Saturday, September 16, 2006

Linda Kasabian Talks- Part One

She looks so harsh and bull-dykey. No mention of her kids.

I bet the BUG was proud of this interview.
Dunleavy is such a scumbag.


Deb B said...

She sure is blinking a lot, can't look at the camera, fidgeting. Nervousness, or drugs? The nostalgic laugh when asked about Tex. Ewww.

Euterpe said...

Is there a polite way to say that Bugliosi is a walking waste product? I've tried, but can't think of a polite description for Ms. Kasabian either. Ewww!

highlandave said...

Steve Dunleavy is typical of the kind of ignorant, thuggish brute that Mr Fox Murdoch likes people to believe in.
George W is another.

pekoe3001 said...

You are right .. there is a report online taht when she lived in Washington state.. police were called an she had cut off achickens head an wa sin the middle of a interection with her head back drinking the blood.. WEIRD!!!!!!!!they all look so creepy DEAD EYED