Saturday, March 31, 2012

Girl Who Stirred the Cream Cheese Pot

But this Living Example of Human Failure Robin Olsen didn't stop with rampant homophobia, she didn't stop with lies about the family on the eve of a burial. It was important to her that Statman personally knew how much she hated her. Because Robin Olsen "matters" godddammit just ask her. She matters. Her marriage isn't an empty dry husk like her vajayjay. Her life is not a waste of sperm. SHE MATTERS.


I have a ton of this shit but I might be done. This is a sick, evil woman who should be shunned by mankind. I feel super unwell even reading it. At least is Orca's case her big famous sister was in fact murdered. She did in fact get herself disowned by the family. She has logical explanations for her mental illness that I can follow. Robin is just a demon, IMO .

Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Girl Who Played With Feces

So we want more evidence of the sickness of Robin Olsen?
One year after the death of his daughter Patti, Paul Tate receives this deranged hard to follow letter from Robin.

It basically says two things-
"I was Patti's bff, her bestie, her #1, I swear!!!!"

"An evil lesbian has tried to steal your grandchildren."

The level of sheer homophobia in this is so pathetic. These need to be shared with people that employ Olsen, if anyone is dumb enough. They need to see just how withered her soul is.

Oh yeah, Col Tate threw this out.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Girl with the Twisted Tattoo

Robin Olsen, a pathetic human being in my opinion, is determined to attack the beautiful book RESTLESS SOULS because she fears it will undermine the book about her imaginary friend Patti Tate that she will never write.

In so doing she has leveled charges against the book that are provably false, and gone to Hometown Buffet to rile up Orca Tate about the book, leading to more pointless drivel.

I'll address whatever bullshit I feel like when I feel like it because that is how he Col Rolls!

**** Robin/ Orca sound off about Patti being buried in the Tate plot. They make it sound like some sort of Lesbian Bake Off that allowed Patti to be buried next to her mom and sister. Actually Alisa did the only thing that mattered- she got Roman's permission since he had bought the damn plot for wife and son. She did,in fact, Orca, pretend to be a member of the Tate Family since homophobic laws back then would have prevented her from overseeing burial of her partner.

So there we go, one moronically false comment debunked. I've posted the original burial forms and Polanski's letter.

Trust nothing that these two losers say.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Fighting Cretins with Soy Sauce

I was working on two pointed posts for you all

One was about Winifred Chapman. In the brilliant new book Restless Souls I learned she had been with Sharon and Roman before Cielo. It got me thinking how terrible that morning must have been for her.

The second was a work of art called "The Ballad of NotSharon", about a member of the Tate Family who wanted attention that went to her much more beautiful sister.

Then Robin Olsen, maybe acting on behalf of Debra Tate (maybe not, I had heard that Debra had wised up to Robin's craziness) started posting releases on the bullshit website that only her dogs read.

This is gonna take all weekend, fixing her lies and bullshit. Shit and I had a Mani/Pedi all set.

But for now, while you try to wade through this, use logic

-Debra Tate was disowned by her Family
-Patti Tate's legal wishes were for her children to be raised by Alisa Statman, NOT her own sister.
- Gruff Paul Tate was happy for his grandchildren to be raised by Alisa Statman
- Paul Tate didn't want his daughter to get any family items so he sold the Family home to ALisa Statman.
- Patti's own daughter is stating that she doesn't know her aunt AT ALL.

Use logic. This is insanity from Olsen with attention seeking from Debra. Nothing more. The book remains amazingly moving.

Robin and friends (if any)- You have declared war. That's fine. Nelson did that and he was ruined and died alone.

Here's what's next for Robin /Deb- if you don't know what I mean dear readers, they do-

-- The full report made by Debra and Robin to Paul to try to get Alisa removed from the Family. A more hateful work of homophobia have I never seen. It is subhuman. Both ladies are scum.
-- The permission from Roman Polanski TO Alisa Statman allowing Patti's Burial at Holy Cross
--The history of Robin Olsen's stalking of Paul Tate and attempts to attack ALisa.
-- News of pending litigation to remove Debra's false filings claiming ANY ownership of her sister, along with research into possible criminal allegations
--Revelation that Paul Tate wanted Statman to speak in his place at the Parole Hearings- NOT his daughter.

It's all coming Robin /Deb. You had to attack a very good book that really did honor your family because they refused to force you into it somehow. Have fun with your lifelong "trough" pass to Hometown Buffet. We are gonna fill you not with buttermilk but with truth. We will answer your "lie detector test" questions and present a bunch of questions we have for you to answer.

Ready. Set. Here we come Orca.

Vera Dreiser is Robin Olsen. Robin Olsen is a cunt. A liar. Psycho. A filthmonger. And she makes bad sandwiches. Now the Bible says something about Cunts- I am not sure what. Over here , cunts may still post but under their real names. So Vera may either use the handle Robin Olsen, or just plain Cunt. Anything posted under Vera Dreiser will be deleted or ignored. I am asking the support of the evilliz people, which has turned into a fine place to go, and I know I have Cats' support. The inbreds at Lynyrd Skynyrd are too inebriated to follow this shit anyway.

Act unconcerned Robin Olsen, your shit has real world consequences.