Saturday, October 14, 2006

Today's Video Treat

From the legendary Manson 70 Video

My first blogged video was the sequence on that legendary tape when Bruce Davis surrendered. How crazy that shit was. Here is some more footage from those halcyon days- a lot of Charlie walking the halls. Look closely and learn.


Salem said...

thank you once again Col!

deadwoodhbo said...

GLORY DAYS!!!!!!!.Keep up the good work Col.

Heaven said...

Fantastic! Thanks Col!


Salem said...

Gaul had been living at a Scientology Center, Theaton Manor, a 14 room house at 1030 S. Bonnie Brea. Bruce M. Davis also frequented this house. He told an investigating C.I.I. agent that he had been intimate with 9 girls at the Manor but denied knowing Doreen Gaul or anything about the murders. Davis had been dating Gaul but she was also dating a black man. This made Daivis angry.
seems to me that says enuff right there!