Friday, April 22, 2011

A Thought or Three about the Bug

There's so much about this case which proves it comes from another time and place. Things that happened which would NEVER fly today in 2011. Lately I've been reflecting on the BUG and how he ended up becoming the unlikely lead prosecutor in the case....

I mean, people in the DA's office knew about the trouble with the milkman. Laws were broken and one would think the BUG barely kept his position.

So I follow why Stovitz gets knocked off the game board for yakking his mouth too much- but does BUG get it because he's just standing in the on deck circle? I repeat- people, higher ups, must of known he was off center to say the very least. Yet he steps up during the crime of the century.


How different would it be if he had not ascended the throne. We might not have a conviction for Charlie, but we would likely have less shit to try and figure out as well.


sptrfn said...

If it wasn't Bugliosi, would it have been Buck Compton in his place?

MrPoirot said...

The Bug is famous and rich due to the book Helter Skelter sold millions. People forget that Curt Gentry was his editor who helped craft that book into a page turner since Bug was not a published author at that time. Try reading Bug's books that he alone wrote without going to sleep.

grimtraveller said...

All the things about the milkman are irrelevant. All the things about the mistress are irrelevant. The only relevant thing about Bugliosi is that he secured a conviction. He did not lie to get it. Yes, he used drama. But so did just about everyone else involved. Stovitz was dramatic. Kanarek, Shinn, Hughes and Fitzgerald were dramatic. The girls hiring and firing lawyers were dramatic. Charlie was the ace dramatist. The Family with their vigils and threats and warnings were dramatic. The judge wore a gun under his robes for crying out loud !
Bugliosi was one of those people that was a natural for the public eye ~ like many others associated with this case.