Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas Charlie Manson !!!!

The Col would like to distribute his Xmas cheer to all far and near...

To Bret, a big thank you for your site along with wishes that you update it more often.

To Jon Aesnihil, many thanks for the use of the Archives and good luck on your quest to obtain the remainder from the Widow Nelson.

To Steve Oogly, the big Ooogler, a big Christmas wish for you to learn to respect the victims you claim to but instead mock with your very name. A plea for you to stop thinking that your flirting is anything but pathetic. And me down on my freaking knees BEGGING you to stop using those fonts that run on and make me have to click twice to get past your lame posts.

To Jan Urbin and a few others there who still dislike the Col's superior knowledge, a big Calzone that you can bite and pretend is me.

TWO Calzones for Jennifer Oakley, along with the Congressional Medal of Stupidity for blindly supporting a retarded war. Bite me twice you sad woman.

Chocolate Hearts of Love and Joy to Denise and Heaven and Janice and the others at KTS. I was wrong and I am glad we are all internet friends again.

To Bobby B, I hope last week's decision went well (please let me know) and I hope that you can no longer say " I have served more time for killing a drug dealer than anyone in American history."

To Barbara B, I wish you the hugs of your man. Our meeting this year was special indeed.

To Michael Brunner, email me I have an idea to make you some good, solid cash.

To Tom O'Neill, I send you love and the knowledge that YOU know and I know that you will never finish that book.

To Adam Parfey I implore you to please hurry up that Manson Encyclopedia Project. I want one.

To White Rabbitt- I nearly went blind reading your book- I will review it- but do you really want me to note how much time you served for Child Molestation? Icky.

To Bill Nelson- RIP, and if you find anything else we need to know, there is always the Ouija Board.

To Vincent BUGliosi- a warning, the Col still breathes and the truth WILL be known. You should be ashamed of yourself.

To my beloved Driver Dave, condolences on your gf's reduced implants.

To Mark Turner, sincere hopes that you at last are doing the right thing.

To one and to all, THANKS for reading. Much more to come.


Col Scott, Proprietor, The Only Official Tate-LaBianca Murders Blog. 12-25-05



white rabbitt never served any time for Child Molestation that not what he went to prison for sorry col u are wrong

ColScott said...

actually, foolio, in his book he admits it in detail

unless you call underage sex something other than Child Molestation.

The law doesn't.