Friday, May 09, 2008

Lying Fattie to Murdering Harlot

Bill Nelson Published this July 17 2000. Yes, Babs is basically full of shit. But she's right. We mustn't forget LVH was involved in Shorty's murder and never paid the price.


  • Barbara has been after me for some time to offer Leslie Van Houten a challenge. Barbara has said that maybe if Leslie took her up on it and passed, that perhaps she might back off a little from opposing a release date for the twice convicted murderess.

  • I received a call last night from Barbara as she had just read my updates of July 14, 2000. She was deeply moved by the letter from Angela Smaldino and asked me to convey her deep admiration for the way she handled herself in the letter. Then, Barbara began talking about how all of the killers are still lying and none of them tell the truth. She spoke of Susan Atkins and stated, "She is still protecting Charlie!" "When Susan tells the parole board about the motive for the Tate murders being a 'Copycat' killing to get Bobby out of jail, she is lying."

  • "That was not even introduced into the trial until the death penalty phase following the guilty verdicts and even Gypsy admitted that on that Hard Copy show with Vince Bugliosi."

  • "To the degree that Susan keeps telling that story, she is still protecting Charlie."

  • To Leslie: Take a polygraph test on the subject of the killing of Shorty.

  • Said Barbara, "Now that I read on your new page about Faces of Susan Atkins that she admits to helping cover up the area the murder took place, I find it hard to believe that Leslie did not know about it too.

  • Gypsy knew. Susan knew, and I believe Leslie knew."

  • Submit to a polygraph.

  • Pass it.

  • Show no knowledge of the murder of Shorty Shea at that time, no participation in the burial of Shorty and then I will consider backing off.

  • Barbara Hoyt: Star prosecution witness...


Anonymous said...

I'm confused. I thought that Leslie has admitted burning Shorty's clothes in a parole hearing? Didn't she say "we all had our jobs to do" and was that not in regard to the burning of Shorty's clothes? Or am I thinking of one of the other fantastically spinning story concocting liars?

FrankM said...

I should have thought that anything Barbara Hoyt had to say about the Shorty affair should be treated with extreme caution.

If she can't even provide reliable information about the time and place of what she claims she was witness to why, should anything else she says be treated with anything other than contempt?


Anonymous said...

..yes..ditto..Frank beat me to it. I woudn't believe a word Barbara says either.