Monday, February 05, 2007

Catching Up

It has been longer than usual for me to post. It's because I was busy. The Col is often busy. I just didn't realize that two weeks went away.

Anyway, let's catch up.

---> ITEM- for all you folks in the comments, Salem is a perfectly nice person who used to go by the handle WHEAT on the bizaare board run by Atkins' former attorney. I think she is charming. She is convinced that Charlie communicates with her and tells her things. She is funny that way. That does not mean I don't like her I just don't listen to her.

---> ITEM- I sent my $10 to Dennis Rice's ministry but still have not gotten my book yet and it was six weeks ago. A man of the cloth wouldn't steal from me would he? Would he? Has anyone seen an actual copy of this?

---> ITEM- Roman is going to do a new film based on the ancient disaster of Pompeii

---> ITEM- I still cannot find George Denny. Anyone know where he is? I thought Texas.


Jean Harlow said...

while I am sure that you have already done this, did you check this site?

maybe it's the guy or maybe they are related... It's worth a shot


deadwoodhbo said...

WOOOO! HOOOO! a new read at last:P

Dok said...

Wow, it's crazy to think of Paul Watkins as a father. How many children did he father? What kind of father was he? This should be interesting.

Hi ya Deb!

jempud said...

Good to see you posting again, Col.


jempud said...


I have to say your avatar is a definite diss to the sovereign queen of all she surveys ..

Don't be surprised if the SAS pay you a nocturnal visit


Jean Harlow said...

Hey Dok, how you doin? we should really swap real emails one of these days...

Jem, I certainly do not mean to disrespect HRH as I think she is an incredible woman who has to do an extremely difficult job... I wish I could show the same fortitude.. :)

and Colonel thank you as always for the new blog


jempud said...

That's ok then Deb. Funny that you, me and Col (at least) all use British images !!

Love and kisses


Skyhook said...

Hey! I'm definitely an English pirate!

Dok said...

I'm an English roof top dancer!

jempud said...

Skyhook dice

Hey! I'm definitely an English pirate

More like Captain Beefheart - chk

But DOK has a more NY air ..


Heaven said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Heaven said...

I am definitely sitting at the ocean right now..

Course I'd be freezing to death, but hey, I'm there in spirit!!

Waving hello to my dear friend Dok!
I hope everything is well with you...


deadwoodhbo said...

Whats all the Hype about the new movie The Devil Exists.?.It seems to be makeing charlie look like the chain saw massacre killer(load of ****)from the preveiw.

Dok said...

Hello my beautiful friend Heaven! So nice to see you. I got a good bill of health from my Doctor, I am cancer free and done with the chemo! I will have monthly follow up visits for a while, but other then that, I am good!! I am looking forward to the next chapter in my life. How are you and the family?

Jem, it is NYC, I just wanted to be part of the fun: )


P.S. Where is our friend Cat?

jempud said...


I wasn't trying to exclude you ! NY is great - my daughter lives there (well. in Brooklyn) and I visit when I can.

Sorry to hear you were unwell and happy you're recovering

looks like this blog is becoming a friendly place again - recovering from Poche's last outrage (I've been reading the back logs and they don't make pretty reading)

Peace to you all


Anonymous said...

So that means you are up again for another fine round of that twister?
Glad you are okay, and I am still here, cuz you know, a cat has nine best to you and Wendy.
(and I heard ya holla out, so here I am)

Heaven said...

Dok I am so happy to hear that. You have been in my thoughts!

Everyone here is doing just fine. We're freezing, but fine lol

Cat I think is around, I was talking to her a lot before the holidays...

Cat is you're here, give us a shout out lol

Take care Dok.. MUAH!



evilliz said...

what happened to the thingy about Pauls daughter?? i looked again and it was gone???

evilliz said...

forgot to ask.........did anyone see the thing on Bret's site about Linda's FIRST daughter and her claims? what does anyone thin about that???

Salem said...

in the pic
she looks younger than Tanya does, I think if it IS her child, it is by bob k.