Friday, May 09, 2008

Death of an Icon Part One

Blogging- WHAT THE FUCK DEBRA? Does anybody vet this shit? Sharon was not nominated for an Academy Award for ANYTHING. Are you slowly losing your marbles?

Tom O'Neil talks about Manson's weird brainwashing TECHNOLOGY? Like what, rayguns? Sounds like the book he is writing is gonna be a doozy.

Narrator bitch talks about MANY parties Manson attended at the Melcher house. How many is many? .....more to come...


starship said...

But the first time one of these shows admit Manson and Tex partied with Melcher @ Cielo. Moorehouse living in the guest house too....a step in the right direction. Even Kaye admits it.

starship said...

It was 40 years ago, so Debra is a bit confused....according to IMDB, Sharon was nominated in 1968 for a Golden Globe for most promising newcomer.

It really does beg the question of how much bs makes it into these supposedly journalistic efforts.

I was hoping Tom O'Neil would finally be the guy we've been waiting for. Guess not.

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