Friday, October 07, 2005

Falling Down the Rabbitt Asshole

So we got a letter the other day from Melton. His third grade education was showing. It said--- and this is exactly how he wrote it--

hi injoyed your blog, vary interesting,
peace love white rabbitt

I really don't know what to say.... in my opinion,---
Melton is a liar, a fool, a snitch, full of crap, doesn't really know anything about the case, ugly, illiterate, foolish, and just a great big dork.

I love this group at Yahoo Manson_and_the Family. The owner Candygramma didn't know who Hoyt was. The moderator Tanya keeps leaving psychotic posts that no one understands on my two week old post. They kicked out pretty much everybody but themselves from the group. And then Rabbit launched an attack on another Yahoo group which could end him back in jail.

It would seem that this clown is SO desperate for attention that he will even thank me for pointing out just what a clown he is!

So anyway, my original post has already won awards for research in the TLB community. Check it out.


Desert Fox said...

The White Rabbitt is a complete disgrace and is a dark cloud over all of us that were with the group. He was NEVER at Barker Ranch, that is until he tricked Bill Nelson into making a fool of himself and taking him out there to look for Dead Bodies.
All i can say about the White Rabbitt is that it's a good thing for him that charlie is where he is. Otherwise ....

Desert Fox said...

As you can see below, there is some more shit going on with the White Rabbitt -

This is a post from Dianne Young of the Charles_X_Manson forum:


WR is or just got outa the hosptial.
someone is using his name to post theses awful posts.

He just called me and wanted u all to know its Not him.that he thinks its Brandi*

he say Sandy has company..sue and kitty are with her, which would make sense, since George isn't there ...and the last calls i received from S were very odd.

I am trying to call Sandy now.
I told Larry I would post the the mails he is sending me know.

SleepyDiane23 said...

I'm interested in seeing how that plays out too.
Peace & Love,

Desert Fox said...

White Rabbitt has a website in which he now proclaims himself as the new leader of the family.
here is the link: