Sunday, October 22, 2006


I'd like to meet Stephen Kay. I would ask him, in his obsession for the truth and to keep murderers in prison, why he never made sure the BUG went to jail for perjury during a death penalty trial.

I would ask him why he supports Steven Hodel's BULLSHIT Black Dahlia book.

I would ask who did his haircuts for all these years to have that person killed.

Note- Kasabian claims she handed him the bolt cutters. Is he still lying?

The box collecting interlude amuses me by its surreality.


meatwad said...

Who is George Hodel?

Is that Steve Hodel's brother? Did he really write a book also?

Just askin.

Jean Harlow said...


George Hodel is a retired LAPD guy who wrote a book in 2004 where he claims he has figured out that his father a prominent physician at the time killed the Black Dahlia. Steven Kay went on 48 Hours and said that Hodel's theory was dead on (as did James Ellroy for that matter) and I think he even had (Kay, I mean) his comments endorsed on the back cover of Hodel's book.

meatwad said...

deb said,

"George Hodel is a retired LAPD guy who wrote a book in 2004 where he claims he has figured out that his father"

Have you read George's book?

meatwad said...

If anybody (colscott, too) can tell me where to find George Hodel's book, I would sincerely appreciate it. It would make a good companion to Steve's book "Black Dahlia Avenger".

Did George write about Steve in it?

meatwad said...


How come you changed George to Steve in the title page?

Cuz I know you don't make mistakes. I am curious why.

Jus' askin'.

Jean Harlow said...

Meatwad, apparently I was having a wee blonde moment as I didn't realize that there was a mix up in the names. I did read some (not the entire) of Black Dahlia Avenger... sorry about that...

As for George Hodel, did you check out Amazon?

meatwad said...

I have checked it out now, deb. It appears that Steve wrote about his dad, George.

And George never wrote a book. End of mystery.

Thank you.

Jean Harlow said...

Ok, Meatwad that makes total sense. As I recall the book wasn't that good, so I didn't finish it. It's a lot of speculation about Hodel, John Houston (the director) and Man Ray and their sexual proclavities during the 40's. So who knows what is true and what is wild speculation.