Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The Yalkowsky Collection- Random Comments #1

As everyone knows the Col cunningly won the Yalkowsky Collection on ebay earlier this year while the Col was in the Frozen North on assignment.

This consisted of 12 ENORMOUS boxes filled with, well, Manson TLB shit. Transcripts, notes, books, etc etc etc. A lot of stuff.

It will take me ages to process and assimilate all this stuff. As I do it I will sometimes make a posting here commenting on contents or like that. You can read along.

What will it all mean in the end? I have no idea I only opened two of the boxes. It cost me $500 just to ship the collection here.

Comments on the Transcript for the Shorty Shea (Appeal) Trial Pages 5784 - 6035

- Shorty's wife. Magdalene Velma Shea was convicted of armed robbery when she was 18 in 1961 or 1962
- The phone number of Spahn Ranch was 341-9026
- Shorty appeared in two of THREE unsold television pilots for stuntman Bob Bickston.
- Besides his wife, six friends testify to calling Spahn looking for "Don" Shea and being told, apparently by the same woman (Squeaky?) that he had left for San Francisco.
- Kanarek is OBSESSED with Shorty's short temper.
- Kanarek establishes through Lance Victor, another stuntman, that Charlie Manson was also known to him as CHARLIE TUNA ( I shit you not), something to do with a local DJ of the time!
- Shorty had a bigger part in film called Hangfire (or Hang Fire) that Bickston also produced
- During this trial, in another court, Clem Grogan's trial is declared a mistrail, because of a conspiracy to murder Frank Retz, owner of the land adjacent to Spahn. I never heard this before. Furthermore, the prosecutor in that trial apparently went nuts and went on TV saying that that judge had made a mistake which is seldom done.
- Kanarek has at this point supoened Linda Kasabian- she has not shown up and he requests a warrant for her ignoring a court order. Furthermore he states that she has committed perjury andyway and should be arrested.
- It seems that Kanarek is also pissed because he wants to cross examine Mary Brunner who is missing (until the last page- hang on a minute- but they will grab her and then offer her to Kanarek who now doesn't really want her)
- Charlie barely speaks, but he does mock the cop who arrested him and Stephanie Schram for making love at the Retz Ranch. "Were you embarassed because we had our clothes off?"
- Great Charlie Line- "He is paranoia. That is why I am here."
- There is some discussion about getting Charlie a better dentist and when Kanarek will be able to interview Bobby.
- During a break in the trial both the Grogan mistrial and the Hawthorne robbery takes place. The robbery was allegedly going to involve taking the judge and the prosecutor as hostages. The judge asks jurors who saw headlines they should not have during break. Seven admit they did and are furthered interviewed in private. Charlie tells the judge he was not behind Hawthorne, saying "It seems we created a monster here."


starship said...

Hey, Col...many hands make light work....

Perhaps you could pick one or two people with knowledge about the case and whom you trust to help go through the boxes....maybe save some time and help us all along on our journey.

Sandy Bad said...

i will help. i cannot wait to find out the contents.

Yepyep said...
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Jean Harlow said...

Call me silly Colonel but who is Yalkowsky? or what is Yalkowsky?

ColScott said...

Yalkowsky was the very old crusty New York dude who auctioned off all this shit.

catscradle77 said...
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Seraphim said...

I came across a very interesting link. Can someone please explain what it means?

Yepyep said...
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Jean Harlow said...

Thanks Colonel. How did Mr. Yalkowsky get such a collection in the first place?

Also thanks for posting the Paul Watkins book, it is very interesting.

dee em

spookycatz said...

How did Mr. Yalkowsky get such a collection in the first place? did he? Please enlighten us.


ColScott said...

He was trying to write a book that helped Charlie and spent $25,000 + buying all this shit.

Jean Harlow said...

holy crap batman! That's a lot of coinage to help CM.

Thanks Colonel.

Anonymous said...

Keeps it going and I’ll keep coming back and for the record I’ll share your page to some of my friends.

Anonymous said...

i appreciate you spending some time and effort to put this article together.

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