Monday, August 01, 2005

Close the Door Behind You

In the good news department, an email exchange between Heaven and myself may be reducing some of the KTS friction.
In the whatever news, people think I just have it in for the KTS women- I don't, just that some of them (Hi Janice!) post so vehemently when they are so IGNORANT it drives me to the brink. If you must have a slam, hey, Ryled seems to me like he flunked Special Ed. Feel better?

Meanwhile, Granny Caryn all but loses her shit over us this weekend....

I agree, Sue! I've been away for a week and I come back and WE ARE
here because I enjoy discussing this case and reading what others
have to say about it. The next thing I know I'm informed by Heaven
that bits and pieces of one of my posts concerning Debra Tate is on
that asshole's stupid blog along with some of choice names for me
such as "bitch" and "sow" (even though he doesn't even know me or
anything about me). He's become a menace! We are all pretty much in
agreement that we don't want him here because he's such a dick and
simply cannot be nice and YET WE STILL CONTINUE TO DISCUSS HIM!!
WHY???? By discussing him and his dumbass blog, we're just fueling
his fire. Honestly, if he's going to be a topic of discussion, I'm
outta here! We know that he has an infiltrator here and he's just
getting his jollies just by knowing that we're discussing him. Maybe
he would leave this group and Heaven alone if the owner and moderator
made him and his blog a taboo subject. How does everyone feel about
that? Denise? Heaven?


So many questions for this witless cretin---

1- "We are pretty much in agreement"- who is "we" kemosabe- like three of the loudest people over there hate me and that is a consensus? They had a poll against me and eleven people voted and it was far from unanimous to keep me out.

2- I get my jollies many ways. I heard you got yours writing porno for an Elvis impersonator, Caryn.

3- A menace? Why? Just don't read my free speech over here lady. This is the same poster who spent ages attacking Debra Tate and her spokesperson Robin because Debra expressed displeasure with murder photos of her sister all over the web. I mean- why does a Granny get to take umbrage with the victim's sister about ANYTHING?

4- Seems like I know a lot about her- just question her knowledge or intentions and she will spew venom. Touch a nerve, did I?

5- Whether you discuss the blog or not we are here to stay. And I promise you, Granny, any time you say ANYTHING that is incorrect or stupid I will post about you over here. You can't shut me out of KTS and you cannot shut out the truth.

We've been up less than a month and already we are making enemies. Seems like a job well done! The TRUTH will out!


Erica98 said...

ColScott wrote:
"I get my jollies many ways. I heard you got yours writing porno for an Elvis impersonator, Caryn."

Was Caryn one of Don Wilson's online girlfriends? How many women has this guy cyber-screwed? LMAO

ColScott said...

well according to a thread Shelby pointed out from 2003 on Yahoo Sharon Candids, apparently Caryn used to write erotica to Don and he then gave about 20 of them to Robin, Debra's friend... I barely know who the guy is.

Anonymous said...

i'm glad to hear that you and heaven are working it out. it takes twice as much energy to hate and argue and life is short enough without wasting time on trival things.

Paige said...

Debra accepted an award for Sharon from Don, and they would talk off and on some...but it has been almost 2 years now that they last spoke..