartment, investigators found a copy of Esquire magazine, which included articles about the Tate/LaBianca murders. In the summer of 1969, just six months earlier, the nation was stunned by a seemingly senseless series of murders in southern California. On Aug. 9, actress Sharon Tate and four houseguests were brutally murdered in the middle of the night. The following night, Leno and Rosemary LaBianca were slaughtered in their home. Both crimes were carried out by the cult-like followers of Charles Manson and the issue of Esquire found in the MacDonald home contained a detailed account of the murders. Ivory says the article described the crime scenes, described the word "pig" being written on the walls, and described the hippies coming in and causing mayhem in the house. Investigators also found a finger smudge, in blood, along the edge of the magazine. While it could not be positively linked to MacDonald, it worked with Ivory’s theory of the crime. Bill Ivory believes MacDonald looked up the articles after murders “to get his story straight.” Ivory and his team’s interpretation of the evidence pointed them to just one suspect, Dr. Jeffrey MacDonald.

Intriguing Footnote

On an MSNBC special four years ago they mentioned that at one point the girls on the corner, in order to get attention for the plight of their friends, crawled on all fours the length of LA while passerby mocked and spat at them.

I think they thought it was biblical.

They showed footage of it while Squeaky talked over the scene.

Here is a screen capture.

I never heard anything ever about this before or after the show.

It's not even mentioned on the web.

Sure just a footnote, but interesting, no?

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Stage Managed To Death

If you are a scholar of TLB then you follow other cases at least with some interest. Yesterday I asked an obvious question- have you ever heard of another case with blood writing on the walls? Even Jeff MacDonald, after killing his entire family and trying to make it seem like a Manson thing, didn't write in blood on the walls.

Well, disbarred attorney or not, I have never seen another case where the star witness for the prosecution held a PRESS CONFERENCE before she even testified at trial.

You have a star witness, you want to keep him/her locked up and silent, using what they have to say as a bombshell so you win the case. You don't put on a pony show with them since you have nothing to gain.

But as historians of the Col, we know BUG did indeed have something to gain. He had to rehabilitate his witness even before she got up there. Because the obvious question (Why did you go the second night and not call anyone you selfish bitch?) could never come up.

So a press conference, with her lawyers of course, not the BUG, to start painting the image of the scared little hippie girl was the way to go. And Kasabian comes off as a hero rather than a multi-murderer.

See... I want this blog to make you think. WHY would you not conclude IMMEDIATELY that there was a high chance that Hinman was related to Tate? WHY would you have a press conference for your star witness EXCEPT To win your case in the press? What was BUG so afraid of?

Think people, think!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Am I the First Person to Ever Think This?

Okay so follow my train of thought, it's glaringly obvious and not even ingenious- it is actually SO obvious that I wonder if I am the first person to ever think this, okay?

How many murder scenes do you know of where somebody wrote something cryptic in blood on the walls?

1- Hinman
2- Tate
3- LaBianca

Can you go beyond that? I mean, there might be one or two others. Maybe. But I cannot think of them. They aren't famous ones I would wager.

No, we'd have to agree that writing in blood on the walls with the victim's blood is pretty damn rare. EVEN in the wacky sixties when shit was flying fast and furiously, this seems an unusual clue, no?

So maybe the girls weren't screwy when they thought about copycats.

Tate Bloody Writing plus LaBianca Bloody writing- the reasonable person would EXPECT it to track back to Hinman. True, it would have helped to write the SAME SHIT that Bobby wrote on the walls- but, hmm, MAYBE they didn't KNOW just what he wrote.

Look at this headline. The papers and police linked Tate and LaBianca from the beginning no matter what BUG writes in HS.

Why did it not link back to Hinman?

The Family and Charlie had to ASSUME it would, no? Then they stop and flee to the desert and are surprised when it doesn't.

I guess what I am saying in a roundabout way- in retrospect, it seems OBVIOUS that the three killings are similar... and though I can see why they never concluded it WAS a copycat, why did the cops never do the opposite, like "Hey man, check it this is the third hard core murder with blood writing on the wall?"

Am I missing something?

Monday, January 16, 2006


What the hell is it about the TLB world that makes losers want to impersonate people? The attention? Mental illness?

The Col, NOT as part of his research, has personally come across in old school LA no less that 6 people who claimed they were invited to Cielo the fateful night for a party. Of course there was never going to be a party. There's easily ten times as many people out there who spin that same tale as regards themselves. Why? It doesn't seem like a cool thing. A claim you missed death? Even though you know it was a lie?

There was that kid that jerked Nelson and the media off in the late 80's claiming to be the son of Ouisch and Paul Watkins.

There was the fake Ouisch who contacted Nelson many years later. She was actually Clark Ronson of the original TLB board. Who was a phony agitator himself and imposter.

Who else am I missing?

But the Oscar goes to Rosie Tate Polanski, claiming to be the unborn (male) child that Sharon was carrying.

And she got the other nutter, Garrettson, to think she was real.

That's insanity to the nth degree.

We learned Garrettson lost his legs recently. Did the men with nets come grab Rosie?

Sunday, January 15, 2006

It didn't turn out well for Irv at ALL!

by Martin Paskind (all the red)

A lawyer who represents himself, an old saw says, "has a fool for a client." Let's check this out. Irving Kanarek is a longtime lawyer. He represented himself. And just as the old saw predicts, he hasn't done really well so far. There's another old belief, perhaps supported by too little evidence, that we in the legal profession are ethical, honest, and honorable people. Well, maybe. Kanarek may not think so.

Kanarek was a California lawyer who became famous years ago as Charles Manson's defense attorney. Manson was a cult figure whose followers killed an actress named Sharon Tate and several other people. One of his followers took a shot at Gerald Ford, when he was president. Until O.J. Simpson turned up, Manson probably was Los Angeles' biggest homicidal celebrity.

Fame doesn't last. Few people remember Kanarek, although he was well known for his wardrobe and habits during the decade or so following the Manson case. During that time, Kanarek prospered reasonably well. In fact, he had a household staff of two, Jose and Hermalinda Rangel. In January 1989, more than eight years ago, the Rangels sued Kanarek for breach of contract, fraud, and malpractice.

Kanarek represented himself. Then, in November 1989, he wound up in a locked psychiatric ward at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center. There Kanarek remained for a very long time.

Kanarek's hospitalization got lots of press in Los Angeles. Kanarek was the kind of guy that the papers love to write about, and that lawyers love to gossip about. The Rangels and their lawyers, Nancy Kaufman and Edwin Printemps, knew about it, along with the rest of L.A. Kanarek's mental condition didn't slow Kaufman and Printemps down. They went right ahead with the Rangels' case.

Kaufman and Printemps took part in two in-court settlement conferences. They then set an uncontested hearing in August 1990. They didn't say a word to the judge about Kanarek's whereabouts and said nothing about the defendant's state of mind. They didn't ask for a guardian ad litem to look out for Kanarek. Kaufman and Printemps wanted a default judgment that they could present for payment to the Client Security Fund of the California State Bar. Very few readers of L.A. newspapers back in 1990 were unaware of Kanarek's circumstances, but one of the unaware, apparently, was the judge. This supports a theory of mine that judges need not read newspapers because they know everything already. However that may be, the judge ruled in favor of Mr. and Mrs. Rangel and against Kanarek. This fate frequently befalls litigants who don't show up in court.

The Rangels took their judgment to the security fund, which, in turn, sued Kanarek to get its money back. At about this point, Kanarek got out of Harbor-UCLA Medical Center. He was not a happy man. Naturally, he sued everybody in sight. Kanarek went after Kaufman and Printemps for abuse of process, fraud, and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Kanarek made things as hard as he could for the trial and appellate judges. They said, "The first cause of action alone runs 39 pages, much of it filled with material concerning alleged statements by defendants which the trial court found to be clearly privileged...as statements uttered in a judicial proceeding." Nevertheless, the judges found, buried amid the discarded matter, allegations that the litigation privilege did not protect Kaufman's and Printemps's silence.

The two lawyers did not like that outcome, so they took the case up on petition for writ of mandate. The two defended themselves energetically. They claimed a perfect right to keep their mouths shut about Kanarek's whereabouts.

Appellate judges faced the issue of whether concealment by silence, without accompanying statements, qualifies for immunity under the litigation privilege. "The answer," they said, "lies in the complex nature of silence itself. Silence can signify nothing, or it can communicate a good deal, all depending on context."

Kaufman and Printemps, said the appellate court, given their knowledge, "had a duty to advise the court of [Kanarek's] condition and of the need to appoint a guardian ad litem for him. But the defendants kept the information to themselves, breaching this duty."

"There is," the court continued, "a truth at the core of Kanarek's claims. This is the principle that a plaintiff may not take advantage of a defendant's legal disability to obtain a judgment without a fair adversary hearing. A plaintiff who is aware of a defendant's mental incapacity or some other factor preventing the defendant from participating in a legal proceeding is duty-bound to inform the court of this fact."

This sort of conduct, said the judges, is fraud extrinsic to, or outside, the judgment. Such fraud allows the court to set aside the judgment. "Kanarek, however, seeks something else in this action," said the court. "He seeks to establish defendants' liability in tort for their breach of this duty of disclosure. It is this claim for monetary damages that runs headlong into the litigation privilege."

So the question is- if BUGliosi paints Kanarek as a nutjob at the trial in his novel, HELTER SKELTER AND if it turns out that Kanarek ends up in an nut house, then did Mr. Manson get adequate representation at his trial? Whether he choose it or not?

Just askin'!

Saturday, January 14, 2006


To the Toolbox who is imitating commenters on the site- I have a very extreme tolerance for what you want to say- just say it under your name, okay? I deleted your bullshit because it wasn't even funny, logged your IP and will turn on moderation so I have to approve every post. That will make the Col unhappy and then he will find out who you are and mock you. Stop it, okay? Say anything you want under the name NUMBNUTS and we will know it is you.

Furthermore I had no idea that Debra Tate was hated so much. I STILL feel awful for her but I guess there is animus even the all seeing eye of the Col did not know about. Fine. Sad for Debra.

Charliemanson Message Board and Charliemanson.com seem to have gone away. Did Mark Turner not pay his bills or did Sandy get him? Anyone know?

Coming up- we are gonna dissect a Rabbitt and analyze a film.

Sounds exciting? Not really. But come anyway.

Friday, January 13, 2006

The Tides Of Fate

I interviewed Aaron Stovitz over dinner two years ago... he is retired, looks the same though the hair is gray, and lives in Laguna. His son Ken is an agent at Creative Artists Agency in Los Angeles and proudly displays an actual court artist's rendering of dad at the TLB trial. Aaron is very much a gentleman, who had a successful and long career as an LA District Attorney.

We covered the usual stuff. As most of you know, he never subscribed to the Helter Skelter theory and actually opposed BUGliosi swinging that way. He told a story that I have never been able to confirm about BUG's wife, when Bug ran for DA, actually filing charges against him for mental cruelty or something. Never heard it anywhere else.

He opened his mouth too much with the press which pushed him off the case and pushed Bug to the forefront with his insane ramblings.

The best part of the discussion was about Kasabian. I told him about her further life of crime and he was not surprised, describing her as the "lesser of many evils." They refused to actually sign her immunity deal until she had testified in every single trial- they thought she might wimp out and if she did they were gonna lock her ass up but good. He thought she was pretty stoned out, a true sixties casualty who was not a good mother (look at Lady Dangerous to see he was right) but that "Vince really got mileage out of her. Once she was done testifying the trial was really over."

I paid the check, I thanked him for the time and he said, "Hey Son, your interest is grand, and you aren't wrong about Manson being wronged, at least legally, but before you go get too stressed, ask yourself- don't you think he's happier now that Vince made him who he is? "

And then he rode off into the night.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Bobby's Biography as Listed at the Gallery

Robert Kenneth Beausoleil, AKA Bobby BeauSoleil, was born on November 6, 1947, in the California beach town of Santa Barbara. The oldest of five children in a Catholic family of modest income, BeauSoleil’s boyhood was relatively unremarkable, merely a function of growing up in a tract house his father had purchased on the G.I. Bill. From an early age he chafed at the artificial restraints imposed on him by the pervasive homogenized reality touted on his family’s black and white television as the lifestyle to aspire to in the modern world of the 1950s, and he couldn’t wait for legal age to be out of it and on his own. Shunning the surfer scene of his hometown peers, he turned his attention to hot rods and electric guitars. These interests eventually took him to “the strip” in Hollywood, California, where in 1964, at the age of 16, he became a colorful and familiar feature of the emerging youth subculture.

Plying his developing talents as a guitarist through several garage band experiments better left forgotten, BeauSoleil landed a position as second guitar in Arthur Lee’s new band, The Grass Roots – a band that a short time later would become widely known as Love. His membership in the group was short-lived, however; he was fired because he was too young to play legally in adults-only nightclubs. Crushed but undaunted; BeauSoleil licked his wounds, dusted himself off, and left Los Angeles for parts north.

Just prior to his eighteenth birthday, BeauSoleil joined the artist community in the Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco. Shortly thereafter, he formed a band of his own, an instrumental ensemble called The Orkustra, notable for its unprecedented blend of psychedelic rock, classical, jazz, and middle eastern music styles. BeauSoleil gigged regularly with The Orkustra for about a year and a half when, in the spring of 1067, he was discovered by underground filmmaker Kenneth Anger while performing with his band at the opening of a particularly bacchanalian counter-culture festival called The Invisible Circus. Anger, taken by BeauSoleil’s striking looks and uninhibited stage performance, asked the young musician if he would be willing to star in his current project, an epic underground film with the foreboding title of Lucifer Rising (but actually a fanciful interpretive continuation of poet John Milton’s myth of the fallen angel). BeauSoleil agreed, on the condition that he would composed the score and record the soundtrack for the film with his band. A bargain was struck.

For months, BeauSoleil and Anger worked on the film project, for the most part independently. To perform the soundtrack, BeauSoleil formed a new band he called The Magick Powerhouse of OZ, an eclectic ensemble that combined experimental free jazz with bluesy rock and amplifier feedback. For the band’s first performance, Anger and BeauSoleil joined forces to put on an event at the Straight Theater called, by Anger, The Equinox of the Gods. When the event (while memorable to the audience) did not go as planned, Anger and BeauSoleil each blamed the other for what had gone awry. The collaboration could not be reconciled, and the two parted company with harsh feelings.

Following the mock-funeral for the Haight-Ashbury staged by guerilla theater activists in the fall of 1967, BeauSoleil returned to the greater Los Angeles area, where he half-heartedly rejoined the L.A. music scene as a guitarist for hire. A couple of months later he was called upon to play supporting guitar for singer-songwriter Charles Manson, and thereafter joined Dennis Wilson (Beach Boys) and others in efforts to help Manson record an album of his songs.

It was around this time that BeauSoleil, now twenty years old, became increasingly disgusted with the corporate music companies who had kept a stranglehold on the music business, the coopting of youth culture art and dress styles by commercial advertising and the fashion industry, and the insidious encroachment of organized crime in the hippie drug trade. The violent backlash of government and law enforcement in response to the perceived threat of the youth movement, along with the looming probability of his being drafted into military service to help press the war in Vietnam, prompted BeauSoleil to retreat to the peripheries. He began to associate more with outlaw motorcycle clubs, who he romanticized, and others, like Manson, who lived on the outskirts of what was considered normal, acceptable society. Disenchanted with the counter-culture and disenfranchised from the mainstream, BeauSoleil began to adopt some values that led him astray into criminal activities.

During the commission of an absurdly misconceived drugs transaction, things went terribly wrong, and BeauSoleil killed a man. He was arrested soon afterward, tried in a Los Angeles County courtroom, and sent to prison with a life sentence for one count of murder in the first degree. Ever since, his former association with the since notorious Charles Manson has dogged his heels like a starving wounded hyena, and consequently, he remains in prison more than 35 years later.

BeauSoleil’s tragic fate could not still his rebellious creative spirit. While in prison he has, by turns, and despite tremendous obstacles and restrictions, taken up the visual arts, started music programs and formed bands, taught himself electronics, invented and built innovative musical instruments, composed and recorded an impressive body of original music, produced numerous videos in support of youth outreach programs and cognitive programs for prison inmates (in cooperation with community efforts to reduce crime and recidivism), and is the author of a modest assortment of creative writing projects, some of them ongoing.

In 1976, while at the state prison in Tracy, California, BeauSoleil resumed his earlier collaboration with Kenneth Anger, nearly ten years after their parting of ways in San Francisco. The filmmaker had shot new film for his Lucifer Rising project. BeauSoleil believed that the soundtrack was still his to do; Anger agreed. With permission from prison authorities, BeauSoleil formed a band of musically inclined prison inmates and called it The Freedom Orchestra, assemble a make-shift recording studio, and in 1979 he finally completed his soundtrack for the now legendary film. In the decades since it was recorded, this soundtrack, both in context with the film and independent of it, has garnered increasing international acclaim for its emotive and visionary experience. Lucifer Rising, Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, is now available worldwide in a double CD Deluxe Edition from Arcanum Entertainment.

BeauSoleil married Barbara Ellen Baston – a talented artist, an advocate for goddesses everywhere, and all-around creative soul in her own right – in late 1981. Over the course of the 23 years since then their relationship has evolved into a sort of sacred partnership that transcends convention. It is through the window Barbara has opened that Bobby BeauSoleil and his work becomes accessible to the world at large, and for the most part is how he is able to have some access to the world. Between them, Bobby and Barbara have four children and a growing number of grandchildren, and an unshakable belief that one day they will abide together in the home Barbara has made for them.

In 1994, BeauSoleil was again allowed some limited opportunities to record some of his music, and this time, with the support of some musical industry sponsors, he was able to make recordings using much more sophisticated equipment than at any time previously. Over the subsequent 8 years he composed and recorded, as a solo performer, a total of about 3 hours new music. The most stylistically representative of these recording have been compiled for a new double CD entitled Dreamways of the Mystic, to be released on the Arcanum Entertainment label in March, 2005.

After opportunities to record his music again dried up in 2002, BeauSoleil turned his focus to other creative projects. After a ten year hiatus from drawing and painting, he began work on a new series of paintings intended as a visual counterpoint to the music in the Dreamways of the Mystic CD package. This entire series of paintings will be on exposition at Clair Obscur Gallery in Hollywood, California, in a show opening March 3, 2005, coinciding with the release of the CD.

When this series of paintings is complete, BeauSoleil intends to resume working on a book he began writing last year, to be entitled The Family Jam.

Set the Record Straight- part one

People are getting confused as to what Bobby stands accused of doing to be denied Parole

Here is the truth about what happened.

There was an exhibit of Sharon Tate Photos (illegally mind you- the copyright holder did not sign off) at the Clair Obscura Gallery February 3 through the 27. In LA. The exhibitor, Jon Asenihil, also exhibited and sold the Death Photos as well as the Last Day photos he bought from Nellie.

This had nothing to do with anyone except AesNihil and the Gallery. NOTHING.

See Part Two below.

Set the Record Straight- part two

Then on March 5th, the same Gallery showed BOBBY's Erotic Art.

Nothing to do with Tate or Manson.

No Death Photos. No Aesnihil except at the reception.

and in Bobby's own words

At this point Commissioner Farmer broke with formality and explained his reasons for this decision. I was impressed by his candor. Even though what he was telling me was devastating, I was appreciative of his willingness to be up front and open in telling me his reasoning for determining that 36 years of imprisonment was not enough. This was a first.

The hinge pin was the computer printout. I thought that maybe the erotic art was going to be a sticking point, but I was wrong about that. Commissioner Farmer carefully stated that he was not a prude, that while some people might consider explicit adult fantasy art to be pornography (as the prosecutor had suggested), he did not. It was not the nature of the art that bothered him . . .

No, what disturbed the hearing panel, he said, is that as late as 2005, this very year, I had contracted with an agent or gallery owner to allow my artwork to be displayed and marketed to the public in a manner that exploited the notoriety of my crime and the Manson connection to promote sales of my art and music (the Dreamways CD). This, he said, demonstrated a “serious lapse of judgment” that required a longer period of confinement so that there would be adequate time to allow the Board to evaluate my “ability to maintain a distance from Manson” in the public eye, and refrain from involvement with such displays in the future. He mentioned – again, with surprising candor – that he was concerned about possible repercussions from the governor and the public if he were to vote to parole me under the present circumstances.

I wanted to scream STOPP!!!!!!! I wanted to have an opportunity to tell him that he had made a mistake, to explain that the conclusion he had arrived at was based on evidence that was faulty due to omission of the original context, that was “cooked” to mislead. I wanted an opportunity to present evidence of my own to demonstrate that there had been no attempt to capitalize on the Manson connection or my crime as a strategy for promoting the Dreamways series art show, and any other work I have created.

I have been adamant in my communications with everyone who has assisted me in publishing my work that it be allowed to succeed or fail on its own merits. I have, in all cases, asked them to avoid making public references to the criminal part of my past except as necessary to meet the most basic requirements of ethical disclosure (it would be criminal of me to not be honest and divulge that this element exists). For the gallery show of my art I authorized the use of an “artist bio” that summarizes my life from birth to the present, and includes a very brief passing mention of Manson amid comments on the most essential circumstances of my imprisonment these many years; included with the intention of minimally meeting the basic requirements of ethical disclosure. I will provide each of you with a copy of this brief bio. Unless there is some other mention of Manson in relation to me on the gallery’s website that I am unaware of, it was this document that the hearing panel based their decision to find me unsuitable for parole.

This is tragic and sad but please do not twist what happened.

Monday, January 09, 2006

More On the Nimrods

In the comments section we get a great story I wanted to bump up front for future reference.
I colored RED things to pay close attention to, and asterixed my replies....

1965opinion said...

Here's my take on the 'Debra situation'. I've heard all the stories over the years and if I had one or two concerns it would be one, heavy handedness over some groups(KTS) and various fan boards. Two, sitting and waiting... to see if, through CMG the plans for Sharon materialize.*

If I were Debra I would be building bridges with an active boards/groups. Every member is a potential parole letter writer, and also a voter. Patti seemed, from what I've read, to work well in role of diplomat. *

The whole 'oogler' situation was explained as editing by the TV production crew. Debra too was horrified by the way it came out/across. Both Robin Olsen(love her or hate her)and Sharon's cousin Pam Turner explained this to various boards, groups.

As far as making money on Sharon's image I hope Debra makes millions. Why shouldn't the Tate family make money? Nobody questions the Presleys or the heirs to the Monroe estate?(A drug overdose and a sucide/murder?)* But everything do with Sharon is 2nd guessed. Except of course when alternative rock stars want to call themselves by the name of the man her arrainged her murder. *

Who knows why Debra chose not to be publicly active during the years prior to the death of her mother and sister? It took Doris ten years to complete her mourning and become and activist. Maybe it took Debra longer?* I can't imagine if I was 16 I'd recover from a shock like the murder of a sibling in even 20 years. Let alone face the public with a crusade for justice?

And yes calling yourself 'The Big Oogler', especially when the situation had been explained IS cruel.

Everyone wants Debra to be active in ways like her mother and sister but why should she want to reach out to various boards/groups? You treat her like shit.*

*- but to clarify, Debra doesn't owe anyone shit. The mistake she made with KTS et al was trying to exert legal authority over pictures she doesn't own and throwing her weight around with the Yahoo wimps. BUT BUT BUT she is the victim here, not the KTS people and is allowed to do what she wants concerning her family. If she overextends her legal rights the KTS people can agree to respect her or not, but this gives them no right to criticize.

*- but again, she has no obligation to reach out. She doesn't even HAVE to show up for parole hearings- if Bobby didn't get out the others aren't. What she does is her business.

*- or James Dean which CMG controls- a car crash

*- sorry, Charlie did NOT arrange her murder in my book. And I know Marilyn Manson well and he is free to call himself anything he likes.

*- and in any case, she is under no obligation to explain herself to KTS freaks or anyone.

*-and even if they treated her well, why bother anyway? The Col with his superior knowledge was banned from KTS for example something like thirty times.

All this proves my point- shame on the Oogler and ANYONE who converses with such a loser toad.

The Big Oogler

What Kind of person----

Posts on a message board dozens of times a day absolutely NO valuable information....?

Tries to flirt in every post with women who he has never met who humor him at best ....?

Has the nerve to question the Col's superior knowledge and yet doesn't have a grasp of the English language....?

Has the nerve to be a member of a group that claims to honor the victims of a horrific homicide and yet uses as a screen name a handle that mocks the surviving sister of one of the victims, who is a victim herself ....?

Says he never reads the Blog but is here every day, we can check the numbers....?

Manages to actually mock the victims (see KTS post 61240 just today!) while communicating nothing interesting....?

Might be tolerable if funny, but my farts are funnier....

Ladies I gentlemen I give you KTS's THE BIG OOGLER. Eddy/Steve whatever your pathetic real life name is, take a bow....

How many other nimrods do you people put up with out there who are just a waste of space on the boards out there?

Names, people, names- let's go!

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The Last Survivor

The Col isn't THAT interested in Garretson simply because I don't believe he has anything new to offer us as scholars and because by believing in "Rosie" he lost any credibility he might have had. Still my worldwide audience wants updates. This seems like it might be true.

From Rockalittle on the Mark Turner Message Boards---

"When I first spoke to William, he had been through some accidents. He lost his legs due to an accident on his motorcycle. According to him, and his room-mate, he also was losing his sight as well. He was very friendly..almost oddly, as he didn't know me, but welcomed my phone calls openly. His room-mate was a young girl that had a small child. Their relationship was strictly platonic. She basically took care of him. He refused to talk openly about the murders, due to possible brain damage from the accident, although his speach didn't seem impaired at all. erhaps he simply didn't wish to speak about the murders. I don't know...
He has been through hell.
He is not close with his kids either. And he doesn't seem to have much money.
It's seems like an ironic twist of fate for somebody that suvived the tragic Tate scene, only to have have suffered a tragic turn of events himself. I used to call every couple of weeks, as he seemed pleased to have somebody to talk to to. He seemed lonely, and strangely distant all at once. I have a school friend that lives only 20 minutes from where he resides, and there was talk of me visiting if I ever got to Ohio. It was a very odd situation, that I slowly lost interest in.
He had a falling out with his room-mate, and she moved out.
She still sends me e-mails from time to time, but we don't discuss William any longer.
Sadly, he is no longer mentally stable(if he ever was) enough to shed any light on the events of the tragic night in 1969.
I do feel very sorry for him.
He has been through a hell of a lot in his life.
Certainly more than one should expect to go through.
I sometimes feel guilty for abonding my telephone friendship with him, but as I said, the conversations got very strange. He often contridicted himself, and it got spooky. I feel that is all I want to say without fully revealing what we spoke about.
Trust me, it was very odd and became increasingly odd...
You could tell he has been to hell and back...
I still do this day, feel very very sorry for him. Sorry if my spelling is bad..I am tired...."

Bobby's Music

I am pretty sure this came out on CD last year but the Album sure does look pretty.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

In response to Comments Section on Patti Tate

Guys, very funny on the Nelson tape ideas and him putting Lisa up to it. Look, he is very amused to the left...not.

Also, I don't care about whether Debra licked another woman or not. I have the Oui photoshoot wherein I can gaze at her clit anytime I am bored.

I believe that Lisa Statman was her lover, and took care of the kids. I believe she stayed involved in the family after Patti's freaking tragic death.

Let's leave the sex out of it for a second, okay? Lisa DEFINITELY became a close part of the Family.

HOW IN THE HELL DID THAT HAPPEN? She was obsessed with the case via Nelson- and moves into the Tate nest?

I don't get it.

Off Thread Upon Odd Thread

Okay, as longtime readers know, the COL doesn't care what you are doing behind closed doors as long as you aren't hurting kids. We always get yelled at for pointing out that Steve Parent and Garrettson had some gay time together, but we never understand why that matters or why anyone should care. It's not a bad thing. Cowboys, we now know, can even have gay time in the mountains of Wyoming.

But here's an odd connection that I never quite followed...
Patti Tate, as gorgeous as her sister, married a good looking baseball player and had three kids.
Somewhere in there he gets divorced as being a bit of an ass.
Meanwhile there is this chick Lisa Statman who is in Nelson's book trying to stay overnight with him at the Cielo Guest house while it existed and supposedly helping him steal photos from retired police officers.
And then Patti starts a lesbian relationship with Lisa.

Did I miss a beat? How'd that happen? Anyone know? I am less interested about the gay thing than I am about the concept that this lady Lisa was obviously obsessed with TLB and what have you and magically becomes Sharon Tate's sister's lover. Did Patti not suspect something was screwy? WAS something screwy?

Does anyone know?

Friday, January 06, 2006

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Sex Sex Sex

One of the things to consider when anyone does an analysis of the TLB trial is to look at how the BUG misused sex and sexuality to win his stacked case.

Sex had NOTHING to do with either the Tate or LaBianca murders.

His fellow lawyers asked "Vince" why he was dwelling on the sex life of the Family so much and the BUG defended his actions, claiming he needed to show Manson's dominance even in that area.

Except- he didn't. He needed to show Tex' fingerprints, he needed to show Sadie's stabbing, he needed to place Leslie with the knife. This is trial evidence. Whether Manson told Barbara Hoyt to give Juan Flynn (pictured) an all day hummer or not has nothing to do with TLB.

EXCEPT- go back and look at the pictures I posted last month of some of the jurors. Do you think THEY were comfortable hearing about girl on girl action?

It was almost like BUG wanted to use anything he could to GET Charlie- and wanted everyone to know that he and the boys were getting way more than their fair share and was that right?

But then, the BUG probably hasn't been laid since 1967, Gail or no Gail.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

What Cha' Gonna' Do When They Come For You....

Most posters on Manson Message boards are uneducated, illiterate, and convinced of the correctness of their position. Yet their position is almost always ill-informed and reactive. Wendy Kline writes on one of these boards

Ok, so then what you are telling me is you think it is ok to take
another life?Why don't we just slap these guys on the wrist and tell
them to be on the Merry F*cking way?Better yet why don't we nominate
them for humanitarian of the year award?You just don't understand,
the reason I DON"T CARE if he gets parolled is because of the
seriousness of his crime.To accidentally take a life is one thing,
but to intentionally do it and then sit a boo who about the paroll
board not giving me a chance is absolute BS.I personally hope he
rotts, his death sentence should of NEVER been overturned.Why was it
overturned not because he went infront of a jury and they thought oh
poor baby we were to harsh on him, it was because The State of
California abolished the death penalty, and later got their heads
out of their ass and reinstated it.Bobby just got lucky, and he
should feel lucky that he alive today to even go infront of a
PB.Again WHY are we so caught up in the murders rights???Why don't
we start thinking about the victims?

This is the problem with half baked thoughts from a badly educated public. The law is what it is not what we would like it to be. Only twelve people in the country have the right to INTERPRET the law the way they would like and they are Supreme Court Justices. That is why it is so scary that BushWacker can appoint so many of them. Otherwise, the law is not what YOU or Wendy SAY it is or what you or Wendy WISH it were. It is what it is and nothing more nor less. It is hard for me as a disbarred attorney to be any clearer for you on this.

I am not sure what "sit a boo hoo about paroll" means- maybe something in French. For the 86th time, every one of the TLB killers had their death sentences overturned because the Supreme Court of the State of California determined in 1972 that the Death Penalty, as then administered constititued cruel and unusual punishment. This made it unconstitutional. This made it illegal. Overturning these sentences made the killer get life sentences WITH the possibility of parole which was the next level down. It also made it as if they NEVER HAD the death sentences to begin with. If you were a real student of the case you would note that NONE of the Parole Boards asks the retarded question "why are you not happy that you avoided the death penalty?"- this is because legally it is as if they never had it.

So now, under the law, ALL of the TLB killers are eligible for parole as of 1978. So now, under the law, each of them has every right to expect to get out.
So now, under the law, the board when they deny them not only must give valid reasons, the board must ALSO indicate what steps must be taken for eventual release.

This is the freaking LAW boys and girls. It is what it says. You know why it is important to understand the law? Because it applies to YOU, boys and girls. If they can keep suspects at Guantanmo without warrants or spy on you without permission, then the law is for shit. And make no doubt about it, YOU are next. The legal system must uphold the LAW at all costs. As they say about Germany back in the day, they came for the Jews and I did nothing, they came for the queers and I did nothing and then they came for ME.

That's why I think Manson was wronged- BUGliosi perjured himself during the trial. He lied under oath and broke the law.

That is why I am pissed about Bobby- they couldn't come up with legitimate reasons to keep him in jail so they made some up, which is against the law.

If you don't agree with the law, then work to change it. Learn to spell and write letters to your lawmakers, not Yahoo.

But understand that messing with the law is messing with YOU.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Treasure Chest

Wouldn't it be great, The Col was just thinking, if the Fitzgerald or Ebay Guy (first name Stan I have found out) sold their collection and buried in it was a crumpled piece of paper that was the proverbial smoking gun. Like what? I don't know...

....memo from Bug to Stovitz stating "I don't believe you said that Aaron but I am gonna get Manson for this even if I have to manufacture a motive myself."

...memo from Bug to Kasabian Legal Team "Make sure when they ask your client what the hell you were doing driving on a second night of murder that you make a ruckus and shout 'I've spoken the truth Charlie and you know it."

... letter between LA District Attorney's office and Terry Melcher's attorney assuring him that all references to legal agreements made between him and Manson are off limits.

The game is endless. Come on play along!

A Different Collection

NO- The ebay seller is NOT The Col.

NO- The ebay seller is NOT selling the Paul Fitzgerald Collection.

The Col spoke to Paul's daughter three years ago when she was deciding what to do with it. She was leaning towards donating to a University. She described what was in it and there were hundreds of cases besides TLB. The Col felt that if there were anything juicy in it, Paul would have exposed it already and let it go.

The ebay seller's collection has some value but not $5,000.
The Paul Fitz collection probably is worth $25,000- to somebody.

The Col aims to inform!


I have been asked in private why I "hate" people like Jan Urbin at the KTS site. I don't hate them- I fear them. This is an exampleIN MY OPINION of an unbalanced person, someone who hears what they want to hear and says what they want to say without taking even ten freaking seconds to look up the truth.

Just a week ago the learned Col came up in KTS and the only person to say that he was a jerk was Jan Urbin. Hence, my continued mockery of Jan Urbin. Now read two recent posts....

I never did Bren. Here's the story in a nutshell ~ Roughly two years ago (I don't remember exactly when I joined KTS) I mentioned in a post that I have heard and read that Bobby B was a member of the Aryan Brotherhood, which is a white supremist group. I did not say it was true, I said that is what I have heard and read. Well, the Col got all pissed off by my saying that and said it wasn't true. He said I shouldn't be saying things that I didn't have the facts on. I wouldn't have cared too much, except he sent me a Nasty~Gram privately in my e-mail, kind of like he did with the greeting card thing. Apparently he has an affinity for Bobby B and I struck a nerve.
That was a long time ago, so I have no idea what is problem with me now is. He is entitled to his opinion, but so am i! The only other thing I can think of is that he has something to do with the court transcripts on E-Bay. I did make a comment that whoever that person was needed to learn how to spell LaBianca before they write a book. It was written several times a Lobianca. I was being funny! Ha Ha!
Who knows? It's nice to know I had such a lasting effect on Col Scott! My name was in Bold letters! How flattering! I, however, don't like some of the other things he said about other KTS members. We weren't in the 'chocolate hearts of love' category! Maybe next year! I know there are people here at KTS who are friends with Harold, so I will say no more, but I wanted to tell you the story. I am not worried about his comments. I have bigger fish to fry than him!

I love the ignorant. NO YOU DO NOT HAVE A RIGHT TO AN OPINION. NONE OF US DO. THERE IS NOTHING IN THE CONSTITUTION THAT GIVES YOU A RIGHT TO AN OPINION. Thanks to freedom of speech you have a right to an INFORMED OPINION. Otherwise, nothing.
And NO, I have nothing to do with the ebay sale except I am interested. That is all. And get glasses- you were not in BOLD you were in caps.

I'm glad he doens't hate you. I make it a policy not to 'hate' anyone, but maybe he does hate certain people ~ possibly me! I do agree with his opinion about the war. I am against it, no ifs ands or buts. It feels like we are in another Vietnam.
I could be wrong, or have him confused with someone else, but didn't he also have a problem with some of us in the group who believed that Scott Peterson was guilty. He didn't believe it. Was that him? I don't remember exactly, but I know there was someone here who thought he was innocent. No matter, everyone has their opinions.
Oogly is my buddy and I will not speak badly of him. He makes me laugh and certainly adds something to the group. I don't know what the Col has against him, but that is his opinion and his alone.
I do enjoy that their are different opinions. That's what keeps the group exciting. I don't like the fighting either. Especially when the situation gets out of control, like when Heaven got the threatening e-mail. There is no excuse for that.
Maybe the Col will tell someone else what his problem is with me. I may never know. I can't worry about it. I love the group and I am not leaving again.

No, I always believed that Peterson did it- who else could have, handy satanists? LOL. I dislike you because up to a week ago you spread venom about ME and now act like you never did. I do not hate because you are not worth hate.

Oogly is unfunny, stupid, without knowledge or insight. That means he should be ignored. My problem with Oogly is that by his very name he mocks Debra Tate. One of the victims that your group is supposed to "honor". Love or hate Debra I don't care. Explain to me Jan or anyone why this fool is allowed to have a screenname that MOCKS A VICTIM?

Some of you internet folks are unbalanced. I need to spend less time thinking about you so you can go back to neglecting your children.

A reply has been posted to the Col

Why don't you just email me instead of posting my name on your blog. I did
not spread venom about you. I just said that I had an unpleasant experience
with you a few years back. You joined in the fray of bashing the Col. How can you claim otherwise? I did not attack you, I was stating what had
happened. If I still had the email (not worth keeping) I would refresh your
memory. I remember everything quite well. You said something asinine and I challenged your knowledge. I was not very nice to you when I did so.I'm sorry you think I am unbalanced, but that is your opinion.My INFORMED opinion based on your posts.
There are different opinions and theories being brought up in KTS all the
time and I don't see you bashing anyone else.No, I left the place because, as Sue pointed out today, differing opinions were NOT wanted. Well, other than Steve.OOGLY is a FOOGLY. Do
me a favor ~ Do not email me or post me on your blog. You know nothing
about me, so don't pretend you do.Why should the great COL do YOU any favors?

As far as Scott Peterson goes, I couldn't remember if it was you who thought
he was innocent, but did not think so. I was just asking.And I answered.

And remember Col Scott ~ Judge not, lest ye be judged!Aww shit Bill Nelson has possessed this person! Send for an Exorcist!!!!

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year to One And All

Ten New Year's Resolutions in no special order

1- to finally meet Denise for a coffee
2- to try to figure out how to block the rampant inanity and retardation of the Big Oogler
3- to do what I can to help the Beausoleil Family
4- to spend my vast sums of money wisely and efficiently
5- to love and honor my supermodel wife every day of the year
6- to find those missing cds for AesNihil
7- to move forward on the "Special" Project once again
8- to exercise more regularly
9- to travel as much as humanly possible
10- to provide my readers with pithy taunts and juicy tidbits to fire up their imaginations

Take care team, there's a New Year here!