Monday, December 27, 2010

The Triumphant (okay, not) Return of MONKEYBOY

December 24, 2010


I want to make sure that you're fully aware of what some of your blog members have been up in regards to the recent picture postings of Ruth Ann Moorehouse.

My understanding is that these pictures of Ruth Ann may have been acquired from screen caps of a wedding video of one of her sons. First of all, the very fact that these individuals, who all seem to be associated with YOU felt the need to stalk her sons accounts to acquire these images of Ruth Ann is just creepy unto itself. Secondly, I know for a fact that Ruth Ann did not give her permission for these photographs to be put up on display anywhere for people to just come in and copy them.

There's a right to privacy issue here that involves a woman who is living a "Normal" life and who is working and who is making her own living. This unwanted exposee that Elizabeth Russell aka "Evil Liz" from Connecticut is doing is a pure vanity play on her part that could do irreperable damage to Ruth Ann's life as well as the lives of her family.

We already went through this argument once before with Steve Grogan and we know that Steve lost his job as a result of someone else's overzealousness. I DON'T want to see that happen to Ruth Ann.

Why am i contacting you? Simple, because these people who are stirring things up are members of your blog. All of the problems in cyberspace that arise, in regards to this case, all seem to ripple back to your blog. Then again, being the "Head of the Snake", that comes as no surprise to me.

What i'd like to ask you to do is to stop Evil Liz from having any additional private wanking sessions to Ruth Ann's photographs and for Liz to re-open her blog to the public so that we know that she is complying with this request.

As i'm sure you may already know, I put up a video of Joshua Zelinsky on my page. We all know the story behind Joshua, as well as many others, whose names, addresses and phone numbers are in my possession. I hold YOU responsible for what happens to Ruth Ann and I want to make sure that you clearly understand where this is going.

If you do not talk some sense into Elizabeth Russell of Bristol / New Britain CT, then i will personally contact Joshua Zelinsky and we'll get this party started. I might even contact Philip Gronowski and wish him a Merry Christmas as well.

Do yourself a big favor - talk to Evil Liz and get her to stop this shit before things get out of hand.


Fucking Monkey actually wrote that on Xmas Eve- the sad sack of shit
My reply-

I do not know who Josh or phil are. I do know who you are. Very well indeed

1. I have nothing to do with the Liz blog
2 You are a stupid, moronic asshole who nobody likes. You should go eat a bag of shit and reflect upon that.


Eat a bag 0f shit and pull yourself together.

----------Monkeyboy replies---------

Hey Bigmouth,
Nobody likes me???? Boo Fucking Hoo. As if i really give a damn about any of you blog homo's.
You're all a bunch of tabloid junkies who drool over a case that nobody really gives a shit about anymore.
Even your boy "Bobby" got old on you, but i'll bet he still takes it in the ass and will continue to do so for the next "5" years.
The people who are on your blog are the scum of the earth. A bunch of self righteous little shits who jack off to STOLEN pictures because that's as close to the case, or anything new in this case, that they'll ever get to.
Your DYING blog is proof of that. It's nothing more than a waste of time that will yield you NOTHING.
I know YOU all too well also. You're a cocksucker, LITERALLY, but that comes as no surprise to me.
A few people that i actually thought were "Decent", turned out to be douchebags, but then most of the people who OBSESS over this case pretty much are just that.
Go read some books and see if you'll learn anything NEW - Which you WON'T.
NONE of the locked up MANSONITES will ever Get out so you will learn NOTHING.
It's over for you and your blog.
You're down to creepy crawling facebook pages for photographs - What a fucking bunch of LOSERS you people are. Really. That's just so pathectic.
Eat Shit and Die - Slowly.


Monkeyboy- you are a homophobe apparently, delusion, fat, stupid and ugly. Really, take an overdose of something nasty and save some oxygen.


ColScott said...

if this guy actually has a blog can you send me the link?

starship said...

Ok, I am on this blog almost everyday and so I will say this:

I have absolutely no idea what you guys are talking about.

starship said...

Glad to see Jim survived the Snow Pocalypse!

Matt said...

I read this an hour ago and I still can't stop laughing. I guess he'll have to unleash Zelinski. Looks like the weapon of choice will be polite dinner conversation with a speech impediment?

starship said...

Man, I am going to have to google some names here. Jim is so upset, and I don't even know what he is talking about.

Anonymous said...

Without the Col around for a few weeks- he did provide some priceless entertainment :)

A.C. Fisher Aldag said...

I wrote this to Jim (on Backporch Tapes) and I will write it again here:

If a photograph is posted to the Internet, it can and will be excerpted and re-posted on other electronic media. This is perfectly legal. It is not a violation of privacy. It is not against any law. It is not libel or slander. It is not even a violation of copyright, unless the photo is used for commercial purposes.

Jim got hosed with me for stating this... but I didn't write the law. I didn't vote for this. Am simply re-stating a fact. Been studying this type of thing for my own tiny little miniscule media company.

If you don't want your image made public, do not post it on the Internet. Period.

If that is indeed Ms. Moorehouse on Liz's blog, well, then Liz had every legal right to re-post the image. Sorry, but that's how the law is written.

Plus, there's the pot-calling-the-kettle aspect, as Jim himself recently re-posted images of Red and Blue naked... which had not been originally posted to the Internet... which had in fact been stolen from Charles.

Jim replied with some degree of hostility, asking how I'd like it if the same thing happened to my daughter. Well, my daughter is an adult, and a public figure as a professional model, who knows darn good and well that people re-post her image online. Then Jim asked what would happen if he stalked her...

My answer is that anyone who stalks my daughter better have a very comprehensive medical insurance policy.

And BTW... how in the heck is the blog owner supposed to "control" us, the commentators, in our personal lives? Col Scott is great and terrible and mighty and all that, but if I wanna re-post images of Ruth Ann or Sarah Palin or Madonna or my daughter the model, how the heck is HE gonna stop me?

Matt said...

He just uses it as an excuse to continue his vendetta against the Col. He's referred to him in the past as his "internet rival".

When MonkeyBoy posts anywhere I hear the not too distant harbinger of the NY native cou-cou bird.

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