Thursday, October 20, 2005

Lo Siento Mucho

I've been busy starting a big project and working away at uncovering forgotton pieces of information on TLB.

I am so sorry for not posting in over a week. Much new stuff will come your way.

Lots of retards started a White Rabbitt group. Check here to laugh and mock.

There's a Manson play being mentioned on Bret's site.

KTS really hasn't had much new or bad lately.

So let's ruminate on a thought I had....

Three people, one a tough jock, and two young girls enter your house. Two of the three are on speed.

Now it is a different time and place and the house has guests all the time. So you see them walking around and you go with it. Then you realize, uh oh, this is bad. But you don't want to believe the worst so you still go with it. And hey, if you're Abby and Voytek, you are high too.

But when do you wake up and go, shit I am gonna die, and we fucking outnumber these dirtbags?

I mean Tex ANNOUNCED he was the Devil when he walked in.

I continue to think TEX at least knew one or more of the main victims.

Otherwise, if I'm Voytek or Jay I ain't letting these freaks tie me up, I am kneeing Tex in the balls.

It feels to me that going along with three skeevy strangers who just show up at your house is like opening the door when a Crocodile knocks.

Does anyone else think like this?


lenceel said...

Colonel, you are right on the ball as usual. How could they have not fought back as soon as Tex made his announcement? Were they too stoned? Katie and Sadie were not exactly Amazon warriors, were they?
Were they too scared once Sebring got shot?

Dok said...

There is an adrenalin reaction produced by your adrenal glands that gives us Fight or flight. It may be that they were familiar with one or more of the intruders, they were to stoned to realize what was happening before it was to late and when they did realize, it was every person for themselves. Flight. Poor Sharon.

Gavin Elster said...

Yes and no. TEX could have said anything and it would have had the same impact and meaning. It would be the same as all those damn high school movies, Lead guy shows up to a party and yells PAAAARRRRTTTTYYY. If they were not high they probibly ignored the outburst. Big deal "I am the devil." I say I hate you to a new person everyday. Doesnt mean i'm gonna rip them to shreads moments later.

Anonymous said...

let's not forget, tex was pointing a loaded gun at them. it was only a matter of minutes until jay was shot, right before their eyes.

agnostic monk said...

I agree with Shelby. It's all about the gun. That's why they were compliant. And it probably didn't hurt that Tex, the one holding the gun, was a very big guy. The gun is the trump card. Eliminate Tex's gun from the picture and things might have played out very differently.

What really gets me is how Jay let Sadie get away with "rounding them up". When this dirty little hippie girl entered Sharon's bedroom wielding a knife, Jay could very well have overpowered her in 5 seconds flat. He was short but he wasn't a weakling. Of course, then what would he have done? Run out the back with Sharon and hide her in the bushes? Who knows. I guess he really did believe it was just a standard robbery, at least in the beginning.

Anonymous said...

even if jay had overpowered susan, she would have yelled to tex and he would have come down and shot them. at the labiancas, rosemary was getting the better of patricia and leslie, they yelled to tex, tex came in and killed her.
voytek was a very large man and could have easily whipped texs' ass. but things are probably different when you're staring down that barrel of a gun.

SiebenzumSterben said...

I enjoy reading your blog, great ideas.
I'm curious, on another blog there has been some discussion comparing Ben Fawley (suspect in taylor behl murder) to Charles Manson, in that Fawley seduced young women, manipulated them and perhaps even killed one who didn't play along. Any thoughts on that?