Sunday, November 18, 2007

A Cautionary Tale

She was a homely Southern Belle who lived in Alabama most of her life. Mobile. Due to an hormonal imbalance she tended to have hair all over her body. In inappropriate places. Lots of it.

Her parents, such as we can see from news reports, seemed very old school, conservative, Southern. Mom looks like the spoiled princess she likely was. Dad looks to me like he should be branding cattle and smoking stogies. Actually come to think of it Dad looks a bit like George Spahn. Hmmm.

Mom and dad come from an era where children should be seen and not heard. If the young girl ever came to them with her problems, I can't imagine them being addressed. Am I being too harsh? Well her older sister overdoses and dies because of a bad drug habit. I have to think somebody was not a great parent or communicator.

The girl hits the road. Her parents don't even know where she is. They send money occasionally, but only just enough to get her off the phone.
She of course has found her new Prince Charming. He tells her she is beautiful. He introduces her to group sex. She gets oral sex from the leader, from his idiot sidekick, right there on the bar of the saloon. She thinks she is learning self esteem.

Of course, she is just being mindfucked. But for the first time in her two decades, she fits in.
She doesn't want this moment to end. And she'll do whatever the Prince tells her to do. And in so doing, spend the rest of her life alone, locked up, unloved.

[[Not posted in 12 days which is quite long for the Col. Wasn't because of work, travel or anything really. Just because I had nothing to say. But now I do. Stay tuned.]]

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Cease To Exist

this apparently is part of a new documentary that this film student guy is making. Most of the information seems to be not new. It also is poor quality video. And he probably hasn't cleared it legally so it will come down soon.

But it is worth your ten minutes.