Sunday, October 09, 2005

Louisa and the Soybean

Why is it that all these KTS groups cannot handle facts and want to show what very small minds they have. Dianne and Louisa, two yentas at the MANSON X Yahoo group, started to defend the moron known as White Rabbitt. They accused me of being Bret, the great owner of the Best Damn Manson Website On the Web, see link to the right. I corrected them and they sent this hilarious reply. Must suck to know that they have zero friends and no knowledge about life, much less the case--

Dianne, as you can see from Col's posts, he must be a very young

man with a high level of testosterone who really is not in control of
his hormones just yet. I think they refer to that as puberty.

Diane is right, it really doesn't make much sense to argue with a
child like Col because he really doesn't have the maturity level
to be respectful of others.

I'm not defending White Rabbitt. I do know a little bit about his
personal history but kick someone when they're down is just not how i
was raised. You can see that he made some very personal and very open
comments that i'm not going to repeat. He obviously thinks nothing
about physically assaulting women. Col is a very disturbed child
who has to twist arms and make threats to get attention.

Col is starving for attention in the same way that he accuses
White Rabbitt of doing the same. I've never heard of instances where
White Rabbitt has gotten Vulgar so perhaps this is one of Col's
childish ways of causing issues for him. I can't say.

Diane runs this forum and whether she decides to let people like
Col run amok is up to her. I think Col is a very shameful
person that has no respect for women and, if he were to go away, I
think that we would all be better off for it.

I'm sad to say that the Colonel sounds more like a buck private that
just straight out of boot camp; green and untested and has an overly
high opinion of himself. His arrogance is quite obvious and that's
usually caused by inexperience.

I still haven't seen an APOLOGY from Col so i guess it's safe to
assume that he's not MAN enough to admit when he's wrong.

Oh Well, that's why i say that most men are pigs :-)

I'm sorry i had to take this tone, but you can tell that this is a
very touchy subject for me.


SleepyDiane23 said...

Dianne really is a god person. I think she just got caught in the crossfire.
Peace & Love,

ColScott said...

I guess
It's kinda like LIFE is not that serious

Gavin Elster said...

What! That reply is a riot. What goofballs.

WideAwakeC said...

Excuse me for intruding here but I just personally wanted to apologize to Diane, Sleepy Diane that is.
I made some accusations against her that I have come to find out are false. Diane, I am truly very sorry. A certain infantile imbecile seems to be causing havoc for all of us.

SleepyDiane23 said...

You didn't have to do that, but thank you... it means alot.
Peace & Love,

hexjoe53 said...

Col scott, don't know if you still read this old post, but you are right about the two female yentas who tried to accuse you of disrespecting women, and then said all men are pigs. JEW! col scott,i can smell a female jew! Apart from the natuarl fish type oders that the dirtier sex has,it's so obviuos that jew women have a distorted perception due to being astetically challenged.PS hope your not still in the military,as the female jews are destroying it with their feminist agenda!Feel free to give me feedback.