Monday, May 12, 2008


Thanks to user Mel we have a beautiful collection of 75 Sharon Photos.

Click here and enjoy. None of these will ever be pissed on by anyone in Staten Island!.


augusteigth1969 said...

Nice. Thanks Kernel.

deadwoodhbo said...

thank you col

60skid said...

Thanks Mel and The Col for posting the Sharon pictures

60skid said...

Col Scott,
Have you heard anything about Bobby's Book he was writing ?

FrankM said...

RE: Bobby Beausoleil

Bobby wrote in Sep '07 as follows (extracted):

Rest assured that my autobiography - the first of two books I have planned - will eventually be made available. The work is well underway. At this point I can't say when it will be finished


Be patient. I have every intention of coming through on my book.

This was in a private communication.


Sosio said...

I just happened to run across your blog, I don't get the staten island remark?? next to Sharon and Romans photo, I doesn't make sense??