Friday, May 16, 2008

8 Questions for Debra

I just asked these on the new Yahoo group TATE FAMILY LEGACY. My guess is they don't have the nads to let the post through.
(photos from 1922)

So since this is the Tate Legacy let's ask Tate some questions about her legacy. I have only a few.

1- Why have you refused your father's ashes a proper burial?
2- Why were you disinherited by your parents?
3- Why do you tell people that legally you represent Sharon's estate when you have nothing to do with it at all?
4- What did you hope to gain by pimping your murdered sister's clothes on a tabloid tv show?
5- What were some aspects of the FBI investigation that involved you in 1969?
6- Where did all that money go that people contributed to your campaign to get a Star for Sharon on Hollywood Boulevard?
7- When did you last see your nieces and nephews, the daughter of your dead little sister, also part of the Tate Legacy?
8- How much ham do you put on your sandwiches?

aww shit banned in less than half an hour
Debra fears free speech and the truth


Skyhook said...

The Col said: 5- What were some aspects of the FBI investigation that involved you in 1969?

Please tell us your source for this. Also, what do you know?


Heaven said...

Good questions Col...

I like the last one lol


ColScott said...

Source? She was investigated because of her relationship with some of the original suspects.

I just found out that the site is run by someone named Paige.

A.C. Fisher Aldag said...

More questions:

Who funds your organization? Is it tax-deductable? Wouldn't it suck if you got audited? Did Roman have a secret life insurance policy taken out on your sister? Did she or her friends have a drug habit (that you knew of)? Did they associate with any other known felons? How much did you get paid for the "Inside Edition" segment? What are you going to do when the dig at Barker Ranch is totally unsuccessful?

Marliese said...

If Debra was disinherited by her father, how is it she's in possession of his remains?

A.C. Fisher Aldag said...

The current investigation made People magazine's May 26th edition. Debra Tate and Mr. Bugliosi are both quoted. Trial by media, part II.

Way to make Mommy have hysterics in the checkout lane.

starship said...

Hello. Col? Debra was investigated because of her relationship with some of the original supsects? Who would these be? Pic Dawson and the other Canadians? John Phillips? William Garretson?

Wasn'r Debra just a teenager in 1969, living at home with her parents? What kind of relationship would she have had with any of these people?

ColScott said...

PJ did a will, but not a living will, nor a health care power of default, next of kin takes possesion of his remains...

ColScott said...

Well that is what I would love to know. My research indicates that she sure did spend a lot of time up at Cielo. One could say she was a regular.

starship said...

Hey, Col,

Hmmmmm. Ok folks, now we need someone with FBI connections. Step right up, anyone who can help. How about a FOIL request?