Friday, October 07, 2005

Ten Things about Pic Dawson

- Best Friends with Cass Elliott, Mamas and Papas Member

- Drug Dealer tight in the LA music and film scene

- Dealt drugs to Frykowski and Sebring INDEPENDENTLY of each other.

- Arrested with two others as suspects in the five Murders committed at Cielo Drive.

- Several “customers” fingered him as potentially the killer.

- John Phillips, the musical leader of Mamas and Papas, told police the bloody writing on the door probably stood for PIC.

- Passed a polygraph from LAPD which nevertheless held him as a suspect.

- Lived with Cass in a house less than two blocks from where Lotsapoppa freaking lived.

- Supposedly the recipient of the $5,000 Kasabian stole from Bob Melton. Linda to Tex to Frykowski to Dawson is what I believe.

- Was the son of a State Department official (Secretary to the State Department Attache in Bonn), which makes this whole conspiracy mess even more messy.


NattiJeff said...

I have just read Weird Scenes Inside The Canyon, by David McGowan and have recently purchased, but not started reading yet, a new book called "Chaos (Manson, the CIA and Secret History of the Sixties. I had to read McGowan's work a second time as it jumps around quite a bit. I take time to fact check and I was looking into Pic Dawson. This is how I happened upon your blog.
Would you consider being interviewed on my small radio show? Email me at and we can go from there.

ahcapella said...

Is it 100% certain that the person pictured is Pic Dawson? In most internet sources, this person is described as being Billy (Doyle), not Pic. There's a shot from the Cass Elliot "photoshoot/picnic" at Cass's house—you probably know it. In attendance was Joni Mitchell, David Crosby, Mickey Dolenz, Eric Clapton, Ginger Baker—and sitting on the left of a group shot was THIS guy! According to the info on it, it was Billy Doyle. Of course BOTH of them, Pic & Billy, were Canadian drug pushers who were about the same age (27 in 1969), and BOTH had been romantically involved with Cass at one time! (Same is said of Tom Harrigan.)